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Capital Budgeting   MACRS Depreciation
using the MACRS method to calculate depreciation; how does that change the free cash flows and NPV vs. using the Straight Line method of depreciation
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Levering Beta and Hamada's Equation
Using Hamada's Equation to lever and Unlever Beta to use in computing cost of equity in CAPM to compute the cost of capital; this is especially important if you have an industry beta but the firm or project will use a different debt-equity ratio than that of the industry
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Risk and  Return - calculation of Realized Return
calculation of the realized return on a stock compound realized return historical returns dividend yield capital gains yield
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Bonds  Calculate Coupon Rate
how to calculate coupon rate on a bond examples using excel and financial calculator
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Bonds Default Risk and Credit Ratings
Bond default risk; bond credit ratings; determinants of credit ratings; yield spreads of corporate and municipal bonds over Treasuries
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Capital Budgeting   Relevant Cash Flows
what are the cash flows that are relevant to the capital budgeting decision?
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Bonds - YTM and YTC - calculation of Yield to Maturity and Yield to Call
how to calculate Yield to Maturity of a Coupon paying bond How to calculate Yield to Call of a Coupon paying bond that is callable
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Future Value of an Annuity -- calculation in excel
Future Value of an Annuity -- calculation in excel Future Value of an Ordinary Annuity
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Interest Rate   Determinants  Thursday  August 06  2015 at 11 04 12 PM default 4360c321
what are the determinants of interest rates? What influences interest rate levels?
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Capital Budgeting   Analyzing Project Cash Flows
what are the relevant cash flows for a project? what are the operating cash flows What are the free cash flows? How do you treat end of project life cash flows?
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Cost of Capital  Firm's Cost of Debt and Equity Capital
calculation of cost of debt (after taxes), cost of common equity and using them in the WACC equation
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Capital Budgeting Sensitivity Analysis and Real Options in Capital Budgeting
Sensitivity analysis measures the effect of changes in one variable on the project’s NPV.
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Risk and Return - Independent Risk vs. Common Systematic  Risk
contrasting independent risk and common (Systematic) risk firm specific risk vs. risk that affect all stock in the market
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Correlation between two or more stocks
Correlation between two or more stocks
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Interest Rates   Daily Compounding of Interest
when compound interest more frequently than once a year, the future value is higher; look at the effect of compounding interest daily
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Diversification Model Allocation Portfolios Risk and Return Risk Tolerance
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Cost of Capital   Project Based Cost of Capital
we have calculated cost of capital for a firm, but we need to also calculate the cost of capital for a project if the project is in a new line of business which is different from the industry in which the firm had been operating
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Capital Budgeting   Project NPV and Inflation
Calculation of the NPV of a proposed project How do project cash flows change if there is inflation? What is the impact of inflation on project NPV?
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Bonds   Interest Rate Risk; sample problems valuing bonds of different durations
Price risk is the concern that rising yield (interest rate) will cause the value of a bond to fall. The longer duration bond (longer maturity and lower coupon rate) will have more price risk than the shorter duration bond. Reinvestment rate risk is the concern that yield will fall, and future CFs will have to be reinvested at lower rates.
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Capital Budgeting What if Sell Asset Before the Asset is Fully Depreciated
if sell an asset before it is fully depreciated, how does that affect project's end of life cash flows and free cash flows?
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TVM Pricing a Bond
Time Value of Money - how to price a bond
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Duration Gap calculation sample problem
calculation of a bank's duration gap with more than one asset and more than one liability. calculation of duration of the assets of a bank. calculation of the duration of the liabilities. impact of a relative change in interest rates on the market value of the equity.
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Deposit Insurance Intro
Deposit Insurance BMGT445 BUFN772 Robert H Smith School of Business Risk-based deposit insurance FDIC
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Interest Rates   Yield Curve
Interest Rates; Yield Curve; Wall Street Journal Markets Data Bond Rates page
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Capital Budgeting   Free Cash Flow and Net Working Capital
how do we calculate free cash flow what are operating cash flows how is net working capital treated in the capital budgeting analysis? what is net working capital?
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Capital Budgeting   Straight Line Depreciation Friday  March 18  2016 at 2 53 33 AM default 52cbd833
Capital Budgeting, using straight line depreciation to compute NPV and IRR
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Risk and Return  - Diversification; can diversify away firm-specific risk
when combine stocks in a portfolio, can diversify away the unique firm specific risk and be left with systematic, common market risk
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Interest Rates   EAR and APR
Effective Annual Rate Annual Percentage Rate Interest Rates
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Risk and Return - Standard Deviation and Variance
calculation of Standard Deviation and Variance by hand and by using functions in Excel; distinction of standard deviation of a sample and standard deviation of a population
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Interest Rates   Loan Amortization
how calculate payment on amortizing loan; how calculate amount of principal to be paid still; how calculate interest portion of loan
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Market Risk and the Market Portfolio
Market risk and the Market Portfolio BMGT345
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Systematic Risk Portfolio Return Beta CAPM
Systematic Risk, Portfolio Return, Beta, CAPM, portfolio weights, index funds, VFINX, portfolio beta
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Bank regulations
Bank regulations and Bank regulators
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TVM uneven cash flows NPV - Net Present Value
Time Value of Money calculation of Net Present Value when have uneven cash flows
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TVM PV of Uneven Cash Flows
Present Value of Stream of Uneven Cash Flows NPV function PV BMGT345
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TVM Nper Number of Period calculation in Time Value of Money
Time Value of Money; calculation of Number of Periods
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Zero Coupon Bond
valuation of a zero coupon bond
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Interest Rates   After Taxes
Municipal bond; return after taxes; tax exempt bond
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Alternative Decision Rules   Payback Rule
Payback Rule vs. NPV vs. IRR weaknesses of Payback method
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Capital Budgeting  Discounted Cash Flow Analysis
Discounted Free Cash Flow model connection to capital budgeting Free cash flow is the sum of the free cash flows from the firm’s current and future investments, so enterprise value is the sum of the present value of existing projects and the NPV of future new ones. NPV of any investment represents its contribution to the firm’s enterprise value.
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Duration Gap Saturday  May 05  2018 at 5 29 00 PM default 029a45b5
Duration Gap; Duration of a Portfolio of Securities; Duration application
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Cost of Capital  WACC in Practice
WACCs for real companies Enterprise value Market Risk Premium
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TVM Annuities Perpetuities
Time Value of Money Annuities Perpetuities
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Duration definition calculation Sunday  February 21  2016 at 3 28 57 PM default eafa112c
Duration Duration Definition Duration Calculation Modified Duration
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Capital Budgeting Intro
introduction to the topic Capital Budgeting
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Time Value of Money Terminology Excel Functions Thursday  August 06  2015 at 4 20 00 PM default ef2e
calculation of Present Value, Future Value, Number of Periods, Payment, Rate, and Net Present Value on a Series of Cash flows, using excel
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Risk and Return - Prediction Interval with Normal Distribution
determining the prediction interval for a return calculation when the returns are normally distributed
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Present Value  of single payment and of an annuity calculation in excel
present value of a single future payment and present value of an ordinary annuity calculation in excel
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TVM Intro to Professor Kiss and EMBA758i
introduction to EMBA 758i Corporate Finance, Professor Kiss and other finance professors in the Online EMBA program at University of Maryland, Robert H Smith School of Business
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Risk and Return intro
introduction to the topic of Risk and Return
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