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Building your own trading bot using MetaTrader 4 and MQL4
Brian shows you how to program your own basic trading bot using MetaTrader 4 and MQL4.
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How to build a Forex trading robot
https://www.robothousetrading.com/welcome If you want to make your own trading robots, there are a number of skills that you need to acquire. This video is about understanding and building the skills needed to build a trading robot. It's not easy, but honestly it's not all that hard either. With time and dedication, you can do it! Resource on Learning to Program: https://www.codecademy.com/ https://learnpythonthehardway.org/ https://jsfiddle.net/scottux/HtZu6/ https://docs.mql4.com/ https://goo.gl/GuVnRg | Amazon link to book
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1.2. How To Create Expert Advisors In MetaTrader 4
http://www.eabuilder.com Create Indicators and Strategies without Programming
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Forex Robot Software Programming EA Tutorial in Tamil 8
Free #Forex #EARobot Download visit www.cashfeeder.net
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Webinar - Basic EA programming course
Forex4you presents webinar – Basic EA programming course File with written EA during the webinar – http://www.forex4you.org/download/EA_on_webinar_19_04.docx Host of the webinar – Gunars Kepe, Forex4you senior trading specialist. Agenda for webinar: • Introduction – What is EA? • Description of 2 moving average cross strategy • First steps of programming EA • Writing Moving Average strategy on EA • Adding additional conditions for EA • Running strategy live
Forex Robots Make More Money!? We Compare Automated Trading and Manual Trading!
Learn more here: https://bit.ly/2O5HwLI Do Forex Robots make more money than manual traders? That's exactly what I discuss in this video! We Compare Automated Trading against Manual Trading and outline the pros and cons to both. Be sure to also follow me on instagram to get behind the scenes with me: https://www.instagram.com/forexsignalscom/
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Forex Robot Programming Basic Data Input Tutorial in Tamil - 2
Robot Topic Link : http://padugai.com/tamilonlinejob/viewtopic.php?f=37&t=16631
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Free Forex Robot Automated Trading EA Programming Tutorial Tamil - 5
Forex Robot Download Link Topic - http://padugai.com/tamilonlinejob/viewtopic.php?f=37&t=16631
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Writing your first cBot with cAlgo
A quick guide to coding a simple trading robot in cAlgo
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Programming A Forex Indicator to Send Push Notifications
Mql4 Progamming Tutorials and Forex Trading Training. https://learnmql4.com Become a Patreon patron http://patreon.com/jimdandy1958 Trade Management Tool: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/11862 My kindle book at: https://www.amazon.com/How-Hard-Mql4-Programming-Programmnig-ebook/dp/B00QZEI5RA/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top If you are not already a Patreon Patron please think about becoming one. These videos are time consuming to produce and the information is not freely available any where else. There is a reason why if you type in mql4 lesson in google.. my videos will appear more than once on the first page. If you would like to see more of this made available on Youtube. Become a patron.. Thanks.... and PipPip... This video is packed full of good programming information. I get many questions about how to make your indicator send you a notification on your phone. We will put the alert and the notification into our program and make sure that it only goes off once per candle and only goes off if the signal came on candle 1. Then I show you how to set up your phone or ipad to receive notifications, and set your meta-trader platform to send them. Also I reveal a slight difference in an alert and a notification function call. Open your Editor and start typing along.
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MQL4 Tutorial Bootcamp 1 - 8 How to write an Expert Advisor in 3 minutes
https://tradingtutorialautomation.com How can we create an Expert Advisor with MQL4 and Metatrader4? We use the Metaeditor to create an EA in 3 Minutes in this video that will print "Hello world" directly on the chart...
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Mql4 Programming Making A Pinbar Indicator
Mql4 Progamming Tutorials and Forex Trading Training. http://learnmql4.com Trade Management Tool: https://www.mql5.com/en/market/product/11862 My kindle book at: http://www.amazon.com/How-Hard-Mql4-Programming-Programmnig-ebook/dp/B00QZEI5RA/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top Become a Patreon patron http://patreon.com/jimdandy1958 Make a PayPal donation.. https://paypal.me/jimdandy1958 Coding starts a 6:33 https://youtu.be/1C52a0B2sVE?t=6m32s In this video I show you how to write a simple indicator that will draw an arrow on the chart whenever a pinbar/shooting star occurs. This video will be followed by another in a few days where we add some more code to it to have it send us a notification and sound an alert as it runs. These are the kind of tools you can learn to make for yourself if you take my course at http://learnmql4.com Like, Share and Subscribe PipPip...
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Forex Robot Factory - Expert Advisor Builder & EA Generator
Forex Robot Factory is an All-in-one Tool To Get Unlimited Winning Forex Robots In Seconds. No Forex Skills Required - Guaranteed. It is a new and easy way to automate the workflow of trading strategy programming, backtesting, optimizing and stress testing. Find your best Forex Robots today. Try it for FREE today: https://www.forexrobotacademy.com/
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Lesson 1   MQL4 Bootcamp - Trading Robot Programming
http://mql4tutorial.com Trading Robots can be created with MQL4, the free and builtin language that comes with Metatrader4. MQL4 is the standard programming language for Metatrader and the leading programming language if you want to learn how to programm an Expert Advisor, Trading Robot or Indicator...
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I will hold a forex robot programming course
I will hold a forex robot programming course you may register with me the ship will depart programming programmingforex.blogspot.com
Best EA Forex Free, Forex Robots Free
Best EA Forex Free, Forex Robots Free http://bit.ly/EA_Builder Did you know that you can create your own trading robot without knowing anything about programming and without hiring a programmer? Sign up for free and start creating indicators on any of the above platforms.Yes, you can turn your trading rules into indicators for FREE, and this is not a trial or a demo! Whether you're an EA programming guru or an absolute beginner, a video tutorial will take you step-by-step through how to create your own indicators and strategies WITHOUT writing a single line of code. Scroll down the page below to see the first video on how to create a simple but useful indicator. ---------------------------------------- CLICK HERE: http://bit.ly/EA_Builder ---------------------------------------- More Information about Best EA Forex Free, Forex Robots Free: Download forex robots for free for MetaTrader 4 in MQL5 ... https://www.mql5.com/en/code/mt4/experts Free download of forex robots for MetaTrader 4 in MQL5 Code Base. ... It is recommended to test and optimize Expert Advisors in the Strategy tester. ... The main idea of this Expert Advisor is to trade by the basic concept of Stochastic oscillator ... Forex EA Robots Downloads for MT4 https://fxsharerobots.com/forex-ea-robots-download/ Jun 22, 2015 - Forex EA Robot – Hedge Channel Trading SystemEA v1.3 Finally! ... its simplicity, so we decided to connect it to our best EA source code core. Free EA/forex robot for MT4 Trend trading TP/TD/SL @ Forex Factory www.forexfactory.com/showthread.php?t=526638 Feb 15, 2015 - 20 posts - ?7 authors Free EA/forex robot for MT4 Trend trading TP/TD/SL Trading Systems. ... EA is already setup to trade the M15 chart. ... Looks good. How does it ... Download over 500 free forex robots for free ... 3 posts 5 Feb 2015 Non-Indicator Trade Robot (Free Give away w/ Code ... 20 posts 21 Apr 2014 More results from www.forexfactory.com Free Top Forex Robots EA - Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Free-Top-Forex-Robots-EA-6203438146487... ... 49 talking about this. Get More Than 500 Forex Robot Free! ... 'Best Expert Advisor: $10,000 become more than $100,000, in 2 months! http. Free Top Forex ... BestEARobots.com www.bestearobots.com/ Welcome to our website! We find the best Forex robots for you. This is a 100% free forex robot (expert advisor or EA Forex signal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forex_signal The signal is generated either by a human analyst or an automated Forex robot supplied to a subscriber of the forex signal service. Due to the timely nature of ... Forex robot trade copier reverse best forex ea ranking ... www.murit.com/?pcworld=698.15&trade=15&article=698 Forex robot trade copier reverse s strategy free double trade futures trading months ... Binary brokers wikipedia theory best platform take bonus for sign up open. How to make forex robot follow binary trading wiki $$$ Jse ... www.stadgladen.se/?myphamchauau=4421.5&trade=5&article... Free signals written by randellgh strategy operationkey to the event how to exercise stock options scottrade free download us based op good indicator for binary ... Risk free forex trading strategies *** ? wiki you were ... sgp.undp.org/index.php?wordpress=sonhosdecrepom.139944...4... Trading forex pakai robot top signal service way the are on themarkets but with ... Trading good or bad Risk free forex trading strategies anyone trading forex for ... ---------------------------------------- CLICK HERE: http://bit.ly/EA_Builder ---------------------------------------- People who watched this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQTFO6y2ots Also searched online for: Searches related to Best EA Forex Free, Forex Robots Free forex ea robot free download best forex robot 2012 best forex robot in the world best forex robot 2015 free forex robot for mt4 forex hacked best forex ea free download free forex robot download ------------------------------------------- FOR MORE DETAILS: http://bit.ly/EA_Builder ------------------------------------------- CONNECT WITH US: https://twitter.com/plim7887 ------------------------------------------ Don't forget to check out our YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_24J2lk8ET0Vh2jubSOqTA and click the link below to subscribe to our channel and get informed when we add new content: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_24J2lk8ET0Vh2jubSOqTA -------------------------------------------- #forexearobotfreedownload #bestforexrobot2012 #bestforexrobotintheworld #bestforexrobot2015 #freeforexrobotformt4 #forexhacked #bestforexeafreedownload #freeforexrobotdownload -------------------------------------------- VISIT OUR SITE: http://bit.ly/EA_Builder
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Robot Building Tutorials #4 - DRY Programming
The expanded course: https://robothouse.teachable.com/p/building-automated-trading-robots https://www.robothousetrading.com/welcome - General Info https://www.robothousetrading.com/members-forum/ - Join the community. Find me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/robothousetrade
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Build Your Own Forex Trading Robot - It's Easy!!!
http://automatedtradingsoftware.co.uk Rollover system with a 100% hit rate. Automated trading system. Build your own for FREE!!! Trading the forex market like any other market can be a very difficult and, at times, an excruciatingly painful endeavor. To help make it a little bit easier Metatrader offer their platforms version of automated trading software which they call 'Expert Advisors'. Trading using this type of software can offer many advantages and help the trader avoid the two most significant factors when it comes to being successful or not; fear and greed. Fear and greed are the main reasons that many will fail when attempting to trade the forex market but with forex automated trading software their impact is significantly diminished. Using automated trading software enables one to have a tried and tested strategy with well defined rules for when a trade is entered, when a trade is exited and when profit or loss is accepted. Their are basically three kinds of automated trading software that you can find; commercial, free and custom built. Many vendors will offer their strategy which they state performs adequately in most market conditions and a simple search on Google will provide numerous examples. Forex forums and more particularly those specifically related to 'mql', the language used to code expert advisors for the Metatrader terminal, offer a great number of free automated trading software solutions and code examples. It's a relatively simple task to take these code examples and either craft your own personalized forex trading strategy or adapt it to better suit your needs. With only minor knowledge of coding one can soon build a solution that will offer the correct results. Of course many people may decide that the task is too much for them or they may simply not have the required amount of time available to dedicate to learning the mql syntax. Custom mql programmers offer their services at a negligible cost and provide an invaluable service. With that said not all programmers offer the same level of professionalism, service and support that is required so it's best to do your own research. Also you could try asking for recommendations from friends, relatives or at one of the many Forex related forums that are easily found on the Internet. While using automated forex trading software may initially appear like a perfect solution it should be remembered that any trading software is only as good as the strategy that it uses. That is why it is imperative that you study the mechanism by which it generates it's signals and if necessary send an email to the vendor asking them to give more details about their strategy. Most will not want to offer the exact details as they will be proprietary but they should be willing to give you enough information to allow you to make an informed decision. Alternatively if you code your own strategy or have a professional mql4 programmer develop it for you then you are much more likely to receive the right automated trading software.
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Forex Trading Robot – Is There A Forex Robot Trading Software That Actually Works?...
Go Here ⇒ http://AlgoForexTrader.com Forex Trading Robot – Is There A Forex Robot Trading Software That Actually Works... Is there an auto trading robot software on the market that actually produces consistent, predictable profits? On my quest for the best trading robot software I lost a substantial amount of money. It was money I was willing to lose though… a monthly budget I set aside to find a reliable trade robot as I knew I would make it all back and then some when I found auto trading robot software that gave excellent returns monthly. 99% of forex trading bots on the market are complete garbage, are not being updated and fail backtests miserably. I will be the first to admit I am no expert in robot trading forex myself and to be honest staring at candle stick charts 12 hours a day is my idea of a nightmare. Hence you want a robot trading autopilot for you 24/5. It is for that reason among others that I pursued the idea of an automated trading robot forex so I could leverage technology and the expertise of others. Gathering the right team of programmers and software engineers is also important as the best day trading strategy in the world is of no use if the algorithm fails to execute it effectively. Believe it or not the forex robot trading software I found hardly ever has a losing trade and even if it does enter a long trade with an unexpected fluctuation in the market direction, it hedges and uses cost averaging to wipe out the loss of the robot trade thereby keeping your profits intact. Whether you are looking for forex trading robot mt4 or the best trading robot mt5 this trading software works on both, and there are step by step installation instructional videos to guide you on getting it setup correctly, so you can start earning right away. It also works with most forex brokers although there is a list of recommended brokers provided. Always ensure the forex broker you choose for robot forex trading is regulated to mitigate against losses. One of the biggest advantages of a forex day trading robot is that emotion is removed from the trades. The auto trading robot software never gets tired, is never late for work, doesn’t have any problem analyzing multiple charts and time windows at once. Human capabilities are limited in that they can’t remain active and alert, capable of making a solid trading decision around the clock. Technological innovation and progress allows us to leverage an algo trading robot with a written mathematical programming algorithm system. Autopilot robot trading software If you are ready to learn more about the robot forex trading software that I personally use to generate insane monthly returns consistently then go ahead and visit the following link to check out my free walk through of how you can get this forex trade robot setup and working on growing your capital: http://AlgoForexTrader.com Watch again ⇒ Forex Trading Robot – Is There A Forex Robot Trading Software That Actually Works... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yn3BmJ43h80
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Learn how to build an automated trading Robot - Part 1 (Free Robot)
This video walks through the high level steps involved in building an automated trading robot. People interested in Quantitative Analysis, Algorithmic Trading, Robot Trading, MT4, Trade Station, Multicharts, would all be interested in watching this video
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Forex Robot Factory - professional metatrader programming service mt4
Experienced MT4 Programmer. Lowest Price Guaranteed. Visit us at http://www.forexrobotfactory.com/
Forex Robot MQL Programming tutorial video tutorial Error - Tamil 4
Topic Link : http://padugai.com/tamilonlinejob/viewtopic.php?f=37&t=16631
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Create your own EA for MT4 | FREE
This video shows you how to create your own Expert Advisor for MT4 for FREE. It shows you how to save the EA to your MT4 terminal and how to test in's performance. We use a FREE website in this video to create the EA. http://sufx.core.t3-ism.net/ExpertAdvisorBuilder/ If you need a trading account, checkout our sponsor http://icmarkets.com/?camp=4995
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https://mql5tutorial.com https://forextradingframework.com Setup Metatrader5 and MQL5 for auto trading in 4 minutes and 38 seconds. You will know how to import the Forex Trading Framework EA and trade the EURUSD and the AUDUSD completely automated before the next 5 minutes are over!...
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Automated Trading Part 2: What's The BEST Programming Language For TRADING
ONLINE COURSES only 10$ (~10 Hours each): Cryptocurrency Investment Course: http://bit.ly/CrypInv Stock Trading Course Foundation: http://bit.ly/StockFoun Stock Trading Course Advanced: http://bit.ly/StockAdvan In this video I talk about what programming Language we like to use the most and which one we will be using to build our automated trading system. Follow us @ FB: www.fb.com/MontrealTradingG/ SITE: www.MontrealTradingGroup.com IG: MTG_Traders
Forex Robot Academy - Introduction - Forex Robot Factory
Forex Robot Academy - Introduction https://www.forexrobotacademy.com Learn how to create money-making automated trading strategies or Forex Expert Advisors within seconds using the world's first online EA Generator. The process automates the workflow of strategy programming, backtesting, optimizing and stress testing to produce the best Forex EA collection.
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Robot Building Tutorials #6 - Intro to MQL4
The expanded course: https://robothouse.teachable.com/p/building-automated-trading-robots https://www.robothousetrading.com/welcome - General Info https://www.robothousetrading.com/members-forum/ - Join the community. Find me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/robothousetrade
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Forex autotrading Robot Programming tutorial - Forex EA Robot Strategy Success - 7
Forex Robot Programming tutorial tamil webpage link : http://padugai.com/tamilonlinejob/viewtopic.php?f=37&t=16631
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Create a trading robot in 15 minutes - Full instructions and voice commentary
How to create a trading robot / expert advisor in FxDreema in 15 minutes ! A full instructional video and voice commentary
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Forex EA Trading Robot – What Is The Best MT4 EA Forex Robot?...
Go Here ⇒ http://AlgoForexTrader.com Forex EA Trading Robot – What Is The Best MT4 EA Forex Robot... If you have been searching for the best ea robot trading software available then watch this whole video as I will reveal to you the top ea bot that I have found. Finding a forex ea robot that works and is consistently profitable is no easy task. It took me a long time to find the best mt4 ea trading software as 99.9% of ea for mt4 are complete garbage. What I soon discovered is that there is no such thing as a free profitable ea advisor on the market. Every value comes at a cost. You must pay for quality. I tried different types of trading strategy ea’s. The best scalper ea forex robot is what I reveal inside the free video. A robot ea mt4 is an automated system that operates in accordance with the parameters set by the developer. Once the mt4 ea trading robot is connected to your mt4 trading account it will trade on the financial markets without any human intervention. This means that the most profitable ea trading bot makes a passive income for you while you go about other things even if you have zero trading experience. The forex trading ea robot that I recommend is the most intelligent that the retail marketplace is ever likely to see. It has been designed to be highly advanced, consistently profitable with low risk and minimal drawdown. Most forex ea trading system out there fail long term and do not have suitable risk control or know when to take a profit. Almost no day trading ea robot has any money management or hedging ability. Most rely on mt4 indicators and are tested with manipulated data. Most mt4 ea trading systems are just components of mt4 systems that are purchased by novice traders and bolted together by mt4 ea builder sites. The best ea in the world in my opinion was programmed using raw data that was not manipulated. The creator of the profitable ea mt4 developed a specialist testing environment that is not available to anyone else. Compiling systems upon systems in this environment that were able to effectively trade in a boundaryless space. It took 12 months to program the best forex trading ea robot costing over $20,000 in 99.98% accurate modelling data and software. Another 14 months was invested in testing the EA in the currency environment he designed. The mt4 ea trading forex was tested with modelling data that spanned 19 years. Market extremes have been taken into consideration, allowing the best scalping ea mt4 to handle fundamental and technical movements that would wipe out most ea’s. One of the most impressive bits of programming in this mt4 ea that works is its ability to hedge out of a negative position and return to profit without a loss to the mt4 trading account. The auto forex trading ea software uses small lot sizes and on average will profit 10-20% per month. As well as eurusd ea trading it trades 7 other currency pairs. There are 9 systems in the best ea forex robot trading software. Examples include qualitative data and trend strength, volume and news awareness, nfp shutdown and pre-position closures, hedging and risk calculation, spread control and swap charges protection, correlation awareness, market spike protection etc. If you are ready to learn all about the mt4 ea robot that I recommend then go ahead and click the following link and register with your best email to access the video: http://AlgoForexTrader.com Watch again ⇒ Forex EA Trading Robot – What Is The Best MT4 EA Forex Robot Available: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5zdrhofJeCE
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MQL4 Tutorial - Simple Moving Average Crossover Expert Advisor
https://mql4tutorial.com With MQL4 for Metatrader you can program a Simple Moving Average Crossover Expert Advisor for automated trading. With a few lines of MQL4 code your Metatrader4 can create trading entry signals for automated trading...
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Forex Automatic Trading Robot Programming Tutorial Tamil - 3
Tamil Topic Link : http://www.padugai.com/tamilonlinejob/viewtopic.php?f=37&t=16631
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EA Builder Review - How To Automate Your Trading Today (NO PROGRAMMING)
CLICK HERE TO GET EA BUILDER: http://bit.ly/GetEA-Builder Did you know that you can create your own trading robot without knowing anything about programming and without hiring a programmer? Well, you can. And you can do it with just a few short clicks! In this EA Builder Review I show you how it works and how easy to use it is. Using a straightforward intuitive interface, even professional programmers can appreciate the benefits of creating complex trading rules with minimum effort. Forex, stocks or commodities... trade whatever's on offer in your MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5 or TradeStation platform. Sign up for free and start creating indicators on any of the above platforms. One-Click Sign-Up here: http://bit.ly/GetEA-Builder Outro: "Invariance" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) - CC BY 3.0
Create Expert Advisor without Programming - Rising Candle
Creating an Expert Advisor with Forex Strategy Builder Professional. Download Forex Strategy Builder : https://forexsb.com Importing Data from Meta Trader: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BH-NNE9UO38&index=7&list=PLWSqhQc0bfFAqy6h5qPWldbCHs10pT3qP Do you want to trade like a professional level trader? Big game traders do not trade a single strategy. They minimize their risk by using different strategies at the same time. This is what our products will allow you to do. Instead of employing only one strategy and risking it all on it build a portfolio of a few up to a hundred strategies and trade them at the same time. This will greatly reduce the risk on your side without diminishing your profits. Since strategy generation and analysis is so fast with our software you can easily replace losing strategies with new ones and make a portfolio of winners that you can trade and profit from. - FS products allow you to create trading robots without any programming. This saves a huge amount of time. (our clients report up to a 30x time savings when developing Expert Advisors) - FS products give you a visual representation of your trading strategies. - FS Products give you instant backtests for your strategies. - To avoid curve-fittiong we give you different tools included in each of our products: Monte Carlo, Multi Markets and Out of Sample testing. - Our products apply many good practices for increasing profits and reducing losses automatically behind the scenes. Those practices are a result of more than one decade in trading and expirementations of thousands of traders in our community. - All FS Products come with a 30 day money-back guarantee. No questions asked. - FS products are the most advanced tools on the market. Trust us, we did check. - FS Products are heavily tested by our trader community and have proven their worth over the last 12+ years. We strive to keep them flawless. - You can educate yourself on how to create test, analyse, and trade strategies and ultimately make profits with our tools. Just.. - Subscribe and watch the videos in our channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNFQN2RX_7juDEgwQeo9zpQ/videos - Join our free forum at https://forexsb.com/forum/ . Post your questions there and keep an eye on it because we have a bunch of very experienced traders that can help you out, including the lead developer. - Read the user guides - https://forexsb.com/wiki/ Expert Advisor Studio https://forexsb.com/expert-advisor-studio EA Studio allows for manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic workflow when creating and testing Expert Advisors. This means you can go trough each step slowly or you can fully automate the process of finding profitable Expert Advisors. Forex Strategy Builder Profiessional https://forexsb.com/forex-strategy-builder An advanced tool for strategy generation, testing and analysis that allows you to customize your strategies even more with things like tracking data from different markets, multiple backtest algorithms and powerful strategy logic customizations.
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How to build your own Expert Advisor, Script or Custom Indicator for your Forex Trading System EASILY! This is a tutorial for cracking FOREX EA GENERATOR 6 by forexgenerator.com Trial by using OllyDBG. For download the generator : http://www.forexgenerator.com/down.htm and the required software for cracking : http://www.ollydbg.de/ Now we can make a Expert Advisor, Script or Custom Indicator for free and EASILY even without programming knowledge for Forex Trading. Just drag and drop the block and our Forex Trading EA, Custom Indicator, or Script will be ready to gain profit NOW BUILD YOUR FOREX TRADING SYSTEM, EA, CUSTOM INDICATOR, SCRIPT AND START PROFIT ON FOREX TRADING
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Automated Trading  Part 1: Building an AI Trading Robot From Scratch
ONLINE COURSES only 10$ (~10 Hours each): Cryptocurrency Investment Course: http://bit.ly/CrypInv Stock Trading Course Foundation: http://bit.ly/StockFoun Stock Trading Course Advanced: http://bit.ly/StockAdvan This is going to be an advanced series. We will build from scratch, together a fully automated trading algorithm. Follow us @ FB: www.fb.com/MontrealTradingG/ IG: MTG_CREW SITE: www.MontrealTradingGroup.com
Custom Forex Programming Forex EAs, Robots, Indicators, Expert Advisors
We Build Custom FOREX Expert Advisors, Custom FOREX EAS, Custom FOREX Robots, Custom Forex Indicators, Strategy Conversion, Hidden Coding, FOREX Robots to Sell! Visit Us at www.CustomFOREXProgramming.com
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EA Builder, Best  Forex  Automated  Trading 2017 - Create Your Own Expert Advisor
http://ow.ly/YUGjl - EA Builder review EA Builder, Best Forex Automated Trading 2017 - Create Your Own Expert Advisor Did you know that you can create your own trading robot without knowing anything about programming and without hiring a programmer? Well, you can. And you can do it with just a few short clicks! Using a straightforward intuitive interface, even professional programmers can appreciate the benefits of creating complex trading rules with minimum effort. One-Click Sign-Up here to get your free Indicators http://ow.ly/YUGjl The best thing about EA Builder is that the work is pretty much done in a few clicks. Turn your trading idea into an automated system within minutes, without hiring a programmer and without knowing anything about programming. Even professional programmers appreciate the benefits of creating indicators and strategies with a few short clicks. For more helpful information and sign up for free and start creating indicators at http://ow.ly/YUGjl
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How to Create a Trading Robot in the MQL5 Wizard of MetaTrader Platforms
Even if you are not a programmer, you still may develope your own trading robots and technical indicators in MetaTrader Trading Platforms. Using MQL5 Wizard you can assemble a robot without writing a single code string.
Robot Building Tutorials #7 - Debugging in MQL4
The expanded course: https://robothouse.teachable.com/p/building-automated-trading-robots https://www.robothousetrading.com/welcome - General Info Find me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/robothousetrade
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Robot Building Tutorials #1 - Intro to Javascript
The advanced, expanded course: https://robothouse.teachable.com/p/building-automated-trading-robots I tried to get this out earlier in the week, but I just didn't make it. Better late than never, I suppose. In this video we get into some very basic Javascript concepts. We need a solid programming foundation before we can move to mql4 and start building actual trading systems. And, I think Javascript is little easier to digest than mql4. https://www.robothousetrading.com/welcome - General Info https://www.robothousetrading.com/members-forum/ - Join the community. Find me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/robothousetrade
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EA Builder, MQL4 Programming สอนเขียน Expert Advisor (EA) แบบง่าย ๆ สำหรับ MT4 สอน Forex เบื้องต้น
EA Builder, MQL4 Programming สอนเขียน Expert Advisor (EA) แบบง่าย ๆ สำหรับ MT4 สอน Forex เบื้องต้น - คลิปนี้ไม่ได้มีอินดิเคเตอร์หรือ Expert Advisor (EA) มาแจกแต่อย่างใดนะครับ แต่จะมาแนะนำให้พวกเราชาวเทรดเดอร์ Forex ได้ลองเขียน EA ไว้ใช้งานกันเองแบบง่าย ๆ กันครับ - EA หรือ Expert Advisor คืออะไร? ก็คือ การเขียนโค้ตโปรแกรมให้ทำการซื้อขายหรือกระทำบางอย่างให้เราโดยอัตโนมัติเมื่อเข้าตามเงื่อนไขที่เรากำหนด ทำให้ประหยัดเวลา ไม่ต้องนั่งเฝ้าหน้าจอรอจังหวะที่เหมาะสมด้วยตัวเอง เอาเวลาที่ได้ไปทำอย่างอื่น แต่เราจะต้องเปิดคอมพิวเตอร์ไว้ตลอดเวลาด้วยนะครับ ดังนั้น จึงจำเป็นต้องเช่า VPS เพื่อที่จะได้ถนอมเครื่องคอมพิวเตอร์ของเราเอาไว้ใช้ได้นาน ๆ ไม่ต้องเปิดค้างตลอดเวลา - เว็บไซต์ที่แนะนำในการเขียน EA เบื้องต้นคือ http://www.forexeadvisor.com/ - เป็นเว็บไซต์ที่ช่วยให้เราสามารถสร้าง EA เป็นของตัวเองได้ง่าย ๆ แต่ก็เพียงแค่เบื้องต้นเท่านั้นนะครับ หากต้องการเขียนให้ยืดหยุ่นที่สุด ยังคงจำเป็นต้องเรียนรู้วิธีการเขียน EA ด้วยโค้ตโปรแกรม MQL4 อยู่ดีครับ โดยในเว็บนี้จะมีเงื่อนไขของอินดิเคเตอร์ที่สำคัญ ๆ ให้เราเลือกใช้งานอยู่จำนวนหนึ่ง ซึ่งก็เป็นการเพียงพอสำหรับเงื่อนไขการเปิดปิดออเดอร์แบบง่าย ๆ ได้ - เมื่อกำหนดค่าต่าง ๆ เงื่อนไขต่าง ๆ เรียบร้อยแล้ว ก็กดปุ่มสร้างโค้ตและทำการบันทึกโค้ตออกมาได้เลยครับ หากท่านใดคิดว่า โค้ตที่เราเขียนนั้น เราพึงพอใจแล้ว อยากแจกจ่ายให้กับเพื่อน ๆ ท่านอื่น แต่ไม่อยากที่จะให้ท่านอื่น ๆ มาแก้ไขโค้ตของเรา ก็ให้คอมไพล์โค้ตเป็นนามสกุล .ex4 คนที่ได้รับ EA ของเราไปก็จะแก้ไขโค้ตไม่ได้ครับ - ในช่วงหลังของคลิปก็จะเป็นการนำ EA ที่เราเขียนด้วยตัวเองนั้นไปทดสอบ Backtest กันครับ ว่าสามารถทำงานได้ตามเงื่อนไขที่เรากำหนดไว้หรือไม่ - คลิปนี้อาจจะยาวไปหน่อย แต่ก็คิดว่าน่าจะจุดประกายเบื้องต้น สำหรับเพื่อนเทรดเดอร์ Forex ที่ต้องการเขียน EA ไว้ใช้งานเองด้วยเงื่อนไขง่าย ๆ ไม่ซับซ้อนมากนัก โดยที่ไม่ต้องจ้างใคร และหากใจดีเขียน EA เสร็จแล้ว หากต้องการให้ผมช่วยทดสอบก็ยินดีนะคร้าบบบ..^ ^ * เทรด Forex ไม่ใช่เรื่องยาก เราสามารถเปิดเป็นพอร์ตทดลอง Forex Demo เทรดไปก่อน เพื่อเรียนรู้และฝึกฝนฝีมือ โดยที่ไม่มีค่าใช้จ่ายใด ๆ เมื่อพร้อมแล้วค่อยลงทุนจริงก็ได้ มีโบรกเกอร์ที่ผมแนะนำด้านล่างนี้เลยครับ ระบบเสถียรดีและฝากถอนเงินง่ายครับ * #XM - https://goo.gl/X5eevj #Exness - https://goo.gl/71q9yb #Weltrade - http://goo.gl/og3ZNW #PepperStone - https://goo.gl/mYMxyx #HotForex - https://goo.gl/riRvHw #FxOpen - https://goo.gl/l369dP ====================================== ♥♥♥ Fit Variety & Enjoy your life. ♥♥♥ เราแบ่งปันมุมมอง ความคิด จากประสบการณ์ที่ผ่านมาในอดีต และเรื่องที่สนใจในปัจจุบัน รวมทั้ง ความคาดหวังที่ต้องการให้เกิดขึ้นในอนาคตผ่านตัวหนังสือ รูปภาพ และวีดีโอ http://www.fitvariety.com Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/fitvariety Google+ : https://goo.gl/JX0BPl ♥♥ SUBSCRIBE ♥♥ ช่องเกี่ยวกับอาหาร - - https://goo.gl/83bTTg ช่องวาไรตี้ รีวิว เที่ยว - - https://goo.gl/aqzaqY ช่องสร้างรายได้เสริม Forex - - https://goo.gl/cQgfh3 ♥♥ - - ขอบคุณมากครับผม - - Thanks - - ♥♥ ======================================
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Forex Trading – EA Builder, Create Indicators and Strategies without Programming
http://ow.ly/YUGjl EA Builder, Get free indicators I'm here to share with you some cool indicators for MetaTrader 4 and TradeStation. They were all created in EA Builder - the amazing tool that lets you create custom indicators without having to do any programming. 1) "Trend Colored" - Colored candlesticks showing the trend, based on two moving averages and the slope of the slow moving average. 2) "CCI Colored" - CCI indicator with different colors at levels 0, 100 and -100. The cross is a signal for "123 Exit" as presented by MPlay and used in Woodies CCI system. This exit signal is effective especially in short-term breakout trades, because it prevents early exiting at small corrections. 3) "Trendline Break Alert" - An audible alert sounds when candlestick closes above/below the trendline or horizontal line. For more detail information and Get your free indicators here : http://ow.ly/YUGjl The best thing about EA Builder is that the work is pretty much done in a few clicks. Turn your trading idea into an automated system within minutes, without hiring a programmer and without knowing anything about programming. Even professional programmers appreciate the benefits of creating indicators and strategies with a few short clicks. For more helpful information and sign up for free and start creating indicators at http://ow.ly/YUGjl
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WHY MQL4? Code this easy trading robot in 3 minutes!
https://mql4tutorial.com The most important question for me might be: Does it really work for you and can you do it? But to answer that question I have created a very short Expert Advisor program that you can write within 2 or 3 minutes. I will just copy the code here to show you the process. please open your Metatrader and press the F4 key. That will bring up the Metaeditor where you can click on the “New” link. Select “Expert Advisor from template”. Continue - give it a name, click on continue, continue and you are ready. Now remove everything within the white window and paste the code. Afterwards compile. If everything is okay, reopen your Metatrader and hit the CTRL and the R key to bring up the backtesting module. Select a date range, use period “M1”, set this check mark to see what is going on and adjust the speed. We all know the EURUSD has gone down for a while, so this is a good example how to make money even when the price is going down the hill. If you have set up everything hit the start key, adjust the speed here and watch what happens. We have made our first two bucks of profit and here is our next profit with another 2 dollars. I will speed up a little bit more and this ist the end result for the whole year 2015. If you had done that, you would have made some money. Simply click on the report tab here to see your total profit. That was very easy, wasn’t it?
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Algorithmic Trading with Python and Quantopian p. 1
In this tutorial, we're going to begin talking about strategy back-testing. The field of back testing, and the requirements to do it right are pretty massive. Basically, what's required for us is to create a system that will take historical pricing data and simulate trading in that environment, and then gives us the results. https://pythonprogramming.net https://twitter.com/sentdex https://www.facebook.com/pythonprogramming.net/ https://plus.google.com/+sentdex
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https://mql4tutorial.com With MQL4 for Metatrader4 we calculate the current trend in an EA (also called Expert Advisor or Trading Robot) that can tell you if you are in a long trend or in a short trend - directly on your Forex Chart ...
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