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What is Dollar Cost Averaging? (Simple Explanation)
Are you curious to what dollar cost averaging means in regards to buying stocks, bonds, or any other investment? Then this video will teach you what dollar cost averaging means in under 5 minutes using a really simple example. Most of us are doing dollar cost averaging with our 401(k) plans by contributing each month, but there are other ways to utilize dollar cost averaging besides your 401(k). For more on dollar cost averaging, check out http://www.protectmyretirement.today/
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Lowest Overall Taxed States:  Best States to Retire Episode 3 of 4
In Episode 3 of 4 on best States for baby boomers and retirees to retire, we cover the top 5 states with the lowest overall taxes. This includes state income tax, state sales tax, property taxes, fuel taxes, etc. This video also covers the top 5 WORST states in terms of total taxes. As you may or may not know, some states have no state income taxes (so all you have to pay is your Federal taxes), while other states have no state sales tax. One state actually is tax-free on both accounts (Alaska) due to all of the royalties the state receives from the oil companies who reside there. This list of the top 5 best states to retire in terms of overall lowest taxes takes everything into account. Here they are in order of the Top 5: Alaska Nevada Wyoming Florida New Hampshire And here are the 5 worst states in terms of overall taxes (ranked from better to the very Worst): Hawaii Maryland Connecticut New York New Jersey takes the #1 spot (or should we say #50 spot by being the highest taxed state). For more on this including downloading free Retirement Reports, check out: http://www.retirethinktank.com
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States With No Income Tax: Best States to Retire Episode 1 of 4
In this Episode 1 of 4 on the Best States for Retirement, we cover the 6 states that currently have no state income tax. This can be a huge benefit for retirees that still work part or full time, and even for those who have hobbies or any other income producing things in their lives. The 6 states with NO state income tax are as follows: Alaska Florida Nevada South Dakota Texas Washington Check out the video for more details on each state. And to download all of your FREE retirement reports instantly, check out: http://www.retirethinktank.com
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States With No Sales Tax:  Best States to Retire Episode 2 of 4
In this 2nd Episode of 4 in the Top States for Retirement, we focus on the states with no Sales Tax. Currently, there are only 5 states that have no states sales tax and only one of those states makes the list of both No Sales Tax and No State Income Tax. To download your Free Retirement Reports, check out: http://www.retirethinktank.com The 5 states with no sales tax are as follows: Alaska (the only state to be tax-free on both state income taxes and state sales tax) Montana Oregon New Hampshire Delaware Keep in mind that just because the state doesn't have any sales tax, doesn't mean it is always cheap to live there. Many times the states make it up in state sales tax, property taxes, fuel taxes, etc Make sure to watch the full video to learn more about each state and how they make their money. And don't forget to LIKE the video and to pick up your free retirement reports at: http://www.retirethinktank.com
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What is a Reverse Mortgage?  Understanding the pros and cons of HECM
HECM stands for Home Equity Conversion Mortgage, popularly known as a Reverse Mortgage. Significant changes occurred on October 1 of this year and Rob Brinkman walks through not only the changes, but the basics of understanding how these mortgages work. This video will explain many of the rules in order for you to do a reverse mortgage correctly, including what to watch out for and what loopholes can cost you money if not done correctly. Find out why the maximum mortgage withdrawal went from 70% to 40% along with some other big changes that occurred after October 1st, 2013. You will also learn about the adjustable rates on the new reverse mortgages and why the fixed rates are a thing of the past. Popular among seniors, a Reverse Mortgage is a legitimate tool for income planning. As an Income Expert, Rob uses a case study of a typical retired couple living on Social Security, Pension and some Investment Income, to show a scenario that may typically apply. To find out more about Rob and to download all of his free reports, check out http://www.retirementharvest.com Nothing in this video can be construed as investment advice or can be used to fully make a decision on a reverse mortgage. This is simply the basic education on HECM's and you should always consult a reverse mortgage expert before ever making any moves
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IRA Tax Traps - How to use Insurance products to avoid the most common IRA Tax Mistakes
Find out how the smartest investors in the country are using certain insurance products to avoid IRA tax traps that thousands fall prey to each year. In this video Rob talks about how IRA's, 401k's, and qualified annuities are taxed along the problems and tax potholes that are associated with them. This video will show you how certain insurance products, like the private pension plan, can help you avoid and eliminate these IRA tax problems. Find out the ideal time for IRA withdrawals and IRA distributions, how IRA and 401k taxes are calculated, the pros and cons of Roth IRA's, and when do to an IRA rollover. Please check out more at http://www.privatepension.com P.S. - Make sure to SUBSCRIBE to our channel now in order to never miss out on our new videos. Thank you!
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The Truth about Annuity Income Riders (for Variable and Fixed Indexed Annuities)
If you are a baby boomer or a current retiree, there is a very good chance that you have been positioned to buy some sort of annuity. It could be a variable annuity, a "hybrid annuity", a fixed indexed annuity, a single premium immediate annuity, or a MYGA (Multi-year Guarantee). Moreover, one of the most popular new benefits on both variable and fixed indexed annuities, are these income riders. Many of them have contractual guaranteed income benefits of 6, 7, 8, and even 10% in some instances. Sadly, the majority of consumers either have not understood (or were misled) how these income riders actually work. These riders, when sold correctly for the ideal client, are one of the most powerful retirement benefits in the country. However, if you believe that you can just walk away with these large guarantees, then you definitely need to watch this eye-opening video. Finally, we also urge you to download the free report on the Most Important Questions to ask when buying an annuity. It only takes seconds to receive. Download it here - http://retirementharvest.com/ These guaranteed income benefits are most likely only going to become more popular in the near future. Make sure you understand the pros and cons before you ever buy one. P.S. - Reminder to download the free report on these annuity income riders here - http://retirementharvest.com/
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Private Pension Mechanics for Baby Boomers and Retirees
Find out the math on why and when a Private Pension is superior to an IRA, a 401k, and 529 Plans. In this video, Rob Brinkman discusses annuities, retirement, and retirement income solutions based around the 21st century pension plan. For many decades, pension plans worked great for American workers as it provided a lifetime income that could not be outlived. Of course, the majority of today's baby boomer and retirees have not been as fortunate. Watch this powerful retirement video and learn all of the mechanics of private pensions and how to achieve a lifetime retirement income. Check out http://www.privatepension.com to learn even more, and make sure to Subscribe to our channel to make sure you get all updates on our weekly retirement videos.
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Variable Annuities vs Fixed Annuities
When selecting the right annuity for your investment goals, it's important to understand the differences between a variable annuity and a fixed annuity in the context of risk. Variable annuities offer unlimited upside, however when income riders are attached, the returns are diluted, because of forced asset allocation and extra fees. In this video, Rob Brinkman walks you through the internal math and how is should affect your investment perspective. This video will delve into annuity risk, standard deviation, volatility, time, and how they relate together. If you own or are looking at buying a variable annuity, make sure to watch this video to give you some extra perspective about the inner workings and how risk plays a role in your annuity. Finally, this video will discuss variable annuity income riders or GWIBs. (guaranteed withdrawal income benefit). Disclaimer: Any and all material on this video is for informational and educational purposes only, and is not financial advice by a certified financial advisor or financial professional. Retire Think Tank, Annuity Think Tank, and their affiliates are not a licensed insurance entity, it does not receive any commissions or monetary gains from the sale of annuities, and it does not give financial advice, tax advice, or investment advice.
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Option Pricing -  Who took my Upside?
Option Pricing and the annual reset are 2 of the key components as to why a Fixed Index Annuity has become so popular as a safe money alternative in an IRA and 401k rollover. However, what we are finding is that most consumers have no idea how these insurance carriers are doing their pricing, in particular their option pricing, to make the annuities work the way that they do. In this video, Rob Brinkman explains in broad terms exactly what a Stock Option is, and how an insurance company prices them within their fixed indexed annuities. To download the Free report on annuities now, click here: http://retirementharvest.com Do you know how an insurance company that issues annuities pricing them? If not, don't feel bad. Even many of the advisors who sell annuities don't know exactly how the carriers make money. The biggest misconception is that many consumers (and financial advisors) believe that the insurance carrier invests the assets that they receive directly into the indexes that the FIA product offers, and then the carrier keeps the spread. In reality, the carrier usually never invests directly into the actual index. Instead, they are buying high quality (and some lower quality) bonds, in conjunction with certain derivatives to help them hedge their positions. Make sure to watch this entire video as it is the best on the internet at explaining option pricing for insurance carriers. To find out "Who Took My Upside", check out our specific website dedicated to free annuity advice here - http://retirementharvest.com
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Stock Dividends Explained in 7 Minutes
Are you looking for a good stock dividend tutorial and explanation? Then this video should help you out regardless if you are brand new to stocks or a seasons stock dividend pro. This video will also give you some great information on stock dividend strategies. In particular, how stock dividends can be powerful in a low interest rate environment. http://www.protectmyretirement.today/ You will also learn how to get income from dividends in retirement. Find out how beneficial solid stock dividends can be regardless of a bear or bull stock market, or even in low interest rates. http://www.protectmyretirement.today/ Nothing in this video should be or can be construed as investment advice. This is simply educational and is not intended to be advice. Retirement Think Tank makes no money or commission from the sale of stocks, dividends, or insurance products and we highly encourage you to meet with a financial professional before making any financial or investment decisions.
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Should I put an Annuity inside an IRA?
When does it make sense to put an annuity inside of an IRA (Individual Retirement Account)? This is a frequent question and the answer lies in what you are wanting to accomplish with your particular investment. We all know that annuities are tax-deferred and so are IRA's. So, is an investor paying for tax-deferral unnecessarily when utilizing an annuity inside a qualified plan? In this video, Rob Brinkman explores these issue and gives some answers to when it does and doesn't make sense to put an annuity inside of an IRA. This video will explain the dynamics of both fixed annuities (including fixed indexed annuities) and variable annuities in regards to having them inside of an IRA. As both of these types of annuities are priced differently, have different dividend structures, and have different death taxes, the answer to this video's question can be different among different types of annuities. Finally, learn how annuity riders such as income riders, death benefit riders, and other popular riders and benefits play into this IRA question. We highly encourage you to download the 10 free retirement and annuity reports on our site for free today! Simply click the link below. http://www.retirementharvest.com
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Top 10 Must Know Facts About Your Social Security Benefits
Is the Social Security system really broke? How long can the Social Security Administration continue to keep paying on all of their promises? When will the Social Security Fund run out of money? Will I get back all of the money that I have put into the Social Security fund through my FICA taxes? When is the best time to take Social Security? To download the FREE Social Security Benefits report that accompanies this video, click http://retirethinktank.com/ These are all great questions that we hear on a monthly basis. There seems to be so many questions about Social Security and how to maximize Social Security Benefits, yet the government never gives any good advice on them. Even simple issues like when is the best time to turn on your Social Security Income don't get answered clearly. In this important video on Social Security, we go over ten of the top questions that we hear the most in regards to maximizing Social Security income, why we pay what we pay, spousal benefits, some Social Security Maximization strategies, and the "security" of Social Security long term. To download the full Social Security Benefits report now, click the link below. It only takes seconds. http://retirethinktank.com/ P.S. - Do you know the best year to elect to turn on your Social Security Income? Find out more at http://www.retirethinktank.com
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States With No Open Alcholol Container Rules:  Best States to Retire Episode 4 of 4
In the final episode of Best States for Retirement, we look at different take than taxes as we have in the first 3 series. This video discusses the states with the most lenient rules on open alcohol for the retirees and seniors who enjoy drinking. And as we researched the states and their open alcohol container rules we were shocked to find that a handful of them still allowed it for the passenger, while one state in particular allows the driver to be drinking while driving!!! Watch the video to find out the 7 states with less strict laws, along with with the one state that still allows for a cold beer while driving. To download your Free Retirement Reports Today, click: http://www.retirethinktank.com Finally, we do NOT condone drinking and driving, nor do we tolerate joking about it or abusing the rules.
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How Can a Name Change Affect Your Social Security Benefits?
Are you aware that a name change can have drastic negative affects on your Social Security Benefits if not handled correctly? That's right, if you do not notify your Social Security Benefit office about your name change, your future benefits could be held up for a very long period of time while they figure it out. What really needs to happen if you have any type of name change (from divorce, marriage, etc) is that you fill out an entirely new Social Security application card as if it was your first time. This needs to be delivered (personally is preferred) to your local Social Security office and you must have originals of the name change (court order, divorce decree, etc). Finally, if done correctly, you should receive your new Social Security card in 10 days. For more information on Social Security benefits including your free Social Security report, check out: http://www.retirementthinktank.com Here is the full article from AARP: http://www.aarp.org/work/social-security/info-2014/social-security-card-name.html
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Types of Annuities, Pros and Cons of Annuities, and Different Annuity Risks
Have you been sold or "pitched" an annuity and you have no idea if it is the right kind of annuity for your specific needs? As you may or may not know, there exists numerous types of annuities, and each type has many hundreds of different annuities with unique benefits and value. In this video, Rob covers the three main types of annuities: Fixed Annuities Variable Annuities Index Annuities (also known as Hybrid Annuities, Equity Index Annuities or Fixed Indexed Annuities) To learn more about the different types of annuities and to download the FREE report on the Truth about Annuities, check out http://retirementharvest.com/ This video also discusses the different types of Investment Risks that can be addressed with an Annuity, such as Inflation Risk, Business and Market Risk (also known as Unsystematic and Systematic Risk), Interest Rate Risk, and Mortality Risk. Investors, boomers, and retirees place billions of dollars into annuities each year all based on risk. This video does an incredible job of explaining how interest rate risk plays a key role in annuities. For more on annuities and private pension plans, check out http://retirementharvest.com/
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4% Bank CD Rates: Free Money or Too Good to be True...
Have you ever been approached by a financial professional who is promising wildly high bank CD (certificate of deposit) returns? For instance, a popular promise that is going around currently is a 4% bank CD rate. And this is at a time when the average 1 year bank CD rate is lower than 1%. Check out http://www.RetirementThinkTank.com today for more So is this 4% bank CD rate real, a hoax, a scam, or what? Here is what is happening. There does not exist any real bank CD that is paying 3 to 4 times the national average bank CD. However, the advertised rate is still real, but it has a few caveats. Let me explain. Financial professionals (like insurance agents and some financial planners) are teaming up with local banks, offering the banks highest CD rates (let's say 1% for example for a 6 month CD), and then they (the financial professional) is personally paying the rest of it out of their pocket. So if they advertised rate was 4% (for example), and the bank's best CD rate for a 6-month CD was 1%, the financial professional would pay the remaining 3% out of their pocket. Why would they do this? Basically this is the old "up-sell" or "loss-leader" concept being used to capture more money now or down the road. For instance, what you will see in the fine print of all of these high paying CD deals is that it has a maximum contribution of $10,000 or $25,000. This ensures that the financial advisor will never have to come out of pocket for that much money on any single transaction. And what the financial professional knows is that in the vast majority of cases, if you have $10k to invest, you probably have MUCH more sitting in other places. So in essence, they use this tactic to essentially "pay money" to bring you on a client with a very small investment, build a relationship, uncover your other investments, and try to get you to move that over to them as well. Some things to BEWARE with these CD deals. 1. Always read the fine print 2. We have heard of many "last minute" changes where the advisor tells the client that the "bank changed their mind at the last minute due to the deal being so good. So instead of offering that great rate for 6 months, they can now only do 3 months" 3. Call the bank and find out if your entire deposit will be FDIC insured 4. Find out how much (and how often) you can put into the CD to get that rate As always, nothing in here should be considered investment advice. Always go into any deal that "sounds too good to be true" like this with skepticism, read every fine detail, and consult a financial professional that you trust For more on this and everything retirement, check out: http://www.RetirementThinkTank.com
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How Your Social Security Income is Impacted in a Divorce
Sadly, divorce happens every day in America and usually the last thing on the couple's mind is what happens to my Social Security income if I go through with this divorce. Of course after the fact, many divorced individuals come to realize that there are quite a few special nuances that apply to divorced citizens in regards to how they can claim their Social Security. Some good, and some bad. In this video we go over some of the main points on a great article by Matthew Illian called "5 Ways Divorce Can Impact Your Social Security Benefits", which can be found here - http://blog.credit.com/2014/05/5-ways-divorce-could-impact-your-social-security-82111/ Let's go through each of the 5 main points: 1) You must be married at least 10 years, and then divorced for 2 years to be eligible for special divorced spousal benefits. 2) You can actually claim both benefits even if you are divorces 3) If you begin taking claiming divorced spousal benefits between 62 and the full retirement age, you don't get the opportunity to restrict your filing 4) Getting remarried after a divorce will mean you lose your former spouse's benefit, however, after a year you can be eligible to claim your new spouse's benefits 5) And you don't have to wait for your divorced spouse to file for benefits in order for you to become eligible for spousal benefits. Finally, due to divorce and remarriage adding so much complexity to the Social Security situation, we strongly urge that you seek professional financial help before making any decision. To download your FREE Social Security report, go to: http://www.retirethinktank.com
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Why You Need a 401(k) for LIFE...
Do you believe that your 401(k) will be able to last as long as you do? For the vast majority of you, the answer is NO. In fact, according to a recent study by the Employee Benefit Research Institute, only a small sliver of people who participate in a 401(k) will have enough saved up to provide them with an adequate income throughout retirement. Here is what the Employee Benefit Research Institute discovered: The only group of people who will have a shot at retiring comfortably with just their 401(k) are those that have fully participated in a 401(k) for at least 30 years! How many of you have been able to participate in a 401(k) for 30 years or more? From the numbers we see, there isn't many (and there won't be that many in the future). In fact, less than half of Americans even have access to a 401(k), and some of the fortunate ones who have access don't even participate! To download the FREE Retirement reports on Retirement Income, 401(k)'s, and Social Security, check out: http://www.retirethinktank.com The main thing we learned from this report from the Employee Benefit Research Institute was that you need to save for at least 30 years (regardless if it is a 401(k) or IRA, SEP, etc) in order to achieve a sustainable retirement income stream. For more on this and to download your Free Retirement Income Reports, go to: http://www.retirethinktank.com
How to make money in a rising interest rate environment
Ben Bernanke of the Federal Reserve is clearly pointing to higher interest rates in the future. Probably not a surprise as he would have trouble taking interest rates any lower than they have been for the last few years. Quantitative easing has come to an end and now the conservative investor, who has traditionally relied on bonds as a safe money alternative, faces a quandary. How to make money in a rising interest rate environment? This video explains how a fixed index annuity is an excellent alternative for retirement savings and income, and how the annuity can actually help you make money in a rising interest rate environment. To download one of the most popular annuity reports for free, check out http://retirementharvest.com/ It doesn't take an economist to tell you that there is an inevitable bond bubble on the horizon since interest rates have been manipulated down to all time lows for so long. Once the rates do naturally (or pushed by the Fed) start going up, it could be a bleak time for many of today's bond owners. Fixed indexed annuities can be an incredible supplement to your retirement, and can also be an incredible hedge in rising interest rate environment compared to bonds and bank CD's. Please check out a great report and video at the following site. http://retirementharvest.com/
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Hedging Strategies: How Insurance Companies Hedge their Indexed Platforms
Insurance companies are some of the very best in the world at hedging strategies. In today's all-time low interest rate environment, we have found that many times it can make sense to let an insurance company take the hedging risk off of your plate and onto theirs. Here is what this video will teach you. In this video, Rob Brinkman addresses why returns are different between static and dynamic hedge modeling, and he uses an example of covered call writing on American Airlines and Delta Airlines to explain the potential return advantages to uncapped crediting methods as it related to indexed annuity and indexed universal life. You will also get a basic understanding of options such as calls, puts, etc. As interest rates remain low, forcing the caps of many index annuities below 4%, uncapped strategies are becoming more popular. Insurance companies generally use a static indexing model that initiates the caps most every FIA uses today. However, when the S&P 500 returned nearly 30% in 2013, most investors were capped out at 4 or 5%. Though an Index Annuity is designed to be a safe harbor investment, protecting the principal from ANY decline in the market, investors tend to forget about that in years when the market posts high double digit returns. So, in an effort to garner higher returns some insurance companies are employing dynamic index modeling, where they make daily adjustments in one or two indexes, such as the S&P 500 and the Barclay's Bond Index. To learn more about Rob and his services, check out http://www.protectmyretirement.today/ To download your free retirement reports, check out http://www.retirementthinktank.com
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Tax Free Retirement:  How To Leverage Taxation Rules to Impact Your Retirement Income and Legacy
Have you heard the term "Tax Free Retirement" before? The exciting news is that it really does exist. However, it is not for everyone, and certainly not everyone can qualify to receive a tax-free retirement. Skip ahead and download the Tax Free report here: http://retirethinktank.com/ First, you must understand the government debt problems that are facing our country today before you can grasp the importance of having tax free income. Check out the year ending 2012 numbers from our very own government to get a better idea what we are talking about. Income: $2.4 trillion Expenses: $3.5 trillion Cumulative Debt: $16.9 trillion So how does the government solve this debt crisis... decrease expenses, increase revenues, or both? To find out the answers, and download our FREE (and exclusive) Tax Free Retirement Guide, visit http://retirethinktank.com/ Given the enormity of the debt issue, the answer will have to include increased taxes while also decreasing benefits. For instance, the baby boomer generation is the largest and richest that America has ever seen, yet their combined wealth amounts to only 40% (or $7 trillion) of the hole that the country faces... so even if that richest generation gets taxed at 100% of their wealth, the government will still be facing a $10 trillion issue. So what should you do to prepare for your family's future for the impact of this debt crisis? First, you must realize that your pre-tax accounts retirement accounts are simply loans to a debt-laden entity. Check out the FREE "Tax-Free Retirement" report that you can download instantly here: http://retirethinktank.com/ P.S. - Make sure to Subscribe to our channel so you don't miss out on our weekly retirement videos and We Highly Encourage Comments. Thank you!
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Don't move that Annuity until you watch this Video!
Do you know all of the rules (and how they can make or break you) of an annuity 1035 exchange and the replacement of annuities? Did you know that a 1035 exchange is only for non-qualified money (the opposite of qualified money such as non-taxed money like IRAs, 401ks, etc). If done incorrectly, this could cause a HUGE taxable event that you might not be prepared for. This video will show you the rules on moving non-qualified and qualified annuities into another annuity. Furthermore, If you have cash value life insurance or a non-qualified annuity, which means that it's not invested in an ERISA plan like an IRA, 401k or Keogh, and you want to transfer it, you must do so under a 1035 exchange. But, there are rules about what can be transferred where. In this video, Rob Brinkman explains the rules. To download Rob's full (and free) annuity reports right now, simply click the following link. http://annuity123_rob-brinkman.viprespond.com/
Best Countries for Retirement Security
We would be willing to bet that most Americans probably believe that America is among the best places to retire in the world. And although it might be tough to debate that fact in some respects, if you look at it in terms of how well America's retirement system will meet the needs of its retirees, we have a LONG way to go... In fact, a recent Natixis Global Retirement Index survey showed that although the United States is ranked 6th in terms of per capita income, we are 19th in retirement security for our retirees. Natixis says that the hallmark of a great national retirement system is in its simplicity in overall design and structure. And based on what we know about Social Security and our healthcare system, we are anything but simplistic... The countries with the very best Retirement Security according to the survey are as follows: Switzerland Norway Austria Sweden Australia Denmark Germany Finland New Zealand For more on retirement security and to Download your FREE Retirement reports, check out: http://www.retirementthinktank.com
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Laddered Annuities: The Pros and Cons of Laddering Annuities
We recently came across an article about Laddering Annuities by David Ning (of MoneyNing.com) that had some great points in it regarding laddered annuities (the article was in US News in the Money section). However, once piece that he left off was the option to ladder annuities starting all at one time, versus waiting to try and buy annuities at the right time into the future. Make sure to download your FREE Retirement Reports here: http://www.retirethinktank.com The great news is that David Ning and Retirement Think Tank completely agree on his article and the use of SPIA's (single premium immediate annuities). But we also like the idea of adding on a MYGA (multi-year guarantee annuity) along with a 3rd laddered annuity called a Fixed Indexed Annuity (also known as Equity Indexed Annuity or "Hybrid Annuity") that both defer from anywhere from 5-15 years for a powerful retirement income increase down the road. So we decided to create a mock illustration of what a laddered annuity scenario would look like for a hypothetical 60 year old male in Georgia with a total of $500k of retirement savings to put into annuities. And in this video, we show what a SPIA would look like in terms of lifetime retirement income and what a laddered annuity portfolio would look like with 3 different income ladders. We would love your thoughts on which income scenario you would prefer given the choice, so please leave comments. Read the full blog on this subject here: http://blog.annuitythinktank.com/laddered-annuities-to-wait-or-not-to-wait/ Also, make sure to check out the following sites: http://www.retirethinktank.com http://money.usnews.com/money/blogs/on-retirement/2014/05/07/why-laddering-annuities-may-not-work http://www.moneyning.com DISCLAIMER: Nothing in this video should be construed as investment or insurance advice. Retirement Think Tank and its affiliates do NOT give advice, and the content in this video and accompanying blog are purely educational, and not enough information to make a sound decision. We highly recommend that you speak to a licensed financial professional before ever buying annuities.
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Obamacare: The BIGGEST Mistake You Can Make When Choosing a Health Insurance Plan
This video discusses a huge problem that has been seen nationwide with the new Obamacare health plan (and it isn't the Obamacare website). It is the fact that so many new enrollments seem to just be picking the cheapest monthly premium package instead of looking at all of the variables. Most importantly, the deductible that goes with that package. This video gives some specific examples that what some Americans are paying per month and also what the corresponding deductible is. Keep in mind, the most important thing to do when picking your health insurance plan is to find out the TOTAL cost of owning that obamacare plan, not just the monthly premium. For more on this and other retirement frequently asked questions, check out our site with new FREE retirement material for you to download every month. http://www.retirethinktank.com
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How many times has the stock market gone up 6 years straight?
Did you know that the stock market has gone up 6 straight years only three times over the last 90 years? The first time was after World War II, then around 1982, and then back in the 90's. In each of these cases, our country was experiences huge economic expansion. Yet, here we are in 2014, on our 5th consecutive year of the stock market going up, and we aren't really seeing much economic expansion (don't confuse economic expansion with stock market expansion). We have Federal Reserve balance sheet expansion, but not jobs and real growth expansion. Make sure to prepare and protect yourself. The stock market will have a correction, it is only a matter of when and how much. Have a plan and be ready when it does. For more on this, check out http://www.protectmyretirement.today/ Nothing in this video should be construed as investment advice and there is not enough information to make any informed decision. Always consult with a licensed financial professional before ever making any investment or insurance decisions.
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Exposed!  Hidden 401k Fees
Do you know exactly how much you paid in fees for your 401(k) last year? Chances are that if you are like 71% of Americans, you have no clue how much of your Retirement money is going to Wall Street in fees. What if I told you that you could be losing up to 30% of your 401(k) value to fees over your lifetime? That could result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in lifetime fees! Well there is a silver lining here. By just knowing what fees you are paying will put you ahead of 70% of the nation. To download the FREE report now, check out http://retirethinktank.com/ And if you download the following free 401k report, the solutions to this ongoing Retirement issue will put you in the top 1 percent of America. Don't continue paying thousands in fees any longer. Find out what some of the nation's smartest and wealthiest investors are doing to avoid the fees that most consumers get stuck paying each year. Check out "Exposed 401(k) Fees" if you want to download the free report" here: http://retirethinktank.com/
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How to Buy a Longevity Annuity Inside of your 401(k) plan
Longevity Annuity, aka deferred income annuity, aka longevity insurance is one of the fastest growing insurance vehicles in the country, and certainly the fastest growing annuity in 2014. And with the latest news today involving the Treasury Department announcement concerning annuities inside of 401(k) plans, these longevity annuities are poised to explode in total sales. For more on annuities inside of 401(k) plans and to download your Free Retirement Reports, check out the following site today: http://www.RetirementThinkTank.com The annuity news today from the Treasury Department gives an exception to invest up to 25% or $125,000 of their 401(k) plan into one of their 401(k) plans approved longevity annuity and avoid having that money be subject to mandatory required minimum distributions. Of course annuities have been available for defined contribution plans like 401(k)'s for many years, yet only 1 in 5 401(k) plans have approved annuities. And even those 401(k) plans that do offer annuities, the actual percentage of employees that invest in them are very low. So time will tell if these new rules will encourage more 401(k) plan administrators to adapt longevity annuities into their plans. It certainly can only help the America public with their retirement savings as the only negative about most 401(k) plans is that there is no insurance or contractual guarantees protecting you from running out of money. Don't forget to download your Free Retirement Reports here: http://www.RetirementThinkTank.com
S&P Index Strategies Using Fixed Indexed Annuities
The S&P 500 is one of the most popular stock indexes in the world which combines the top 500 largest stocks by market capitalization. In this video, Rob Brinkman explains how certain indexed annuities give you the ability to participate in part of the upside of this incredibly popular index, the S&P 500, while limiting your downside to zero. Rob also discusses the different Index Strategies used within an Index Annuity. As more insurance carriers continue to come up with new innovations and ways to index your returns, it is very important that you don't confuse the different pros and cons of these annuity strategies. To download the full report on annuities now, check out http://retirementharvest.com/ With today's market volatility, it's important to understand how to allocate your safe money within your IRA, 403b, Roth, or 401k rollover. Although these fixed indexed annuities certainly aren't for everyone and certainly not for all of your retirement money, it can be one of the most powerful retirement vehicles when used correctly. Always make sure to stay educated on where and how your retirement money is being allocated and invested. Finally, please download the 5 Free Annuity Reports today - http://retirementharvest.com/
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How to use Annuities to Protect Yourself fom Yourself
Have you ever considered using income annuities to protect yourself from yourself? Here is what I mean. One of the biggest retirement risks that hardly anyone seems to talk about is the diminishing ability for older retirees to make sound decisions. This is the same reason why so many scams target the elderly in different financial frauds. Well a lifetime income annuity can protect yourself from not only scams, but also from yourself because once the income has been turned on, you can't stop it. This could help ensure not only a lifetime income stream, but it also ensures that you can't make any bad financial decisions that could end up hurting your future financial needs. Think of the income annuity like a dual purpose longevity helper. So even if all of your other assets were lost, stolen, or bilked from some fraud, the one thing that no one can take from you is the lifetime income stream from the annuity. Not even you can stop it! For more on lifetime income and to Download your free retirement reports, check out: http://www.retirementthinktank.com To read the original article in Forbes, check out: http://www.forbes.com/sites/jeffreybrown/2014/05/22/use-life-annuities-to-protect-your-future-self/
Do you know the wild story of the first person to receive a Social Security check?
The history of Social Security is quite interesting. Did you know that the first person to receive a Social Security check (check # 00-000-001) was a former legal secretary in Vermont named Ida May Fuller. She went down to the new Social Security Office in Vermont and filled out her claim wondering if she was really going to receive anything or not. And she walked out with a check for $22.54. Now that might not seem like much, but here is the wild part of the story. Ida May Fuller only paid a total of $24.75 in Social Security taxes. And she ended up living to age 100! Do you know how much she ended up collecting in Social Security over her lifetime (even though she only put in $24.75)? Ida May Fuller claimed a total of $23,000 on her total Social Security deductions of $24.75. Talk about milking the system! No wonder the program is underfunded and many people refer to it as a ponzi scheme! To download the 7 Secrets to Maximize Your Social Security Benefits, click the link below: http://www.retirethinktank.com
Do You Know How Much Money You Need For Retirement [QUIZ]
Do you have any idea how much money you need to have saved up in order to create a sustainable lifetime income stream? If you don't, then don't feel bad because the majority of Americans have no idea either. A recent survey by Cerulli asked consumers 55 and older how much retirement money they would need saved up in order to create $500 per month for the rest of their life starting at age 65. There was no mention of taxes, investment vehicles, etc. The multiple choice answers to this question were: A) $25,000 B) $50,000 C) $75,000 D) $100,000 E) $200,000 So how much do you think you would need to put into an immediate annuity at age 65 to create a mere $500 per month for the rest of your life? Watch the brief video to find out. Don't forget to Download your FREE retirement reports at: http://www.retirementthinktank.com
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What is a Private Pension Plan and how does it fit in with your Retirement
This retirement video covers the history of Defined Benefit Plans, known today as Pensions, as well as analyzes Defined Contribution plans like IRA's, 401k's and qualified annuities. It also introduces the popular new alternative safe money strategy called a Private Pension, or Private Pension Plan. Today's retirement dreams have been jeopardized. After the Great Depression in the 1930's until the mid-1970's, America's retirement system was sound and worked great. That generation of retirees had access to defined benefit pension plans and were ensured an income for as long as they were alive with solid pension benefits in place. But over the years following the 70's, pension plans gave way to mandatory 401k's. This evolution inadvertently summoned everyday mom and pop workers to do the job of a full time pension fund manager, by forcing them to manage their own retirement money. Fast forward to 2013. Over 10,000 baby boomers are hitting age 65 every single day for the next decade. And the majority of them are unprepared and underfunded to weather out retirement without running out of money. With the pensions of old almost completely extinct, where can baby boomers and retirees turn for a contractually guaranteed lifetime income stream? Introducing the Private Pension Plan. One of the last retirement and investment options in the world that can contractually offer lifetime income stream like the old school pension plans. To learn more about Private Pension Plans, what pension benefits are available today, and how these vehicles can act as one of the most secure retirement savings and income plays for baby boomers and retirees, make sure to visit http://www.privatepension.com Today!
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Social Security SCAMS:  How to Avoid Them + Top 5 Scams on Social Security
Financial and retirement scams are on the upswing as crooks get wiser, have more technology and information at their fingertips, and as baby boomers and retirees are the booming demographic here in America. And as much as we would all like to think a Social Security Scam (or any scam for that matter), will never happen to us, with the increase in targeted scams, there is a good chance that you or someone you know will be approached or contacted by a Social Security Scammer at some point. To download the top Secrets to Social Security along with 2 other free Retirement White Papers, check out the link below today: http://www.retirethinktank.com It is important to note that the Social Security Administration says they will NEVER email you or call you asking you for your personal information. They already have it and if this ever happens, find out as much information about the person or group that is asking for your info, report them, and be sure to NEVER give up your personal information. http://www.retirethinktank.com
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AARP Fixed Indexed Annuity Rebuttal
AARP publishes an excellent monthly magazine and one of their popular sections is the AARP "Money Saver" article where different investing and money saving tips are given out each month. This past month (May 2014), the AARP magazine featured an article in the MoneySaver / Investing section called "Don't Buy It" by Allen Roth. The article discussed what Allen calls the 5 Worst Investments and financial products that you can sink your money into. He even goes as far to say, "If your broker calls you with one of these, hang up". The issue we had with his negative article was how he picked on one of his so called "horrible investments" called a fixed indexed annuity. Now fixed indexed annuities are certainly not for everyone, and we have seen them sold incorrectly by unscrupulous financial professionals where they did end up being a bad investment. But the truth of the matter is, that is a very rare occasion and less than 1% of ALL owners of fixed indexed annuities ever complain or feel like what they bought was a bad deal. Moreover, I personally know many people who owned this fixed indexed annuities in 2007, 2008, and 2009 who didn't lose a SINGLE penny and actually saw growth in many cases while the rest of their investments were knocked down upwards of 40%. But in reality, these indexed annuities should be purchased for their protection and contractually guaranteed lifetime income, not for pie in the sky returns that may or may not happen. Make sure to watch the full AARP annuity rebuttal to hear where Allen was of course in regards to these fixed indexed annuities. In regards to the other investments that he named as horrible, I really can't comment as I am not an expert on these. But here they are in case you are curious. 1) Alternative Investments 2) Time-shares 3) Fixed Indexed annuities 4) Private and Non-traded Real Estate Investment Trusts 5) Oil Drilling Partnerships To download your FREE Retirement reports, check out: http://www.retirethinktank.com
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The Secret to Retirement Planning with Minimal Taxation
Financial planning and taxes in your retirement years does not have to be a scary thing for baby boomers and retirees. In fact, there are very simple ways to safeguard your retirement income from both volatility and taxation. In this video Rob discusses where IRA's, 401k's, and 529 Plans fit in the spectrum of taxation and financial planning. A few of the key topics in this video that you will learn are: Capital gains versus ordinary income tax Tax-free versus tax-deferred Where annuities fit in your retirement plan How a private pension is a viable alternative investment. Please subscribe to our channel above to make sure you receive updates on all future retirement videos. We post new retirement videos like this every Tuesday and Friday so please Subscribe now to get instant updates on our upcoming videos. Download the Free report at http://www.privatepension.com today
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What do Used Cars and Annuities have in Common?
What do you know about Annuities? Do you know what a variable annuity is compared to a fixed annuity or a fixed indexed annuity or a hybrid annuity? It is shocking how often the mere mention of the word "annuity" in personal conversations or online discussions can generate such harsh criticism. And most of the time, all annuities are lumped into 1 big category when in reality, there are thousands of different annuity products out there that all have different strengths and weaknesses. How can a safe retirement planning tool generate such contempt? Is it the due to the fact that they are backed by insurance carriers and not banks or Wall Street? Or possibly due to the fact that they do not feed our society's thirst for instant gratification? Not likely. To Download the FREE report, check out: http://retirethinktank.com/ The more plausible answer can be explained by looking into the primary contact source that most people have regarding annuities... aggressive salesmen. Just like the auto industry's commission based sales positions for churning used cars off their lots coined a term that is widely used today to describe any aggressive sales associate in any industry as a "used car salesman", the annuity industry's often commission based structure has resulted in some agents entering the industry seeing only green for themselves instead of a way to help their fellow citizens. Proof of this can be seen in the litany of aggressive marketing tactics that are completely shameful (if not criminal). These aggressive salesmen are frequently misleading their victims into chasing the tremendous "investment growth" available through annuities. Many consumers who purchase their story believe that they are going to get guaranteed returns on indexed (sometimes called hybrid) annuities surpassing 7%... many internet ads are touting annuity returns all the way up to 15%. Before getting duped into buying an annuity for the wrong reason (pure growth), be sure to ask yourself how anyone could possibly guarantee such a high return in today's low interest environment... especially an insurance company which cannot leverage its assets. The answer is that they simply can't do it. Find out the Truth about these 7%, 8%, and even 15% Annuity Returns here: http://retirethinktank.com/ Click the link to Download the Absolutely Free Annuity Report Now: http://retirethinktank.com/ P.S. - 8% annuity rates do not exist in this interest rate environment
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Top 7 Retirement Planning Risks (that most people don't consider)
Do you know that there are 7 retirement planning risks that most people (including many financial advisors) either forget, dismiss, or aren't aware of that could throw your entire retirement off balance? This video digs into each of the following retirement planning risks: Longevity Risk Frailty Risk Forced Retirement Risk Loss of Spouse Risk Legacy Risk Health Care Expense Risk Long-term Care Risk To learn more about retirement planning risks, or to download your Free Retirement Reports, check out: http://www.retirementthinktank.com These retirement risks were mentioned in an article aimed at financial advisors by Adam Cufr in the June 2014 edition of Retirement Advisor Magazine.
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Largest Life Insurance Policy Ever Sold DOUBLES Old Guinness Record
This year marks a new record for the largest life insurance policy to ever be sold. And not only did it break the Guinness Record for largest life insurance policy, it actually doubled the previous record. That's right, the previous largest life insurance policy on record was at $100 million dollars and was sold by Peter Rosengard (from the United Kingdom) on an American entertainer. This new life insurance case record came in at $201 million dollars and it is certainly the "most valuable" life policy ever sold. The lucky financial professional who sold it was Dovi Frances, president of SG LLC in Santa Barbara, CA and the policy was on the life of a well known American billionaire (although there has been no leak on who it is yet). Many are guessing that it is Larry Ellison, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg. Of course this large life policy was not underwritten by just one life insurance carrier as no carrier would ever take that much risk on by themselves. Rumors have it that the large life case was taken on by upwards of 19 total carriers to spread out the risk. Finally, from what we have gathered, the annual premium on this large case is well over $1,000,000 per year and possible as high as $10,000,000 per year. To download your FREE Retirement reports along with all of your Retirement Information in one place, check out: http://www.retirementthinktank.com
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Retirement Income Catch-22
Joseph Heller wrote his American Classic 'Catch-22' in 1961 and the book title has become the catch phrase for a a paradoxical situation from which an individual cannot escape because of contradictory rules. There are Catch-22's in the investment world, particularly when it comes to retirement income. In this video, Rob Brinkman, explores the Catch-22 as it relates to the 4% Withdrawal axiom in our current environment where the 10-Treasury is trading well below that. In a case study he demonstrates a Bucket Strategy, using a combination of Immediate Annuities and Deferred Annuities to accomplish the income goals of a 70-year old retired couple. The dilemma today is that why you are working in your big earning years (40's, 50's, and 60's) and accumulating savings and retirement accounts, many never think ahead to what interest rates will look like when you actually retire. For instance, the 4% withdrawal rule worked so well for so many years because you simply part much of your retirement savings into a safe treasury bond or even a CD (many years ago) that would easily guarantee 4% or more. However, in today's low interest rate environment, the 4% rule has imploded as it is impossible to find a short term guaranteed rate of 4% or more. To download the full white paper on the 4% rule and other annuity reports, check out our complimentary site below. http://www.retirementharvest.com
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Don't buy that Annuity until you understand its ACRONYM'S
Annuity Acronyms! How can you understand them all? GLWB, GMAB, GMDB, GMIB - what do they all stand for? This video will teach you exactly what each annuity acronym means and how it affects you. To begin, usually an acronym on an annuity refers to some type of annuity rider. And usually (like 99% of the time) a rider costs money. Meaning there is an annual fee to have the rider. So if you aren't 100% sure you need the rider, don't add it to the annuity. Why pay for something you don't need? On the other hand, any time you see an "annuity benefit", it is usually a benefit built into the annuity which will have no extra fee or charge. To summarize: Annuity rider = charges you a fee to own Annuity benefit = free In the core of this video, Rob Brinkman explains what prompted insurance companies to incorporate these riders into fixed annuities, index annuities and variable annuities. He walks through what each one stands for and how it works. To learn more or to download Rob's free eye-opening annuity reports, check out: http://www.retirementharvest.com
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Why 25% of Americans Don't Save at all for Retirement
Did you know that 25% of American's do NOT save a single penny for retirement? This seems shocking to us here at Retirement Think Tank. The recent report by Country Financial cited the following reasons for not saving for retirement: Because you are not thinking about saving for retirement Because you don't know how to save for retirement Because you don't feel that you can afford to save for retirement The worst offenders of not saving at all for retirement are the "Millennials", of which 32 percent are not saving at all for the future. The other interesting piece of information that came out of this report as that almost 50% of Americans age 40 and older regret their retirement saving decisions. Let that be a lesson to you Millennials and younger workers out there! The original article on this was found on CNBC here: http://www.cnbc.com/id/101701441 For more information on retirement savings and to download your Free Retirement reports, check out: http://www.retirementthinktank.com
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How to Manage Your Equity Risk in 2014
If you are planning to retire, or nearing retirement, then this video is for you. The S&P500 went down 37% in 2008 and it's been up 5 years straight. Ironically (and scary), this same trend happened from 2003-2007 before having another huge meltdown. Have you ever noticed Is there risk inherent in that scenario? Even if the same cycle doesn't appear (which it most certainly will NOT), it is inevitable that we will have another recession at some point. Everything goes in cycles, including recessions, and I hate to give you bad news, but we are due for a correction more than we are for a bull market... Knowing that, doesn't it make sense to insure part of your retirement income money instead of having it at risk of another inevitable recession? Download your Free Retirement Reports here - http://www.retirethinktank.com Do you know that there are companies that have been around for 200+ years in America that do nothing but insure risk and risks to your retirement? They are called insurance carriers! Insurance carriers manage risk. It always puzzles us that people don't hesitate cutting a monthly check to insure your home (home insurance), your car (car insurance), your life (life insurance), and even your health (health insurance), why do people clam up when talking about an insurance company insuring their retirement? Insurance carriers have the BEST track record than any other financial institution or Wall Street company on managing retirement risk and creating lifetime retirement income. Wake up people and understand how annuities and insurance carriers really work, and how powerful (and safe) it could potentially be for your retirement. Get your FREE retirement reports on annuities, 401(k)'s and Social Security here: http://www.retirethinktank.com
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A Retirement Saver's Worst Mistake With Your 401(k)
Have you cashed out a 401(k) before? If you said "Yes", then you aren't alone. A new study from Fidelity revealed that around 35% of American workers have cashed out at least one 401(k) account instead of rolling it into a new 401(k) or IRA. Why is this a big deal and why it is a huge mistake to cash out a 401(k)? To begin, you have to pay taxes on money all at one time. And to make it worse, you are forced to give up an extra 10% of the total value as an early withdrawal penalty. Although this might not sound that bad on the surface, this can impact your long term retirement income by huge margins! Download the FREE 401(k) report today at: http://www.retirethinktank.com According to the article, your best (and smartest) options for an old 401(k) is to roll it into your new company's 401(k) plan or to roll it into an IRA that you can manage yourself. Your 401(k) money should be thought of as your "last resort" retirement funds, and should only be touched if you have no other options. To receive your Free 401(k) report, check out: http://www.retirethinktank.com
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How are Annuity Rates affected by The Federal Reserve and Bond Interest Rates?
These days, Wall Street, the global markets, and even insurance carriers watch Ben Bernanke and the Federal Reserve's comments and actions very closely. Interest rates have gone up recently (July 2013), and in this video Rob Brinkman explains the effects of rates on annuities, in particular the Fixed Index Annuity. To download the free whitepaper on the right questions to ask before buying an annuity, check out this dedicated site now. http://retirementharvest.com/ Find out how insurance carriers price their annuities with duration matching bonds. This video will show you how the insurance carriers price in their expense spread, how the bundle their policies, and how they hedge their annuities. Policy holders of any type of annuity, whether it's their non-qualified or qualified IRA or 401k rollover, will want to understand this valuable insight on how their current or future annuity will be impacted by bonds and interest rates. To find out all of the most important questions to ask when buying an annuity, please check out this site below now. http://retirementharvest.com/
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Do IRA Distributions Affect Social Security Income?
Do my IRA distributions affect my social security income and how do the taxes work on this? We here this question quite a bit, and since we don't give investment or Social Security advice, we were hesitant about answering it. But we finally found someone on Market Watch who did an excellent job of answering the question. Watch the video to hear the answer from Dan Moisand who answers a 63 year old's question about pulling funds from his IRA and how it will affect his Social Security benefits and taxes. To download your FREE Retirement reports now, check out: http://www.retirethinktank.com To read the full article and question on Market Watch, click here - http://www.marketwatch.com/story/how-do-ira-distributions-affect-social-security-2014-01-17
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Do You Know The #1 Social Security Supplement for Retirees?  The Answer Might Surprise You.
Social Security has been one of hottest topics among baby boomers and retirees this year here in the Retirement Income world. We are constantly getting questions here at Retire Think Tank about the future of the Social Security System, how to maximize Social Security Benefits, how to avoid extra taxes on Social Security, and everyone wants to know the ideal time to turn on their Social Security Income. Over the past several years, especially given the volatile market and increased life expectancy, the number one fear of retirees and pre-retiree is that of outliving their money - even more so than the fear of death. Today, the recent economic crisis has shown that simply accumulating an ample amount of savings for the future will not guarantee a secure retirement. In fact, the accumulation of assets throughout one's working years is just one piece to the retirement income puzzle. It is in the "decumulation," or income-taking phase, where retirees must bring in at least a guaranteed minimum amount in order to maintain their lifestyle once their employer's paycheck stops. Download the FREE Social Security Report to find out more here: http://retirethinktank.com/ Why Social Security Is Not Enough Today, many people claim their Social Security retirement benefits at age 62 - which represents the first year of eligibility to access such funds. However, due to the reduced amount of benefit from this early access, these individuals are only receiving about two-thirds of their full benefit as versus waiting until their full retirement age to begin collecting. Yet, even for a person who waits until his or her full retirement age to access these benefits, in 2013, the maximum amount of monthly Social Security income is just over $2,500 - with the average overall monthly benefit amount for all retired workers hovering at closer to $1,260. This amount may seem low - and it is. But the truth is that Social Security was never meant to be the only source of income for people when they retire. On average, this program replaces approximately 40 percent of an average wage earner's income after retiring - although most financial planners advise that many retirees will need closer to 70 percent or more of pre-retirement earnings in order to live comfortably. In addition, due in large part to funding issues and the sheer number of Baby Boomers moving through the Social Security system, there may well be some changes to this program in the future, likely leading to even less reliance on this program for an ample amount of retirement income. While some may believe that Social Security will disappear altogether in the future, what is more likely is a reduction in overall benefits. Plus, Social Security retirement income benefits are not guaranteed to increase with inflation - and in fact, in 2010 and 2011, there were no increases in retirees' checks. The way that Social Security benefits are initially calculated are also likely to see some drastic changes in the future. So what is the best supplement to Social Security Income that has so many retirees happy they found out about it? Find out by downloading the free report here. It only takes a few seconds. http://retirethinktank.com/
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The Stock Market:  What goes UP must come DOWN
The stock market has been the only game in town for the past couple years. After plummeting 37% in 2008, the S&P 500 has gone up five straight years. And as much as we all (including me) would love for it to keep going up forever, history tells us that is simply isn't possible. No trend (either up or down) lasts forever, and even the record breaking trends only make it about 7 years before correcting. And usually with large corrections. So what does this mean for you and your retirement? Well to begin, it's time to protect yourself if you haven't already. One retirement vehicle that Rob Brinkman believes is one of the most useful tools to protect your losses while still allowing for modest gains when the market is up, but most importantly, enabling you to receive a lifetime income stream, is an fixed indexed annuity. An Index Annuity establishes a floor underneath your retirement savings, while allowing you to participate in the market when it goes up. It certainly isn't for everyone, so we highly recommend you meet with a retirement specialist before ever buying a fixed indexed annuity. And this video is certainly not enough information to make a decision from. To learn more and to download the free reports on these annuities, check out: http://www.retirethinktank.com
Consumers's Guide to Understanding Option Pricing in Life Insurance
Writing options as a tool for retirement savings is a popular strategy. When utilizing it inside a life insurance policy, the benefits can be extremely powerful. Especially the ability to garner tax free income that doesn't have the same restrictions as other qualified plans like an IRA or 401k. In this video, Rob Brinkman reveals the mechanics of how this works and discusses why caps in a life insurance plan are superior to the caps in an annuity in almost all cases. This video also explains how many of today's popular life insurance plans are priced to enable consumer's to take out loans against their life insurance policies. And of course, these funds come out as tax-free income. To learn more about life insurance and annuities, along with the ability to download 5 free retirement white papers, check out the following site that we recommend. http://retirementharvest.com/ Finally, in this video you will get an understanding of how life insurance actuaries use mortality tables, hedging, and bonds to price life insurance in today's environment.
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