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Internet Explorer 11 - Change Default Search Engine
Lets look at how you can change default search engine on Internet Explorer
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How to configure IP Address on your Blackberry Mobile
Hi there guys, I am using a Blackberry Curve 9300 3G, in this video I have tried to demonstrate how you can manually put an IP address on your blackberry mobile in case DHCP is not configured on your WiFi router. Please do comment your views, thumbs up if you find it useful and subscribe to my channel. Thanks
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Mac doesn't detect 5 GHz Wifi network
A quick video on one of the solutions to why your Mac might not be detecting 5 GHz WiFi signals In this case I am using an Asus RT-N66U router and I have shown how changing the channel can be one of the solution, however the same applies to any router that you are using.
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Install gcloud (command line utility for Google Cloud Platform) on Mac
Link as mentioned in the video - https://cloud.google.com/sdk/docs/downloads-interactive
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Enable or Disable Automatic Login - Mac
How to enable or Disable Automatic Login. Enabling Automatic Logging, would mean your Apple Computer would no longer ask for password at the time of the computer bootup and disabling automatic logging would force you to enter your User account password. This operating system used in this video is made on Mac OS X Mountain Lion (10.8.2)
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How to change Proxy Settings in Firefox for Mac
A quick Video demonstrating how to change proxy settings in Firefox on your Mac.
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How To - Connect via Remote Desktop with no password
Lets have a look at how to enable remote desktop connection to a machine if the user through which you are connecting on RDP doesn't have a password.
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How to Reboot / Reset your Blackberry without removing your Battery
Hey guys, This is how you can do a reboot of your blackberry in case it gets frozen, or super slow or even in case you just want to do a reboot of your phone without having to remove the battery. Mobile phone operators (GSM Operators) often ask us to remove the battery of blackberry phone and then reinsert if if you have ever subscribed to any new services or you are not getting network connectivity and so on.. So this is how you can do it.. Simply press and hold three buttons as shown in this video alt + right Shift (aA) + del for about 2 to 3 seconds and the phone automatically completely reboots. Enjoy!, Please don't forget to comment your views, Like if you find it useful and share. Also, please subscribe to my channel :) Thanks
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How to find MAC Address using Terminal and Network Utility
This video demonstrates how you can check your WiFi as well as Ethernet Network adapter's MAC address on your Apple Mac computer. MAC address is effectively the unique hardware address that is unique to your hardware, and it is the way how your hardware is recognised when in a network. Please like and comment with your feedback or any suggestions on how I can improve. Subscribe if you find my videos useful / informative.
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How to: Change background and text color in Adobe Reader (Reader Friendly)
Lets see how to make documents reader friendly in Adobe Reader.
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Deploy app on Google App Engine using GAE Launcher on Windows   Python
Lets see how you can deploy an App on Google App Engine using Google App Engine Launcher on Windows I am using Windows 7 Professional x64 with Google App Engine (Python) 1.9.17
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How to change Proxy Settings in Safari on Mac
A quick Video demonstrating how to change proxy settings in Safari on your Mac.
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Windows - Resource Monitor Tutorial
A short tutorial on What is Resource Monitor and how to use it for various tasks like monitoring CPU usage, checking process performance. Singling out a particular process to compare with system, monitoring network activities and which processes are using how much of your network bandwidth and much more.
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Deploy app on Google App Engine Python using command line on Windows
Lets see how you can deploy an App on Google App Engine using command line prompt on Windows I am using Windows 7 Professional x64 with Google App Engine (Python) 1.9.17
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Setup PPPoE Connection GTPL on Ubuntu 14.04 (NO Audio)
First of all, I have recorded this video in the middle of night and so there isn't any audio in it.. So please accept my apologies for that. This is a video explaining how to setup PPPoE connecting in Ubuntu 14.04. My ISP is GTPL but this would work for any ISP that gives PPPoE (Point to Point Protocol over Ethernet) connectivity. This also explains how you can clone your supported Mac (Just in case if it is required by your ISP)
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Setup WiFi hotspot for Android/Windows devices - Ubuntu 14.04
This is a quick video on how to setup hotspot using your Ubuntu Machine, the description can also be found at the blog mentioned below along with all step by step instructions. Blog URL: http://hauteclass.wordpress.com/2014/09/06/setting-up-wireless-hotspot-on-ubuntu-14-04-with-video-demo/ If you are uncomfortable typing the code that is shown in the video, please visit the above Blog URL to copy paste the code and follow the step by step onscreen instructions. Thanks for watching and don't forget to like and subscribe if it helped. Suggestions for improvements and your feedback is most welcome...
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Software Updates - Macbook Pro 2011 - First Time Update - 1 Jul 2011
I received this Macbook Pro on 30 Jun 2011, and did this update on 1 Jul 2011. This is the completely step by step description of all the updates that a brand new Macbook Pro gets if anyone is looking to purchase one in the near future. The updates installed, are as follows: Airport Utility iphoto 9.1.3 ProKit Update Mac OS X 10.6.8 Mac OS X Lion Mac OS 10.7 Digital Camera Raw Compatibility Update Itunes 10.3.1 Java for Mac OS X Thunderbolt Firmware Update
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Reduce Size of Video files by over 80 percent on a Mac
This is a very useful technique when it comes to reducing video file size without significant damage to the quality of the video. Specially for those videos which are quite long in length and uploading such videos could be a very painful experience when the internet connection is not really that reliable. Handbrake is an open source software and is available for Mac OS, Windows, Ubuntu as well as a CLI (Command line interface) program. It can be downloaded from http://handbrake.fr/downloads.php
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HTML 15 - Title attribute in Image tag
Adding description to an image using title tag that appears when mouse pointer hovers on the image.
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How to Add Conditional Formatting in Google Spreadsheet (on Google Drive)
A quick video demonstrating how you can add conditional formatting rules in Spreadsheets for Google (Google Docs / Drive)
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How to: Check Python version and architecture (64 or 32 bit) on Windows
Lets see how you can determine the bitted-ness (architecture - 32bit or 64bit) of Python programming language installed on your windows PC / laptop and its version.
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Take full screenshot of Scrolling webpage
In this video, I have demonstrated how you can take screenshot of a scrolling webpage. The Extension (Chrome app) that I have used in this video is called "Awesome Screenshot" and it can be obtained on this link: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/awesome-screenshot-captur/alelhddbbhepgpmgidjdcjakblofbmce?hl=en
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Time Machine Tutorial - Macbook Pro 2011 - 4 Jul 2011
Just a small Tutorial for Setting up Time Machine using my Macbook Pro. Its useful to use the Time Machine Disk Size as at least 150% of what your existing disk size is on your computer, so say for Example, if your Hard Disk size is 100 GB, the Time Machine back up size must be at least 150 GB as that would help for proper back up and prevent from giving errors in future as you start filling your hard disk
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How To - Solve Remote Desktop Connection issues
A quick way to resolve remote desktop connection issues. The steps described in this video are to be performed on a machine that is not accessible via Remote Desktop Connection.
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Add Conditional Formatting in Excel for Mac 2011
How to add conditional Formatting rules to change cell colours on the basis of cell values when using Excel for Mac 2011
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Pairing Mobile Phone to Nissan Micra Xtronic CVT (XV CVT)
A quick video on how you can pair your mobile phone to your Nissan Micra. This is Nissan Micra Xtronic CVT model, announced in June 2013 in India.
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How to Upload Youtube Videos using iPad/iPhone (iOS 7)
A quick demo on how you can upload videos to youtube using your iPad
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Install Docker on Ubuntu
Let's look at how to install Docker on Ubuntu Linux OS. For the purpose of this video - I have a Digital Ocean droplet running Ubuntu 18.04 LTS (Bionic) Thumbs up if you liked the video and subscribe (using the bell icon) to stay informed of further videos
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What is 2 Step Verification and Application Specific Passwords (Google)
Some explanation on 2-step verification and how to activate 2 Step Verification feature. How to create and manage Application-Specific passwords.
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Add a user as author to Blogger (blogspot) blog
Lets see how we can add users to a blogger (blogspot) blog
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Convert Documents or email as attachments in different formats using Google Drive
In this video we will see how you can quickly convert your document files (Excel, Word) in different formats using Google Drive and send them as an attachment directly from Google Drive.
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Install Docker on Debian
Lets look at how to install Docker on Debian Linux OS. For the purpose of this video - I have a Digital Ocean droplet running Debian 9.5 (Stretch)
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Tutorial: Greenshot - An open source screenshot utility for Windows
A quick go through on Greenshot Utility, a cool utility for creating screenshots with various options (selected region, entire screen, a window, internet explorer, etc.). It also allows uploading the screenshot directly to a cloud based service like imgur or editing using built in editor. One can annotate on images, highlight or obfuscate regions, etc. Best of all, its free and open source.
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Get Offline Updates for Windows
Link for WSUS Offline - http://www.wsusoffline.net/
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Change default settings in youtube to play non-HD videos
A quick "How-to" on how you can change default settings in youtube to play video in non-HD mode.
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Install Docker on Fedora 28
Let's look at how to install Docker on Fedora Linux OS. For the purpose of this video - I have a Digital Ocean droplet running CentOS Fedora 28 Thumbs up if you liked the video and subscribe (using the bell icon) to stay informed of further videos
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How to see your Network Bandwidth usage on Mac without any third pary application
This video demonstrates how you can check the internet bandwidth usage on your Mac computer without the need for any third party applications. It shows how Activity Monitor can be used for several purposes such as Network Monitor, System Memory usage indicator, monitoring applications that use most of the system resources, the disk usage, etc. A blog related to this video could be seen here: http://deepisblogging.blogspot.in/2012/12/how-to-monitor-detailed-network-usage.html
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Windows Credential Manager - Manage passwords/credentials saved on your Windows machine
Manage credentials for shared drives, network access storage, remote desktop connections, network connections, etc. on your Windows machine. Windows 7 Professional SP1 used for this demo.
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Using WGET for resume-able downloads
How to use free utility WGET for resume-able downloads. Very helpful when you have to download large files, however you are not sure of your internet connection or you are in a hurry and you have to disconnect temporarily without risking partially downloaded content. If you don't have wget already installed, checkout these links: Windows: http://gnuwin32.sourceforge.net/packages/wget.htm Mac: http://nixsos.com/install-wget-on-mac-os-x/ Linux: http://petio.org/tools/wget.html
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CentOS minimal install with developer libraries on VMWare Workstation (VMWare Player)
Installing CentOS minimal components (Server version) with development and related libraries on VMWare Workstation. This video shows step by step instructions on configuring CentOS 7 as Virtual Machine on VMWare Workstation (VMWare Player) virtualization software. CentOS Version: 7 VMWare Workstation: 11.0.0 build-2305329 Also applicable to VMWare Player
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Create Voting Lists in Outlook and Email them for voting
Lets see how to create voting lists in Outlook 2007 and send them via email for your friends/colleagues to vote. Also, how to then see what option received how many votes in total.
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How to Enable Gmail Offline
A quick video on how you can enable Gmail Offline. For Gmail to work Offline you need to have Google Chrome installed on your computer and it is OS Independent, ie. It doesn't depend on what operating system you use as long as you can install and run Google Chrome on your computer.
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Blackberry Tips - Instantly search through contacts, apps, music and much more
So here is a video that shows how you can do a quick search across various things you might have in your blackberry phone. You can search your apps rather than having to migrate through all the apps to get to a particular app, you can search through contacts, messages, emails, you can even search through your mobile settings and so on.. All you need to do is simply start typing when you are on your mobile home screen (standby screen). Whatever you type will be searched all across your mobile as well as many apps like facebook, twitter, browser, youtube, etc. You can even trigger an instant Google Search by simply typing whatever you want to search and then go to Google Search.
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CPU and memory utilization for Docker Containers
Lets look at how to examine CPU and Memory utilization of a running docker container
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Save Google Docs documents as PDF
Lets see how to export documents created using Google Docs to a PDF file.
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Windows - Change maximum size allocated to Recycle Bin
Change the default size allocated to Recycle Bin. Great way to manage your recycle bin if you often leave deleted files there and just forget deleting them permanently
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See output of default process in a docker container
Lets look at how you can see output of the running default process (process with PID 1) within a running container
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Where to find the videos added using "Watch Later" button?
A quick video on how you can find your "Watch Later" videos.
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How to see list of add ins on Office 2007 Applications
In this video we look at how to see list of all office Add-Ins for Office 2007 applications - Excel 2007, Word 2007 and Powerpoint 2007
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