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Cartridge filters are similar to the oil filter in your car, water simply passes through the pleated filter material. Dirt and contaminants are trapped there. After prolonged intervals, the filters are removed, pressure washed with a garden hose and replaced. For maximum safety and optimal cleaning, Rising Sun Pools always includes two main drains and skimmers as standard equipment on your pool package. This way, if something or someone blocks one drain, the pump will pull water from the other drain, while eliminating the suction on the blocked drain. Rising Sun Pools is fully compliant with Virginia Graeme Baker Laws. Electric heat pumps Natural Gas or Liquid Propane Fuel Solar. Ask us which type of pool or spa heater is best suited for your application. Nothing sets the mood like good lighting. Your pool can create a tranquil setting for relaxing or entertaining. Underwater lighting really brings out the beauty of your pool. Apart from creating a safe nighttime swimming environment, underwater lighting also allows you to create an atmosphere for your pool that can quickly change to suit any mood. With the new fiber optics and color-changing LED lights available, you can enjoy a festive and exciting underwater light show right in your own back yard. Pool Covers. Regardless of the type of cover you choose, there are automatic and manual models. Consult with Rising Sun Pools representative for the type and model that best meets your particular needs. For safe installation, use and maintenance of these covers, carefully read and follow the directions from the manufacturer. You can get pretty creative here. Make sure to get advice from a landscape architect or fencing contractor, to help you decide which fence type will suit your visual and functional needs. Equally important during the construction of a new swimming pool is temporary fencing. At Rising Sun Pools, we always install some type of temporary fencing to prevent children from playing around the construction area and protect them from falls or other avoidable accidents. Maintenance Devices.