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BOVESPA Brazilian Stock Exchange
Filmed on occasion of my visit to the Brazilian Stock Exchange (BOVESPA) on Sunday 19th, 2007. Believe it or not, the museum of the Exchange was opened on Sunday for promotion of investment and trading activities.
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Gilberto Biojone - Former CEO Bovespa -- Sao Paulo Stock Exchange
In this SNNLive Wall Street View, Shelly speaks with Gilberto Biojone, the Former CEO of the Bovespa - Sao Paulo Stock Exchange at the International Stock Exchange Executives Emeriti (ISEEE) Conference 2012 in Madeira, Portugal.
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Market Maker Brazil Bovespa Stock Index
Brazil Bovespa Stock Index
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BM&FBOVESPA opens Toronto Stock Exchange, June 5, 2012.
A delegation from BM&FBOVESPA S.A - Securities, Commodities and Futures Exchange - joined John McCoach, President, TSX Venture Exchange, to open the market today. BM&FBOVESPA 's has formed a Working Group on Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to meet with several countries with relevant experience in the SME market. BM&FBOVESPA was created in 2008, through the integration between the Sao Paolo Exchange (Bovespa) and the Brazilian Mercantile & Futures Exchange (BM&F). For more information visit www.bmfbovespa.com.
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BM&F Bovespa
Brazil Stock Market BM&F Bovespa
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Bolsa de valores de São Paulo - BM&FBOVESPA - Stock Exchange
Um pouco de como é a Bolsa de Valors de São Paulo, curso realizado com a BM&FBOVESPA vale a pena conferir. Interessados em realizar um curso direto na BM&FBOVESPA acesse: http://www.bmfbovespa.com.br/pt-br/educacional/cursos/cursos.aspx?idioma=pt-br
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Frankfurt Börse (Stock Exchange)
Early in the morning at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. I had visited this for the first time in June 1993 to watch the stock brokers trade their shares. It wasn't quite as exciting as in Trading Places with Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd (and Don Ameche as well).
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2.Pregão Viva Voz - BM&FBovespa Stock Market in Brazil, trading floor "In Memorian".
Este era o Pit de negociação do IND (Índice Bovespa Futuro).
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6.Pregão Viva Voz - BM&FBovespa Stock Market in Brazil, trading floor "In Memorian".
Este era o Pit de negociação para o Call de VTC e VOI.
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Stock Exchange | The Thrill and Terror of Stock Exchange | World Documentary Films
Stock Exchange | The Thrill and Terror of Stock Exchange | World Documentary Films A stock exchange is a form of exchange which provides services for stock . This week on African Business Weekly, we head to the the Nigerian stock exchange as it looks to build on the group's first IPO since 2010 last year. The exch.
(21 Jan 1974) Paris stock exchange. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/19630b01b76528b2f8a349a4f2113fdc Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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Top 10 Stock Exchanges In The World
1. New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) 2. NASDAQ OMX 3. Tokyo Stock Exchange 4. London Stock Exchange 5. Shanghai Stock Exchange 6. Hong Kong Stock Exchange 7. Toronto Stock Exchange 8. BM&F Bovespa 9. Australian Securities Exchange 10. Deutsche Börse
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Bovespa IPO in Brazil
The Brazilian stock exchange raised close to 4 billion this week. New Technology and modernization is expanding world markets.Like the [NYX] Trading dollar has gone from 310m USD to 2.4b in 5 years. Brazil is creating a retail stock ownership society. Bolsa de Mercadoria & Futuros BM&F is the futures market.Chicago Merc[CME]swapped out 2% for 10% of this Red hot market. Deal valued around 700m
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S.Korean stock exchange closes 2015; KOSPI ends at 1,961.31 / YTN
South Korean stocks closed lower on Wednesday, the final trading day of Korea Exchange (KRX) this year. The Korea Composite Stock Price Index closed at 1,961.31, losing 5 points, or 0.25 percent, from Tuesday. For the year, the stocks listed on the Seoul bourse moved up 2.39 percent. Meanwhile, the Korea Securities Dealers Automated Quotations (KOSDAQ), an electronic stock market, wrapped up its final 2015 session on Wednesday at 682.35, a drop of 1.36 percent over the previous day. KRX data shows that 190 companies were newly listed on KRX during the year, with its total market capitalization increasing to 1.43 trillion won ($1.2 billion). ▶ 기사 원문 : http://www.ytn.co.kr/_pn/1207_201512311031313160 ▶ 제보 안내 : http://goo.gl/gEvsAL, 모바일앱, [email protected], #2424 ▣ YTN 유튜브 채널 구독 : http://goo.gl/Ytb5SZ [ 한국 뉴스 채널 와이티엔 / Korea News Channel YTN ]
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1.Pregão Viva Voz - BM&FBovespa Stock Market in Brazil, trading floor "In Memorian".
Este era o Pit de negociação do US$ (Dólar) Futuro.
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What is a Social Stock Exchange?
Dr Yunus explains how a Social Stock Exchange can be created to invest in a better world, as opposed to individual financial portfolios.
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Top 20 Stock Exchanges in the world
Top 20 Stock Exchanges in the world New York Stock Exchange The New York Stock Exchange (abbreviated as NYSE, and nicknamed "The Big Board"), is an American stock exchange located at 11 Wall Street, Lower Manhattan, New York City, New York. It is by far the world's largest stock exchange by market capitalization of its listed companies at US$21.3 trillion as of June 2017. NASDAQ The Nasdaq Stock Market is an American stock exchange. It is the second-largest exchange in the world by market capitalization, behind only the New York Stock Exchange located in the same city London Stock Exchange The London Stock Exchange (LSE) is a stock exchange located in the City of London, England. As of December 2014, the Exchange had a market capitalisation of US$6.06 trillion, making it the third-largest stock exchange in the world by this measurement (the largest in Europe ahead of Euronext). Japan Exchange Group Japan Exchange Group, Inc. (JPX) is a Japanese financial services corporation that operates multiple securities exchanges including Tokyo Stock Exchange and Osaka Securities Exchange. Shanghai Stock Exchange The Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE) is a stock exchange that is based in the city of Shanghai, China. It is one of the two stock exchanges operating independently in the People's Republic of China, the other is the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Euronext Euronext N.V. is a European stock exchange seated in Amsterdam, Brussels, London, Lisbon, Dublin and Paris Hong Kong Stock Exchange The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited, abb. SEHK, is Asia's third-largest stock exchange in terms of market capitalization behind the Tokyo Stock Exchange and Shanghai Stock Exchange, and the sixth largest in the world before Euronext Shenzhen Stock Exchange The Shenzhen Stock Exchange (SZSE)is a stock exchange based in the city of Shenzhen, China. It is one of two stock exchanges operating independently in the People's Republic of China, the other being the larger Shanghai Stock Exchange Deutsche Börse Bombay Stock Exchange The Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) is an Indian stock exchange located at Dalal Street, Mumbai (formerly Bombay). National Stock Exchange of India The National Stock Exchange of India Limited (NSE) is the leading stock exchange of India, located in Mumbai. The NSE was established in 1992 as the first demutualized electronic exchange in the country. TMX Group TMX Group Limited is a Canadian financial services company that operates equities, fixed income, derivatives, and energy markets exchanges Korea Exchange Korea Exchange (KRX) is the sole securities exchange operator in South Korea. It is headquartered in Busan, and has an office for cash markets and market oversight in Seoul. SIX Swiss Exchange SIX Swiss Exchange (formerly SWX Swiss Exchange), based in Zurich, is Switzerland's principal stock exchange (the other being Berne eXchange) Nasdaq Nordic Nasdaq Nordic is the common name for the subsidiaries of Nasdaq, Inc. that provide financial services and operate marketplaces for securities in Nordic, Baltic, and Caucasus countries Australian Securities Exchange The Australian Securities Exchange (ASX, sometimes referred to outside Australia as the Sydney Stock Exchange) is Australia's primary securities exchange. JSE Limited JSE Limited (previously the JSE Securities Exchange and the Johannesburg Stock Exchange) is the oldest existing and largest stock exchange in Africa. Taiwan Stock Exchange The Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation (TWSE) is a financial institution, located in Taipei 101, in Taipei, Taiwan B3 (stock exchange) he B3 (in full, B3 - Brasil Bolsa Balcão S.A.), formerly BM&FBOVESPA, is a Stock Exchange located at São Paulo, Brazil. Bolsas y Mercados Españoles Bolsas y Mercados Españoles BME is the Spanish company that deals with the organizational aspects of the Spanish stock exchanges and financial markets
Brazilian stock market unfazed by Temer probe
(27 Jun 2017) A day after Brazil's top prosecutor formally accused President Michel Temer of corruption in a scathing indictment, markets largely shrugged off the news Tuesday in a sign that the leader's departure may not be imminent. In sharp contrast to the nosedive that the Brazilian real currency and stocks took when accusations of corruption against Temer surfaced in May, the benchmark Bovespa was trading even on Tuesday, while the real fell 0.8 percent against the dollar. Late Monday, Attorney General Rodrigo Janot filed a 64-page indictment with the Supreme Federal Tribal that accuses Temer of corruption for allegedly accepting bribes from an executive at a major meatpacker in exchange for help influencing the decisions of state bodies. The document is blistering in its assessment of Temer, saying he showed a total disregard for his office and that his actions - including secret meetings not on his official calendar - showed he was trying to cover up "criminal actions". Janot's indictment was widely expected - which could explain the lukewarm reaction of investors - but the accusations themselves have roiled Brazilian politics since the details that underpin them began to emerge last month, raising questions about whether Temer will finish out his term, which ends next year. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/31296e50381f9a2f69ed1448888c2362 Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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J-COM Mis-order in Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Mis-order of brokerage firm.
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pregão - BM&V BOVESPA
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Trading Floor at New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)
NYSE seen from the members gallery on August 9, 2007
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DAY TRADER aproveitando LEILÃO DE ABERTURA - Como operar baseado no Leilão de abertura
Nesse vídeo vamos falar sobre como tomar algumas decisões no Day Trade se baseando no Leilão de Abertura da Bolsa de Valores. Fala Traders, eu tenho recebido a seguinte pergunta nos últimos dias de alguns alunos do RaioXPreditivo. Sato, porque o leilão de pré-abertura do mini índice nos últimos dias tem sido em GAP de alta e porque isso ocorre? Vamos direto ao ponto e sem rodeios, os players institucionais que tem o poder de deslocar os preços, podem pressionar o mercado para cima ou para baixo no leilão de pré-abertura, se esses Big Players tiverem acumulado no pregão anterior eles tem total interesse em elevar os preços na abertura do dia seguinte, e como fazem isso? Inserindo mais lotes na compra no leilão de abertura pressionando um gap de alta na abertura como vem ocorrendo nos últimos dias, se esses big players distribuíram no pregão do dia anterior eles tem total interesse numa queda dos preços e como fazem isso? inserindo agora mais lotes na venda pressionando os preços a abrirem em gap de baixa. Entender esse conceito do preço teórico de abertura é muito importante, uma vez que o preço de abertura muitas vezes serve como ponto de trade location tanto para zerar posições como para abertura de novas posições de curtíssimo prazo. Borá ver uma operação que fiz usando o preço de abertura como tomada de decisão e qual a lógica de entrar tomando risco nesse nível de preço. Pré-abertura: período em que o sistema da bolsa de valores registra ordens de compra e venda, mas não os efetiva de fato. Uma analogia interessante é pensarmos na Fórmula 1, antes da corrida começar os carros fazem uma volta de aquecimento que serve entre outras coisas para conferir as condições da pista e do veículo. Neste momento, não há ultrapassagem e ao final os pilotos se posicionam novamente no grid de largada para então de fato iniciar a corrida. Dura quinze minutos antes do pregão propriamente dito. Se você quiser participar do leilão de pré-abertura, cuidado! Não há maneira de cancelar ofertas de compra ou venda feitas nesse período. Também é possível emitir uma ordem para o leilão da pré-abertura através do home broker ou plataforma gráfica. Ela fica registrada no sistema da corretora de valores e, às 9h45, é enviada para a bolsa e participa do leilão, ajudando a dar o tom da abertura das 10h. Call de fechamento ou leilão de fechamento: embora haja exceções, só participam do leilão de fechamento empresas que façam parte de algum índice, não necessariamente o Índice bovespa (vamos falar de índices mais à frente). O call de fechamento acontece nos cinco minutos finais do pregão e define o preço de fechamento desses ativos. Cinco minutos parecem poucos, mas do modo como a bolsa de valores funciona, esses 300 segundos chegam a registrar de 5% a 10% do total de negócios diários da bovespa (BM&FBovespa, B3) QUER FAZER OS CURSOS GRATUITOS QUE PREPARAMOS PARA VOCÊ? ACESSE OS LINKS ABAIXO: ✅ ESTÁ COMEÇANDO AGORA? ACESSE: ▶https://www.osmelhoresinvestimentos.com.br/webinar-basico/ ✅ NÃO ESTÁ TENDO BONS RESULTADOS? ▶ https://www.osmelhoresinvestimentos.com.br/webinar-avancado/ Indico que você assista a outros 2 vídeos postados aqui no canal que irão te ajudar a entender ainda mais sobre esse tema. São eles: VÍDEO 1: O pregão de ontem interfere no de hoje? Day Trader operando na Abertura do Pregão https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0TjYjEX3SXw VÍDEO 2: COMO OPERAR NA ABERTURA DO MERCADO COM GAP DE BAIXA: DICAS PARA O DAYTRADER https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r4qfynjiJQo #LEILAODEABERTURA
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Brazil : When the stock acts social
REPORT: The Bovespa, Sao Paulo's Stock Exchange, has been financing social projects through popular shareholding since 2003. The aim is to let some of Brazil's poorest slums share in the country's economic growth.
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How the Stock Market Works - Cartoon Tutorial - Economics and Investing Video (1952)  free seo tools
How the Stock Market Works - Cartoon Tutorial - Economics and Investing Video (1952) free seo tools bulkping Movie www.bulkping.com/ A stock market or equity market is a public (a loose network of economic transactions, not a physical facility or discrete) entity for the trading of company stock (shares) and derivatives at an agreed price; these are securities listed on a stock exchange as well as those only traded privately. The size of the world stock market was estimated at about $36.6 trillion at the start of October 2008. The total world derivatives market has been estimated at about $791 trillion face or nominal value, 11 times the size of the entire world economy. The value of the derivatives market, because it is stated in terms of notional values, cannot be directly compared to a stock or a fixed income security, which traditionally refers to an actual value. Moreover, the vast majority of derivatives 'cancel' each other out (i.e., a derivative 'bet' on an event occurring is offset by a comparable derivative 'bet' on the event not occurring). Many such relatively illiquid securities are valued as marked to model, rather than an actual market price. The stocks are listed and traded on stock exchanges which are entities of a corporation or mutual organization specialized in the business of bringing buyers and sellers of the organizations to a listing of stocks and securities together. The largest stock market in the United States, by market cap, is the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). In Canada, the largest stock market is the Toronto Stock Exchange. Major European examples of stock exchanges include the Amsterdam Stock Exchange, London Stock Exchange, Paris Bourse, and the Deutsche Börse (Frankfurt Stock Exchange). In Africa, examples include Nigerian Stock Exchange, JSE Limited, etc. Asian examples include the Singapore Exchange, the Tokyo Stock Exchange, the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, the Shanghai Stock Exchange, and the Bombay Stock Exchange. In Latin America, there are such exchanges as the BM&F Bovespa and the BMV. A few decades ago, worldwide, buyers and sellers were individual investors, such as wealthy businessmen, usually with long
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Rio de Janeiro Stock Exchange
Video Software we use: https://amzn.to/2KpdCQF Ad-free videos. You can support us by purchasing something through our Amazon-Url, thanks :) The Rio de Janeiro Stock Exchange is Brazil's second largest exchange after the Bovespa stock exchange in São Paulo, and the oldest of Brazilian stock exchanges in activity.Its inauguration occurred in July 14, 1820, 3 years after the 1st Brazilian stock exchange inaugurated, the today inactive Salvador Exchange; and before the Brazilian Independence process began.It was from its beginning through the early 1970s, the most important Brazilian Exchange.Following the 1971 markets crash's effects it slowly lost ground to São Paulo's Bovespa. This channel is dedicated to make Wikipedia, one of the biggest knowledge databases in the world available to people with limited vision. Article available under a Creative Commons license Image source in video
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Encerramento Pregão do Bovespa São Paulo 04/07/2012
Pregão Bolsa de Valores em São Paulo Bovespa - Encerramento 04/07/2012 - Auction Stock Exchange Bovespa in Sao Paulo [Brazil) - Auction Börse Bovespa in Sao Paulo [Brasilien) - Vente aux enchères de la Bourse Bovespa à Sao Paulo [Brésil) - Asta Stock Exchange Bovespa a San Paolo [Brasile) -
Daniel Nestor Visits Toronto Stock Exchange
Daniel Nestor, who has won a golden Grand Slam, visits the Toronto Stock Exchange soon after winning his first Wimbledon title in 2008.
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[Weekend] WORLD Markets Technical Analysis May 6-7, 2017
LIKE | COMMENT | SHARE | SUBSCRIBE My Website; http://www.muathe.com/ Original Muathe.com Concepts! Some world markets are doing their best to clear well defined resistance levels, which should be encouraging to market bulls. Even as they clear resistance they need to punch further above these levels, otherwise their impressive beginning to the month of May might be a trap before the down turn. World market themed charts mentioned include; AORD monthly 5,898.48 breakout attempt, SSEC monthly breakout attempt at 3,250.03 stalling, SSEC daily, NIKK monthly, HSI - Hong Kong Hang Seng monthly uniformity and price challenges continue, KOSPI weekly, KOSPI monthly, Singapore Straits - $STI - monthly, STI daily, NIFTY monthly, NIFTY daily, NIFTY hourly, ZADOW - South Africa Stock Index - weekly, ZADOW - South Africa Stock Index - monthly, DAX monthly, DAX daily support, ZADOW daily, CAC weekly, CAC monthly, DAX weekly, DAX monthly, FTSE monthly breakout potential past 7,322.92, FTSE weekly, TSX monthly breakout 15,625.73, TSX monthly above 69.1, TSX weekly support lines, Brazilian Bovespa monthly challenges, Bovespa daily RSI wedge, and the Argentina Stock Market - $MERV.
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Brazil Stock Market nov 2017
Why we favour brazilian stocks in 2018 and why latam Madrid is a good Choice
Fourth Annual Mexico Day Kicks Off at the New York Stock Exchange
H.E. Eduardo Medina-Mora, Mexico's Ambassador to the U.S., the Hon. Sandra Fuentes, Consul General of Mexico in New York and the Hon. Rafael Moreno Valle, Governor of the State of Puebla, along with corporate leaders from Mexican companies, will gather at the New York Stock Exchange on Monday, May 12 to participate in the fourth annual Mexico Day Investor Luncheon. The event, sponsored by BNY Mellon, i-advize and NYSE Euronext, will focus on the leaders of the Mexican economy, those heads of companies who, via their ideas, talent and dedication, have helped to shape Mexico's financial markets and redefine the concept of business in the region. Over 15 companies from Mexico, including five listed on the New York Stock Exchange, will participate in the fourth Mexico Day. In honor of this special occasion, senior Mexican company officials will join Ambassador Medina-Mora, Consul General Fuentes and Governor Moreno Valle on the NYSE bell podium for The Opening Bell. Officials include: Mr. Hector Madero, CEO of Corporacion Actinver (BMV: ACTINVR) Mr. Alonso Quintana Kawage, CEO of Empresas ICA (NYSE: ICA, BMV: ICA) Mr. Fernando Bosque, CEO of Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacifico (NYSE: GAP; BMV: PAC) Mr. Alejandro Valenzuela del Rio, CEO of Grupo Financiero Banorte (BMV: GFNORTE) Mr. Jose Manuel Contreras, CEO of Grupo Senda Autotransporte Mr. Luis Barrios, CEO of Hoteles City Express (BMV: HCITY) Mr. Alberto Chretin, CEO of Terrafina (BMV: TERRA) Mr. Carlos Danel, CEO of Gentera (BMV: GENTERA)
São Paulo Stock Exchange
São Paulo Stock Exchange, The very Sao Paulo Stock exchange is today taken over buy homeless people of Sao Paulo. It is sad to see these incredibly heritage crumbling away in front of our eyes.
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Stock market reax to House rejection of rescue plan
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - 29 September 2008 1. Pan of exterior of the Brazilian Academy of Literature building 2. Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva arriving at event 3. Cutaway of cameras 4. Wide of Lula at event 5. Mid of people in audience 6. SOUNDBITE (Portuguese) Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, Brazilian President: "Emerging nations, poor nations who have done everything to have a good fiscal policy and to keep their economies stable, should not be paying for the price for the American economy's casino-like policies. It is not fair to have countries in Latin America, Africa or Asia pay for the irresponsibility of certain sectors of the American financial system." FILE : Sao Paulo, Brazil - Recent 7. Various exteriors of Bovespa, Brazil's stock exchange 8. Various of traders monitoring markets inside Buenos Aires, Argentina - 29 September 2008 9. Wide of Obelisco monument in central Buenos Aires 10. Various of the Buenos Aires stock exchange trading floor 11. Various of electronic display boards showing stock prices 12. Traders 13. SOUNDBITE (Spanish) Hugo Issa, Stock trader: " Despite having better defences than in previous occasions, we have fiscal surplus, commercial surplus, surely with reserves at the Central Bank of a certain size, we are in a better position, yes, but despite all of that, the effect is sooner or later going to arrive, end of this year, beginning of the next, we will have it ( the crisis) at the threshold of our economy." 14. Various of traders at the stock market watching the US congress resolution on television Mexico City, Mexico - 29 September 2008 15. Wide press conference with Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim 16. SOUNDBITE: (Spanish) Carlos Slim, Mexican business magnate: "Where there is no doubt is that this is a moment of financial crisis unlike any I have ever seen. It's magnitude is such that we have the tools to allaviate it, but not to reduce it. This isn't a market panic that's generating a financial crisis, it's a financial crisis that's generating a panic in the market." 17. Wide exterior of Mexican stock exchange 18. Wide interior of stock exchange 19. Various of electronic boards with index readouts 20. Medium same 21. Wide of exchange floor STORYLINE Latin American stocks plunged on Monday as the US House of Representatives rejected a 700 (b) billion US dollars bailout package meant to reboot the financial markets. Ibovespa stock index in Brazil led losses, tanking 13.8 percent in afternoon trading. Brazilian President Luis Inacio Lula da Silva who earlier in the day had been confident that the contagion of the financial crisis would be small, reacted angrily to the plunge at the stock market. "Emerging nations, poor nations who have done everything to have a good fiscal policy and to keep their economies stable, should not be paying for the price for the American economy's casino-like policies, " he said. Trading was automatically halted for 30 minutes after the index crossed the 10 percent loss threshold, but stocks fell further to 43,766 once selling resumed with less than two hours to go before the market's daily close. Brazil's currency, the real, fell 6.4 percent against the US dollar. In Argentina the Merval index meanwhile dropped 8.8 percent to 1,513 in midday trading, Analysts are confident that the necessary steps have been taken by Argentina to avoid the worst though some of them acknowledged that the effect would be felt "sooner or later". "At the end of this year, beginning of the next, we will have it ( the crisis) at the door of our economy," said Hugo Issa, a stock trader at the Buenos Aires stock market. Mexico's Bolsa index meanwhile slipped 6.2 percent to 24,008. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/ebb036565589b73f858a2f2034a26148 Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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Auction Market Theory
Get the Daily Video! http://www.smbtraining.com/dailyvideo http://www.smbtraining.com is a Proprietary Trading firm located in NYC that specializes in trading equities. Our training programs were designed to help you develop the trading skills to become a consistently profitable trader. Written, video and classroom lectures are offered through SMB U, our education company. SMB offers training and trading products for new and semi-experienced traders. Learn more about SMB by checking us out at http://www.smbtraining.com. SMB Blog http://www.smbtraining.com/blog Facebook https://www.facebook.com/smbcap Twitter: https://twitter.com/smbcapital
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+4:3 Markets across region fall over concerns about global economic future
(8 Aug 2011) ++16:9++ Buenos Aires, Argentina - 8 August 2011 1. Wide of crowded downtown street 2. Wide of stock market trading floor 3. Various of traders at stock market 4. Close-up of indexes screen 5. Mid of stock market agent Oscar Vergara sitting in front of his computer 6. SOUNDBITE: (Spanish) Oscar Vergara, stock market agent: "With the new rating given by Standard and Poor''s to the US bonds, it affected us with this negative trend that we see today in all the stock markets across the world. What happened this last time is that it affected the credibility of the markets and as everybody knows, money is the biggest coward." 7. Tracking shot of a trader on the phone ++16:9++ Mexico City, Mexico - 8 August 2011 8. Wide of Mexico City street 9. Mid exterior of stock market 10. Pan of market floor 11. Mid of traders at their desks 12. Mid of market board 13. Various of currency exchange board ++16:9++ Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - 8 August 2011 14. Mid of entrance of stock trading company 15. Various of stock traders in office 16. Mid of board share prices and indexes 17. SOUNDBITE: (Portuguese) Gil Deschatre, economic analyst: "Brazil''s currency is still controlled internally, so I don''t see the economy being affected in the long term. But in the short term, we are all suffering because all of the international economic fluctuations are mixed together." ++ 4:3++ FILE - Sao Paulo, Brazil - 2010 18. Various of Bovespa stock exchange STORYLINE: Stock markets in Latin America reacted negatively on Monday to the Standard & Poor''s downgrade of American debt on Friday. Brazil, Mexico and Argentina saw steep declines in their indexes but it was Brazil''s stocks that fell most sharply, joining a global sell-off on the first trading day after a downgrade in America''s debt rating. The Bovespa stock index was down 5.6 percent to 49,990 points in afternoon trading. The main stock index in Latin America''s biggest economy has been the biggest loser in the Americas this year. The Brazilian index has lost 28 percent since early January. Shares in the market''s heavyweights, the state-controlled energy company Petrobras and mining company Vale, contributed to the decline. Shares in both Petrobras and Vale fell 5.5 percent Monday. Together they make up more than 20 percent of the index. However, economic analyst Gil Deschatre said he didn''t expect the economy to be affected in the long term. "But in the short term, we are all suffering because all of the international economic fluxes are mixed together," he said. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/441b07ca2c520a01040a569299fe68c1 Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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African stock exchange focus
Original Publish Date: || Thu, 12 Jun 2014 14:53:02 GMT || Let's take a look at how some of the bourses in Africa have been performing joining CNBC Africa is Fadekemi Obasanya, Stanbic IBTC Asset Management limited.
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Tokyo Stock Exchange 3/3
Tokyo Stock Exchange, TOPIX
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Weekend World Market Analysis 04/25/2015
Enjoy the party as long as possible but beware of the eventual hangover headache. World market themed charts mentioned include; TSX Composite Index Weekly, TSX Daily, TSX Monthly, BVSP Daily, EWZ Weekly, EWZ Daily, French CAC 40 Index Daily, BVSP Brazilian Bovespa Stock Index Weekly RSI TRAP? CAC Weekly, CAC Monthly, German DAX Composite Daily, Weekly, Dax Monthly, FTSE London Financial Times Index Daily, FTSE Weekly, Hong Kong Hang Seng Daily, Hong Kong Weekly, Hong Kong Monthly, China Shangai Stock Exchange Daily, China Weekly, China Monthly, KOSPI South Korea Seoul Composite Weekly, Dow JOnes Industrials Daily, S&P 500 Daily Chart, NASDAQ Daily, KOSPI Monthly, KOSPI Daily, Japan Daily,Tokyo Nikkei Average Japan Weekly, Japan Monthly, $STI Singapore Straits Times Index Monthly, Australia ASX All Ordinaries Daily, ASX Monthly, Russia RSI Daily Price Wedge, Russia RSX Weekly, EDC Daily, S&P CNX Nifty Index - India Nifty Daily, Global X Nigeria Index ETF (NGE) 2 Weekly, Chart, Dow Jones South African Index ($ZADOW) Weekly, Monthly, Long Term Monthly, India Nifty Weekly, India Nifty Hourly, and India Nifty Monthly.
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KOSPI Korean Stock Exchange October 16 2008 Around Noon
Korea Exchange Trading Floor
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World Federation of Stock Exchanges meets in Doha
Members from the World Federation of Stock Exchanges met in Qatar's capital, with WFE chairman warning that volatility markets are currently "on the rise" and "threatening" global growth.
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Spanish/Nat Mexico's stock exchange hit an all-time low for the second day running on Friday. Traders are concerned that a possible devaluation in the Venezuelan currency will set off a chain of similar events throughout South America. Domestic investors are panicking and have rushed to cash in their investments before the country's economic situation gets any worse. Mexico's peso plunged against the U-S dollar when the stock exchange opened on Friday in Mexico City. At 9 a.m. local time (1400 GMT), the country's leading bank Banamex quoted the peso at a mid-rate trading of 9.565 pesos to one U-S dollar. Hours later it had fallen to a record low of 9.74 pesos to one U-S dollar. It was the second all-time low in two days. Thursday's close had quoted a previous all-time low of 9.345 pesos to one U-S dollar. The drop came as traders reacted to a devaluation of the Venezuelan currency. There were fears that it could lead to other countries in Latin America doing the same. One prominent analyst, Ernesto Ofarrill, president of Grupo Bursa Metrica said that the drop shown by the Mexican market also reflected Mexico's reliance on the U-S for its export market. SOUNDBITE: (Spanish) "Mexico relies heavily on its exports to the United States and the change in speculation in the U-S economy indicates a recession - one would therefore expect a market of slower growth which is exactly what is happening in the market." SUPER CAPTION: Ernesto Ofarrill, President of Grupo Bursa Metrica Domestic speculators were especially active. Hundreds of people rushed to the money exchange to cash in their investments before the peso dropped any further. Markets in other Latin American countries have also been shaken by the rumours. You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/bc127e15bf65b768379e2f1fc817ab92 Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork
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World Business: Stock Exchange 23/10/09
World Business: Bartering has been around since trade began but during difficult economic times its popularity often increases. Given the current recession, any system that allows a company to do business without using its hard-earned cash is usually worth a look. Reporter: Jim Garcia
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