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Slope Stability Radar (SSR)
Slope Stability Radar (SSR) video - ENG version
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What is a Slope Failure
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Initial Stage Mine Slope Construction
Depicting the initial stage of mine slope construction showing from an open pit down to the point of browing in and inby the brow for 200 feet.
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Slope Stability Radar-An ultimate solution for managing slope instability hazard
Assessing and managing instability hazards in open pit mines are the essential activity when working with the natural and engineering slopes, due to its potentiality for loss of life and property. The slope stability radar (SSR) is an all-weather system that remotely scans wall of the slopes to measure the slope surface movement with sub-millimeter precision. It allows user to detect and alert personnel of rock movements that result in instability. It allows greater productivity without compromising safety...read more on http://www.waartsy.com/2016/12/slope-stability-radar-ultimate-solution-for-monitoring-slopes-and-managing-slope-instability-hazards/
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Rocscience slope stability
This video demonstrates the workflow to run a slope stability analysis with Rocscience. It is one of their solved example files.
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Slope Stability Radar (SSR) Spanish
Slope Stability Radar (SSR) - Spanish version
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What is SLOPE STABILITY ANALYSIS? What does SLOPE STABILITY ANALYSIS mean? SLOPE STABILITY ANALYSIS meaning - SLOPE STABILITY ANALYSIS definition - SLOPE STABILITY ANALYSIS explanation. Source: Wikipedia.org article, adapted under https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/ license. Slope stability analysis is performed to assess the safe design of a human-made or natural slopes (e.g. embankments, road cuts, open-pit mining, excavations, landfills etc.) and the equilibrium conditions. Slope stability is the resistance of inclined surface to failure by sliding or collapsing. The main objectives of slope stability analysis are finding endangered areas, investigation of potential failure mechanisms, determination of the slope sensitivity to different triggering mechanisms, designing of optimal slopes with regard to safety, reliability and economics, designing possible remedial measures, e.g. barriers and stabilization. Successful design of the slope requires geological information and site characteristics, e.g. properties of soil/rock mass, slope geometry, groundwater conditions, alternation of materials by faulting, joint or discontinuity systems, movements and tension in joints, earthquake activity etc. The presence of water has a detrimental effect on slope stability. Water pressure acting in the pore spaces, fractures or other discontinuities in the materials that make up the pit slope will reduce the strength of those materials. Choice of correct analysis technique depends on both site conditions and the potential mode of failure, with careful consideration being given to the varying strengths, weaknesses and limitations inherent in each methodology. Before the computer age stability analysis was performed graphically or by using a hand-held calculator. Today engineers have a lot of possibilities to use analysis software, ranges from simple limit equilibrium techniques through to computational limit analysis approaches (e.g. Finite element limit analysis, Discontinuity layout optimization) to complex and sophisticated numerical solutions (finite-/distinct-element codes). The engineer must fully understand limitations of each technique. For example, limit equilibrium is most commonly used and simple solution method, but it can become inadequate if the slope fails by complex mechanisms (e.g. internal deformation and brittle fracture, progressive creep, liquefaction of weaker soil layers, etc.). In these cases more sophisticated numerical modelling techniques should be utilised. Also, even for very simple slopes, the results obtained with typical limit equilibrium methods currently in use (Bishop, Spencer, etc.) may differ considerably. In addition, the use of the risk assessment concept is increasing today. Risk assessment is concerned with both the consequence of slope failure and the probability of failure (both require an understanding of the failure mechanism). Within the last decade (2003) Slope Stability Radar has been developed to remotely scan a rock slope to monitor the spatial deformation of the face. Small movements of a rough wall can be detected with sub-millimeter accuracy by using interferometry techniques.
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FLAC 7.0 - Slope Stability Analysis
FLAC 7.0 is used to run a slope stability analysis. This video shows FLAC's geometry and sketch tools to build the model. Then three separate Factor of Safety analyses are run on the model.
UAV LiDar dan Slope Stability Radar (SSR) Berau Coal
Showcase UAV LiDar dan Slope Stability Radar (SSR) yang menggabungkan metode Terrestrial Laser Scanner dan metode udara agar bisa mencapai akurasi yang lebih tinggi dalam waktu yang tepat dan area yang luas. UAV LiDar merupakan teknologi pemetaan topografi menggunakan teknologi laser yg dimounting pada sebuah drone, dan ini merupakan pengaplikasian yang pertama di Indonesia. Sedangkan SSR merupakan teknologi monitoring kestabilan lereng menggunakan radar, fungsi utamanya adalah untuk safety, sebagai early warning system antisipasi kejadian longsor. Selain itu SSR juga digunakan utk optimisasi pengambilan coal. Alat ini akan beroperasi untuk mencapai target pemetaan sebesar 250 ha setiap harinya, yang mana jika dibandingkan dengan peralatan Terrestrial Laser Scanner yang hanya mampu mencapai 50 - 70 ha per hari dan itupun tidak semua area bisa didapatkan dengan alasan aspek safety. UAV LiDar dan SSR merupakan bentuk dari continuous improvement yang dilakukan dari sisi Departemen SGI yang bekerja sama dengan Departemen Mintech dalam hal meningkatkan performance dan akurasi untuk pemetaan serta kecepatan pengolah data sehingga dapat dimanfaatkan untuk mengantisipasi perkembangan produksi yang akan semakin besar pada waktu yang akan datang. Dengan adanya kedua alat ini, diharapkan keselamatan pekerja dapat terjamin dan produktivitas semakin meningkat. Simak terus social media kami: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sinarmas_mining Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/officialsinarmasmining/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/sinarmas_mining Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/company/13369794/
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01 Slope Stability Analysis
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Irazu 3D Simulation Case Study: Large Open Pit Slope Stability Analysis
This is a demo of an Irazu 3D simulation of a large open pit mine (approximately 2236 m x 2443 m x 1227 m in x, y, z directions) characterized by the presence of a complex network of faults and discontinuities together with groundwater flow effect. Simulation highlights: ◾ Accounting for 3D geometrical effects and in-situ stresses ◾ Incorporation of a complex 3D fault network ◾ Accounting for groundwater flow in the slope and faults ◾ Fault shearing due to groundwater and in-situ stresses ◾ Capturing large deformations and fracturing
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SVSLOPE Multi-Plane 2D Slope Stability for Tailings Dam Analysis
This webinar demonstrates the application of the new Multi-Plane Analysis (MPA) technology implemented in the SVSLOPE 2D MINING edition of our software. Traditional analysis of earth dams involve a complicated process of pulling and organizing specific cross-sections out of AutoCAD geometry. The process for geotechnical engineers is complicated and time consuming. The methodology also raises questions such as "What if the slice chosen is slightly different? Does it greatly affect the calculated factor of safety?". The MPA analysis allows the user to set up complex geometries and analyze a small or large batch of 2D slicing planes. The site can be fully set up in our SVDESIGNER software package. Then the geometry can be transferred to SVSLOPE to set up tens, hundreds or thousands of slicing planes where each plane is a fully formed 2D limit equilibrium slope stability models. The results of the analysis are then compiled by the software and may be visualized over top of the original 3D conceptual model. Such technology is perfect for the 2D analysis of complex earth structures. This webinar will focus on the application to the analysis of tailings dams. Such analysis has the potential to more fully analyze the effects of 3D geometry on the related factor of safety for such earth structures. The presentation includes a brief overview of the MPA methodology, a demonstration of a simple application, and then a demonstration of a more real-world type of site. For More Information: https://soilvision.com/support/features/48-multi-plane-analysis-mpa-in-svslope -------------------------------------------------------------- SVSLOPE® Learn More: https://soilvision.com/product/svslope Try: https://soilvision.com/support/downloads Purchase: https://soilvision.com/shop/SVSLOPE%C2%AE-p89639790
Japanese - What is a Slope Failure? Our Slope Monitoring Solutions. Our Software.
An introduction to Slope Stability Radar in Japanese.
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Slope Stability Radar (SSR) Portuguese
Slope Stability Radar (SSR) - Portuguese version
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Demonstration of Rock Bolt Stabilization
This video demonstrates how rock bolts work to stabilize fractured ground (jointed rock mass) around tunnels. It was carried out for MINE 6002 term project (Dr Corkum).
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Slope stability - Elkview Coal Mine sprayforceconcrete.com
Calgary shotcete contractor: SprayForce Concrete Services Ltd
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2019 - Titan Makina Corporate Video - Underground Mining Utility Vehicles
Titan in brief; Titan manufactures utility vehicles in form of articulated and rigid chassis like: Concrete Spraying Machine, Underground Drilling Rig, Dumper Truck, Concrete Transmixer, Concrete Pump, Personnel Carrier, ANFO Charger Truck, Crane Truck, Scissor Lift, Basket Boom Truck, Multipurpose Utility Vehicle. All are intended to use in underground mines, civil tunnelling projects, as well as slope stabilization and dam construction works. Rev.1903
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An Introduction to Slope Stability
This video defines what is a slope and what are its common features, how slopes are classified, the type of failures for a slope and emphasizes on the importance of Slope Stability in Geotechnics
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SSR-Omni: Our Most Advanced Slope Stability Radar
The SSR-Omni is a premium addition to GroundProbe’s industry-leading Slope Stability Radar suite. Delivering real aperture radar measurements you can trust, it provides high-confidence, real-time monitoring and alarming.
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Slope Stability - Slide | EMCG Courses
Visit Our Page https://www.facebook.com/EgyptianMiningConsultantGroup Copyright [email protected] Egyptian Mining Consulting Group
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SSR-FX: GroundProbe's Broad Area Slope Stability Radar
Introducing GroundProbe's first ever broad area slope stability radar.
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Movement and Surveying Radar by Reutech Mining
Movement and Surveying Radar (MSR) by Reutech Mining: safety and productivity through accuracy and reliability.
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Mining slope protection
Complete solution to mitigate risk, to public and vehicles from erosion or fallings blocks from slopes or cuttings. Private and mining sector.
Slide3: Modelling an Open Pit Mine
Learn how to model a 3D open pit mine in Slide3 2017. Slide3 is Rocscience's new 3D Limit Equilibrium Method software for slope stability analysis. For more on the mining applications of Slide3, visit: https://www.rocscience.com/documents/pdfs/rocnews/2017summer/slide3_mining To request a free trial of Slide3, visit: https://www.rocscience.com/free-trials Music: The Lounge - Bensound.com
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Mod-05 Lec-40 Lecture- 1 on Stability of Slopes
Advanced Geotechnical Engineering by Dr. B.V.S. Viswanadham,Department of Civil Engineering,IIT Bombay.For more details on NPTEL visit http://nptel.ac.in
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Slope Stability Assessment. ground control cep 2
A trial video abstract made for complex engineering problem of ground control.
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Slope stability laser scan
Laser scan of a rock slope. Tin mesh and sections created from trimmed point cloud.
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Model Dam Fail
A small model dam, made up of sand and gravel. Water poured behind it, the line of saturation seen moving through the dam. Until failure of the dam. This was constructed by school children as part of an open-day and shows them a dam burst or dam collapse. An interesting civil engineering project. http://wp.me/P39gvQ-57
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FLAC3D 5.0 - A Simple Bench Slope Demo
In this video, we create a simple model of a pit slope with two benches and calculate the stability of the slope.
Slope Monitoring and Warning System
An overview of the SlideMinder Slope Monitoring and Warning System. Geo-technical instrumentation/slope stability warning device that provides real-time monitoring for potential landslides. The remote, self-sustaining system notifies users of alarm conditions via email, desktop notification, and visual warning. Primarily used in open-pit mining dumps and high-walls, the SlideMinder is capable of monitoring ground movement in various settings.
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MSHA Part 46 - Ground Control Inspections at a Mine
Visit https://goo.gl/AeYR3s to view the full video and purchase access to our other Mining Safety (MSHA) courses. A ground control inspection is a documented, in-person examination of on-site terrain formations and locations that slope into working areas at a mine. As part of an ongoing ground control plan, these inspections help establish and reinforce prudent engineering design, reduce ground instability, and contribute to safer working conditions for miners and others on-site. This course covers the definition and purpose of a ground control inspection and includes examples of ground instability hazards, the definition of "angle of repose," descriptions and examples of slope failures, and common ground control corrective actions.
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Accurately analyse slope stability with Leapfrog Works and GeoStudio in the same workflow
Did you know it’s possible to easily build a geological model, generate a slope stability analysis and view the stability results in Leapfrog with one streamlined workflow?
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Atlas Copco - Roofex rock bolt   providing peace of mind
www.bddrill.com.au Black Diamond Drilling Services
midas GTS NX:Slope Stability with geogrid
This video Tutorial is to see the effect of Wall and Geogrid on Slope stability analysis performed for an excavation support.
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IBIS-ArcSAR: Next Generation Radar Revolutionizing Safety in Slope Monitoring
IDS GeoRadar’s unrivalled expertise in innovative slope monitoring radar has once again led to a technological revolution by introducing the next generation radar system based on the ArcSAR technology. IBIS-ArcSAR is designed for fast deployment and robustness to ensure the highest safety standards to manage risk conditions with confidence. Whether it is a strategic or tactical positioning, IBIS-ArcSAR delivers unprecedented flexibility and performance to make critical decisions.
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mine wall failure example.avi
Textbook example of footwall failure / collapse in a coal mine on a previously unidentified fault plane.
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Timelapse, Acacia Mining Operations, IDS GeoRadar for Open Pit Slope Monitoring
Timelapse of GeoRadar InSAR assemblage and Installation in GCP( Gokirmak Copper Project), Hanonu, Kastamonu, Turkey
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Stiff Split Set Rock Bolts HD
An in depth view on the components and construction of the Split Set Mining Systems "Stiff Split Set" rock bolt.
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HYDRA-U - Underground Safety Monitoring of Ground Fall Hazards
IDS GeoRadar, industry leader in radar technology for slope stability monitoring in mining, has brought its expertise to the underground mining industry. HYDRA-U is a compact, high accuracy, high resolution monitoring system designed for early warning and real-time management of ground fall hazards in underground mines.
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ARGATECH Extensometer V3.2 (Landslide Early Warning Systems And Slope Stability Monitoring)
ARGATECH Extensometer V3.2 adalah alat monitoring kestabilan lereng (slope stability monitoring) sekaligus early warning systems bahaya longsor di area tambang terbuka/open pit mine. Selain harga yang paling kompetitif, alat ini juga sangat fleksibel karena mampu menghandle 9 sensor sekaligus dan dapat di tempatkan ke seluruh area pit (low wall, high wall, in pit, disposal), bahkan area yang tidak terlihat dari main station berada (radius hingga 4.000 meter). Dan yang paling utama, alat ini adalah buatan dalam negeri (made in Indonesia), jadi dukungan after sales baik parts/komponen dan engineer lokal akan menguntungkan perusahaan anda. Output dalam bentuk raw data, juga grafik untuk treshold akumulatif dan velocity yang dikirimkan via email (level warning : regular, critical dan warning) juga terdapat tanda bahaya/real time alarm hazard di area tambang yakni suara sirine (100 dB) dan flash lamp, menjadi tanda/warning alert pekerja tambang atau pengawas tambang terutama di area critical. Kami tambahkan fitur inverse velocity untuk mendukung analisa geoteknik. Dan berbagai keunggulan lain dari alat ini. Untuk informasi lengkap dan penawaran harga, hubungi kami di : www.pendeteksilongsor.com
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Mining monitoring instrumentation, Sisgeo video presentation
Mine monitoring system shall be designed starting from the mine-typology: open pit mine or underground mine (cavern). In open pit mine is really important to monitor the stability of rock/soil walls with inclinometers, incremental extensometers, piezometers and wire extensometers. In underground mining become critical to monitor the stress and displacements of the excavated rock and concrete lining. These parameters are monitored through vibrating wire strain gauges, pressure cells, anchor load cells on rock bolts, MPBX MultiPoint Borehole extensometers and flat jacks. For more information and practical examples visit the products pages http://www.sisgeo.com/products.html All the information in this video is the property of Sisgeo S.r.l. and should not be used without permission from Sisgeo S.r.l. Sisgeo S.r.l. Via F. Serpero 4/F1 20060 Masate (MI) - Italy Tel. +39- email: [email protected] http://www.sisgeo.com/
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Our Slope Monitoring Solutions
If the risk of a slope failure is understood, a decision can be made. Slope monitoring methods detect slope movement. When a high risk area is identified, radar is the most effective system to provide early warning in case of a wall collapse. Connect with GroundProbe: Website: http://www.groundprobe.com/home Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GroundProbe/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/GroundProbeTM LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/groundprobe?trk=biz-companies-cym
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From Research to Reality (Season 1 , Episode 2) Part 1 of 3
So You Have an Idea -- Now What? Australians are an inventive bunch when it comes to coming up with new services and products. The problem is always how to turn a great idea into a sustainable business. Over two episodes we recount the stories behind two Queensland companies who have gone to market with products developed from their research: GroundProbe is a high-growth Brisbane company providing the mining industry with innovative radar technology (called Slope Stability Radar) to improve safety on-site by alerting staff to potential instability in a mine wall before it collapses. Starting at the bottom of a quarry with one of GroundProbe's engineers -- we profile the company's origins, innovative philosophy, growth path, technology and future directions.
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ISMC ITB 11th - Underground Mine Supporting
Underground Mine Supporting is a competition to determine the orientation of joints on the provided rock wall model and analyzing those data to achieve an engineer-based analysis and calculation. This is one of data collection techniques to determine the slope stability, safety factor value, and slope direction of landslide possibility. --------------------------------------------------- Social media : Line official : @yeo5135r Instagram, twitter : @ismc_itb Facebook page : fb.me/ismcitb Web official : www.ismc-itb.com
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I 80 Rock Bolting Project
Near Colfax along Interstate 80 between Sacramento and Truckee, H&K performed pull-out testing of rock bolts used to stabilize a slope above the freeway. A Caltrans engineering geologist and H&K engineering field technicians describe the dangerous work.
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