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The Sanity Clause - A Night at the Opera
A great pun from the Marx Brothers' Night at the Opera!
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Word Choice - Friends - Adoption Letter.mov
Joey tries to write a helpful recommendation letter to an adoption agency for Chandler and Monica. He uses some really...great words!
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Friends - Joey's Stage Name
Joey wants a new stage name, but the one he chooses seems to have been taken already.
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How to Read Poetry
Reading and interpreting poetry is often a frustrating event for students. Try this method, though! Read it once for an overview. Read it again, annotating the literary devices you notice. Finally, read it one more time, taking the time to put all the puzzle pieces together and form an interpretation. While this method won't solve all of your challenges, it may allow you to slow down, practice, and form stronger interpretations of difficult poetry!
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Reading and Preparing to Write a Literary Analysis
How does one write a literary analysis paper, the cornerstone of many English courses? Watch, listen, and learn from a master teacher.
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Grammatical Phrases
What is a grammatical phrase? What are the types of phrases? What do they do? Why do they matter? How do I punctuate them? Watch and learn....
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The Four Agreements  Don't Make Assumptions
This is an excerpt from the third agreement--don't make assumptions. It is accompanied by summaries and comments.
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Rhythm and Meter in Poetry 2.0
A revised look at rhythm and meter in poetry, how to identify them, and why they matter in literature. Enjoy!
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Polysyndeton and Asyndeton
Examine these two rhetorical choices for listing items in a series.
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Introduction to Film Genres.mov
An introductory look into what film genres are, what patterns they establish, and how they have changed since the Studio Era.
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Rhyme Scheme
How do you label the rhyming pattern of a poem or song....watch on!
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Satire - Part 1
What is satire? Why is knowing about satire important in understanding theme? How do I find satire? What are the different types of satire? Watch part one of this two part series on satire, an important literary term to know!
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Allusions - LJ - 2014
An updated look at the literary term of allusion, why these are important, and how we find them.
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Writing a Literary Analysis Essay
After you've read the text and collected information that you deem potentially helpful to your prompt, remember to organize that information. Take a look here to gather some pertinent ideas on how to do that!
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Economics - Principles of the Free Market
In a theoretically free market, what drives the buying and selling of goods and services? Learn about the seven principles that are fundamental to the free market system.
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Latin and Greek Roots 2.0
In this updated version of our Latin and Greek roots podcast, we again talk about how both Latin and Greek have strong influences on English, but we also talk about what affixes, prefixes, and suffixes (and infixes) actually are while also breaking down a strong process for determining words' meaning through roots. Enjoy!
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Latin Roots in Harry Potter
Most, if not all, spells, charms, and jinxes that appear in the Harry Potter books and films are not random words just strewn about. Latin roots find their way into this series! Watch on to see how these roots play an important role in the series.
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TTTC  - "The Things They  Carried" - Part 1
Reading of the chapter "The Things They Carried" from the book The Things They Carried. Pages 1-7.
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Economic Indicators - 2018
How is the economy doing? A typical question at dinner parties, right? Watch on to see a list of indicators that economists use to inform their answers about how our large economy is doing.
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Test-Taking Tips for the ACT-English Test
...yes...test-taking tips. Next?
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Motifs in Film
Another podcast is our series dedicated to the literary level of film, that which film has in common with literature. Watch on to see what motifs in film are, why they matter, and how to find them. Enjoy!
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Independent and dependent clauses are pretty important in making complete sentences and in adding sentence variety to your writing. Learn more here about what these things are and how they should be used in your writing!
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Foreshadowing in Literature
We probably already know the definition of foreshadowing - how authors hint at future action in a text. But, do we know HOW they do that hinting? Watch on to see the 6 most common cues of foreshadowing found in literature.
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Film Genre - The Western
The western is one of the most pervasive genres in American film. From the most humble beginnings in The Great Train Robbery to the Clint Eastwood films to Blazing Saddles, many westerns have graced the silver screen. Watch on to see the traits of this genre and its pattern of evolution.
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Raiders of the Lost Ark - Ark's Theme Across Films
While the Ark has a musical motif attached to it in Raiders, where else does that musical theme reappear in later Indy films? Watch on to find out!
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Motifs in Film
Patterns are...everywhere. In literature and film, we call these reoccurring patterns motifs. Learn to identify, track, and interpret common motifs in film with this short podcast for our film class.
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Indefinite Pronouns and Agreement
Many, some, few, anyone, and the like are all indefinite pronouns and require some extra thought as to how they should be made to agree with verbs and other parts of sentences. Watch on to see how these indefinite pronouns are different from personal pronouns and how to make them agree with...stuff!
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Symbols in Literature
What is a symbol? How are they used in literature? How can you interpret them and how do they relate to theme? Take a minute to learn more here!
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Active vs Passive Voice in Writing
It was done....by whom? It was written...again, by whom? Let's work to write in the direct, clear active voice of writing. Listen on to find out more!
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Archetypes in Literature - Random
Well...these ones don't really fit into any of the other podcasts we made, so they go...here! Explore the meaning of the desert, fish, water, the serpent, and the apple! Enjoy!
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The Flipped Classroom - Part 2 - Benefits and Drawbacks
Listen to a National Board Certified English Teacher as he discusses the benefits and drawbacks of moving toward a "flipped classroom" or "flipped lesson" model.
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Advertising and Propaganda Techniques
How do advertisers actually seek to persuade us? Watch on to see a group of emotional and logical appeals common to acts of persuasion, advertising, and propaganda.
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Political Socialization
This is a big word for a relatively simply concept: what factors in our lives influence our thinking and voting patterns? Watch on to see which factors in our lives tend to shape how we vote!
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Motifs - Raiders of the Lost Ark Musical Themes.mov
Notice the musical motifs throughout Raiders of the Lost Ark.
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Intro to Rhetoric and the Rhetorical Triangle
What is rhetoric? Why does it matter? How do we analyze the messages we encounter AND how do we create credible messages? Let's introduce rhetoric and the....rhetorical triangle! Yeah!
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Dangling Prepositions
What are prepositions? Dangling prepositions? Can I do that in my papers? Watch on to learn more about the tradition not ending sentences with prepositions and why that is or is not that big of a deal!
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Subject and Verb Agreement
A short look at the important concept of subject - verb agreement. Make sure that your subjects agree with their verbs in terms of plurality (number). Be sure, also, to FIND the correct subjects to agree with!
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Literary Lenses - Part 1
Here we discuss what literary lenses are, why they are important to the reading of literature, and which ones we'll be studying through this year. Part one also talks more in depth about the historical and feminist lenses. Part two talks about the Marxists, formalist, and reader response lenses. Enjoy!
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Sentence Combining Strategies
How can we avoid the monotonous or short, choppy sentence patterns? Watch on to see three patterns where we can mix it up a bit!
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Archetypes in Literature - Colors
While there are many archetypal patterns in literature, colors often offer the reader some strong clues that help with interpretation. Take a watch and see how and why colors throughout a text truly do matter!
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Theme in Literature
What is "theme" in literature? Why does this term matter? How do you find them in texts? Watch on!
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Archetypes in Literature - Numbers
Do numbers matter in literature? Why does it always seem like things are groups in 3s and 7s? Watch on to see the connections between archetypes and numbers.
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