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How To Become A Full Time Artist  - steps for people who want to make a living from art
How to Become a Full time Artist - 7 Steps http://www.asideofchange.com/artist-entrepreneur If learning how to become a full time artist is your goal then I congratulate you! You have identified that you have a talent or skill and do not want it to go to waste. A lot of people never make it to this step - finding out what it means to become an artist or learning how to make money as an artist. This video covers the 4 types of aspiring artist. There are usually people who want to transition from a 9 to 5 and create art as a business full time instead of part-time, people who want to become a full time artist entrepreneur but have no experience in this area, people who want to land an art job and do not want to start their own art business at this point, and finally there are people who are just interested in creating passive income ( maybe unrelated to art altogether) so that they have the time to make art or go back to school to hone their craft. No matter where you fall on the spectrum, this video will give you steps to follow on how to become a full time artist. Skip ahead to find the relevant information to you as an artist or creative 3:07 - group #1/ I want to transition from my 9 to 5 job and make money as a full-time artist instead of just on the weekends - Your main goal is to sell art 8:27 - group #2/ I want to become an artist entrepreneur...meaning that a becoming a full-time artist is so important to you that you will do what it takes to start well. That means honing your craft, possible setting up an LLC (see link at bottom), and learning how to sell art. Knowing how to make money as an artist is one thing...and knowing how to become a full time artist and make a living from art is an entirely different picture. It does require a burning desire and a specific skill set. 10:40 - group #3/ I want a job in art, design or entertainment. You want to make a living from art...but you are more interested in becoming employed by a company. You are less interested in art work from home jobs and more interested in a professional artist 9 to 5. There are millions of jobs each year in art and design, you just have to prepare yourself by thinking about what education is required to fill that professional, full-time artist job and how to stay on top of your talent as a professional artist. My advice to you is to never stop learning!! :) 13:26 - group #4/ I hate my job, but I need the money - therefore I need passive income so that I can survive and concentrate on my art. Wow, this group of people are great...because they have massive drive most of the time. They want to have a successful art business or make a living from art, but they know that their soul sucking 9 to 5 job will not give them enough creative energy or time to do it. They want to know how to become a full time artist without doing something that they hate in order to earn money. They just need to know how to make money (preferably make money from home online) so they can pay bills and live off of while they concentrate on their art. This is a bold move and so rewarding in the end. No matter what category you see yourself in, I want to remind you of one of my favorite Tim Olsen quotes: "Successful people do what unsuccessful people are unwilling to do". Are you willing to do whatever it takes in order to become a full-time artist? Once you watch this video there are a few details that you are going to want to make sure you understand. These include marketing art and how to make money as an artist online. I go into these details in the link at the top of the page. To watch the replay of How To Become A Full Time Artist on my blog post go here: http://www.asideofchange.com/how-to-become-a-full-time-artist/ If you are serious about learning how to start an art business and want to start an LLC, here is a link to help you better understand the process. This is actually super helpful for any artist entrepreneur. https://www.sba.gov/content/limited-liability-company-llc If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment below. I seriously want to see you win and I know it's not always an easy road when trying to navigate how to become a full time artist. Good luck and don't be afraid to ask questions! If this info helped you then please give it a thumbs up -Dejon
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Make Extra income for Summer 2016 - Summer Jobs for Teachers
http:www.trytransformation.com In this video I explain how teachers can find summer work! Summer Jobs for teachers can be difficult to find, especially if you want to work outside of the classroom or camp environment. I will show you how to use your natural skills as a teacher to make extra income this summer. Extra cash for summer 2016 would be a blessing for so many people. Be your own boss this summer and have time to spend with your children, travel or simply relax! Let me and my team show you how. Since you already know how to work the classroom environment, then following the steps that I am going to teach you will be no problem. It's about gaining trust and following a system....that's it! End your summer job search right here and do something that makes sense for your life....don't just add another "job" to the things you have to do this summer. Earn money to travel, study or take that Christmas vacation that you have always dreamed of. If you have any questions regarding next steps then reach out to us on social media blog: http://www.asideofchange.com facebook: https://www.facebook.com/atransformationteam Blab.im: https://www.blab.im/butterfliesdoit twitter: https://twitter.com/butterfiesdoit Leave us a comment here and if you liked this video, please subscribe to our channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCnaYfelN7Mi7OOtA63dKSA jobs for teachers outside the classroom jobs for teachers outside of the classroom direct sales home based business home based business direct sales mlm home business flexible summer jobs work from home summer jobs job search summer jobs for teachers real work from home opportunities work from home opportunities looking for work from home jobs summer jobs in nyc jobs that can be done from home find summer jobs jobs for the summer summer job opportunities new york city jobs legitimate work from home online jobs work from home no scams at home business opportunities home based business opportunities starting a home based business home based business jobs in brooklyn jobs in harlem second job working from home jobs in harlem new york honest work from home no scam work from home summer job search Be your own boss Be you own boss careers Work from home on the internet Home to make money How to make money online Online job Be your own boss ideas work from home opportunities best work from home jobs work from home jobs for moms work from home moms USD work from home companies work at home scam work at home scams work from home scam work from home review work from home reviews is work from home a scam is working online from home a scam new mlm companies 2013 best mlm opportunities new direct sales opportunities new mlm companies 2012 new mlm business new mlm companies new mlm 2014 new mlm companies 2013 new mlm companies 2011 new mlm companies pre launch new mlm companies 2014 women in network marketing network mlm women work at home women in mlm mlm internet mlm companies for women multi level marketing companies for women top women in network marketing highest paid network marketers internet mlm mlm internet marketing internet mlm companies internet mlm success mlm internet explosion internet marketing for mlm internet marketing mlm
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Creating A Capture Page With Instabuilder 2.0 And AWeber
The easiest way to make a lead capture page with Instabuilder and Aweber http://www.asideofchange.com If you want to collect the email's of interested prospects, then you have to have to create a capture page and then integrate it with a system like AWeber or Get Reponse. Those are the systems that will allow you to stay in touch with people who visit your website or landing pages. It's the must have process of email marketing. You can create your first opt in page in under 15 minutes and have leads flooding your inbox daily. This video will show you exactly what's inside Instabuilder 2.0 and how I easily used it to create a beautiful and professional landing page. You can totally do this too...you can even follow along in the video and do exactly as I do. The main objective is to sign into your Aweber account and copy the opt-in form HTML Code from the publishing tab. You are then going to paste that very important code into your Kalatu Instabuilder 2.0 page. Don't worry, just watch the video and I will show you how to do it. If you are building a brand and trying to build an audience and a following, then your email list should be one of your most valuable items! If you have heard online marketers tell you to build your list over and over, it's because it is vital to the success of your business. Most people fail in network marketing or the home business industry because they just don't know how to effectively market online and set up simple pages, like the one I am going to show you how to set up. Watch how to create a capture page with Instabuilder 2.0 and Aweber again here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZdeCS63wPxM&feature=youtu.be If you are one of those people who has been struggling to find success in your company, or you are about to quit - then follow the link below so we can help you get back on track and give you online marketing help. Learn what most people in your company and even in your upline don't know about making sales online without talking to friends or family. http://www.asideofchange.com/hb/ While you are on that page you can get access to a few free training tools that will help you market your landing page on facebook, YouTube, and even on your blog. If you need any help after watching this video then find us here: Facebook- http://www.facebook.com/atransformationteam For more videos on building your business, setting up your opt in page or starting your first blog, - go here: http://www.askteamtransformation.com
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Help - How to fix your MacBook Pro in 3 steps when your Mac won't turn on
How to fix your MacBook Pro when your Mac won't turn on or power on http://www.asideofchange.com/work-from-home-problems/ Hello! You probably found this video because you had a freak out moment like I did a few weeks ago when my MackBook Pro (2009) would not turn on!! I work from home and my computer is life....therefore I needed the quickest solution possible. Here are the steps that I followed to fix my MacBook Pro in under 10 minutes. P.S. - this does require a run to Walmart to get the tool kit needed to remove your battery. I have only found this kit at Walmart. Yes you can walk in and get it! If you call they might tell you that they don't carry it and that it must be purchased online (don't believe anyone...if you want your computer on then go take a look for yourself). To see exactly what I purchased go here: http://www.asideofchange.com/work-from-home-problems/ 0:44 Step 1 1:32 Step 2 2:10 Step 3 Before you start Disconnect the power source! Remove the back cover. It is held together with 10 tiny phillips head screws. If you have an eyeglass kit then you can probably use that to remove the screws --- otherwise the kit from Walmart will have what you need. 0:44 Step 1 Use the Tri screwdriver bit/ Y-1 to remove the three screws that secure your battery. (I put all of my screws into a juice cup...do not take the risk of just putting these on the table!!) Remove the pin attachment that connects the battery to the motherboard. I used the small flathead screwdriver to disconnect this part. Now you can fully remove the battery from your MacBook Pro. 1:32 Step 2 Turn your MacBook over and plug in your power cord. Hold down the On/Power button for 5 sec. The power cord must be attached for this to work. ----- No battery should be in at this point 2:10 Step 3 Flip your computer back over and reconnect your battery...don't put the screws back in yet (You want to make sure it will come on first). Hold the batter in place with your hand and flip your computer back over to test. With your hand still holding the battery in place, open your screen and turn on the power button as you normally would. Make sure the power cord is still connected! Within a few seconds you should hear your MacBook start to boot up normally! :) Congratulations, you should be back in business at this point. If this process does not work for you the first time, I would go back and try it one more time. It's easy to miss a step when your frantic. Just calm down and know that there is a solution for whatever is going on with your computer. Good luck! If this video was helpful, please give it a thumbs up and or leave a comment! If you are curious about what I do and why I needed my computer so badly then feel free to check out the link at the top of this description.
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how to get beautiful black skin even if you have dark marks or hyper pigmentation
how to get beautiful black skin even if you have dark marks or hyper pigmentation http://www.loveitorfixit.com When I first created this video it was not called how to get beautiful black skin even if you have dark marks. I'm revealing that because after talking to so many people who watched this video I had an aha moment. What everyone was really interested in was how to get clear skin without acne or skin irritations. In their eyes and in mine, that is what beautiful black skin is all about. It's about healthy skin as well as feeling good in the skin you're in! In this video I explain how you can stop wearing foundation to cover up your flaws if you want to. Me, my sister and our mother love beauty products and make up, but we know how good it feels when you wash your face at night an see clear skin. What about when you are hugging people...sometimes you get nervous about your foundation rubbing off on people's clothing. African American skin tones suffer from oily sin, hyper pigmentation, Pseudofolliculitis Barbae and more. As people with skin in general we all want to know the best anti-aging creams for women, best face wash for clear skin and how to look our best across the board! The great new is that you can get beautiful black skin even if you have dark marks with the use of quality skin care products. One of the things we noticed about the people that we talked to on the phone was that they had tried a lot of home remedies. They sometimes saw results like soothing of the skin or slightly less sensitivity, but they were still wearing heavy foundations to cover their dark marks or were unhappy when they took their makeup off at night. We used to think that skin irritations would just go away or that acne would just clear up on it's own or with a strict diet. Yes, the diet part is actually a really big help when it comes to overall body health...but it does take discipline and a lot of people just don't stick to it. That's why I reveal my skin care regimen products to you. I want you to know exactly what's on the market for high quality products that will help you achieve beautiful black skin. You will also see beauty tools that can aid in clearing up some of the most common skin problems. You will find out that yes, microdermabrasion for African American skin is a thing...you just don't hear about it often enough. Everyone has skin and more people that you realize have skin concerns that they would like to fix. If you have any questions along the way or after you visit the link above please leave us a question below. We will help you answer any of your questions.
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Blogging inspiration and motivation- tips for people who want to start a blog
http://asideofchange.com So you want to start a blog!! If you are having a hard time blogging or if you have decided to get recommitted to your blog then watch this video for blogging inspiration and motivation. Blogging does not have to be difficult. It should be an extension of who you are and what you represent. Tap into the right mindset to keep yourself excited and motivated about the topics covered in your blog. Most of all, keep talking to your blogs target audience in a way that they can relate to and understand. Give them great tips, how-to's and information! Remember, becoming a successful blogger means that you have made a decision to pump out great information. Don't measure yourself against people who have been blogging for years if you just started 6 months ago. Deliver quality blog posts over quantity and you will see results! Good luck and we hope this video helped you discover your blogging motivation. Link to pumpkin spice late recipe: https://youtu.be/9J7tA8iwQQA "blogging inspiration and motivation" "blogging motivation" "need some motivation" "make your own blog" "telling your story" "tell my story" "motivated" "mindset" "motivation" "i'm having a hard time blogging"
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finding the best platform for blogging about art
finding the right platform for blogging about art http://www.asideofchange.com You made it to this video because you are searching for the best platform for blogging about art or you are watching this as a result of my recent blog post on How to start an art blog: Simple ways to share your art. There are several blogging platforms out there but one of the most popular is Worpress. A lot people make the mistake of starting a blog and not going through the process of purchasing a domain name. This is an absolute must, especially if you want to establish yourself and your art as an authority. Watch the replay of Finding the best platform for blogging about art here: https://youtu.be/-wTiScw8mm0 The platform that I highly recommend for artist who what to find the best platform for blogging is the Kalatu Premium blogging system. It's great because it its powered by Wordpress and gives users several themes to choose from. This video explains how simple the system is to use and one of the best features of Kalatu Premium is the tutorial section in the back office and 24 hour support. If you have any questions and are interested in knowing how blogging can help you expose your art as well as create a way to make passive income in your sleep. Passive income is what most artist crave! It gives them the ability to actually create instead of working a 9-5 to pay the bills. Leave questions and comments below! Finding the best platform for blogging about art Best place to start a blog I want to start a blog best blogging platform blog about art art blog making passive income Kalatu blogging platform Kalatu Premium
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2 questions to ask when starting an art blog
2 questions to ask when starting an art blog http://www.asideofchange.com Thanks for landing on this video. If you are thinking about starting an art blog or trying to figure out how to make money online with your art and are wondering if blogging is an option for you...keep reading. Start out by asking yourself the 2 questions presented in this video. If you are wondering how to sell paintings online, or get exposure as an artist then I will say that blogging is a fantastic option...but first you need to decide what you want to accomplish with your blog and how often you will blog. Watch the replay of 2 questions to ask when starting an art blog here: https://youtu.be/cV63LkrwA6M If you have any questions about this video feel free to leave a comment below or on the blog entry itself! just click the button on the top right hand corner to view the full blog post. starting an art blog how to start a blog why start a blog I want to start a blog how to start blogging how to make money as an artist make art how to sell paintings online share your art
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Be Your Own Boss (How to work for yourself and work at home)
Be Your Own Boss (How to work for yourself and work at home) Blog - http://www.asideofchange.com In the Be you Own Boss (How to Work for yourself and work at home) video we discuss why it is important to really learn how become your own boss. "I'm a boss" is a popular phrase these days and we are literally dropping a real opportunity to work from home on the internet in your lap. Many videos claim to have the best work from home opportunities, and we also feel that what we are going to show you will fit that description. If you are already working from home and want to learn how to get more leads into your home based business the visit us here: http://mlsp.co/l3l4e No matter if you are seeking extra income, ways to make fast money online, replacement income or just how to increase money then just fill check out the site and you will get instant access to a free video business opportunity video and new direct sales opportunities If you liked this video, share, like and, and please subscribe! Subscribe To My YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCnaYfelN7Mi7OOtA63dKSA Follow us here: our blog - http://www.asideofchange.com facebook - https://facebook.com/atransformationteam be your own boss be your own boss careers work from home on the internet legit work from home jobs work from home opportunities online jobs work from home work from home moms
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How to start a blog to get exposure for your art
How to start a blog to get exposure for your art http://www.asideofchange.com/how-to-start-an-art-blog-simple-ways-to-share-your-art/ Hey! So hopefully you found this video because you are a creative who is interested in making money with your art and you are also interested in this blogging thing. How to start blogging and why start blogging are probably two of your biggest questions. If you are serious about thriving as an artist and know that you were not given talent just to waste your it at an unrelated 9-5 gig...then keep listening. If you make art then why would you think it might be difficult to make money from your art!! It's one of those things that seems a lot more difficult than it actually is. Once you understand the basic concepts, you are golden. In a recent blog post, I covered how to start an art blog: Simple ways to share your art. This video is included in that post and reveals that one of the main reasons why artist want to know how to start an art blog is due to exposure! As artists we want people to buy our work and/or commission our services. Once you learn how to start blogging, the key is to drive traffic to that site! Once traffic hits your site (actual people coming to look at your blog) you have a unique opportunity to engage and build a relationship with people...all on your very own blog! To watch the replay of Why artist want to know how to start a blog, go here: https://youtu.be/evYUVx7ZSdw If your goal is to sell your art online or more specifically, sell your paintings online then your blog is the best place for that. It will give you an opportunity to let potential buyers know who you are as an artist and give them an opportunity to attend a live show, sign up for your mailing list or purchase pieces right on your blog. I use Kalatu Premium and personally feel that it is the best place to start a blog. If you are an artist, then you understand the need for freedom...the ability to have choices in all that you do. Kalatu offers me the ability to choose exactly how I want my blog to look and feel. The best part is that I didn't really have to figure anything out when I first got started. I just watched a few training tutorials in my back office and I was off! If you have any questions at all, feel free to leave a comment below!
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Network Marketing Success Stories
http://www.asideofchange.com/network-marketing-success-stories/ Don't leave this page if you are searching for Network Marketing Success Stories. You're in the right place and probably found this video for a reason. This video highlights several stories and quotes from people who have found the secret to network marketing and made it work for them. The great new is that they have happily shared the secret with those who are willing to listen. This video will reveal multilevel marketing pros and cons, and give you more information to help you make an informed decision. The major con featured in this video is the fact that 97% of network marketers fail. I know, that sound scary and might even make you not want to try. Don't fall for it. There are several things that you can do to increase your success ratio. I discuss these items in this video and in this recent blog post - If you want to hear more about the Secret to Network marketing, then check out this video: https://youtu.be/TkDCMAGlRq0 Here are things that successful network marketers avoid: *If you have done any of the following, it's ok. It's actually not your fault. You were probably told to do this by another well intentioned team member or upline. You can easily shift directions and take action that will help your business grow. 1) Spamming links to their products all over social media 2) Treating everyone like a prospect and telling them why they need a certain product 3) Explaining to all of their family and friends why they should become an entrepreneur 4) Shaming people who have a 9-5 job and trying to recruit them into your business. If you enjoyed this video on Network Marketing Success Stories, please give a thumbs up or leave a comment below. Replay this video here:https://youtu.be/nv62jAsaAF4
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Online Marketing Tools From My Lead System Pro
http://www.asideofchange.com/hb/ - Searching for some Online marketing tools to help take your home business to the next level? In this short video I discuss how to use the My Lead System Pro Marketing Training area to help you achieve the results you are looking for. I will show you where you can find specific online marketing tools like youtube marketing and seo tools. If you just apply the free trainings available in this back office, it will make a drastic impact on your success. If you are a newbie at online marketing tools or even brand new and your business and want to jumpstart your success, click here to start learning the online marketing strategies that you see here: http://www.asideofchange.com/my-lead-system-pro/ 0:57 - Learn marketing online FREE every Wednesday night 1:38 - Where to access the online marketing strategies in MLSP 2:20 - MLSP specific training - Funnelizer and MLSP Sites 2:33 - Online marketing using FB and social networking 3:03 - Learn content marketing 3:33 - Learn paid marketing strategies 4:42 - Phone prospecting training You might be wondering why everyone wants online marketing tips. The answer is simple! Most people are scared of being rejected by friends or family, or are nervous about approaching their warm market with yet another business opportunity. Another reason why people want to take advantage of online marketing is because they are busy! A lot of the trainings in this back office are evergreen - meaning, they will work for you long after you make the content.
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What is INFINii | INFINii Review
INFINii Review - What is INFINii? http://www.asideofchange.com/make-money-online-1/ CONNECT WITH US (Team Transformation) HERE: Email: [email protected] Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/atransformationteam Blog: http://www.asideofchange.com Hey! You probably made your way to this video because you have been seeing all of the INFINii hype on Facebook or google. Good job, you are doing your research and that's exactly what you should be doing. You can move forward in this video by going to the following time stamps: 4:09 A look at the Infinii business website 6:39 How to join INFINii Springbaord INFINii scam reviews are flooding the internet....the awesome thing is that you will find that the popular opinion is that this is an excellent way to create the home business of your dreams. Here's why: No home parties, No chasing friends and family members...or Facebook friends No 3-way calls. The average person can come into the Infinii Springboard system and learn exactly what to do by just watching a few getting started videos. There are people who fail inside of INFinii ecommerce because: 1 - Most people do not know how to market to people OUTSIDE of their friends and family (warm market). 2- They give up if they are not a gazillionaire overnight. All business take effort and time. But it feels good when you are doing something that's actually fun! If you want to learn INFINii marketing strategies that don't involve you begging, inviting or even telling your friends and family about this (If you don't want to) then go here: http://www.asideofchange.com/trainings/ Again, congrats on doing your homework and checking out what all the latest buzz is around this system. If you want to watch the INFINii Review again, go here: https://www.youtube.com/edit?video_id=wnz9WJew1s0&video_referrer=watch Thanks for reading and watching this video. Feel free to give us a thumbs up, a comment or share this video if you gained some value. Here's to you well deserved success! Team Transformation infinii, infinii review, infinii products, infinii marketplace, infinii business, infinii drop shipping, ,network marketing, INFinii reviews, INFinii scam, INFinii leaders, INFinii scam review, INFinii marketing, INFinii, INFinii leads, leads for INFinii, INFinii mlm INFinii springboard
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What is MLM? Multi Level Marketing Explained
You want to know what is MLM? It stands for Multi Level Marketing. Watch this short video to get an explanation and understand how people make money with an mlm business. Just like any other decision in life, do your research before joining an mlm and decide what opportunity best fits your personality and interests. There are several types of business that will allow you to work completely online, market offline, choose between hosting home parties or create a combination that works for you. Most people are attracted to these types of opportunities because of the flexibility, time freedom and a chance to create an income that will allow them to fulfill their dreams. Good luck on your search for the right opportunity! If you need any help along the way just leave us a comment or reach out to us on our blog. "mlm" "multi level marketing" what is mlm" "mlm success" "mlm scams" "mlm opportunities" "definition of mlm"
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Why Belief is Key for Entrepreneurs
Why Belief is Key for Entrepreneurs if you want to be successful http://www.asideofchange.com/how-to-become-a-successful-internet-marketer/ Have questions about what to do next? Call us: (571) 354-6946 Email us: [email protected] Chat on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/atransformationteam More videos to help you elevate your hustle: http://www.askteamtransformation.com
How to Create an Image with Text in Canva: Branding for the Entrepreneur
http://www.asideofchange.com/how-to-create-an-image-online-using-canva-brand-building-made-simple/ (Are you a new entrepreneur? Doing everything on your own? Follow the link above to get more info on standing out from the crowd in your business or niche). Crafting your individual brand is extremely important when you are a home based business owner in the network marketing or home-based business business . It truly is rather easy to make a graphic on line by making use of the totally free online site Canva to quickly boost your very own visible brand and also stand out from the crowd on the internet . It is likely you are here because you recognize that it is actually beneficial to shine on line , but the truth is you want a bit of guidance on your social media marketing images . Not a problem , we have you covered . Before we begin , let's go over the 1 matter virtually all new home based business online marketers ignore . Plenty of people neglect the essential element of brand generation as they are just starting out . It is actually actually not their fault . Many organizations teach you to simply advertise the organization and tell every person you know to go and visit your business webpage . Truthfully , that results in junk e-mail , unsolicited mail , spam! Guess what . . .spam is unattractive . Period. What exactly is the alternative ? The substitute for spamming friends or family and groups with links to your "stuff" is to always establish intrigue and engagement around your company . It is just like looking at your previous partner post a photo on Facebook with a very attractive girl/guy . Immediately you are thinking "wow . . .looks like he/she is having a lot of fun . I wonder if that could be their brand new boo thing !" Find out exactly how to create images that create curiosity in the video above. For more information on creating your brand and standing out from other reps in your company, just follow the link at the top of this description. Create an image with text create images with words create an image online social media graphic design facebook post design template social media design template social media graphics social media image maker Canva Solopreneur Personalbranding Add text over an image in Canva
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MLM Recruiting Tips: Talk about your MLM without approaching friends and family
http://asideofchange.com It is possible to talk to people about your MLM or direct sales company without approaching every friend or family member! Repeat after me... -------IT'S POSSIBLE! I JUST NEED TO ALIGN MYSELF WITH FREE MLM LEADS! -------IT'S POSSIBLE! I JUST NEED TO ALIGN MYSELF WITH FREE MLM LEADS! Say it until you believe it! -------IT'S POSSIBLE! I JUST NEED TO ALIGN MYSELF WITH FREE MLM LEADS! -------IT'S POSSIBLE! I JUST NEED TO ALIGN MYSELF WITH FREE MLM LEADS! -------IT'S POSSIBLE! I JUST NEED TO ALIGN MYSELF WITH FREE MLM LEADS! Say it until you believe it! -------IT'S POSSIBLE! I JUST NEED TO ALIGN MYSELF WITH FREE MLM LEADS! -------IT'S POSSIBLE! I JUST NEED TO ALIGN MYSELF WITH FREE MLM LEADS! -------IT'S POSSIBLE! I JUST NEED TO ALIGN MYSELF WITH FREE MLM LEADS! -------IT'S POSSIBLE! I JUST NEED TO ALIGN MYSELF WITH FREE MLM LEADS! Say it until you believe it! -------IT'S POSSIBLE! I JUST NEED TO ALIGN MYSELF WITH FREE MLM LEADS! -------IT'S POSSIBLE! I JUST NEED TO ALIGN MYSELF WITH FREE MLM LEADS! Say it until you believe it! Say it until you believe it! Here is what you will learn in -MLM Recruiting Tips: Talk about your MLM without approaching friends and family - network marketing prospecting, MLM facebook marketing strategies, How to increase traffic to your blog, how to generate leads for network marketing and MUCH MORE! http://asideofchange.com promote your business, how to grow your business, grow your business, mlm success tips
Learn how to make money with art
http://www.asideofchange.com/5-excuses-that-artists-use-that-keep-them-trapped/ Many artists are feeling trapped in their lives, because they can't find a way to really do what they love and make an income. Learn 4 excuses that artists use that keep them feeling trapped. With each excuse, there is a remedy presented. This video is intended to challenge the beliefs that people have come to accept....the beliefs that keep them from fully owning their creativity and making a full time income from their passion. Not only will you learn some of the best way to sell art online, but you will learn how to find the right environment for you as an artists both online and offline. For anyone who feels like their art careers just isn't taking off or they want to transition into making money with their art full time, this is a must watch Blab session. How to make money as a freelance artists can be a tough question. That's because there is no one correct answer. As long as you tap into the right tools and systems that will help you make money drawing, painting, singing, sculpting, or whatever then you can find success! This blab session goes over all of those details as it relates to these top 4 excuses: I don't have the right environment I don't know the right people I have not made it yet...people don't know who I am I don't know enough Feeling trapped does not feel good and it should not be something that you just accept! There is an entire community of Artist-Preneurs who want to see you win with your art and help you make money as a freelance artists. How to artists make money artists Career information best way to sell art online best way to sell artwork best way to sell fine art
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Women in Direct Sales: Unleash the power of keyword research with Fiverr tutorial
http://asideofchange.com Grow your direct sales business by unleashing the power of keyword research by 2016. If you want to know the secret to attracting more leads to your direct sales business then tap into this training. We designed this keyword research gig exclusively on Fiverr for 2 reasons. First, we believe in the power of knowledge, especially as it relates to female entrepreneurs in direct sales. We know that when women see success in business there is a positive ripple effect. In addition to helping women in business, we wanted to make sure that our training was accessible. By teaching the process of how to do keyword research for just $5, we were confident that people would be able to afford this powerful tool. We're excited to see how women in different industries will be able to connect to their target audience, generate leads and ultimately create sales and relationships. Cheers to growing your direct sales business and living your best life! keyword research, direct sales tips, mlm success tips, women in direct sales, keyword research gig on fiverr.com, women in network marketing how to find the right keywords how to do google adwords how to find your target audience how to grow my business grow my direct sales business
3 Tips On How to Start Branding Yourself
If you are an entrepreneur online ....you will want to start branding yourself. In this 5 minute video, I will give you 3 tips to do exactly that. If you found this helpful, you will also enjoy this blog post: http://www.asideofchange.com/3-tips-on-how-to-start-branding-yourself/ 3 Tips on How To Start Branding Yourself https://youtu.be/nMqH1k76G9o If you want to learn how to brand yourself online, there are a few basic tips that can help you do it. 0:45 People Join People; They Don't Join Companies 2:03 Add Value 3:57 Be Consistent Branding yourself on social media is not difficult. Just make sure that you are the face of your brand. Remember to always speak to the people that are interested and attracted to you. If you brand yourself well, than those are the people who want what you have to offer. People will gravitate toward your brand if they are interested in you. They will either be attracted to you or they won’t. You can’t worry about those that are not, So, for anyone who wonders how to brand your business, you can see now that it is by branding yourself. To your success... you've got this!! Sonya Coppadge Team Transformation Let's keep in touch! Call me with any questions: (571) 354-6946 Email me: [email protected] Chat on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/atransformationteam
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How to use Periscope for your Business
How to Periscope for business Live streaming using the app Periscope has boosted business for many entrepreneurs over the last several months. How to Periscope for business is something that any small business (or large business for that matter) should pay attention to. Twitter gets major points for launching this new platform. This is the equal opportunity playing field that anybody can take advantage of. So what’s the big deal? Who cares if there is another live streaming platform...right!? Wrong. The big deal is that now you have the same opportunity to present your brand, your opportunity or your service to the masses. There are over 15 million Periscope users, but only less than 1% of those users choose to broadcast. This means that you have an outrageous opportunity to get in front of your target audience! The steps are simple. Here’s exactly what you will need to do before you can start using periscope for your business! 1) Download the Periscope App - you can do this for Android or IOS. Yes, you can also download Periscope for your iPad. If you are just interested in watching what goes on in Periscope, you can watch from your desktop. The only catch is that you won’t be able to give hearts or ask questions. 2)Log in with your Twitter profile. If you are not attached to your current profile name, then create a new one! 3)Create a Profile. This is how people will know who you are and what you are all about! 4) Follow people. You can start off by following people who you already follow on Twitter. Next, start watching other people’s broadcast and follow anyone that you find interesting. (Start out by following us @ButterfliesDoIt ----Wink, Wink!) 5) Ask people for love! It’s easy, all you have to do is ask people who are watching to tap their screen to make hearts flutter up the screen. Go take off and show the world who you are and what you represent! Happy scoping! Periscope App How to Use Periscope What is periscope periscope periscopes periscope camera How to use periscope Live video feed periscope live streaming
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Real Work from Home Jobs - how to make extra money working part time or full time online (
Real Work from Home Jobs - how to make extra money working part time or full time online http://www.asideofchange.com/work-with-us/ Are you searching for real work from home jobs? Your search might just stop here! We want to show you how to make extra money working part time online or full time online. If you are just looking for extra money, then great! If you are wondering how to change careers or generate a full time income, we can help with that also. Our team is expanding and we are simply honest people looking for honest people who want honest work! If we are the right fit for what you are looking for then we will be able to show you how to make money by doing things that come natural to you. If you have ever said to yourself, " I want to start my own business " then you have found the right place. If you sometimes tell yourself, "I want to get away and just take advantage of a new job opportunity" please consider our offer. We need excellent people for our team! College students, Summer Jobs seekers, Working moms, Busy parents welcome! Jobs for college students with no experience good paying jobs for college students part time jobs summer jobs for college students best summer jobs for college students good summer jobs for college students best part time jobs for college students best jobs for college students how to sell beauty products how to sell cosmetics online how to make money using facebook make money online easy online jobs for college students i need a job now i need a job fast i need a job asap i need a job right now i need a job working from home i really need a job i need to find a job in nyc i need a better job i need a second job im 18 and I need a job i need a job but I have no experience i need an online job that pays i need an online job that is legit i need a better paying job i need a job that pays well home online jobs real online jobs that pay make money over summer college easy summer money best summer jobs to make money how can i make money this summer ways to make money over the summer ways to make summer money summer money making ideas for teenagers summer money making ideas work at home business opportunity scam free work at home jobs legitimate work at home jobs for moms work from home are there any legitimate work at home jobs telecommuting jobs legitimate data entry jobs legitimate work at home part time jobs best mlm best mlm companies best mlm companies to join best mlm opportunity Real Work from Home Jobs - how to make extra money working part time or full time online http://www.trytransformation.com/jobs
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How to Set business goals: The key to success in network marketing
How to Set business goals: The key to success in network marketing http://www.asideofchange.com/ Learning to take successful steps is important. Understanding how to set business goals is key to finding success in network marketing. If you thought it had to be boring....think again! Learn how to not only set goals but write them down with the intention of staying motivated, visualizing your end result, and measuring success and setbacks. Download an easy to read goal setting PDF that will help you stay on track and remember why it's important to write your goals down. this is a great tool for established and new entrepreneurs. Goal setting in business can push you right to the top. After you write them down it is even more important to take action steps to achieve goals. To download our Free Successful Steps - Goal setting worksheet go here: http://www.asideofchange.com/why-you-should-be-setting-goals-and-writing-them-down/ Good luck! If the content in this video helped you with setting business goals then give us a thumbs up. If you have an additional questions feel free to leave us a comment below! -Team Transformation.
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How to Identify Your Target Market
Do you know how to identify your target market? It's really important that you know how to identify your target market. Target marketing is knowing how to attract people who have a likelihood of buying what from you. Knowing your target market can be a key element to increasing your sales and getting new customers. Of course, there’s a little bit more to it than that. You have to know who’s buying your products or services. Once you know, you can take begin to market effectively. Video Highlights: 0:39 Who are you marketing to? 1:23 Why is it important to determine who your target market is 1:55 How do I determine who my target market is? 2:56 How to make sure your target market hears you 3:43 Solve your target markets problems It's going to take some planning, some research and some analysis on your part, but it's not hard to do. Here's the good news! Once you begin focusing all of your marketing efforts toward your target market, you have the advantage of knowing how to promote to your targeted audience. it’s just much easier and much more cost-effective to know your target market when you are marketing your products and/or services. How do you identify your target market? There are a couple of things you can do to identify and know how to find your target. First, you should also consider who’s buying from you currently. Conduct an inventory to see who has been buying from you for the past 6 months - 1 year. Then determine what your customers have in common. What traits do they share? Here are some things to consider when establishing who your target market is: How old are they? What do they like to do (interests or hobbies)? Are they homeowners or do they rent? What is their education? Where do they live? What is their gender? What is their occupation? What is their approximate salary range? Are they married? It will be well worth spending a little time on this exercise. Now you can get laser focused on the "right" people. For example, a skincare consultant selling an anti-aging night cream may want to focus their marketing efforts based on women 35 & older. That age group are typically the ones who use night cream. Women below the age of 35 (particularly in the 18-30 year-old age range) aren’t so much concerned about aging skin. So, it would be a waste of money and time attempting to market to the younger group. The other way to determine your target market is to determine the problems, concerns, pains (what keeps them up at night) that your products or service solve. Who has these problems? When you can determine those people, then you’ve identified your target market. Now, go out and consistently serve your market!
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Welcome to our page - Women Entrepreneurs sharing lifestyle, best practices, positive energy & more
Blog: http://www.asideofchange.com Facebook: http://facebook.com/atransformationteam Twitter: https://twitter.com/butterfliesdoit Blab: https://twitter.com/butterfliesdoit YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCCnaYfelN7Mi7OOtA63dKSA We are a family-Preneur team. (mother and twin daughters) - we work together, play together and pray together. Our mission is to provide business tips, tools and resources to anyone who needs it. Our hands are in a lot of pots and most of the people we know are just as busy. Sometimes we talk about mindset and encouragement and other times we talk about getting down to business and doing what's necessary to succeed in business and in life. Following your dreams is a concept that we believe int. As Christian business owners, bloggers, YouTubers and women, we can't deny our calling to uplift and empower all people. God created each of us with unique talents and abilities. How are you using yours? If you want to reach more people with your talents or your brand, let's talk. Self--limiting beliefs will not hold you hostage any longer. Let's learn together, grow together and do something massive! If you are a woman entrepreneur or a man entrepreneur, or even family-preneurs like we are, then subscribe to our channel for tips and resources on lifestyle, best practices, motivation and more. By the way, we are usually coming to you from our individual cities of beautiful Savannah Georgia, Washington DC and New York City. You can catch our weekly show on Blab.im called Hack Your Hustle. Blab is a live streaming platform that allows us to talk to you live, answer questions, give biz tips, and more. To watch a replay of Welcome to our page - Women Entrepreneurs sharing lifestyle, best practices, positive energy & more go here: https://youtu.be/fx_Vdr4XzL0 Join us here: http://www.blab.im/butterfiesDoIt online brand building women entrepreneurs self-limiting beliefs online marketing direct sales training mlm tips network marketing recruiting mlm success mastermind business black women in business branding family direct sales recruiting mlm tips
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why artist want to know how to blog| make money online with your art
why artist want to know how to blog | make money online with your art http://www.asideofchange.com I'm glad that you found this video. You are probably here because you are watching this series that I put together for a recent blog post called How to start an art blog: Simple ways to share your art or you are trying to figure out how to make money as an artist. Either way you are in the right place! I reveal how learning how to start blogging is a vital path to selling your art online or creating passive income online so that you can have the time freedom to work on your art and an income to support your goals! Check out some of the other videos on this playlist or see the full blog post. To watch the replay of why artist want to know how to blog make money online with your art, go here: https://youtu.be/S0SJ2Vo7eVM If you have any questions about how to make money online with your art or how making art and blogging are connected then leave a comment below.
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Tips on finding your passion in life and turning your passion into profit
http://www.asideofchange.com/turn-your-passion-into-profit/ Finding your passion in life and turn it into profit is a quick video explaining a few techniques to use when trying to find your passion in life. In addition to finding your true passion, you probably want to know how to make money doing what you love. The answer is to simply search your heart and search your past experiences for the answer. Let us know what you come up with and visit us using the link above to take the next step. We believe that everyone has a purpose and can share their knowledge with people who want and need answers, advice and expertise. Good luck finding your passion in life and turning it into profit! "finding your passion in life" "finding your purpose and passion in life" "finding your true passion" "finding your passion career" "how to make money doing what you love" "how to find what you love" "how to make money doing what you love" "how to turn your passion into profit" "turning your passion into profit" "driven turning passions into profits" "how to find what you love to do"
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NYC Subway Opera (Inspired Raw talent )
NYC Subway Opera (Raw talent Inspiration) http://www.asideofchange.com/trainings/ Living in one of the busiest and most talented cities in the world can be amazing. Living in NYC for a long period of time can sometimes make you numb to the spectacle of things! There are street performers everywhere, subway musicians, and human sized cartoon characters walking around. Well, today was different for me. I stopped and was in awe of the NYC subway opera that I experienced. I was inspired by raw talent and had to share it. I work with my mother and my twin sister. We help people connect with their passion and show them how to take that passion to an online space. Some of the people that we work with already have business that they run. They do it because of the freedom it brings! We know that this earth is filled with people who have exceptional raw talent like this young lady in the subway. To watch the replay of NYC Subway Opera (Inspired Raw talent ) click here: https://www.youtube.com/edit?video_id=a7sAWY4C420 The problem is that they don't know exactly what to do with it. A lot of them are working a job they can't stand in order to pay the bills, but dreaming about a performing career. Plenty of individuals wish they could find a way to create the income that they need just so they could develop their passion or talent even further or do that amazing thing they have been dreaming of doing! Those are the people who we love to talk to. Why? Because we show them that it is possible to be free! It is possible to be a musician or even a subway opera performer if that's what they want to do. The cool thing is that we show them how to do it without sacrificing a roof over their head or food in their belly! If you have raw talent and are inspired by this NYC Subway Opera like we were, then let's talk a little further. Check out what we do and how we help people find answers and discover the freedom that they deserve! Here's to finding inspiration!! (Don't forget to check out the full blog post inspired by this performance) P.S. If you know who this woman is feel free to leave a comment and give her a huge shout out!! Her talent is a gift from God!! NYC Subway Nyc Opera New York Opera Opera New York Opera in New York Subway Opera Subway Performers Ways of making money earn extra money find your talent my talent raw talent
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Our Mission
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Get what you want and be happy with your life
http://sonyacoppadge.com We have all have all heard the phrase “you have to work hard to get what you want”. While that is true, how many people express the importance of applying this phrase to your life. Creating a life that makes you feel fulfilled and proud of yourself does take some effort. Unlike many other tasks that take effort, I promise you that this actually feels good while you are doing it! Honestly, it feels good to even have someone encourage you to start thinking this way. I feel like it is extremely important to surround yourself by people that know that dreams are possible and are excited about spreading that message. It doesn’t matter if you are male or female or how old you are. What matters is that you start somewhere. This short video is my way of giving you that much needed pep talk. Many people are lacking that person in their life who says “What are you waiting for!!?? Allow me to be that person and challenge you to do something that will allow you to live your dreams! Before you begin, consider writing down the following: What is the dream that you would like to accomplish? What’s getting in your way or stopping you? Who in your life is supportive of your dream? (If it’s just me...then write my name down. I’m Sonya, and I believe that nobody should be deprived of going after their dreams) Thanks for watching this video on how to get what you want. I’m excited about your journey and will be there to support your next steps. Don’t forget to make your list and if you found this video helpful, please leave me thumbs up or a comment.
Sales Mindset Tip: The Sell - How to sell without asking people to buy your stuff
Rock your network marketing businesss by getting people to buy without ever asking them. http://www.asideofchange.com/getleads Have you ever felt strange asking people to buy your mlm products? Maybe you have said to yourself "I'm not a salesperson", and allowed that to justify your lack of sales. Here is the good news...you don't have to be amazing at sales, you don't even have to ever really ask people to buy from you. Here is a sales mindset tip that I learned from Mr. Ray Higdon: "You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink unless you salt the food." - Ray Higdon What he is encouraging us to do is set the mood/situation/circumstance so that people are hungry for what you have. Remind them of how they feel without your product, service or opportunity. When you use this selling technique, you are really just connecting with your audience/prospect. You are building like and trust with them instead of just walking up to them and saying "Hey, you would be great for my business" or "Do you want to buy my products, I can give you a great preferred customer discount or free products". Once you put this small sales tip into action, continue to ask yourself how you would like to be sold to. Think about the times you have said yes to buying a car or even think about why you first joined your mlm. It probably was not the cost of the car or the cost to join your business...you were sold because of how the car made you feel, the salesperson probably reminded you of how you were going to save money because it gets great milage, or that you would't feel cramped when you took your next road trip. When you joined your MLM, I bet you thought about how much you wanted to try the products, or because you felt inspired by an opportunity to make extra money and stay at home with your family more often. My point is this: People make purchases due to emotions. Once you salt the conditions and allow your prospect build an emotional connection to your product, opportunity or service you will see success. I hope this sales tip helped you...even just a little bit! If you are having trouble making sales and signing up reps into your business, then click here for another super simple strategy: http://www.asideofchange.com/getlead If you gained value from this quick tip then please leave a comment and/or subscribe to our channel. You can follow me and my family-Preneur team on social media: Twitter: @ButterfliesDoIt Facebbo: http://www.facebook.com/atransformationteam blog: http://www.asideofchange.com
5 Sure-Fire Ways To Make Money In Your MLM In 90 Days
You are probably watching this video because you have either just joined a network marketing business or you are considering joining one. If this is so, then you may be wondering, "Can you make money in network marketing and if so, how long will it take?" This is a common question for people who are just starting the business and for those who have been struggling to find leads, sell products and bring new representatives into their company. Every mlm business has to have leads. The bottom line is that you want to have mlm success, right? In this video, I will share with you 5 sure-fire ways to make money in your mlm in 90 days. So the answer to the question is yes. You can make money in your mlm company and you can do it in 90 days! Becoming part of an mlm system is important so that you can have the tools and education and training that is necessary for the long run. But these 5 sure-fire ways to make money in your MLM in 90 days will certainly put you on the right road to mlm success. Understanding that every mlm business depends on leads, you have to learn how to ensure that you are creating leads each and every day. Therefore, don't forget to check out This FREE Training Video On How to Generate An Endless Amount of Leads and Sales for your mlm business: http://mlsp.co/l3l4e Here are the 5 Sure-Fire Ways To Make Money In Your MLM In 90 Days: 2.22 1. You must have a burning desire 5.44 2. You must have a sense of urgency 9.44 3. You must generate at least 10 leads per day 13.08 4. You must be consistent 14.53 5. You must decide to be successful You can view the 5 Sure-Fire Ways To Make Money In Your MLM In 90 Days Replay here: https://youtu.be/u8C5uHqVTR0 Don't forget to check out This FREE Training Video On How to Generate An Endless Amount of Leads and Sales for mlm business: http://mlsp.co/l3l4e To Your Success, Sonya, Dejon & Aria Team Transformation Connect with us on Facebook: www.facebook.com/atransformationteam Twitter: @butterfliesdoit
Network Marketing Personal Branding Tips
Need help creating a brand inside of the network marketing business? This is a must. This video will explain how most people start sharing their products and opportunities. What most people don't realize is that if they are not branding themselves then they are really just promoting their company for free! We understand, most people really love their organization or their team and hopefully they are in love with the products, so they genuinely want to tell the world about all of this good stuff! Well, here is a branding tip that any top network marketer will tell you. The best thing you can do for your business is brand yourself. Here's just one reason why: If the company that you are currently with goes out of business or you decide to join another company, what happens to all of the work you put into promoting that one company, and placing their logo and name all over your Facebook wall and advertising?? You essentially will have to start from scratch with a brand new company and explain why now you are so excited about this one and build a new following. That is unfortunately a big waste of time! You are in this industry to have time to spend doing the things you want to do, and enjoying life with the people you choose to...not build and rebuild your image with each new awesome company you find. Instead, build your image around the one constant in your life...you! This video will explain how to get started building your brand. Skip to the sections that answer specific questions if you are in a hurry! Answers: 1:48 What Most People do wrong when they try to market their business online. (4:00) What is personal branding or your brand image? (4:57) What is the purpose of your personal brand? (5:24) How do I get started building my personal brand even if I'm brand new? (7:05) How you can use your personal brand to stand out in your industry or niche. I hope you enjoy these tips! If you got an ounce of value from this post then let us know! We love hearing how our tips are able to help people who are in need of a solution! Need to share this video with someone or watch it again? just click or copy here: https://www.youtube.com/edit?video_referrer=watch&video_id=705jn9X3pXI Be amazing and stay inspired! You can do this. Team Transformation. P.S. You're totally invited to follow us online. We give daily power tips and other cool info on our Facebook page! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/atransformationteam/ Blog: http://www.asideofchange.com
How to overcome fear and anxiety in business
http://www.asideofchange.com/remembering-dr-wayne-dyer-thank-you/ How to overcome fear and anxiety in business is a question that is asked often. You are not alone in your quest to conquer your fears and succeed in business. The success tips in this video are universal. I give you a few common fears that people have when starting something new or considering a business. Self limiting beliefs stop people from living their dreams. We want you to live life on purpose and in passion! I go over a few of Dr. Wayne Dyer's affirmations in an effort to help you overcome your fear and anxiety. No matter what is stopping you from moving on to the next level of success (feaf of public speaking, fear of failure or fear of the unknown) one way you can overcome it is by creating a new mindset. We know that it is easier said than done, but that's okay. Things that are worth doing may require a little time and patience. We know that you can overcome and be triumphant in your business! We're claiming your success right now! "Overcome fear" "overcome anxiety" "public speaking" "how to overcome fear" "how to overcome anxiety" "Wayne Dyer" "Wayne Dyer affirmations" "Wayne Dyer excuses" "Fear of the unknown" "mlm success tips" "success tips for entrepreneurs" "social anxiety success tips"
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American Idol Auditions - Living the Dream
Get out there and #TryChange Here in Savannah, GA people are getting in their 15 minutes of fame! Good luck to all of the Hollywood Hopefuls! Let this be inspiration to everyone out there to jump out on faith and follow your dreams!
http://www.asideofchange.com/ PEOPLE TALK ABOUT THINGS ALL OF THE TIME! THEY TALK ABOUT ANY AND EVERYTHING. THE LAST TIME YOU TURNED ON THE TV AND WATCHED MTV OR VH1 I'M SURE YOU SAW REALITY SHOWS AND ALL OUT CRAZINESS. WELL THAT MEANS THAT THESE PEOPLE HAVE A POINT OF VIEW AND THEY ALSO HAD AN AUDIENCE. SO YOU GET OUT THERE AND KNOW WHO YOUR AUDIENCE IS AND TALK TO THEM! WE ARE GOING TO SHOW YOU HOW AND WHY THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT AND HOW TO GET STARTED ON YOUR BLOG TODAY. SERIOUSLY, YOU CAN START BLOGGING TODAY WITH 3 SIMPLE TIPS. WE WILL SHOW YOU HOW TO GET STARTED NOW! JUST IN CASE YOU FORGOT ABOUT THE CRAZY STUFF PEOPLE TALKING ABOUT HERE'S A REMINDER: "I hate my butt" "I'm in the marijuana business" "I'm being sent away by my parents" "I can't get over my first love" "I'm a newly wed" start blogging today and share you experience with the world. Follow three easy steps and find a proven blogging system, discover your avatar, and find your authentic voice. start a successful blog, share your story, MTV True Life, find a blogging platform, how to find my avatar, how to get paid for blogging, promote your business, how to grow your business, grow your business, mlm success tips Twitter: https://twitter.com/ButterfliesDoIt --------------------------------GOOD LUCK BLOGGING---------------------------------- --------------------------------GOOD LUCK BLOGGING---------------------------------- --------------------------------GOOD LUCK BLOGGING---------------------------------- --------------------------------GOOD LUCK BLOGGING---------------------------------- --------------------------------GOOD LUCK BLOGGING----------------------------------
How to to get people to join your MLM
http://www.asideofchange.com/6-things-you-can-do-today-to-get-people-to-join-your-mlm/ If you're wondering how to get people to join your MLM, then you have landed on the right video. The process is probably easier than you think and has less to do about other people than you think. If you watched one of our previous videos that talked about the secret to network marketing, you would know that it all starts with belief. Once you conquer your self belief, then you can apply certain strategies that will help you sell more products and gain authority in your industry. Follow this video and the link to the full blog post to fully understand how to get people to join your MLM. 1:25 My favorite tip If you are watching this video and feel hopeless about getting people to sign up for you business, don't give up! Use this video to to spark some ideas and provide you with more strategies to building your business - http://bit.ly/2bqG9rE Feel free to connect with us on social media: Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/atransformationteam Blog: http://www.asideofchange.com Click here to watch the replay of How to Get People to Join your MLM: https://youtu.be/6KEgpaSU9MU
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How to find my bliss (Changing your life for the better)
Http://thisaintworking.com How to find my bliss us a video about living life on purpose. If you're interested in changing your life for the better then watch this short video. If you life isn't working out the way you planned then it's probably time to do something different. There is an entire community that want to see you live on purpose and chase your dreams. Get to know us and let us introduce you to possibilities! Find my bliss Find your bliss How to change your life around Life isn't working out How to transform your life I need to change my life My life is stuck
What are keywords
What are Keywords ? Keywords are the information any individual or user on a search engine like Yahoo and Google places into the search bar to uncover additional information regarding a certain topic or subject . They are usually a combination of words or a phrase . This grouping is what is searched for by the search-engine . What will The search engines do with what is being inserted - What are Keywords used for? This is an awesome question . It can’t seem like magic , however it’s not . Google ( the search engine ) searches or “crawls” through it’s tremendous index of content and discovers pieces that are the most relevant to the individual on the other end of the computer (the user). So how exactly does Google understand what’s relevant and what is not? To keep this justification plain, think of it like a matching game . The content that will appear as relevant will also include the same keywords or keyword phrases as the original search . These may be either Long Tail Keywords or Short Tail Keywords . We’ll cover the meaning of those terms in a different post . The search engine spits the results back out to the user in order of relevance , this is called ranking . Why is this awesome for you as an entrepreneur or home business owner ? This means that you have the ability to create content ( videos , blog posts , audio’s , images ) that will be found valuable to your target market . If you content is placed at the top of the SERPs ( Search engine results pages ) , then it means that Google has found you to be more relevant than other pieces of content in it’s index . This is where you probably should start to feel happy ! The higher you rank at the top of the SERPs , the more and more people will discover your stuff . Once people see your stuff , they can then decide to purchase from you , hire your service , share your content or stay connected to you . *Just think about the last time you searched for something like “how to make the best French Toast” . I bet you didn’t use the recipe found on page 9 right ! Most people click on the relevant results found on the first page of the search engine results pages . Now it’s your turn to go out there and make content for people to find ! If this post helped you understand more about keywords and what they are used for, please like this post and leave us a comment down below! Need a little more help? Don't be shy, let's connect here: Call us: (571) 354-6946 Email us: [email protected] Chat on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/atransformationteam More videos to help you elevate your hustle: http://www.askteamtransformation.com Words related to this video: Keywords, what are keywords,
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Detailed Email Autoresponder Explainer Video
http://www.asideofchange.com/what-is-an-autoresponder-and-why-do-i-need-it-one-to-market-online/ Explanation of how an autoresponder works and why you need one for home business success. We are all very used to getting autoresponders. Messages that are sent to us by people or brands that we have connected to online. When someone follows the process of filling out an opt in form (entering their name, email or other information), they are automatically placed on a subscriber list. Sometimes people use an email follow-up system to communicate with people who have opted in for more information, an ebook, a training class, or anything else of value. This is what is known as email marketing. Sending emails for business can be an invaluable way to build a relationship with your prospects and current customers. There are many different ways to set up your autoresponder series and there are several companies who offer this must have service. Our team uses AWeber and we love their friendly support and wealth of training resources for business owners. They also have great autoresponder templates available to help you look like a pro from day one! If you want to know more about email marketing and how your automated messages can help you grow your online business or brick and mortar business, check out our full blog post - just click the link at the top of this page. To watch this video again, just click here: https://www.youtube.com/edit?video_id=rq1kzuZw_gw&video_referrer=watch
Online Marketing Tips and Strategies with Team Transformation
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The Secret to Network Marketing
http://www.asideofchange.com/the-secret-to-network-marketing-2/ No matter how long you have been in the business, you are probably wondering what's the secret to network marketing. A lot of people will tell you that it's all in the numbers. The number of people you talk to, the number of people in your organization or the number of times you hear the word no. The real answer lies within one key word. That word is belief. If you do not have self belief your business will never get off the ground and be like the network marketing success stories that made you join your business in the first place. If you want to become successful, then you must practice developing or maintaining your self belief daily. Here are a few things that you can start with today, even if you're brand new and just got started in your home business. 1)Accept your uniqueness (there is only one of you, so accept that you will attract people who are attracted to your particular style and personality. 2) Take on challenges until they are complete. The road to successful entrepreneurship is paved with a few obstacles. The good thing, is that when you decide to believe in yourself, you will overcome these challenges If you need help overcoming some of your challenges, connect with our team at http://www.asideofchange.com/courses/ You will find a few great strategies for lead generation and attraction marketing. If you want to start diving into the world of generating leads through live streaming, then make sure to click the image at the end of this video for your free gift (Live streaming Leads). Most importantly, realize that you deserve success and believe in yourself. We believe in you and want to see you succeed. Feel free to connect with us on social media: Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/atransformationteam Blog: http://www.asideofchange.com Click here ( https://youtu.be/TkDCMAGlRq0 ) to watch a replay of The secret to Network Marketing
How to create sales without being pushy
http://asideofchange.com How to create sales without being pushy is a question that a lot of online marketers and direct sales associates are asking. You want to share your enthusiasm for your product or opportunity, but you don't want to loose friends or turn off your family members. The solution is simple. Operating with an authentic approach will pay off big in the end. If it feels like you are doing a little too much...you probably are. When selling online or in person, just be yourself and success will follow. Here is a success tip to remember: People buy from people - so be human - no robots welcome. : ) "how to get sales" "How to succeed in direct sales" "How to talk to people" "mlm success tips" "online marketing tip"