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NoLimits Exchange- Ballistica Beta
http://www.nolimits-exchange.com NoLimits Exchange's #1 rated coaster of 11/26/09! Ballistica Beta
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Virtual Coaster Review TOP 5 | JULY 2016 | NoLimits-Exchange
Here is the first episode of coasters review which are made thanks NoLimits2. Every month with us - coaster reviews! All coasters have been downloaded from the site: https://nolimits-exchange.com/ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FACEBOOK - https://www.facebook.com/ThemeParksABC/ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DOWNLOAD! ► #5 Tropical Island by erwan.brandicourt - https://nolimits-exchange.com/coaster/tropical-island/10144 ► #4 Hejdlöst by TheCoasterMan589 - https://nolimits-exchange.com/coaster/hejdl%C3%B6st/10103 ► #3 SpaceLand by erwan.brandicourt : https://nolimits-exchange.com/coaster/spaceland/10102 ► #2 Megaman XL by Womp83 - https://nolimits-exchange.com/coaster/megaman-xl/10126 ► #1 AdventureLand PHASE ONE by Der Muffin Maker - https://nolimits-exchange.com/coaster/adventureland-phase-one/10135 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Music: ♪ Bird Creek - Hooky with Sloane ♪ Silent Partner - Friction Looks ♪ Josh Kirsch - Rural Stride ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THEME PARKS ABC - coasters and theme parks reviews, coasters POV's, virtual coasters reviews and more! We will open our site as fast as possible which will include reviews, news, coaster informations etc! ►If you want to help us making our site - write below in comments◄
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Virtual Coaster Review TOP 5 | JUNE 2016 | NoLimits-Exchange
Here is the first episode of coasters review which are made thanks NoLimits2. Every month with us - coaster reviews! All coasters have been downloaded from the site: https://nolimits-exchange.com/ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FACEBOOK - https://www.facebook.com/ThemeParksABC/ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DOWNLOAD! ► #5 Medusa's Revenge by rcfan1 - https://nolimits-exchange.com/coaster/beastland/10033 ► #4 Vulcan by CollioJoe100 - https://nolimits-exchange.com/coaster/vulcan/10034 ► #3 Mission Vertigo by NemesisRider : NORMAL - https://nolimits-exchange.com/coaster/mission-vertigo/10046 NIGHT - https://nolimits-exchange.com/coaster/mission-vertigo-night-edition/10059 ► #2 Raven by rcfan1 - https://nolimits-exchange.com/coaster/beastland/10033 ► #1 Mirror's Edge by TheCodeMaster - https://nolimits-exchange.com/coaster/mirrors-edge/10051 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Music: ♪ Bird Creek - Hooky with Sloane ♪ Silent Partner - Cockpit ♪ Vibe Tracks - Beat Your Competition ♪ Jingle Punks - Cataclysmic Molten Core ♪ Jingle Punks - Galactic Damages ♪ Lisa Miskovsky - Still Alive (Instrumental) ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THEME PARKS ABC - coasters and theme parks reviews, coasters POV's, virtual coasters reviews and more! We will open our site as fast as possible which will include reviews, news, coaster informations etc! ►If you want to help us making our site - write below in comments◄
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Nolimits 2 : Crossed
Music : Departure (Electro) Capashen http://www.jamendo.com/fr/track/1075892/departure-electro This is my first Roller Coaster made with Nolimits 2. https://nolimits-exchange.com/coaster/crossed/7664 Ma première montagne russe réalisée avec Nolimits 2.
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Psychodyne - NoLimits 2
DOWNLOAD: http://nolimits-exchange.com/coaster/... NON-SPINNING POV: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x5j9sBdtEbE&feature=youtu.be Psychodyne has finally come. Psychodyne is the World's Fastest Spinning Launched Looping Coaster. I was inspired by the spinning car test on Europa Park's Blue Fire, hence I decided to make a ride with full length spinning trains. After months of teasing, this ride is finally here. Enjoy this unique concept! Credits: Skybox - Dave Ainsworth Music - Ross Bugden
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No Limits 2 - Gold Chaser Raw POV's
Click here for the main video if you haven't watched it already: https://youtu.be/r1UFbKV3Hw4 Just some unedited footage of Gold Chaser. Enjoy! NLExchange Download: http://nolimits-exchange.com/coaster/gold-chaser/10175 CoasterCrazy Download: http://www.coastercrazy.com/exchange/detail.php?track_id=21476 Statistics: Height: 155.6 feet Drop: 143.7 feet Lift Hill Angle: 45 degrees Maximum Drop Angle: 90 degrees Top Speed:63 mph Maximum Vertical G Forces: +4.3 / -1.4 Inversions: 3 Track Length: 3,846.5 feet Ride Time (station to terminal brakes): 1 min 40 sec Trains: 3 / 20 passengers each
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Project No Limits - an Educational Exchange
Project No Limits är ett välgörenhetsprojekt med syftet att genomföra ett kunskapsutbyte i frågor rörande jämställdhet, utbildning och framtidsdrömmar mellan tjejer i Sverige och Tanzania. De tre tjejerna som drivit projektet under 2015/16 heter Amanda Ring, Ella Johansson och Renée Winström och gjorde detta under sitt sista år på ProCivitas Privata Gymnasium i Helsingborg.  De höll tillsammans workshops och diskussionsövningar på både Kubikskolan i Helsingborg och Barbroskolan i Dar es Salaam. Filmen är även textad på både svenska och engelska för att den ska kunna ses över hela världen.  Tack vare stöd från rådgivare, sponsorer samt nära och kära kunde de genomföra projektet med mycket gott resultat. Denna film kommer att spegla det arbete och de kunskapsutbyte de utförde mellan tjejerna.  Dela gärna vidare filmen för att detta arbetet ska få spridning och för att vi tillsammans ska kunna vidareutbilda i dessa frågor. Tillsammans kan vi göra skillnad.  ”Att utbilda en flicka är att utbilda en nation”  Project No Limits is a non-profit organization with the purpose to achieve an educational exchange within gender equality, education and future dreams between girls in Sweden and Tanzania. The three girls who made this project during 2015/16 is named Amanda Ring, Ella Johansson and Renée Winström and they did this during their last year at ProCivitas Secondary School in Helsingborg, Sweden.  They together held different workshops and discussions at both Kubikskolan in Helsingborg and the Barbro Johansson Secondary school in Dar es Salaam. This film is texted both in Swedish and English to be viewable all over the world.  Thanks to a huge support from both mentors, sponsors, family and friends they were able to make this project with a very good result. This film will show the work and educational exchange they achieved between the girls.  Please share this video in order to spread this work and so that we together can educate further in these areas. Together we can make a difference.  ”To educate a girl is to educate a nation”
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How to Get Higher Deposit Limits for Your Exchange
ShapeShift now offers users a way to get a much higher limit for any exchange via our "Specific Amount" feature. This video walks you through the process. NOTE: We will be releasing a feature that will allow for these higher limits to be see before you input a number so that you don't have to guess this higher limit. Stay tuned for updates.
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No Limits 2- Janko
Hey guys, here's Janko, a project I've been working on for awhile now, enjoy :) Tell me what you guys think ***DOWNLOAD*** NLE- http://nolimits-exchange.com/coaster/janko/10163 CC-http://www.coastercrazy.com/exchange/detail.php?track_id=21469 Credit to: -N'seven -Foliage -Flux- Rocks -6flagsmaniac- Environment Specs: -Top speed 61mph -Launch 55 mph -Length 4,231 .ft -Max train capacity 4 -Max height 119 .ft -Min height 11 .ft Music- Two Steps from Hell ( Cannon in D Minor) In-Game Thanks for watching, subscribe for more!
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Southpaw - NoLimits 2
Southpaw is an S&S coaster themed to the Chicago White Sox mascot, Southpaw! (Much inspired by Steel Curtain and some Maxx Force). Southpaw consists of mostly left handed turns (which gave us inspiration for the name). Enjoy your ride! Statistics: Height: 142 feet Speed: 57 MPH Inversions: 6 Track Length: 3,611 feet Both soundtracks used in the video can be found here with YouTube name presented first: Instant Pro - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYYmLVorpNM&t=10s Anik's Adobe Tutorials - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rq5byzVVFB4 Both songs have no copyright and are free for one to use. Southpaw and the Chicago White Sox ball park was used to add theme to the ride. I do not claim any rights to the name or ball park used in the video. If you enjoyed your ride, and would love to see what WolfRaging95 is up to, check us out on Facebook or Twitter. When we are not posting on here (YouTube) we post project updates on our Facebook and Twitter page. Come join us today on our fan page! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WolfRaging95/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/WolfRaging95 Download on Sream: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1516387202 Download on NoLimits Central: https://nolimitscentral.com/exchange/park/426
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The Agonizor - NoLimits 2
The Agonizor stands at 170 feet tall and has a total 6 inversions and reaches a top speed of 67 miles an hour while traveling through 2,900 feet of track. Can you make out of this toxic area alive? The Agonizor is an in-house coaster similar to Cannibal Statistics Height: 170 feet Speed: 67 MPH Track Length: 2,900 feet Inversions: 6 If you enjoyed your ride, and would love to see what WolfRaging95 is up to, check us out on Facebook or Twitter. When we are not posting on here (YouTube) we post project updates on our Facebook and Twitter page. Come join us today on our fan page! Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WolfRaging95/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/WolfRaging95 Download on Steam: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1519266809 Download on NoLimits Central: https://nolimitscentral.com/exchange/park/427 Credit goes to NCM Epic Music Ender Guney. Here is the link to the original song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zk7YinSdcSA
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No Limits Megacoaster: "Optimal Force"
ATTENTION: The track was designed entirely in Newton 2, and the supports are completely handmade. Please watch in HD!!! THIS COASTER IS AVAILABLE ON NO LIMITS EXCHANGE! http://nolimits-exchange.com/coaster/optimal-force/4813 Song: "Thunder and Majick Poshunz" by Rogue From start to finish, this coaster took me just under three weeks to complete, and it turned out to be my favorite creation that I have ever made BY FAR. This one is just packed with thrilling elements the whole way through, wasting no track at all. As with Millennium Force and Intimidator 305, it features a speedy cable lift (this one going at 12 mph) at a 45 degree angle. After climbing 230 feet in the air, it takes an extreme drop at an 80 degree angle reaching a top speed of 80 mph! It also has a total of four over-banked turns, topping out at a banking of 130 degrees, the other three being 110, 115, and another 110 degrees. After its long, curved underground tunnel comes its signature element: The Hanger. All it really is is a zero-g airtime hill, banked at 90 degrees through the whole crest of the hill, creating a very unique feeling of exposure. And it of course, being an Intamin model, has loads of ejector airtime, getting up to -0.9 G's. That's it for now, so enjoy your ride on "Optimal Force", and please comment, subscribe, and share. Thanks! Specifications: - Height: 230 ft - Vertical Drop: 221 ft - Top Speed: 80 mph - Max Vertical Angle: 80 degrees - Track Length: 5,974 ft -Max G Force: +4.2 / -0.9 -Trains: 2 / 28 passengers each - Ride Time: Approximately 2 minutes
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【NoLimits Coaster】Sadaharu Awakens
A Gintama Themed Coaster ***can you find the small Easter Egg in video? Sadaharu (定春 さだはる) is a member and a pet of the Yorozuya, but is equivalent to being their mascot. When he is fed with strawberries and milk (Strawberry Milk), he can grow even larger and transform into a ferocious horned monster. You wanna ride this Awaken violent monster that carries you over 50m's Height ,109kmph's Speed and 7 Inversions? Sadaharu Awakens is a Sitting B&M Roller coaster (Wild Fire Style Train). It is inspired by Wild Fire, Kraken and Hair Raiser. It is the tallest, fastest, longest Steel Coaster for Holiday World (It can be built on Park's Southeast empty ground Download this Track at http://www.coastercrazy.com/track_exchange/detail/19692 https://nolimits-exchange.com/coaster/sadaharu-awakens/6620
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ChangeNow - Best place for your crypto exchanges
ChangeNOW is a simple and fast exchanger. You do not need to register, and the exchange will have no limits. They will take an honest commission and quickly process with an exchange for you. For More details : Website : https://changenow.io/?utm_source=Boun... Whitepaper : https://changenow.io/tokens?utm_sourc... Telegram : https://t.me/NOWtoken_Bounty Twitter : https://twitter.com/ChangeNOW_io Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ChangeNOW.io/ Medium : https://medium.com/@changenow_io Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/user/ChangeNow_io Bounty thread : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?top... Special Airdrop : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?top... --------------------------------------- Author : Channa Jayawickrama My Bitcointalk profile : https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=2257529
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"Soaring Montane" Preview NoLimits 2
Spoilerish, but eh. The ride's been available for download for months now... Here exactly: https://nolimits-exchange.com/coaster/soaring-montane-nl2/7776 http://themeparkreview.com/game_exchange/track.php?id=3138 I should have a better video of it made eventually... hopefully... maybe/maybe not. I have an alpine coaster from RCT3 with the same name. Does this mean I pulled a "Six Flags" on it? :3
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Elucidator | No Limits 2 Mack Launched Coaster
Elucidator is a launched coaster that is set to rival Firefly No Limits 2 Edition in terms of scale. Elucidator features two launches, four trains, and two unique elements that can only be found here. Inspired by Sword Art Online, Elucidator is set on Floor 74 of Aincrad in the city called Kamdet; In this city you will go up against the Blue-Eyed Demon called the Gleam Eyes. The final battle against Heathcliff is just around the corner. After all your training and leveling, are you ready for the challenge? Yes, Elucidator is built with Center-of-Rails. I am still in process of learning and am practicing to shape with Heartline as the roll point. Inversions: 5 Top speed: 62MPH Length: 6,750 feet And before anyone asks.....the music for the 2nd half was provided by Hereson and here's a link to his channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDPxeg36VG0 First Half is "In another Land" by Yuki Kaijura from SAOII volume 2. You can listen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I6paPaedi_4 Now for the part you're interested in....the download. (Pick your poison) Coaster-Crazy: http://www.coastercrazy.com/20814/Elucidator NLE: https://nolimits-exchange.com/coaster/elucidator/8870 The no scenery version is still coming soon. I have yet to upload the package for it. My Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/GreenBulletProductions My Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/Greenbulletprod Want more info on Sword Art Online? www.swordart-onlineusa.com/
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Soaring Montane (Nighttime) NoLimits 2 Mack Compact Coaster
A little track I created a while back on my old computer. After having gotten a new computer and recovered this coaster, I now offer you a full nighttime POV of it! **Day time version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_ayczcnBWY Wanna download this track? Of course you do! NoLimits Exchange: https://nolimits-exchange.com/coaster/soaring-montane-nl2/7776 TPR Game Exchange: http://www.themeparkreview.com/game_exchange/track.php?id=3138
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[NoLimits 2] Dive coaster 'Hoogmoed' - Daytime
Here it is: the requested daytime video of 'Hoogmoed!' Thank you for all the feedback on YouTube, internet forums and the exchange! I really appreciate all of your comments and suggestions ;) * Watch the original video here* https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_Lvgqe19co * Download 'Hoogmoed' on NoLimits-exchange! * https://nolimits-exchange.com/coaster/hoogmoed-efteling-concept/8143 Hier is íe dan: de video van 'Hoogmoed!' in het daglicht. Bedankt voor alle feedback op YpuTube, forums en de nolimits-exchange! ik waardeer al de comments en de suggesties ;) * Bekijk hier de originele video * https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_Lvgqe19co * Download 'Hoogmoed' op de NoLimits-exchange! * https://nolimits-exchange.com/coaster/hoogmoed-efteling-concept/8143
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18- Managing Exchange Server 2016 Mailbox limits (Quotas)
Managing Exchange Server 2016 Mailbox limits (Quotas)
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No Limits 2 - Gold Chaser
Music: "Gold" by Imagine Dragons This project should have taken much longer than it did, but in my locking myself in my room to work on this pretty much non-stop, I finished this in about three weeks. Originally I was designing a large B&M invert and had designed almost the entire layout, but there were too many things about it that were bothering me so I eventually gave up on it. I do really like the layout, though, so I may come back to it. After that I said the hell with it, and started designing a custom coaster, making whatever I felt like and what came naturally to me. Well, that worked quite well! I did not design this with any manufacturer in mind, so it is a custom coaster as previously stated. I absolutely adore how the video turned out. This is the first time I've made significant use of the camera track script. That was the most fun part of gathering footage. Unfortunately, this may be a sort of farewell video, as I am going back to school full time this Fall. I may still have time to make coasters, so we'll see. Just a heads up! Enjoy! NLExchange Download: http://nolimits-exchange.com/coaster/gold-chaser/10175 CoasterCrazy Download: http://www.coastercrazy.com/exchange/detail.php?track_id=21476 Statistics: Height: 155.6 feet Drop: 143.7 feet Lift Hill Angle: 45 degrees Maximum Drop Angle: 90 degrees Top Speed:63 mph Maximum Vertical G Forces: +4.3 / -1.4 Inversions: 3 Track Length: 3,846.5 feet Ride Time (station to terminal brakes): 1 min 40 sec Trains: 3 / 20 passengers each
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NoLimits 2 - The Green Thing POV - CC Tournament Round 1
More info and pictures can be found on the following forums: http://www.coastercrazy.com/forums/the-green-one-cc-tournament-round-1-entry-t36157.html http://forum.nolimits-exchange.com/comments.php?DiscussionID=4736&page=1#Item_3 http://www.shyguysworld.com/index.php/topic,18423.msg420453.html#new http://thecreatorslounge.com/index.php?/topic/1293-the-green-one-cc-tournament-round-1-entry/#entry18236
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Road Runner - NoLimits 2
Road Runner is a B&M floorless coaster that has five inversions that stands 150 feet in the air and reaches a top speed of 63 MPH. Sandy Edge Beach is now up for download. Download on Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=728504552 Download on the Exchange: http://nolimits-exchange.com/coaster/sandy-edge-beach/10130
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Puma | No Limits Coaster Simulator [HD]
This is my very first No Limits coaster! I didn't know what to name it, and for some reason I was thinking of Red vs. Blue at the time, so, I decided to name it Puma; even though the ride is not themed nor focused on Red vs. Blue or Halo. So enjoy my first creation. I plan to make more if time allows. Let me know what you think. :-) Type: Twisted Steel Coaster Maker: B&M Height: 177 ft. Inversions: 6 Features: Cobra Roll, Zero-G Roll, Immelmann Loop, Special Vertical Loop, and 2 Corkscrews DOWNLOAD THE RIDE PACKAGE HERE: https://nolimits-exchange.com/coaster/puma/6173 Music: - Emerald Hillz (Original Mix) by 0SM Be sure to check out CoasterCafe.com! Remember to subscribe, rate and comment! :D Visit my channel at: www.youtube.com/lilkingjr1 Thanks for watching! :) ©2012 Crazy Productions Partners with Oakridge Media Alliance and C.D.C Productions
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Martha Munizzi - Great Exchange - LIVE (@marthamunizzi)
Recorded live for the 'No Limits' album. Buy on iTunes: http://bit.ly/mmNoLimits http://www.marthamunizzi.com http://www.facebook.com/marthamunizzifanpage http://www.twitter.com/marthamunizzi
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No Limits 2 - Vulcan
Yeah, I never thought this day would come either. For those of you who remember me... heyyyy! This is actually the first roller coaster I have ever completed in No Limits 2. In making this, every program I used BUT NL2 itself gave me a hell of a time... but it is finished. CoasterCrazy Download: http://www.coastercrazy.com/exchange/detail.php?track_id=21366 NLExchange Download: http://nolimits-exchange.com/coaster/vulcan/10034 Statistics: Height: 267 ft Drop: 253 ft Max Vertical Angle: 77 degrees Top Speed: 84 mph Track Length: 6,230 ft Max G Forces: +4.0 / -0.9 Ride Time (top of lift to brakes): 1 min 15 sec Trains: 3 / 32 passengers each
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The Hawk - No Limits Coaster
Deep in the forest, the hawk is speeding past trees. This is my newest coaster, a Gerstlauer Launching Coaster. I want you to imagine: This has the Gerstlauer launching trains Stats: -48 mph launch -max. speed: 58 mph -Height: 101 ft. Forces vary depending on how the launch works. This is not perfect. Remember that I made the trackwork quite a long time ago. I thought I would make the theme be that the hawk is the train and the track camouflages with the trees, making a bit of a flying sensation, but I want you to see the track. The layout is supposed to be a mixture between a regular Gerstlauer Launching coaster, a Euro-Fighter and my own design. I didn't make it as compact as a Gerstlauer Launching coaster because I wanted more of a hidden in the forest feel. The shaping of the top hat was intentionally more pointed so that I got the forces I wanted. This can be downloaded here: http://www.coasterfuel.com/exchange_viewtrack.asp?id=2382 http://coastercrazy.com/track_exchange/detail.asp?tid=17038 http://nolimits-exchange.com/coaster/1617/the-hawk
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P Express - A NoLimits 2 Custom Looping Coaster
The ride's name is *obviously not* word play on T Express. It *clearly isn't.* :P Well, I guess it took me long enough. Last week I *finally* got my copy of NoLimits 2! And just in time for summer vacation where I live. :D I immediately got to work, playing around, with the assistance of NL2's awesome new features, such as the Depumper Tool and the new banking system that automatically banks track around the coaster's heartline. Before I knew it, I had this cool-looking drop that would be virtually impossible for me to create in NL1, even with FVD++ -- and it actually rides great! So I continued until the ride turned into what you see now. BTW, this is my first handbuilt NoLimits coaster in 2 years, I think? Maybe even more. Whoa. Keep in mind that this ride is not really supposed to mimic any specific manufacturer style, hence the word "Custom" in the title. I'm just trying to keep things... simple... for my first NL2 ride. My next project will probably be a certain GCI wooden coaster I've been trying really hard to make progress on for months, only to fail every single time, hahahaha. But seriously, NL2's new features open up so much more possibilites with what you make -- and that's not even including scripting! So I hope I'll be able to finally finish the GCI. Anyway, enjoy the ride! ... Music is Televisor - Automagic (from Monstercat 015 - Outlook). No copyright infringement intended. ... DOWNLOAD: NoLimits-Exchange: http://nolimits-exchange.com/coaster/p-express/7790 Coastercrazy: http://www.coastercrazy.com/20220/P-Express Theme Park Review: http://themeparkreview.com/game_exchange/track.php?id=3135
Views: 3188 AmatsuNL
Nolimits 2 - DELTA
Standing 41m tall, Delta is a brand new B&M inverted coaster featuring 5 amazing inversions. It's modern, it's unique, it's fast paced and breathtaking. Simply everything a next gen B&M coaster needs! Coming soon on nolimits-exchange.com!
Views: 1006 Marcel .Holderied
Elemental - By Mrcrolly [Nolimits 2] (60fps) {feat moby}
a short video dedicated to this awesome flying coaster by mrcrolly Downloads: http://www.coastercrazy.com/20874/Elemental http://nolimits-exchange.com/coaster/elemental/8946 Credits: Realmax for the env settings Song Used: porcelain by Moby
Views: 1006 COASTERGUY246
[OSRS] What are the buying limits of the grand exchange?? [ Episode #1 ] A BRAND NEW SPREADSHEET!
Hello, and welcome to another brand new video. Today I am starting a small project, which is to discover the buying limits of all of the items in Runescape. I am starting this because I cannot find an accurate list of the limits for the grand exchange. Also I want to thank you for your continued support, and I wanted to give you guys something in return. The list is pretty small now, but every single buying limit I discover while flipping I will update on the spreadsheet. Spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1CPgRQx47F0rQB8K5Jg8JBgzO9yZCwljynnpPL6nk6ts/edit?usp=sharing
Views: 2499 FlippingOldschool
The Big Kahuna | NoLimits 2
Launched 4D Concept for the Purist competition on NoLimits-Exchange. Music: Errors - A Rumour in Africa
Views: 5224 A113
Soaring Montane (Day Time) NoLimits 2 Mack Compact Coaster
Same thing as the Nighttime version... but daytime! A little track I created a while back on my old computer. After having gotten a new computer and recovered this coaster, I now offer you a full daytime POV of it! Nighttime version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ToZyGmsPvdY Wanna download this track? Of course you do! NoLimits Exchange: https://nolimits-exchange.com/coaster/soaring-montane-nl2/7776 TPR Game Exchange: http://www.themeparkreview.com/game_exchange/track.php?id=3138
Views: 688 Marcus Dorsey
Turbulent No Limits Roller Coaster Offride and POV
This is a coaster I finished a while back. This is a GCI coaster that has plenty of airtime and plenty of pacing. The inspiration for the drop was from Wildcat at Spanish Fort & Pontchartrain Beach , which is a long defunct Frederick Church wooden roller coaster in New Orleans. If you want specs, you should download the coaster here: http://www.coasterfuel.com/exchange/viewtrack.php?id=5681 http://coastercrazy.com/track_exchange/detail/18798 https://nolimits-exchange.com/coaster/turbulent/4791 This was made using No Limits, which can be found here: http://www.nolimitscoaster.com/
Views: 1234 devilsrule200
Ala - NoLimits 2 Launched B&M Wing Coaster
This is my newest creation, a launched B&M Wing Coaster. Ala (pronounced Ay-Luh, means "Wing" in Latin) is a small-scale launched B&M Wing Coaster, designed for a small amusement park with the desire for BIG thrills! Ala features an LSM launch, which propels riders from 0 to 50mph in 3.5 seconds, a maximum height of 70ft, 3 inversions, and 2,506ft of track! Climb aboard and Take Flight on Ala! Ala is also available for download on the NoLimits Exchange. If you would like to download a refined version of Ala, search for "Ala", or "CoasterMac305" to see some of my other (older and amateurish) creations. Thanks for watching, and HIT THAT LIKE BUTTON if you enjoyed Ala!
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No Limits 2 - Sequoia Adventure
Inspired by Sequoia Adventure in Gardaland Download Here!: https://nolimits-exchange.com/coaster/sequoia-adventure/9736 MUSIC: Comin Round the Mountain - Modern van Kevin MacLeod is gelicentieerd onder een Creative Commons Attribution-licentie (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/...) Bron: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-... Artiest: http://incompetech.com/ Greek Dance van Audionautix is gelicentieerd onder een Creative Commons Attribution-licentie (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/...) Artiest: http://audionautix.com/
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Scenery Pack Update 2.0! Strata Towers & More!
»It's finally here! Update 2.0! This pack includes 63 custom made scenery objects for you guys to use at your disposal. To get started, extract the NL2pkg file, open up any park your working on. Then simply go to the coasters tab in the editor, select import coaster, scroll to the park you just extracted, and finally select any scenery item you would like to add (They're all individually named) Enjoy! :D Note: I will have future updates expanding the pack If you guys have any suggestions for tutorials, leave a comment down below! :) —————————————————————————— ★Downloads★ —————————————————————————— »»CC- http://www.coastercrazy.com/exchange/detail.php?track_id=21589 —————————————————————————— »»NLE- https://nolimits-exchange.com/coaster/ba7s-support-scenery-pack-20/10311 —————————————————————————— »»DB- https://www.dropbox.com/s/jcr4cd7vvu7o17v/BA7%27s%20Support%20Scenery%20Pack%202.0.nl2pkg?dl=0 —————————————————————————— —————————————————————————— ★Thanks for watching! Subscribe for more content!! :D —————————————————————————— PC: »Win 10 Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6300HQ CPU @ 2.30GHz (3.4Ghz Turbo) 8GBRAM Nvidia GTX960 GC
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King - No Limits 2 Coaster
The king of dive coasters has arrived! Featuring over 5,000 feet of track, King dives through mountainous terrain and crosses paths with the great Lake Carter. This quick moving ride reaches speeds of 76 mph and takes riders underground multiple times. I doubt riders will be able to contain their excitement when they spot the 160 foot Immelmann. King is a must ride for any thrill seeker. Stats: Height - 202 ft Speed - 76 mph Inversions - 3 Length - 5064 ft Coaster playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLu90c4b6ezfB9_rknO3LSXxW2p8KOrO4s Download the track here: https://nolimits-exchange.com/coaster/king/10216 http://www.coastercrazy.com/21494/King
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[NL2] Vertigo
DOWNLOAD NoLimits-Exchange: http://nolimits-exchange.com/coaster/vertigo/8649 CoasterCrazy: http://www.coastercrazy.com/exchange/detail.php?track_id=20677
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Divide by Zero (No Limits Coaster)
This coaster is entirely hand built. No Newton 2, AHG, etc. were used. I was originally going to use Newton for this, but it was too hard to get it exactly how I envision it. Anyway, this is my attempt at a launched spaghetti bowl type ride with a custom layout, but not quite as closed in as it could have been. Supporting it was not fun at all. Download: https://nolimits-exchange.com/coaster/divide-by-zero/5244
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"Sand Scorpion" NoLimits Coaster
I was aiming for a fun and tight roller coaster, I was also challenging myself to do smaller layouts with my coasters; I still have some work to do on that ;-).This coaster hosts my first ever supports-made 3d objects :D. This includes the station, pathways, and tunnel. Download links: http://midgetman82.webs.com/nolimits.htm http://themeparkreview.com/game_exchange/track.php?id=2373 (registered users only) http://nolimits-exchange.com/coaster/sand-scorpion/4263 (registered users only)
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Gerstlauer Sky Fly - NoLimits 2 Flatride Onride
A standard Gerstlauer Sky Fly in NoLimits 2. A custom made flatride with controlable wings. Download: http://forum.nolimits-exchange.com/comments.php?DiscussionID=4807 Welcome to TheSwant98 NoLimits: Going to the limits for you. Enjoy Rollercoasters, flatrides, tutorials and reviews in NoLimits 2 Rollercoaster Simulation and every first Monday of the month a music playlist selected by me. I upload one video a week on Friday 5 P.M. (+02:00) and sometimes also on Monday. I upload one rollercoaster per month. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CONTACT Business Email: [email protected] Twitter: Twitter.com/SwantNoLimits YouTube: bit.ly/TS98NLYT ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MUSIC Intro Music: TheFatRat - Dancing Naked http://bit.ly/1fvEeij Outtro Music: Jazzotron - I Can Swing (Grant Lazlo Remix) http://bit.ly/2g39udJ
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"Flamingo" NoLimits Coaster
Built to be in a contest held at ThemeParkReview.com. The challenge was to make a Schwarzkopf coaster that had one, two, or three loops in it (mine has 1!). Contest: http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=60187 Download: http://www.themeparkreview.com/game_exchange/track.php?id=2404 (Members only) http://nolimits-exchange.com/coaster/flamingo/4334 (Members Only)
Views: 424 Marcus Dorsey
"Wyvern" NoLimits Coaster
Midgetman/CCMM here, back with another coaster pulled right out of Newton2 and the NoLimits Editor! It is an intense launched flying roller coaster that completes a number of very unique inversions and such throughout the 1 minute 5 second long ride. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed building it! --Downloads-- *NoLimits Exchange (Members-Only): http://nolimits-exchange.com/coaster/wyvern/4732 *ThemeParkReview.com (Members-Only): http://themeparkreview.com/game_exchange/track.php?id=2488 *Midgetman82.webs.com: http://midgetman82.webs.com/nolimits.htm --Stats-- Speed: 63 mph - 101km/h Height: 140 feet - 42.67 meters Length: 3011.33 feet - 917.85 meters Time: 1 minute 5 seconds *What is a Wyvern? --The wyvern is a creature of legend, and a cousin to the dragon. Wyverns are winged, serpent-like creatures. Unlike dragons, wyverns have only two legs, a barbed tail, and cannot breathe fire. Wyverns are smaller than dragons. (Reference: http://www.draconika.com/wyverns.php) P.S. If you want an interesting experience, find the environment I have for my coaster "Nightmare" and use it on this coaster (or any other coaster for that matter!). You might like what you see!
Views: 281 Marcus Dorsey
How Political Correctness Limits the Free Exchange of Ideas on Campus (THE SAAD TRUTH_129)
I cover the language police, the rejection of intellectual diversity, identity politics, micro-aggressions, trigger warnings, safe spaces, cultural appropriation, among other topics. This is a recording of an invited lecture organized by the Institute for Liberal Studies and hosted at the University of Ottawa. Credits: Shot and edited by Colin Snelson (www.youtube.com/csptech) AC: Kevin Saunders Notes: 1) Typos and other possible errors in the transcription of questions and comments in the Q&A portion of the clip do not originate from me! 2) The original Q&A period contained a greater number of questions and audience statements but the clip's editor made the editorial decision of which to keep and which to delete. 3) The original clip was of a much higher resolution but I had to transform it to ensure a quicker upload on YouTube. 4) At two points in my lecture (toward the end), I refer to a formatting error with the numbering of items (on the particular slides). However, you'll note that the numbering on the slides in question is shown correctly in the clip. This is because I was reading off my Powerpoint slides during the lecture (which yielded formatting errors between my Mac and the computer in the lecture hall) however the slides shown in the clip stem from the pdf versions of the original slides (i.e., no formatting errors). Support this channel via Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/GadSaad Like my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Dr.Gad.Saad Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/GadSaad (@GadSaad) Psychology Today Blog: http://www.psychologytoday.com/experts/gad-saad-phd Personal Website: http://jmsb.concordia.ca/~GadSaad/ University Website: http://www.concordia.ca/jmsb/faculty/gad-saad.html Source for Thumbnail Image: Screen shot from the lecture in question.
Views: 154619 Gad Saad
"Snow Capped Hills" NoLimits Coaster
A Stand-Up launched coaster with many tight twists, turns, inversions, and hills. Another short, but sweet launched coaster I made, but this one is different in a few ways. I made this coaster before Desert Vulture and Sidetracked. I don't know why I skipped making a video for this coaster, but here it is! Here is the download: http://nolimits-exchange.com/coaster/snow-capped-hills/4015 I hope you enjoy it. Unrelated note: Lol, the URL has kOObb in it!
Views: 595 Marcus Dorsey
The Spirit 2.0 HD 1080p NoLimits 2
The Spirit LIM Launched Hyper Looping Coaster Length: 7,477 ft. / 2,279 m. Max Height: 223 ft. / 68 m. Drop: 210 ft. / 64 m. Top Speed: 82 mph. / 132 kmh. Inversions: 10 Elements: LIM Launch (82 mph. / 132 kmh.) Dive Loop (210 ft. / 64 m.) Vertical Loop (187 ft. / 57 m.) Vertical Loop (177 ft. / 54 m.) Rolling Turn (154 ft. / 47 m.) Triple Corkscrew Ascending Twist Elongated Corkscrew Heartline Roll Music: Cyclone by Dub Pistols Software: NoLimits 2 Roller Coaster Simulation http://www.nolimitscoaster.com/ DOWNLOAD The Spirit NL2 file @ http://www.coastercrazy.com/20991/OTM... or https://nolimits-exchange.com/coaster...
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Point Solitude Trailer
Download: http://nolimits-exchange.com/coaster/point-solitude/8007 NLE forum thread: http://forum.nolimits-exchange.com/comments.php?DiscussionID=3201 Music from Dear Esther soundtrack: http://jessicacurry.bandcamp.com/album/dear-esther
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[NoLimits] Adlabs Imagica B&M Floorless Prediction Layout
My take on Nitro, the B&M floorless coaster opening in 2013 in India. Sound effects by Coasterforce Downloadlink: http://www.mediafire.com/?6ilt1k88qsup109 GET IT ON NOLIMITS EXCHANGE!! http://nolimits-exchange.com/coaster/nitro-adlabsimagica-fake/6725
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Top Three Bitcoin ($BTC) Exchanges!
Here is my TOP 3 Cryptocurrency Exchanges! Which exchange do you use? Feel free to leave a comment below! Thank you all so much for watching. If you enjoyed the video, please consider dropping a like and subscribing with post notifications on. ►TOP 3 Exchanges! Gemini (No Bank Wire Limits, Simple, Safe)i: https://gemini.com/ Coinbase (Instant Credit Card Purchase, GDAX, No Fees, Stop Orders): https://www.coinbase.com/join/59982942f2e11e008e04960c Bittrex (Multiple BTC Crypto Pairings with Major Altcoins): https://bittrex.com/ Got any questions? Feel free to leave them down in the comments below! Also connect with us on any platform you prefer for non-stop action! ►CONNECT! Twitter: https://twitter.com/sniperstube Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sniperstube Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sniperstube/ Snapchat: https://www.snapchat.com/add/sniperstube SteemIt: https://steemit.com/@snipers Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/sniperstube/ Phone Number/WhatsApp: (321)-593-5016 Disclaimer: Statements on this site do not represent the views or policies of anyone other than myself. The information on this site is provided for discussion purposes only, and are not investing recommendations. Under no circumstances does this information represent a recommendation to buy or sell securities. -------------------------
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Warbird B&M Dive Coaster - NoLimits2
Download on the Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=689460399 or at http://nolimits-exchange.com/coaster/warbird/10016 Warbird is a B&M Dive Machine themed to the flying aces of WWII. It features TWO vertical drops with hold brakes and a dual station for high capacity. Stats: Height: 226 ft Max Speed: 78 mph Second Drop: 144 ft Inversions: 2 Ride time: 3:15 Trains: 6 (5 operating/1 spare) Capacity: 1900/hr
Views: 629 cchardav