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YT Cracker Talks Bitcoin, Miami, and Nerdcore
YTCracker is the quintessential digital gangster whose hits include the "The Link", "Barcade Date" and of course the notorious "Bitcoin Baron". What's YT up to now? Which coast is his home and which is the best coast for a party? In this interview shot from the HackMiami 2015 conference, I discuss YT's projects, Bitcoin, and all things Blockchain Beach
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Joey Krug Explains the Augur Prediction Market
Augur is a decentralized prediction marketplace bulit with Ethereum, and sidechains. The Augur interface will match bettors to oracles, and incentivize its users with Reputation tokens. The software is primarily built on Serpent, with the interface elements built with javascript. The team currently includes four devs, one marketer, and one business developer. In this video, Joey and I discuss the setup of the Augur project, their ambition, and the state of their dependency projects (Ethereum and Sidechains). This video was shot from the exhibitor hall on the first day of Inside Bitcoin's 2015 New York conference.
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What is a Smart Contract?
Smart contracts are a major and exciting new development in finance and computer science, and this six minute explainer will break down the complex science to tell you what you need to know about them! We discuss Ethereum smart contracts, monero, and bitcoin contracts. Contracts are divided into turing complete, and turing incomplete models. And examples of what can be developed with each type are discussed. Now that eos and tezos have ICO'd, the future for smart contracts is as bright as its ever been. Watch to find out more!
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What happens after the 21 millionth Bitcoin?
What exactly happens after the 21 millionth Bitcoin? Why 21 million? In this short video, shot on Canal Drive in Pompano Beach, I discuss the goals of Bitcoin and Counterparty, and discuss concepts of both platforms.
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What is a Bitcoin confirmation?
What exactly is 'confirmed' by Bitcoin? Why do transaction confirmations matter, and how does that relate to block confirmations? In This video shot on West Oakland Park Blvd in Broward County Florida, I address this question, and discuss issues relating to the Bitcoin blockchain ledger and Counterparty.
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How do smart contracts guarantee payment?
How do smart contracts work? How does the network guarantee payouts, and remove counterparty risk? How will this make our economy more efficient? In this video, shot in the vizcaya park, I discuss these and other themes in the Counterparty platform
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Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll - Richard Heart on "Meaning" after New Money Excess
Today's call in segment turned up a diamond in the rough with fellow youtuber Richard Heart. What do you do when you've achieved your goals before thirty? For someone who seeks wealth, and finds it, what's next in a post-money future? How do you find meaning, and success when your great struggle has ended. Richard talks to us today about excesses, video game addiction, large aspirations, life extension, and what's next. Check out (and subscribe!) to Richard Heart's channel if you liked today's episode: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCta3TYFhzfpPvOtKBDifYJA
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What's a good programming language for Bitcoiners to learn?
So you want to get started programming your own digital currency applications? What languages should you learn? In this short video, shot in Marjory Stoneman Douglas park, I discuss my feelings on what languages are best when learning to work in the crypto-currency space.
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What is Programmable Money?
What does it mean when people say Bitcoin is "Programmable" money? Why would money need to be programmed, and what's wrong with non-programmable money? In this video, shot in the Allapattah neighborhood of Miami, I answer this question, and discuss all things Counterparty.
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Bitcoin vs Gold - Peter Schiff defends Gold and Specie
Peter Schiff is a legendary economist, author, and promoter of Gold based investment. And on this show, Peter and I discuss what's different about Bitcoin and Gold. Whether bitcoin is a 'scam', and how investors can benefit (or not!) by risk exposure to both products.
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What are micropayments?
Micropayments are small transactions, that enable friction-less and comparatively small payments for content online. Micropayment business models before the invention of Bitcoin had been previously unavailable due to the prohibitively high cost and friction of accepting payments online.
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Why does immutability matter?
Decentralized immutable value persistence is the primary function of the Blockchain. It's essential that all blockchains are evaluated in their ability to provide immutability, and to what degree immutability is provided. In this video, I discuss the basics of immutability, and how it applies to Bitcoin and Counterparty. This video shot from Lauderdale By the Sea, in East Fort Lauderdale.
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What is a coinbase transaction?
A coinbase transaction is an origination of value for satoshis in the Bitcoin cryptocurrency. Miners produce blocks, for their reward in Bitcoin, as redeemed in the form of the coinbase in that block.
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Where can I buy Bitcoin Stock?
What is this company Bitcoin, and why is it in the news? How can I buy shares in the company? In this short video, shot in east Pompano Beach, I discuss .... well, why Bitcoin isn't a company, and the basics of what Bitcoin is
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Why cant we print more than 21 million bitcoin?
You've probably heard that there will only ever be 21 million Bitcoins, but most people don't understand why that number exists, and why more can't be printed. In this video, shot at Mueseum park, I discuss why this number exists, and why it's not going to change.
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What is an altcoin?
In this video, I attempt to answer the question of what an altcoin is, what an alt-chain is, and how that differs from Bitcoin. Do altcoins matter? and What altcoins are there? In this video, shot in Miami's design district, I discuss these themes and answer your questions!
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Drugs, Bitcoin and the Deep Web with Silk Road Historian Eileen Ormsby of allthingsvice.com - Part 1
Who is Eileen Ormsby and how did she become an authority on Silk Road and its history? We get the elusive author onto the show to talk about the fascinating history, epic drama, and historical relevance of the world's first drugs by mail online service. In part one of this two part series, we talk about silk road's past, how crypto currencies and tor got it off the ground. What are the demographics? What were the rules - were guns allowed? How did people discover the market and why did Chuck Schumer advertise it? Most importantly, what's the narrative, and will the Cohen Brothers get the movie right? For the *UNCUT* Audio Version, take a listen: https://soundcloud.com/bitcoinuncensored/drugs-bitcoin-and-the-deep-web-with-silk-road-historian-eileen-ormsby-of-allthingsvice-com-uncut-version
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Consensus 2017 Review with Riccardo "Fluffy Pony" Spagni of Monero - TLDR? MOAR ICOS!
Riccardo sits down with yours truly to discuss his first hand impressions of this year's Coindesk conference "Consensus" in New York City. This is the premiere cryptocurrency/ICO shill fest, with guests including: William Mougayar, Perianne Boring, and Vinny Lingham. Nothing but geniuses in suits, and as for the t-shirt crowd? Well, seems like there's not a lot of interest in specialization these days. Preston Byrne was surprisingly cogent this year. Bitcoin - deaded bro! Crypto Currency Bubble? To the moon! If you'd prefer, listen to the Audio Version here: https://soundcloud.com/bitcoinuncensored/consensus-2017-review-whats
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What is a mining pool?
What are mining pools, and why are they controversial in the Bitcoin environment? What problems do they solve, and where did they come from? In this video, shot in Lighthouse Point's "Exchange Club Park", I discuss mining pools, and all things Bitcoin.
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What is bitcoin halving day?
Just what is halving day? How often does it come about, and why does it matter? Does it affect the price of BTC, and why does it exist at all? In this video, shot in downtown Miami, I discuss issues relating to Bitcoin, halving day, and counterparty.
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What is an Unspent Transaction Output (UTXO)?
UTXO's are transactions that have been sent to a user, which are themselves, unspent by that user. UTXO's are checks, written to a destination, that are themselves the 'Bitcoin' that a user posseses. In this video, shot in Lauderdale by the Sea, I discuss transactions, counterparty, and all things Bitcoin.
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What is a multi-sig transaction?
A multi-sig transaction is a transaction that requires authorization from multiple actors, in order to be valid.In this video, shot in Key West's Mallory Square, I discuss mul-sig transactions, what makes them different from regular transactions, and how they're relevant to Counterparty.
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Can bitcoin scale?
Many have casted doubt on the ability of Bitcoin to scale past the small transaction volumes we see today. Are these claims founded? How long have people been casting doubt on the performanec of Bitcoin, and what will it take to evolve the platform to better handle the increased workload of a modern payment system?
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Remittance & Bitcoin w/ Junseth, Pantera, and Uniteller
Chris DeRose moderates American Banker Bitcoin and the Blockchain conference panel on Remittances. The speakers, Junseth, Stephen Waterhouse, and Ron Schwartzman represented the Blockchain, the Pantera VC firm, and well-known remitter Uniteller respectively. Schwartzmans experience in remittances offers an unique perspective into the business of remittances, and Junseth and Waterhouse give the bankers a little bit of food to chew on about what the future of remittance might look like in a Bitcoin world. Transforming Remittances with BitcoinModerator: Chris DeRose, Community Director, COUNTERPARTY FOUNDATION Joshua Unseth, Director of Marketing, Alarm Grid, Inc Ronald Schwartzman, Esq., Chief Operating Officer & General Counsel/Chief Compliance Officer, UNITELLER FINANCIAL SERVICES, INC. & SERVICIO UNITELLER, INC.Steve Waterhouse, Partner, PANTERA CAPITAL
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The History of StartCOIN: Max Keiser's involvement and where it went wrong with Simon Dixon - Part 1
In the beginning of our four part interview with Simon Dixon on BnkToTheFuture, we learn about the evolution and development of StartCOIN and StartJOIN, its early beginning with Max Keiser as well as Simon's history of crowdfunding and regulatory efforts in the United Kingdom. Simon Dixon articulates why crowdfunding economics doesn't make sense, and how these securities crash. Check out the audio version on Soundcloud here: https://soundcloud.com/bitcoinuncensored/startcoin-startjoin-and-bitcoin-capital-what-went-wrong-with-simon-dixon-of-bnktothefuture
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Why does it matter if the hashrate goes down?
What is Bitcoin's "hashrate", and just what does it actually mean? Is there a reason that a greater hashrate is more desirable and what happens when the rate goes down? In this video, shot in Vizcaya, Miami, I discuss concepts around the Bitcoin hashrate. This video was in response to the question from
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Blockchain Corporate Registry (plus mini monolougue) with Antoine Verdon of Proxeus
Support the stream: https://streamlabs.com/bitcoinuncensored Let's see what this conference is like... Monero Tip address: 42E6TooRcxZXy28XkSWa9nTEHSBJuux5KXJc7zcGf4ATT8BXr1higusCY49oKT3LLaipqNr6W9QrReLJrta1sWLQEniSUh2
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Paul Sports Freaks Out over ICO's - Where did we go wrong!?
Paul Sports popped into the Coin Dojo today and was shaken by the Wayne Vaughn/Tierion ICO announcement. Discussion quickly turned to "who's the scammer?" (Everyone) and "what isnt a scam" (iced cream) and of course, "Coin Dojo is dead" . I took paul into my new studio to work through the issues, and what came out - what a pretty decent collaboration on the narrative of Bitcoin, and the maximalists in 2017. See what you think? This is a template for more regular episodes that I'd like to do with less editing than my recent stuff I'm thinking about calling it "Unprotected sex with (Guest Name Here)". But, maybe "Bitcoin Unprotected" or "Bitcoin Uncut" would get more guests on :) anyways, what do you think of this format, want more of this? leave your comments and tell me.
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What Is Blockchain? Answers On the floor at the TNABC 2018
At the very excellent 2018 Miami International Bitcoin Convention, we travel the exhibition area to ask attendees, vendors, experts and the like "What is Blockchain?". The answers vary, but the token game is strong, and the investors have plenty of answers at the ready. Give it a watch , and see what you think!
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Eric Dixon on what's wrong w/ New York's DFS BitLicense
New York's Department of Financial Services is issuing the state BitLicense guidelines in May of 2015, and its ramifications are large and important. In this interview with Eric Dixon, one of the states top authorities on the new regulation, we discuss what the Bitlicense does, and how Bitcoin Businesses will need to accommodate these new regulations. This video was shot in the exhibitor hall of the Inside Bitcoins 2015 New York conference.
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Cure Coin Interview with founder Maxwell Sanchez
What is Cure Coin, and why does it matter? What is it offering in the Bitcoin space, and how is it different than other altcoins and altchains? In this interview with developer Maxwell Sanchez, I discuss the project from the NABC in Miami Beach.
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What is the Bitcoin Block Height?
What is the "Height" of a transaction in Bitcoin, and why does this matter? What does the height of a block or transaction mean to end users and developers? In this video, shot in West Broward, I answer this question and discuss all things Bitcoin.
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What is an offchain transaction?
What do people mean when they talk about offchain transactions? What does one look like, and where do they fit in the Bitcoin network? In this video, shot at a laundromat in West Pompano Beach, I discuss offchain transactions, Counterparty,and Bitcoin!
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Arrested Bitcoin exchanger Michel Espinoza interview
Michel Espinoza was arrested in February of 2014 after a very public and elaborate sting operation in Miami Florida. Michel's arrest came after the North American Bitcoin conference earlier in the year, and is the attempt by Florida law enforcement to test the question of whether Bitcoin is money. Michel spent three months in jail before being released, and has kept out of the public space until this interview. Michel goes to trial on the 15th of June 2015. In this video, I discuss the case with Michel and his attorney, along with his side of the story and the events around his arrest. Michel can be located at his local bitcoin profile: https://localbitcoins.com/accounts/profile/michelhack/ Donations to Michel's campaign can be sent to : 19SyjrV99DX1bU7TarWRPYviLa1Vzqe1xA
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#redditrevolt - fatpeoplehate, Ellen Pao and the future of reddit
Reddit Revolt! Ellen Pao, the new chairman of Reddit has begun her SJW war of priviledge and redditors are not taking it lightly. While hamplanethatred, fatpeoplehate, transfags, neofags, and shitniggerssay, didn't represent the finest parts of reddit's community - it did represent the freedom that reddit cultivated. Will Ellen Pao be successful in her campaign against freedom? In this video we talk about the reign of Ellen Pao up until now, and what it means for reddit's future!
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Why I changed my mind about Ethereum: The world needs Proof of Stake! with Douglas Pike
Why I changed my mind about Ethereum: The world needs Proof of Stake! with Douglas Pike Help support the recurring studio costs: patreon.com/derose (So appreciated! we're almost there) Monero Tip address: 42E6TooRcxZXy28XkSWa9nTEHSBJuux5KXJc7zcGf4ATT8BXr1higusCY49oKT3LLaipqNr6W9QrReLJrta1sWLQEniSUh2
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Vlad Zamfir of Ethereum talks Scalability, Extraordinary Claims, PoS, & Responsibility - Part 1 of 5
Is Ethereum a World Computer? What would the hype suggest, what do people believe, and what is the reality? In this first part of the Vlad Zamfir Interview we discuss scalability, the extraordinary nature of claims, what are smart contracts for, and what opportunity costs will that be. Is mobile support really doable? Does it need Proof of Stake? Who's buying this stuff, and do they really understand what they're purchasing?
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Preston Byrne Talks Eris Industries at American Banker Conference 2015
Preston Byrne took to the stage early in the day at the 2015 American Banker Digital Currency conference, and in this video you'll get to see the full talk plus Q&A's from the audience. The title of the talk was "What's Wrong with Crypto", and .. well, you be the judge. Normally I'd take this time to refute Preston's platform here, but we have an interview coming out between Preston and Junseth pretty soon, so we'll save the debate for then. Until that time, enjoy! And stay tuned for more conference coverage!
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Spells of Genesis Creators Talk Blockchain Card Games
"Spells Of Genesis" (SoG) is a strategic card game that uses Counterparty assets and Bitcoin to track players and their card inventories. SoG makes for a really innovative and unprecedented use of crypto-currency, applied to an application that was never possible prior to the arrival of Bitcoin.
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Turtlecoin! Hard Questions, solid answers - With Rocksteady
Support the stream: https://patreon.com/derose Monero Tip address: 42E6TooRcxZXy28XkSWa9nTEHSBJuux5KXJc7zcGf4ATT8BXr1higusCY49oKT3LLaipqNr6W9QrReLJrta1sWLQEniSUh2
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Identity Systems and Blockchain with Steve Wilson
The most-excellent Steve Wilson came on the show to talk Identity and Blockchain. What the advantages are (or aren't) over existing systems, the role of Distributed Ledgers, Hyperledger Fabric, and the Profitability of these systems facing their pitchmen. Check out the Audio Version here: https://soundcloud.com/bitcoinuncensored/identity-systems-and-blockchain-with-steve-wilson
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What is a Bitcoin nonce?
What is the nonce that Miners adjust in their blocks, and what's its relationship to the Block itself? Why do we need nonces in Bitcoin, and where did this strange word come from?
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Whats wrong with Ethereum? Weev breaks down why its Dangerous!
Andrew Auernheimer, aka "Weev" CTO of the Daily Stormer, and notorious internet troll comes on the show to talk about how he uses crypto currency in his business and what he thinks of the technology. We talk about the old times weev missed while he was in jail. What the uses for smart contracts are, why bearer assets won't be subject to regulatory pressures, and how to manipulate markets. Is tezos the new pump with formally verified contracts? Is Ethereum hopelessly subject to security vulnerabilities with its solidity language? And how will blockchain solve people's problems going forward? Even Theo de Raadt gets a great mention on the subject, with his work on OpenBsd. Possible future guest?.... Special thanks to .... Whomever this guy is: http://imgur.com/dT68mvW & Pukahuna: http://pixeljoint.com/pixelart/83207.htm
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Where Does Chris DeRose Get His Hats?
Since this is probably my most asked question, I figured it'd be a good time to finally answer it. It's always process, so I figured I'd try my best to communicate how it goes down from start to finish. In today's video, junseth tags along for the ride, and we buy some hats!
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Alphabay, Besa Mafia, Red Rooms & Dark Net Hitmen with Eileen Ormsby of allthingsvice.com - Part 2
In Part two of this excellent interview with Silk Road and Dark Net Historian Eileen Ormsby, we talk about the future of the dark net. What's the deal with Russia and Alphabay? When Will Ross Ulbright Get out of jail and how will drug legalization proceed from here. In this second part of our interview, we talk about what's next for Eileen, and the sinister parts of Bitcoin: Hitmen, Besa Mafia, and even Child Porn.
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Andrew Lee of Purse.io explains Gift Cards, Discounts, and how to run a Blockchain Business
Join me as I sit down with the elusive CEO of purse.io to learn about the gift card market, bitcoin, and its users
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What are the Ramifications of the One Megabyte Block Size for Counterparty?
Bitcoin transactions aren't the only transactions affected by the blockchain size debate, Counterparty also has a stake in the outcome. In this video, shot in downtown Jacksonville, I answer Sean's question about what the debate means for party people, and how things will shake out from here.
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Charlottesville Protest: White Nationalist Fights & RIOT (Unite The Right)
Captured on the ground - raw and uncut footage of the violence at Charlottesville's white nationalist Unite The Right rally. Nazi's, Racism, Bigotry and Rage all intersect at the Lee Park Monument in the heart of this otherwise peaceful virginia city. Police were in full force riot gear, arresting and tear gassing the crowd. Fights broke out between protesters and innocent bystanders were trampled as the Nationalist Social Party, Black Lives Matter, and Antifa went to war and blows during this divisive trump administration. Be warned, this footage isn't for the squeemish. It's uncensored coverage without commentary from the heart of the skirmish. If you'd like to use this footage, you're welcome to - but please provide a link back to this video and/or channel. (Or if on television, a credit)
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Do you Need a Separate Wallet for each Altcoin?
Ans O'Connor writes in again asking if we can use the same wallet software to manage multiple coins. It's a great beginner question, and really illustrates how the network effect works, and what the advantages are to using a metacoin on Bitcoin, over an entirely separate chain, with entirely different tools. This question was answered alongside the New River, under the Andrews Avenue bridge in Fort Lauderdale.
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Who executes a Smart Contract?
There is much confusion over the nature of Smart contracts, their computational overhead, and just 'who' bears this overhead and cost. This question was asked by "Jerry", who wanted to know what servers on the counterparty network were assigned to process these contracts, and how we go about satisfying the results in a decentralized way. In this video, shot from Wilton Manor's boat loading docs, I answer this question, and discuss all things Bitcoin!
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