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Energy Company of the Future: The Digitization of Onshore
Changes in the Energy industry, means oil and gas companies need to adjust to a new paradigm to remain competitive and relevant in the future. This video provides a deeper dive into the exploration and production digitization of the oil field. Learn more at https://www.accenture.com/energycofuture
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Learn Oil and Gas with Animations
- Like our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/oilvips - Oil and gas are generated from a source rock, organic matter buried in the depths of the earth. Once formed, they climb back towards the surface. On their way, cap rocks can impede their progress and they accumulate in reservoir rocks. Here they constitute hydrocarbon fields, which can be identified by interpreting seismic data (a sort of echography). The data is obtained with the help of a seismic ship. To confirm the interpretations of seismic data, two types of drilling gear exist. Each is adapted to a range of depth of water (down to more than 2500 meters). The platform seen here is a semi-submersible, which floats and retains its stabilised position by means of anchors fixed on the seabed. Platforms at sea are used not only for drilling but also for the production of hydrocarbons. This production consists of the separation of oil, gas and water, before the oil and gas is taken by pipeline towards a mainland terminal. Where it is impossible or too expensive to link the field to the coast by a pipeline, an FPSO ship is used (Floating Production Storage and Offloading barge). Onboard, the hydrocarbons and the water are separated. The oil is stored prior to being loaded on tankers and the gas is re-injected into the reservoir rocks. Gas from a field is taken to land through an underground gasoduct to a processing plant. There, if the gas is to be transported by sea, it is converted into liquid obtained by cooling it down to --163°C. When it arrives at the plant terminal, the liquid natural gas (LNG) is returned to its gaseous state in a re-gasification plant, before being introduced into the local gasoduct network. The LNG is stored in tanks before re-gasification. The crude oil is transported in a petroleum tanker, the capacity of which can attain 200 000 tons. It is commonly called a "super- tanker". The terminals capable of receiving such giants are few and far between. The ships used to transport the crude oil produced on an FPSO ship are of a much smaller capacity. The crude oil, before being refined, is stored in the port in the large capacity tanks. The natural gas is preserved in reservoirs (artificial or natural). It is ready to be injected by pumping into the gasoduct network for industrial and domestic use or as fuel in power-generating stations. As far as the crude oil goes, it is transported by oleoduct to the refinery. There it undergoes a number of transformations and blending. A variety of finished products are obtained (LPG, petrol, kerosene, diesel ...), or naphtha, which will be used as the basis for the composition of plastic products by complex petroleum chemistry. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Like our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/oilvips Twitter: https://twitter.com/oilvips And Don't forget to subscribe to our channel
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The Largest Oil Rig in The World
Perdido is the deepest floating oil rig (platform) in the world at a water depth of about 2450 meters operated by the Shell Oil Company in the Gulf of Mexico. The Perdido is located in the Perdido fold belt which is a rich discovery of crude oil and natural gas that lies in water that is nearly 8000 feet deep. The platform's peak production will be 100,000 barrels of oil equivalent per day. At 267 meters, the Perdido is nearly as tall as the Eiffel Tower. An oil rig is a large structure with facilities to drill wells, to extract and process oil and natural gas, and to temporarily store product until it can be brought to shore for refining and marketing. In many cases, the platform contains facilities to house the workforce as well. Perdido Oil Platform https://engineers-channel.blogspot.com/p/perdido-oil-platform.html Troll A Platform http://engineers-channel.blogspot.com/p/troll-platform.html Offshore Oil Drilling History http://engineers-channel.blogspot.com/p/offshore-oil-drilling-history.html Oil History http://engineers-channel.blogspot.com/p/oil-history.html Trans-Alaska Pipeline System http://engineers-channel.blogspot.com/p/trans-alaska-pipeline-system.html Snow White Gas Refinery http://engineers-channel.blogspot.com/p/snow-white-gas-refinery.html Oil Tankers https://engineers-channel.blogspot.com/p/oil-tankers.html
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Bosch Rexroth crude oil pump R7
Secondary controlled drives for the oil land based industry.
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How a Deep-Sea Offshore Drilling Rig Works
After 22 hours, the crew of the Maersk Interceptor have assembled and lowered 551 feet of pipes into the water. Through them, a hydraulic hammer will operate to drive these pipes 131 feet below the seafloor. From: MIGHTY SHIPS: Maersk Interceptor http://bit.ly/2biRHN1
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Services for the oil and gas industry | Veolia
Providing water treatment solutions and industrial services, reclaim byproducts and treat hazardous wastes, Veolia helps the oil and gas industry to reduce their environmental footprint and thus meet the new challenges and environmental issues. “How and why, at a glance”: What Veolia does. A video collection designed to simply explain, in motion graphics, the process and vocation of Veolia's activities. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9opkHFYSV4I2ZXENU9CqdJBSmSwfLzCG -------------------------- www.veolia.com -------------------------- 2016 - Veolia communication department Production : Benoit de La Rochefordière ----- Agence Comçi-Comça : Writing : Amélie Blanquet Motion graphics : François Berthemet
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Drilling / Mining / Oil Field Services
Sam Burkett, President of Bioblend, discusses the company's biodegradable lubricants dedicated to the drilling, mining, and oil field services industries.
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Petroleum Development Oman Leads the Way in Smart Operations | Honeywell Case Study
Petroleum Development Oman, a global upstream producer located in the south-eastern quarter of the Arabian Peninsula, has its assets in remote locations. With fluctuating commodity prices and rapid technological advances, operators are turning to remote operations to get ahead. Leading the way is PDO with its Gas Network Operations Centre (GNOC) delivered by Honeywell, setting a new industry benchmark in SMART OPERATIONS. Learn more about Honeywell’s Oil & Gas Solutions: https://www.honeywellprocess.com/en-US/explore/solutions/industry-solutions/oil-and-gas/Pages/default.aspx Learn more about Honeywell Process Solutions: http://www.honeywellprocess.com Subscribe on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeqTN5THQ-08qcPlIBXQdJg?sub_confirmation=1 Follow us on Twitter: http://twitter.com/hwusers Follow us on LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/company/honeywell-process-solutions Honeywell helps industrial customers around the world operate safe, reliable, efficient, sustainable and more profitable facilities. We offer leading technologies, in-depth training and comprehensive services that allow faster unit start-ups and more uptime. We have pioneered process automation control for more than 40 years. We have the right resources to serve the oil & gas, refining, pulp & paper, industrial power generation, chemicals and petrochemicals, biofuels, life sciences, and metals, minerals and mining industries. Our broad portfolio of products and services can be tailored to our customers’ process automation needs, from production and supply chain management to project management services, control systems and field devices. Honeywell is inventing technologies that address some of the world’s toughest challenges in energy efficiency, clean energy generation, safety and security, globalization and customer productivity. With approximately 132,000 employees worldwide, including more than 22,000 engineers and scientists, we have an unrelenting focus on performance, quality, delivery, value and technology in everything we make and do. We welcome comments and feedback on our videos. All we ask is that you respect our social media community guidelines https://www.honeywellprocess.com/en-US/Pages/social-media.aspx http://www.youtube.com/Honeywell
Working on Canada's oil rigs| Up Close
What's it like to work in Alberta's oil industry? Our Nick Purdon finds out. »»» Subscribe to The National to watch more videos here: https://www.youtube.com/user/CBCTheNational?sub_confirmation=1 Voice Your Opinion & Connect With Us Online: The National Updates on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thenational The National Updates on Twitter: https://twitter.com/CBCTheNational The National Updates on Google+: https://plus.google.com/+CBCTheNational »»» »»» »»» »»» »»» The National is CBC Television's flagship news program. Airing seven days a week, the show delivers news, feature documentaries and analysis from some of Canada's leading journalists.
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Oil, Gas and Mining Solutions
Oil, Gas and Mining Solutions of Airbus.
Oil Drilling | Oil & Gas Animations
- Like our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/oilvips - Geologists and geophysicists have agreed on the existence of a "prospect", a potential field. In order to find out if hydrocarbons are indeed trapped in the reservoir rock, we must drill to hit them. Bearing in mind the knowledge acquired about the substratum and the topography of the land, the best position for the installation of the drilling equipment is determined. Generally it is vertically above the point of maximum thickness of the geological layer suspected of containing hydrocarbons. The drillers then make a hole in conditions that are sometimes difficult. Of small diameter (from 20 to 50 cm) this hole will generally go down to a depth of between 2000 and 4000 meters. Exceptionally, certain wells exceed 6000 m. One of them has even exceeded 11 000 m! Certain fields can be buried at a depth equivalent to the height of 12 Eiffel Towers ... The derrick is the visible part of the drilling rig. It is a metal tower several tens of meters high. It is used to vertically introduce the drill strings down the hole. These drill strings are made up of metallic tubes screwed end to end. They transmit a rotating movement (rotary drilling) to the drilling tool (the drill bit) and help circulate a liquid called "mud" (because of its appearance) down to the bottom of the well. The drilling rig works like an enormous electric hand-drill of which the derrick would be the body, the drill strings the drive and the drilling tool the drill bit. The most usual tool is an assembly of three cones -- from which comes the name "tri cone" -- in very hard steel, which crushes the rock. Sometimes when the rock being drilled is very resistant, a single- block tool encrusted with diamonds is used. This wears down the rock by abrasion. Through the drill pipes, at the extremity of which the drill bit rotates, a special mud is injected, which the mud engineer prepares and controls. This mud cools the drill bit and consolidates the sides of the borehole. Moreover it avoids a gushing of oil, gas or water from the layer being drilled, by equilibrating the pressure. Finally, the mud cleans the bottom of the well. As it makes its way along the pipes, it carries the rock fragments (cuttings) to the surface. The geologist examines these cuttings to discover the characteristics of the rocks being drilled and to detect eventual shows of hydrocarbons. The cuttings, fragments of rock crushed by the drill bit, are brought back up to the surface by the mud. To obtain information on the characteristics of the rock being drilled, a core sample is taken. The drill bit is replaced by a hollow tool called a core sampler, which extracts a cylindrical sample of several meters of rock. This core supplies data on the nature of the rock, the inclination of the layers, the structure, permeability, porosity, fluid content and the fossils present. After having drilled a few hundred of meters, the explorers and drillers undertake measurements down the hole called loggings, by lowering electronic tools into the well to measure the physical parameters of the rock being drilled. These measures validate, or invalidate, or make more precise the hypotheses put forward earlier about the rocks and the fluids that they contain. The log engineer is responsible for the analysis of the results of the various loggings. The sides of the well are then reinforced by steel tubes screwed end to end. These tubes (called casings) are cemented into the ground. They isolate the various layers encountered. When hydrocarbons are found, and if the pressure is sufficient to allow them come to the surface naturally, the drillers do a flow check. The oil is allowed to come to the surface during several hours or several days through a calibrated hole. The quantity recovered is measured, as are the changes in pressure at the bottom of the well. In this way, a little more knowledge is gained about the probable productivity of the field. If the field seems promising, the exploration team ends the first discovery well and goes on to drill a second, even several others, several hundred or thousand meters further away. In this way, the exploration team is able to refine its knowledge about the characteristics of the field. The decision to stop drilling is made only when all these appraisal wells have provided sufficient information either to give up the exploration or to envisage future production. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Like our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/oilvips Twitter: https://twitter.com/oilvips And Don't forget to subscribe to our channel
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Fundamentals of Upstream Oil and Gas
Oil 101 - A FREE Introduction to the Oil and Gas Industry I this first of 10 modules, we introduce the learner to some key fundamentals of the Upstream segment of the oil and gas industry. The full Oil 101 course includes: +Introduction to Upstream +Introduction to Midstream +Introduction to Downstream +Introduction to Exploration +Introduction to Drilling +Introduction to Production +Introduction to Natural Gas +Introduction to Refining +Introduction to Supply and Trading +Introduction to Petroleum Product Marketing Learn More about Oil 101: http://www.ektinteractive.com/ http://www.ektinteractive.com/oil-101/ So, What is Upstream? Most oil and gas companies’ business structures are organized according to business segment, assets, or function. The upstream segment of oil and gas is also known as exploration and production, or E&P because it encompasses activities related to searching for, recovering, and producing crude oil and natural gas. Upstream is all about wells, where to locate them; how deep and how far to drill them; and how to design, construct, operate and manage them to deliver the greatest possible return on investment with the lightest, safest and smallest operational footprint. In fact, the E&P sector should probably be called the EDP sector - because “you can’t find oil if you don’t drill wells.” Exploration Obtaining the Lease Let’s start with exploration which involves the operator obtaining a lease and permission to drill from the owner of onshore or offshore acreage thought to contain oil or gas. Then the operator must conduct geological and geophysical surveys to select the first well site to explore for, and hopefully find, economic accumulations of oil or gas. This well is often called a “wildcat well.” Drilling is physically creating the “borehole” in the ground that will eventually become a productive oil or gas well. This work is typically done by rig contractors and service companies in the Oilfield Services business sector. On a wellsite, there can be as many as 30-40 different service contractors providing expertise to the operator. Wells can be relatively simple or unbelievably complex. Wells can totally vertical for miles or both deep and horizontal. There are also highly complex “J” and “S” configured wells with numerous branches, or laterals, emanating from the original, or “mother”, hole. These are called “deviated wells.” Production Finally, let’s discuss production, where reserves are “converted to cash” by maximizing the recovery of hydrocarbons from subsurface reservoirs. Essentially, production is efficiently bringing the hydrocarbons to the surface and treating them as needed to make them marketable. So that’s the basics of E&P. We will drill deeper into each of these operations in the complete Oil 101 course at a later date. Now, let’s talk about unconventional resources, clearly the hottest topic in oil and gas over the last decade. Unconventional Future of Oil and Gas Unconventional resources are defined as any resource extracted, or produced, by any method other than the traditional vertical or slightly deviated well. The three main sources of technological breakthroughs that have made unconventional developments profitable include: Horizontal drilling Hydraulic fracturing Subsea engineering (especially deep water production)
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Dennis Willard - Mining | Oil and Gas Extraction - State Business Network
Dennis Willard is the Owner and Managing Director of Surface Well Control, an engineering and mechanical consultancy offering a variety of services to the oil and gas companies in Texas. Surface Well Control offers reliable, timely and cost effective solutions in installation, repair, and replacement of surface well systems.
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OIL & GAS - Brunei, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar - Vietnam Video Production Offshore Showreel
OFFSHORE SHOWREEL - PETER SCHEID FILM Ltd. - OFFSHORE MEDIA PRODUCTIONS - VIDEO PRODUCTION VIETNAM - SHOWREEL OIL AND GAS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V5OsL0YjhK4&t=2s ACCREDITED EQUIPPED FILM CREWS IN SOUTH EAST ASIA, OCEANIA, AFRICA. ACCREDITATION: BOSIET, HUET, OPITO TSbB, OFFSHORE MEDICAL. CAMERAMAN - VIDEOGRAPHER - PHOTOGRAPHER IN VIETNAM. Website: http://www.peterscheid.com Bosiet, Huet, Opito TSbB offshore accredited / certified fully equipped 4K & HD videographer, cameraman, photographer Peter Scheid for your documentation, corporate video, documentary film or reportage and the Offshore Medical to film and photograph on maritime construction sites, oil rigs, platforms, tender rigs, FPSOs, cable and pipe laying vessels, shipyards, ports, container terminals, refineries. BOSIET/HUET/OPITO TSbB 2016 - 2020 PETRONAS OFFSHORE MEDICAL (valid 2018 - August 2020) We shoot for clients in the Oil and Gas Industry, Mining, Resources, Automation, Clean Energy, Waste Management. Full service: Shooting, editing & color grading, voice over, graphics, complete post production. Specialized to film aerial from helicopters. Watch some clips I shot offshore in Brunei and Thailand from: Sikorsky - S 92 helicopter in Thailand and offshore. Sikorsky - S 76 C, Thailand, Nakhon Si Thammarat Heliport and offshore. AgustaWestland - AW 139 helicopter in Brunei, Anduki Airfield and offshore. Offshore accreditation - Bosiet certified aerial cameraman /videographer Peter Scheid experienced for oil and gas in Brunei, Myanmar, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Papua New Guinea, East Timor, Indonesia, Singapore, South Korea and Cambodia. Camera Peter Scheid. Corporate Video Production Peter Scheid Film. Copyright - all rights reserved Oil and Gas Corporate Video Production Vietnam Peter Scheid Film Ltd. Vietnam filmmaker, cameraman/videographer and photographer Peter Scheid Oil and Gas Marketing . Showreel videographer petroleum industry. Showreel Vietnam. Accredited Bosiet, Huet, Opito TSbB, Offshore Medical.
Petroplan: Energising Oil and Gas
Global oil, gas and energy recruitment specialist Petroplan ( http://www.petroplan.com ) has been profiled by prominent British newspaper The Telegraph in a short documentary entitled "Energising Oil & Gas" that highlights the primary reasons behind the company's success and the critical role it has to play in addressing the skills shortage which has come to define the industry. The Telegraph's Business Club conducted a series of interviews with key people inside and outside the company to give some keen insights into the heart of Petroplan, which is characterised by a highly personalised approach to doing business.
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Oil  and Gas  Wells--Start to Finish
Oil and Gas Wells--Start to Finish - California Department of Conservation - DVD 2 - California Department of Conservation. Division of Oil, Gas, and Geothermal Resources. How oil and gas wells are drilled, produced, and abandoned. Surface and subsurface environmental concerns are described, including the protection of fresh waters and drilling in urban areas.
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ONGC : Oil and Natural Gas Commission of India
Since its inception, ONGC has been instrumental in transforming the country's limited upstream sector into a large viable playing field, with its activities spread throughout India and significantly in overseas territories. In the inland areas, ONGC not only found new resources in Assam but also established new oil province in Cambay basin (Gujarat), while adding new petroliferous areas in the Assam-Arakan Fold Belt and East coast basins (both inland and offshore). ONGC went offshore in early 70's and discovered a giant oil field in the form of Bombay High, now known as Mumbai High. This discovery, along with subsequent discoveries of huge oil and gas fields in Western offshore changed the oil scenario of the country. Subsequently, over 5 billion tonnes of hydrocarbons, which were present in the country, were discovered. The most important contribution of ONGC, however, is its self-reliance and development of core competence in E&P activities at a globally competitive level. Today, Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd. (ONGC) is, the leader in Exploration & Production (E&P) activities in India contributing 72 per cent to India’s total production of crude oil and 48 per cent of natural gas. ONGC’s quest for energy goes deeper than setting new benchmarks in deep-water drilling in the Krishna Godavari Basin or finding new frontiers of energy. Global decline in crude prices notwithstanding, we have taken significant investment decisions diligently and aggressively, reversing the production trend in offshore. And now we are venturing into deeper offshore plays in our quest for energy security. It is this journey that has placed us among Fortune “World’s Most Admired Companies” and ranked us 3rd in the E&P industry globally on the Platts Top 250 Rankings 2014. This footage is part of the professionally-shot broadcast stock footage archive of Wilderness Films India Ltd., the largest collection of HD imagery from South Asia. The collection comprises of 150, 000+ hours of high quality broadcast imagery, mostly shot on HDCAM / SR 1080i High Definition, Alexa, SR, XDCAM and 4K. Write to us for licensing this footage on a broadcast format, for use in your production! We are happy to be commissioned to film for you or else provide you with broadcast crewing and production solutions across South Asia. We pride ourselves in bringing the best of India and South Asia to the world... Please subscribe to our channel wildfilmsindia on Youtube for a steady stream of videos from across India. Also, visit and enjoy your journey across India at www.clipahoy.com , India's first video-based social networking experience! Reach us at rupindang [at] gmail [dot] com and [email protected] To SUBSCRIBE click the below link: www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=WildFilmsIndia Like & Follow Us on: Facebook: www.facebook.com/WildernessFilmsIndiaLimited Website: www.wildfilmsindia.com
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Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) Group of Companies
About Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC) Group of Companies
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Remote Sensing: Mining for Oil and Gas
Dr.Robert Vincent talks about looking for oil and gas
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Roughnecks at Work in HD - Drilling Rig Pipe Connection
Roughnecks at work smoothly running a kelly drive drilling rig exploring for oil. They're making a connection or "pipe stab" to continue drilling downward. You can see why this job is high risk and requires concentration and skill.
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Natural Gas 101
Natural Gas is a flammable gas, consisting mainly of methane (CH4), occurring in underground reservoirs often with oil. Learn more about natural gas and all types of energy at www.studentenergy.org
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Eritrean expert explains mining Gas and oil ..
Eritrea Gas and oil boom soon.. Oil drilling on the Red Sea shores. by UAE. Eritrea produce Oil succecfully. For more than 48 years, Red Sea Housing Services has been providing full-service housing solutions to customers around the world. We have demonstrated our . The global rout in commodity prices has not deterred Eritrea from venturing into the once lucrative sector. The horn of Africa nation expects to have four mines in .
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Kevin Gobelman - Mining | Oil and Gas Extraction - Stanford Who's Who Certified
Kevin Gobelman is the President of Kevgo Resources Inc, one of Canada's most respected engineering and project management consultancies that offers a full range of services to the oil and gas, clean energy, mining, and infrastructure industries.
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Saudi Aramco: The biggest energy company in the world
Saudi Aramco is considering an IPO that could value it at $2 trillion, roughly four times the size of Apple.
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Mining and Petroleum Services - Centre of Excellence Compilation
Unlocking the full potential of South Australia’s resource, energy and renewable assets. The Centre of Excellence is helping to transform South Australia into a mining services hub for the Nation and beyond. A collaboration between the South Australian Government, Santos, Beach Energy, Senex Energy and TAFE SA to develop and train skilled workers for the expanding onshore petroleum industry.
Daulton McGregor - Mining | Oil and Gas Extraction - Stanford Who's Who Certified
Daulton McGregor is a Project Manager with Compass Group ESS, one of Australia's premier food and support services companies offering a variety of cooking, cleaning, office management and support to the mining, defense and construction industries.
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OIL & GAS - SHOWREEL VIETNAM, Brunei, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Papua New Guinea
VIDEO/FILMPRODUCTION VIETNAM - SHOWREEL OIL & GAS - PETER SCHEID FILM Ltd. - OFFSHORE MEDIA PRODUCTIONS - ACCREDITED FILM CREW, BOSIET CERTIFIED FILMMAKER, CAMERAMAN/VIDEOGRAPHER AND PHOTOGRAPHY IN VIETNAM - SHOWREEL VIDEO PRODUCTION PETER SCHEID, HO CHI MINH CITY, VIETNAM. Reel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V5OsL0YjhK4&t=2s We produce on and offshore films, documentations, corporate video and photography for oil and gas, mining, resources, clean energy, automation, waste management and the marine engineering industries. Website: http://www.peterscheid.com Further aerial photography and films from helicopter. Showreels Vietnam: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FYEgF4hJisk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8wiqSNE_05Y Accredited & certified BOSIET offshore survival trained filmmaker, cameraman / videographer / photographer Peter Scheid experienced to film for energy companies on FPSOs, tender rigs, platforms, jack up rigs, pipe laying vessels and refineries in Brunei, Cambodia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, South Korea, Timor Leste, Papua New Guinea. Certificates - Accreditation valid: BOSIET 2016 - 2020 HUET 2016 - 2020 OPITO TSBB 2016 - 2020 PETRONAS OFFSHORE MEDICAL 2018 - August 2020 Aerial services - shooting from helicopter: TAS, Thai Aviation Servises, Sikorsky S76. Shell Brunei, AgustaWestland, AW139. SFC, Southern Service Flight Helicopter Corporation Vietnam, Eurocopter EC225 Super Puma. SFC, Vietnam, Airbus EC 120B. SFC, Vietnam, Kazan MI 162 Videographer Vietnam - Film and Photography - Aerial Photo and Film Services. Peter Scheid Film experienced on FPSOs. oil and tender rigs, platforms, pipe laying / heavy lifting vessels, jack up rigs and refineries. Further we film / photograph and produce videos for the ship building industry, container terminals, ports and all kind of maritime construction sites. Contact: peterscheid(dot)film(at)gmail(dot)com Copyright - all rights reserved Corporate Video Production Peter Scheid Film. Oil and Gas Marketing Videos. Oil and Gas Video Production. Bosiet Photographer - Cameraman - Videographer. Offshore cameraman Vietnam - Peter Scheid - Brunei, Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Papua New Guinea, Timor Leste, Singapore, Thailand and Indonesia. Video and photography for the Petroleum Industry. Video Production Vietnam.
EEVblog #603 - Gas Sensor Teardown - Dräger Multiwarn II
What's inside a Dräger Multiwarn II gas detection warning system used in mining, oil, chemical, and emergency services etc to detect hazardous or explosive atmospheres. Intrinsic safety design and how both catalytic bead and infrared IR gas detectors work, and pellistors. And a teardown of a Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) sensor. http://www.a11supply.com/images/file/rev1_MultiWarn%20II_En.pdf http://www.draeger.com/sites/assets/PublishingImages/Products/cin_x-am_5600/US/draeger-sensor-portable-handbook-9046571.pdf http://www.xinpian.net/MOTOROLA/MC68HC711/MC68HC11E1.pdf Forum: http://www.eevblog.com/forum/blog/eevblog-603-gas-sensor-teardown-drager-multiwarn-ii/ EEVblog Main Web Site: http://www.eevblog.com EEVblog Amazon Store: http://astore.amazon.com/eevblogstore-20 Donations: http://www.eevblog.com/donations/ Projects: http://www.eevblog.com/projects/ Electronics Info Wiki: http://www.eevblog.com/wiki/
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Civil Solutions by Orica
Orica is the world’s largest provider of commercial explosives and blasting systems to the civil construction, mining, quarrying, and oil and gas markets. We service the Civil Construction industry through three brands – Orica, Nitro Consult and Minova, providing industry leading products and services in the categories of commercial explosives and blasting systems; environmental monitoring and consulting, blast consulting, rock engineering and ground control.
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Georgian Mining, i3 Energy, NuFormix, Premier African Mins, Uk Oil & Gas #UKOG
Nic Charts: Georgian Mining Corporation #GEO i3 Energy #I3E NuFormix #NFX Premier African Minerals #PREM Uk Oil & Gas #UKOG Vox Markets is revolutionising the way companies engage with shareholders and the stock market at large. By aggregating IR and digital content onto one secure and compliant platform, Vox Markets has established itself as the go-to resource for the investment community. #VoxMarkets #StockMarket #LivePrices #StockMarketNews #Money #Investing #Finance #Business #Podcast https://www.voxmarkets.co.uk/
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Heavy Industries Oil Gas Marine Mining Waste Water and Power Generation Rockwell Automation Chinese
http://www.imaker.ca Heavy Industries Oil Gas Marine Mining Waste Water and Power Generation Rockwell Automation Chinese Rockwell Automation Solutions and Services for Heavy Industries drive value throughout your enterprise. Based on their Integrated Architecture system, our solutions help you meet industry demands and achieve Smart, Safe, Sustainable production. DISCLAIMER The sole purpose of publishing ImageMaker Advertising Inc.'s iMAKER™ portfolio of Audio-Visual Productions on imaker.ca or any video sharing site is to advertise its services. The broadcast is NOT intended to provide information or market the featured company or project and nor should it in any way be interpreted as an investment recommendation nor an offer or a solicitation to buy or sell securities issued by the said company. ImageMaker Advertising Inc. does not accept any responsibility or liability for investment decisions made on the basis of the information herein contained.
CEA Video Oil & Gas Mining web
This presentation gives a broad overview of CEA Australia and our products and services with a more detailed look at the Oil and Gas / Mining industries.
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QinetiQ Coal Mining Training and Simulation Services
QinetiQ has developed proven advanced 3D training and simulation technology together with mining training experts, Coal Services Australia, in virtual mine safety training systems. The systems work with classroom and practical training, and aim to protect high risk workers in the mining, oil and gas, and barge operations industries, using the latest training and simulation technology.
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Oil, Gas, & Mining Capabilities
We create custom environmental control units for applications in the oil and gas industry.
ArcGIS Pro for oil & gas (2015 Esri Petroleum User Group in Houston)
Gulf of Mexico Incident Management demo with ArcGIS Pro: offshore platform, 3D Plume, 3D animation
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FIFO STAFF TXT or Phone: +6149746685 (0497 646 685) - FIFO STAFF formula: The right person in the right job at the right time at the right cost equals recruitment success. TXT or Phone: +6149746685 (0497 646 685) $3,500 + GST, No hidden fees! - No more to pay! Take a look at what you are paying now, invoiced cost and lost opportunity or lost time! Don't pay $5,000 - $15,000+ elsewhere for a less effective service! FIFO STAFF strive to provide a personal service second to none. FIFO STAFF strive to achieve the right match of skills, attitude and culture. NOT JUST FIFO, DIDO, Mining & Construction Staff but much much more! Ask about our 31, 61 and 91 Day Placement Guarantee! Selection Criteria, Cover Letters, Curriculum vitae, CV, Resume and much much more!
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Silixa timeline
Silixa Ltd, based in London UK and the US, was established in 2007. Over the past decade, we have grown to become a specialist service company operating globally in the oil & gas, mining, environmental and industrial monitoring sectors.
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Cody Adams -- Mining | Oil and Gas Extraction -- Stanford Who's Who Certified
Cody Adams is the Owner and Director of Grizzly Marine Services, a Louisiana based company which provides skilled diesel mechanics, electricians, IT professionals and HVAC technicians for oil and gas projects operating in marine environments.
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Virtual Reality for Mining, Oil and Gas - Training Simulation built for Oculus Rift
A small portion of a commercial project created by Viewport for use with Oculus Rift headsets. www.viewport.com.au
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list epc engineering oil gas power mining infrastructure
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Drill Bits - Oil and Gas Drilling: From Planning to Production
Energy Training Resources is a leader in oil and gas industry education. Our primary business is conducting industry overview courses for oil and gas companies and contractors/suppliers to improve their employees' working knowledge, team working capabilities and communication skills. We also have public courses available. Posted here is an example segment from a video on DVD that we produced called Oil and Gas Drilling: from Planning to Production. It is 2-hours long and follows the drilling of a horizontal well through planning; site preparation; rig mobilization; drilling of vertical, curve and lateral well sections; hydraulic fracturing; well connection; and production facilities. It's the most comprehensive drilling video available and is being used by more than 500 different companies and institutions. It is highly useful for both professional staff and rig workers. The video also includes side tutorials on all the major drilling topics such as casing and cementing, well control, drill bits, rig safety, directional drilling and more. It is presented in high definition and includes animations of down-hole activities. The rig used in the video is one of the most advanced land rigs in the industry. You can purchase the video and learn about our courses at www.energytrainingresources.com.
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Equipment Condition Monitoring Analytics Demo
Natural resources industries, such as oil and gas, mining and agriculture, depend on the effectiveness and productivity of expensive equipment. Most maintenance processes result in costly in-field failures, which can cost a company $1.5M for one day of downtime on a single piece of equipment. In order to have a real bottom-line impact, analytics and modeling need to be integrated with current processes. IBM developed an intelligent condition monitoring technology using the most comprehensive data set ever assembled in this domain. This system proactively presents decision support information to drive actions that reduce downtime, increase fleet productivity, and minimize maintenance costs -- in fact, one estimate suggests that a $30B company can save $3B a year implementing predictive maintenance technology. More at www.research.ibm.com.
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Geotechnical consultant
Geotechnical consultants provide services to a wide range of organizations such as forestry, mines, oil and gas companies, and governmental bodies. They assist them by gathering geological data in the field and processing and interpreting this data to provide meaninful information and solutions.
IntercontinentalMining.com | Barite Mining Kazakhstan добыча барита
Intercontinental Mining is a World Class Miner of High Grade/High Quality Barite for the Global Oil Services Industry & Oil Drillers in: Kazakhstan, Russia, China, India, Canada & The United States of America. (Барит Mining для нефтяной промышленности) Barite Mining, Processing | Барит Mining для нефтяной промышленности. The company, founded in 1996 provides superior customer service and tremendous value for the oil industry with high grade Specific gravity‎: ‎4.2–5 American Petroleum Institute specification API 13/ISO 13500. высокое качество, высокий класс барит для бурения нефтяных скважин компании. Intercontinental Mining is constantly seeking high quality oil and gas drilling services relationships to go hand-in-hand with our high quality mining asset projects. The company is perpetually seeking oil and gas drilling services from drilling services firms from: Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, New York, Los Angeles, Dubai, Calgary, Canada, Switzerland, United States, Germany, China (Shanghai to Hong Kong to Beijing) Russia & Kazakhstan.
PM visit to Africa: Mozambique likely to invest in mining, oil & gas
One fourth of Indian Investment in East Africa is in Mozambique. The Trade with Mozambique has gone up 5 fold in last 5 years and presently stands around 2 billion dollars per year. Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to the African nation will provide further boost to the trade relations between the two countries. ‘DD News’ is the News Channel of India's Public Service Broadcaster 'Prasar Bharati'. DD News has been successfully discharging its responsibility to give balanced, fair and accurate news without sensationalizing as well as by carrying different shades of opinion. Follow DD News on Twitter (English): https://twitter.com/ddnewslive Twitter (Hindi):https://twitter.com/DDNewsHindi Face Book: https://www.facebook.com/DDNews Visit DD News Website (English): www.ddinews.gov.in Visit DD News Website (Hindi): http://ddinews.gov.in/Hindi/
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IFC Oil, Gas & Mining Linkages in Mozambique
IFC supports small businesses surrounding the Oil, Gas and Mining sectors in Africa by building linkages between clients and local small suppliers to build capacity, develop local procurement and meet world-class standards to ensure sustainability, increase competitiveness and growth. These programs have been implemented in Chad, Ghana, Guinea, Mozambique, Nigeria, South Africa and Zambia as well as other developing countries globally.
Tracertrak Australia - Asset Tracking & Monitoring
Tracertrak - Asset Tracking & Monitoring Whether your assets are deployed in Mining, Oil & Gas, Remote Construction or any other remote industry, tracertrak provides total visibility over your remote assets. Increase your operational efficiency by reducing time searching for remote assets. Reduce unnecessary service schedules and increase asset utilisation. Reduce unnecessary spending on excess assets when you have sufficient to get the job done. Tracertrak ensures you always have the information you need to deploy the closest, most suitable asset to the job site. Being out of cellular range doesn’t mean being out of touch with tracertrak. Tracertrak’s Satellite based solutions provide asset location data and alarm information from the most remote locations, while the long life battery solutions provide many years of service with no need for external power supply or installation. - Maintain visibility of your remote assets whatever they are - Lighting Towers, Drill Rigs, Generators, Road Plant – anything that moves. - Minimise time wasted searching for assets – ensure your maintenance and support teams are spending time utilising the assets – not hunting for them. - Be alerted of events such as "Unauthorised Movement", "Door opened" or "Engine on". - Effective Group Management means simple operation for large fleets of asset. For more information visit: www.tracertrak.com.au or call 1300 882 448.
Stefanutti Stocks Mechanical & Electrical 2017
Stefanutti Stocks Mechanical & Electrical provides structural, mechanical, piping, electrical and instrumentation services to the mining, industrial and oil & gas sectors across Sub Saharan Africa.
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Animation of Hydraulic Fracturing (fracking)
Safe, cost-effective refinements in hydraulic fracturing (also known as fracking), horizontal drilling and other innovations now allow for the production of oil and natural gas from tight shale formations that previously were inaccessible. This video introduces the proven techniques used to extract resources from shale formations in a safe, environmentally responsible manner. Includes Spanish subtitles. For more information, visit: http://www.marathonoil.com/Social_Responsibility/Environmental_Stewardship/Hydraulic_Fracturing/
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