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The 7 New Laws of Business Development for Law Firms
For the legal industry, there are new laws that must be followed if you expect to continue to grow and be relevant. It is no longer our choice. It is the market, the economy and the clients that have changed the laws of the game.
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Exponential Wins
Small wins don't build momentum. Exponential ones do. Watch this video how small wins hold us back, but progressive resistance allows us to accomplish more than we ever thought we could. It is the Art, Science and Grit of High Performance that separates the elite from the pretty damn good.
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The Liquidity Strategy
Long term plans make us feel like we are in control, but we are not. According to the Law of Accelerating Returns, there will be more change in the next few years than the entire 20th century combined. Creating a 5-year strategic plan today would have been like creating a 25-year strategy in 1993 and expecting it to be accurate. Not likely. Organizations will need to learn how to review and change strategy at least QUARTERLY. That means our people, teams, and organizations must become LIQUID. Speed, agility and quickness combined with the ability to alter your form, with existing resources, must be your future strategy. You will learn the tough questions to ask and how to get started.
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The Art, Science and Grit of High Performance (presented at Facebook HQ)
What is the common theme of high performers across all domains, activities and industries? This talk was given to dozens of heads of performance development at the world headquarters of Facebook (Menlo Park, CA).
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