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Printer won't print
I show you a trick to get your printer to work, if you print something and it won't print. This video shows you how to get it working again :)
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How to use snipping tool
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How to make your pc's ip static (not your wan address)
How to make your computers, ip static
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Manage add ons
How to mange your internet explorer add-ons
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How to install codecs
I show you how to get DVD'S or videos that won't play in vista,xp, or seven working!!
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Organize music in media player or add music.wmv
How to add or organize your music in windows media player with vista or windows 7
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How to do a data transfer.wmv
How to do a data transfer from one computer to another
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Burn cd's using windows built in cd burning software
How to burn a cd using the windows built in cd burning software
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How to restore your backup from ace backup
How to restore a backup using aceback
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Add music to your media player
How to add and organize your music in windows media player
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signs your infected with spyware or viruses.wmv
I show you signs that you might be infected with spyware, adware,viruses, or some other type of spyware. Stay tuned for part2 the removal
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How to do a backup
I show you how to do a nice easy back for free (Well almost) At least the software is free!
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Set your wallpaper to change automatically.wmv
I show you how to make your wallpaper or desktop picture change automatically. Good if you want to see your family pictures, or even if you want to view your vaction :)
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Windows installer cleanup.wmv
How to use windows installer cleanup, when you have programs you can't re-install, i show you how to clean up the installer so they will reinstall
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How to turn system restore on and off.wmv
How to turn system restore on or off
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How to create a password for your user account
How to add or remove a password from a user account on your computer
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AutoPlay Features windows 7.wmv
How to set your auto play features in windows 7
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Moving fish background.wmv
How to get a moving fish background
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How to know if you need memory
How to tell if your computer needs more memory
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Back up your favorites
How to back up your favorites in internet explorer
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Add Music to your i tunes library
How to add or import music into your i-tunes library
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AutoPlay Problem Fixed.wmv
How to install software or games if your disk does not play when inserted into your cdrom drive
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How to add gadgets to desktop windows 7 or vista.wmv
How to add gadgets to your windows vista or windows seven desktop. Also how to find more of them :)
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Decrapify your pc
How to remove junk software from your computer the easy way
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Different browsers
I show you different browser options to use besides internet explorer
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Pin Programs to vista or windows 7 taskbar.wmv
How to pin programs to windows 7 taskbar
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how to tweak your boot time
I show you how to shave a couple seconds off of your boot time.
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How to add web filters
How to add internet filters, and keep your kids safe online
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How to do a ChkDsk
How to run a check disk on your computer.
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Desktop organizing FENCES
I show you how to organize your desktop, keep all your folders, and programs in one section with this cool program called fences
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How to move icons.wmv
How to move and arrange your icons, i also show you how to auto arrange your icons
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Windows Features Half Screen
How to use the windows 7 half screen feature, very handy for doing homework or organizing your computer
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Stop programs from running
How to stop programs from starting up with your computer
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How to change your screensaver to play your pictures
I show you how to add your personal pictures to show on your screen saver.
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How to remove spyware part2
Another way to remove spyware adware and other MISC bad files from your computer
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How to share a folder over a network.wmv
How to share out a folder in windows 7 or vista
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How to clean cookies
How to remove your cookes, history, and internet files in one easy step
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Get the windows 7 taskbar on xp or vista
How to get the windows 7 taskbar on windows xp and vista
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How to post a video to myspace.wmv
How to post a video comment on myspace or any other P2P Network
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stop start up programs part2
How to stop programs from running on your computer
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Speech reconigtion in windows seven.wmv
I show you how to use speech recognition in windows seven
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Office 2007 search
Office 2007 search assistant
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How to install an externet E-mail Client.wmv
How to install 3rd party E-mail client How to setup thunderbird
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Virtuel Machine.wmv
What is a virtual machine? I show what one is, in a later video i will show you how to set one up
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How to change your icon views in vista 7 and xp.wmv
How to change your icon views in windows 7 vista and xp
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How to make a folder in windows xp vista and seven.wmv
How to make folder on your desktop or in another folder, explaining how to move files into those folders
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The Wootalyzer.wmv
I show you how to follow woot, or other webpages like it. No need to keep going to woot, or refreshing your browser where there is a woot off. View and purchase products from woot and many others with a click of one button
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