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Yugoslavia 2 / Jugoslawien 2 / Hyperinflation + more
Here's the largest part of my collection, mostly bundles of yugoslavias hyperinflation, the hyperinflation lasting about 2 years! Worldrecord! Hier seht ihr den größten Teil meiner Sammlung, viele Bündel der jugoslawischen Hyperinflation. Diese dauerte ganze zwei Jahre und war die längste ihrer Art. Music: Balkan summer party mix 2015/ Dj Bone/ Luckasta si ti cover
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Currency-Special Part 1: Polish Złoty/ 2016
I'm back with a new video presenting you some currencys I got during our trip in Poland. Here's the polish currency itself, the Złoty (meaning: gold) Hier gibt es ein neues Video in dem ihr einige Währungen seht, die ich während unserem Polentrip umtauschen konnte. Zunächst die polnische Währung selbst, Złoty (übersetzt: Gold)
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#Currency-special part 6: 512,500 Iranian Rial/ 512,500 Iranische Rial
In diesem besonderen "currency special" seht ihr die erst kürzlich erhaltenen Iranischen Rial! This special "currency special" shows you the recently received Iranian Rial! Check this video out with english subtitles!
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Yugoslavia banknotes 1 / Jugoslawien Banknoten 1 /2016
Here's the first part of my yugoslavian banknote collection! Hier ist der erste Teil meiner jugoslawischen Banknoten! Look soon for more! Freut euch auf mehr! Music: Ivana Pavkovic, nek pukne bruka
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#Currency-special part 5: the NEW 50 Francs note/ Switzerland! Neue 50 Franken Note/ Schweiz
The new 50 Francs note from Switzerland was recently introduced on april 12, 2016, here I'll show you the most important security features! Die neue 50 Franken Note wurde erst am 12 April 2016 eingeführt, hier seht ihr die wichtigsten Sicherheitsmerkmale!
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Currency-Special Part 2: Belarus/ Weißrussland Rubel/ 2016
Hier sieht ihr die weißrussischen Rubel die ich in Polen umgetauscht habe! Here are the belarus Ruble which I changed in Poland!
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TOP 10 of the week #1/ TOP 10 der Woche #1/mit Kommentaren; zehn besondere Banknoten!
First part of my new series "TOP 10 of the week"! Look for more next week :) Teil eins meiner neuen Serie "TOP 10 der Woche"! Nächste Woche gibts den nächsten Teil! :)
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#The World In Banknotes: 160 Currencies
There was less space for all these notes in one album so I put them into two. That's why you see them all in one for one time ;)
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Currency-Special Part 3: Ukraine Griwna
Here are the ukraine Griwna brought from Poland! Hier gibt's die ukrainischen Griwna, aus Polen mitgebracht!
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#Currency special part 52: Libyan Dinar /

دينار ليبي
As today is the 48th anniversary of the Al Fateh Revolution, here is the story behind the recent libyan banknotes revealing a lot about the events in the recent past, therefore like an 'artifact' of libyan history. If you are interested in the events in Libya in the recent past, I propose you to read the analysis of Patrick Mbeko, "Objectif Kadhafi, 42 ans de guerres secrètes contre le Guide de la Jamahiriya arabe libyenne (1969-2011)", published by Éditions Libre-Pensée. It is providing a quite objective view on the events, without the common NATO propaganda filter..
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#The NEW 50 Euro Note //Comparison old/new
Date of Issuing: April 4th, 2017 Every note from the old series remains legal tender
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#Currency special part 92: Lebanese Lira / Livre libanaise /ليرا لبناني
The video was recorded on top of the statue of "Our Lady of Harissa", with a view over the bay of Jounieh, north of Beirut. Music: Lebnani, Asi el Helani
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TOP 10 Banknotes of the week #10 / TOP 10 Banknoten der Woche #10
That's the last episode of TOP 10, enjoy now for more currency specials soon! Das war die letzte Episode TOP 10, bleibt dran für mehr currency specials in nächster Zeit!
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#Currency special part 70: Francs Polynésiens
Check out the English subtitles before complaining about the language! ;D
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