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Super 8 Management Leak
I had to call the police about a druggie trying my office doors and yelling "FUCK" between them. Here my manager at the time is telling me that I'm paranoid for locking doors. And well, you can hear him contradict himself. I called the police, and when the police asked for security footage, the manager hung up on police and refused to let them review the footage. After this, my schedule was changed from the usual, cutting into my weekend with my family, (I wonder why). After two years of sexual harassment and enduring conversations of this kind, I was forced to put in my two weeks notice, which was immediately approved by corporate (because they knew about the sexual harassment and didn't enjoy me speaking up about my safety) Corporate sent me a check and asked that I not go back to work at all. Meanwhile, this manager is still employed, and I had to find other work. Also, before I forget, the manager wanted me to work on day shift with him, we all assume because he wanted me closer to him. I worked for two years on the evening shift to avoid him as much as possible. I have logged encounters with this manager, and photo evidence of creepy happenings at the hotel 📽🚽🎥. You can hear at the end that he has told my coworker that I want the day shift.... Super 8 is sure that nothing will come of this, so here.
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