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E2S Warning Signals Introduction   English
E2S specialises in design and manufacture of audible and visual signals and control devices such as alarm horns, beacons, PA loudspeakers and manual call points. Our products have proven performance in hazardous areas on and offshore, industrial, marine, commercial and wide area disaster warning applications around the world.
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e2s Warning Signal Test!
Tone Alarm for a possible HV switchboard project!
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Level Crossing Safety  E2S Warning Signals
Video demonstrating E2S Warning Signals Appello voice and tone alarm installed and in action to improve safety at level crossings when a second train is approaching.
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E2S Appello X Tutorial Video
This video introduces the Appello X range of user recordable alarm horn sounders and offers a practical tutorial on how to 1. record and playback content on the device 2. erase content 3. reset the device.
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The E2S L101X Alertlight.
This video gives an overview of the E2S L101X Alertlight
Hootronic Tutorial Video
Introducing the Hootronic family of digital sounders and combined audible/visual alarm devices capable of reproducing electro- mechanical alarm tones with unsurpassed clarity and zero maintenance. A tutorial on how to configure the device is included.
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The Son FL1 Sounder Strobe
This video gives an overview of the E2S SON FL1 Combined Sounder Strobe Unit.
Hootronic (traditional electro-mechanical type sounds from a digital device)
Introducing the Hootronic family of digital sounders and combined audible/visual alarm devices capable of reproducing electro- mechanical alarm tones with unsurpassed clarity and zero maintenance. A sample of the legacy alarm tones is available.
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e2S STEx family of Stainless Steel Explosion / Flameproof Warning Signals
Stainless Steel Explosion / Flameproof Visual and Audible warning signals which are an ideal choice for installations in Offshore / Marine environments. Perfect for association with Fire , Gas and any other detection or alarm system. Modern designs providing an ideal combination of Sound & Light output performance with optimum corrosion resistance for best value solutions. All covered by the standard e2S warranty for 5 years. LED Multi-function Beacon Xenon Strobe Beacon Rotating Halogen Beacon Horn Sounder Combination Beacon & Sounder Call Point
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E2S   D1x presentation video
Presentation of the D1x range of hazardous location alarm horn sounders, combined audible and visual signals and loudspeakers suitable for NEC or CEC Class 1 Division 1 and 2, Zone 1 and Class 2 Division 1 and Zone 20, 21 & 22 applications.
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E2S Warning Signals Introduction Portuguese
Corporate presentation video in Portuguese
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The E2S A105NAPPX Sounder
This video gives an overview of the The E2S A105NAPPX Sounder
Essential Creative - E2S Alarm Horn & Xenon Strobe warning signals
One of a series of Essential Creative video productions for E2S. It shows a selection of products with their specifications... high-performance signalling for hazardous and industrial locations for compact enclosures.
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E2S   D2x presentation video
The D2x range provides compact, high performance audible and visual warning signals for IECEx, ATEX Zone 2 & 22; NEC/CEC Class 1 and Class 2 Division 2; NEC Class 1 Zone 2 and Zone 22; CEC Zone 2 & 22 and Class 2 Division 2.
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E2s warning sounder on ferry
ABOUT👉 Hi my name is Luke and I am interested in fire alarms, Intruder alarms, street lighting etc. I upload weekly and system weekly tests on Tuesdays or Saturdays uploads will be scheduled for 17:00 (depending when filmed) I have a Gent 34000 system in my garage which replaced a Kentec Syncro operating Apollo Discovery. SOCIAL MEDIAS Instagram 👉@S_D security Discord 👉@S D Security (LukeW) Please Rate Comment Subscribe S D Security 2018
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Warning Signals
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GNEx presentation video
The GNEx family of GRP hazardous location signals comprises visual beacons, alarm horn sounders and PA loudspeakers. The IECEx & ATEX approved devices employ the latest signalling technology within lightweight and corrosion resistant Glass Reinforced Polyester enclosures.
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The E2S IS-mc1 and IS-minialert Sounder Beacon
This video gives an overview of theThe E2S IS-mc1 and IS-minialert Sounder Beacon C
E2S D1x family
The E2S Warning Signals D1x family of alarms and horns are the next generation solution for Class I and II Division 1 environments. UL and cUL approved the family includes alarm horn sounders, PA loudspeakers and innovative combination audible and visual devices.
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The A141 Wide Area Sounder
This video gives an overview of the A141 Wide Area Sounder. Commonly used for community alert on sites subject to Comah and Seveso regulations. The A141 is the latest in a new generation of high output electronic sounders from E2S which are ideal for wide area and disaster warning applications such as COMAH (Seveso II) Alarm, Toxic Gas Release, Fire, Security, Flood Warning, Tsunami Alert and Civil Defence requiring sound coverage up to 750m. With a choice of 45 standard warning tones including many of the standard international signals the A141 can offer up to 4 different stages of alarm. A “Hootronic” version of the A141 is also available which replicates the traditional signaling sounds of bells, buzzers, sirens and hooters. By re-playing digital recordings of these products, the Hootronic reproduces the exact sound but without the reliability and rating problems of electro-mechanical devices. Comsec Protection Systems has considerable experience in this field and is able to offer full pre and post installation support including assistance with siren selection.
Warning Signals
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Port storm warning signal
Installation of storm warning signal at reliance industries dahej Gujarat For further information contact. [email protected] [email protected]
E2S products - video production by Essential Creative.com
A tutorial video created by Essential for E2S’s Hootronic product range of audible and visual warning signals. For more information visit our website: www.essentialcreative.london
BROKEN E2S alarm at Fobbing Level Crossing!
Level Crossings: 2/6 Videos: 2/2 Location: High Road, Fobbing Trains: Class 357 (C2C) Half barrier level crossing located in Fobbing near Basildon in Essex on the Tilbury Loop. Both barriers here are fairly long and drop to the floor when lowered, and one leans out quite a bit when raised. The E2S alarm on this side does not work, hence why the alarm sound is so quiet. Thanks for watching!
R. Stahl - Hazard protection solutions : audible and visual signalling devices
R. Stahl's portfolio of warning systems for hazardous areas contains Xenon and LED signal beacons with "Ex d" ignition protection (flameproof enclosure), intrinsically safe LED status beacons and traffic lights, flashing beacons, horns and robust manual call points that are available in Break Glass and Push Button versions.
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Flash Rate E2S Beacon
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
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Selectequip Ltd & E2S Voice Alarm Presentation 2013 HD
A significant percentage of all incidents that occur on UK level crossings are when a second train is approaching the site. This new voice message and tone sounder has been designed to improve safety at all level crossings.
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Nexus USB Recordable Alarm - Signaworks
The Nexus USB Recordable Alarm is a great tool for audibly alerting a large area to a status or warning. You can find out more about this audible alarm at: http://www.signaworks.com/products/industrial-audible-alarms/ Please contact us to discuss the right LED Tower Light, Strobe or andon Light for your application at 740.917.5781, [email protected] or visit our website www.signaworks.com to find more Industrial Signal products including Visual Signals, Audible Alarms and Lean Manufacturing Andon Solutions. We have Great Prices and have Thousands of products in Inventory! Thanks!
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Digital Voice Alert System for Level Crossing by Weaver Innovations
Digital Voice Alert System for Level Crossing is a unique innovative system designed for Bangladesh Railway. It is an automated solution to reduce the risk of human error in alerting at the rail gates. This system will give more reliable communication and control for train travelling through different level crossings and also provide fully automatic digital voice alerts, visual warnings for people who are crossing the rail gates different times of the day.
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E2S A100DC24R Sounder Overview
My new E2S sounder. It's not very loud with the volume screw turned to the lowest setting.
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E2S Alarm Sounder with Rotating Beacon AB105RTH - 2160p 4K HD
■ E2S AB105RTHDC012R/A ■ Automatic synchronisation on multi-sounder system. ■ Continuously rated. ■ Stainless steel fixings. ■ Unit can be mounted using external lugs or internal BESA compatible fixing positions. ■ Duplicate cable terminations (in & out for daisy-chain installations). ■ Tropicalisation available on request. ■ Available with custom tone configurations and frequencies. ■ ‘Programmable’ version available: - 45 alarm tones - 4 remotely selectable stages - Any tone can be assigned to any stage - User configurable continuous frequency tone
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Signal Beacons....new 65mm beacon with auto change 90/105dB sounder.
IF beacons, 120mm IT beacons, light towers 50mm/70mm, EMAS Light tower, Beacon, Sounder, Flashing,
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MENICS - MS86M Multi color LED Beacon
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Оповещатель e2s
Сравнительный анализ взрывозащищенных оповещателей e2s и МСВ-ИСА
*Different sounding toned E2S alarm*Milford Station Level Crossing (04/03/2018)
Videos of the day 2 of 2 Level crossings 1 of 18 Feat. Joe Thorpe and M-Trians
Merrychef e2s
Merrychef is een oven welke hete lucht en microgolven op een bijzondere manier combineert. Hij stelt u daarmee in staat de heerlijkste gerechten tot wel 15 keer sneller te serveren.
Broad Oak Level Crossing (Kent)
A pair of Class 395s and a Class 375 both in their Southeastern liveries (old for the 375) pass at the quiet Broad Oak Crossing, north of Canterbury, both heading to Canterbury West. The other direction is Sturry. The trains blast their horns warning pedestrians at the nearby foot crossing down the line, giving quite a spectacular show. This has quite a loud E2S alarm, which is unusual as most of them are quiet and rubbish. One of the lights is on a tall pole, although the box that is obstructing it could easily be moved. Behind the crossing is a massive tip, although no lorries seemed to use it in the space of time I was there. This crossing has a yellow hut by its side for which its use is unknown. There is a Broadoak crossing in Wrexham, Wales, not to be confused with this one. Silly people should know these things better. Type: AHBC Route: Ashford to Ramsgate (via Canterbury West) Line Location: Kent, England, UK Train 1: 0:35 Closure 2: 1:01 Train 2: 1:32
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Your Life is Worth The Wait: John & Lisa
Even if you can't see a train, pedestrians must wait when railroad crossing arms are down and the lights are flashing. Union Pacific urges pedestrians to put their personal safety first. Your life is worth the wait. Learn more at http://www.up.com/aboutup/community/safety/crossing/index.htm
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Breastfeeding | Alarm Signals a Nursing Mother Should Recogn
Breastfeeding | Alarm Signals a Nursing Mother Should Recognize
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Coming soon: Inim voice sounders
Coming soon: Inim voice sounders. Available in Dutch and French at SmartSD.
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Children's Safety Village Promo 2015
A brief description of the activities and programs the Children's Safety Village of Central Florida offer to thousands of Children in the community.
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