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Bitcoin Technical Analysis (BTC/USD) - When Will We Know..? [07/18/2018]

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Text Comments (48)
Ryan Christians (1 month ago)
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Sam Yosemite (3 months ago)
My God. Sam I,m learning so much with every video. Thank you million times!
Martin O. (3 months ago)
what's the name of the oscillator with the blue/red colours? Can anybody help out please?
TcuToc TcuToc (3 months ago)
Day candles with the log scale = breakout. Could you reflect on that? Keep up the good work!
Andres Zalaquett (3 months ago)
Thank you Sam, excellent as always! will subscribe soon, have not been able to get decent amount of fiat to any exchange yet, I have many problems with Bitfinex, customer service is the worst in the industry as soon as this is resolved I will surely subscribe.
Jake Condemn (3 months ago)
New subscriber here. Great video but way above my level. Do you have or know any good basic BTC trading videos or how to read the charts etc?
Raj S (3 months ago)
Great explanation Sam! <3
Kevin Robert (3 months ago)
I think Kwan was correct, but Wave 3 started where your B wave starts. That's why it stopped at the .618 - the end of the final C before Wave 5. Guess we'll see....Thanks Sam as always!
Blah Blah (3 months ago)
Thanks Sam!
Jony Mnemonic (3 months ago)
Why you are counting wave down as ABC in bear market? When the motive wave is in down direction and we have new low how can you count it as ABC. You see a perfect 0.618 retrace on wave 3 down and you still talk about target beyond the wave 1. Leave the bullish glasses aside
emmm70 (3 months ago)
Probably you will have to do a major change in your bullish count because ... Bitcoin will not pass the 7900 level. Thousands of bears will defend this line. So the 6 k "bottom" will eventually be broken because Bitcoin still have SEVERAL MONTHS of downside movement. -----------------
Jorge L (3 months ago)
What are good exchanges to short in usa ?
Martin O. (3 months ago)
great video! thumbs up! what's the name of the oscillator with the blue/red colours by the way?
TheCrimsonLi0n (3 months ago)
Thank you for the video. I would love to apply all of this to margin trading but bitfinex requires a $10k account and bitmex is closed to people in the USA.
Liegebeest je (3 months ago)
TheCrimsonLi0n if you want to learn trading and be a part of a great community join trade devil
TheCrimsonLi0n (3 months ago)
Sure thing. I'll do that.
Liegebeest je (3 months ago)
Trade first to get 10k on bitstamp and later on if you have the money go to bitfinex with your capital
TheCrimsonLi0n (3 months ago)
I don't understand your suggestion.
Liegebeest je (3 months ago)
TheCrimsonLi0n Just trade to 10k on bitstamp
PM Wong William, (3 months ago)
BTC going to pay a vist to hell from here.
john connolly (3 months ago)
All your years of learning TA Sam finally has resulted in you becoming one of the most gifted analysist on youtube,we are lucky to have you wise us up
Crypto Kevin (3 months ago)
Keeping Austin weird Sam? I'm near Houston.
HoldStrongHands (3 months ago)
C'mon Bitcoin, let's go 5 waves! I feel those allergies. Here on Long Island we have fields of ragweed and everything else.
Takenyao123 (3 months ago)
It will pullback and then go all the way to around 7900. After that it will drop to new bottom. I feel the current wave is 4th wave of fifth wave correction
Takenyao123 (3 months ago)
yes thats my count . the fifth wave has to have 5 wave down. it wont be the longest interms of depth but may be longest in terms of width. if u measure trend based fib extension on wave 2,3,4 the .618 goes to about 4880. my target to buy more is below 4880. it might go even below 3000. just my prediction
Heino Der Sänger (3 months ago)
This would be your count then? https://gyazo.com/c311a9c05a3f8677cb2968a03d9bbbad If it's valid (I'm not an expert but I think it's invalid), then it still looks complete? Why one more down?
Takenyao123 (3 months ago)
Heino Der Sänger sorry. I think its 4th wave of 5th major wave. First wave in DEC 22. Second in Jan 6, third in Feb 5, fourth in 19 Feb and now is fifth major wave correction
Heino Der Sänger (3 months ago)
Takenyao123, isn't this already invalidated? It can't be 4th wave of thrid wave because it retraced into the 1st wave of third wave.
M K (3 months ago)
yeah this is a trap unless you're day trading.
Joe Ryan (3 months ago)
Could anyone please inform me as to the name of the volume indicator on the side of the chart? Also what is the indicator that gives you the “cloud”/shadow around the candles?
M K (3 months ago)
follow RSI and stochastic...clouds mislead too many times.
Joe Ryan (3 months ago)
TradeDevil thanks!
Crypto Kevin (3 months ago)
Sam, how do you reverse the last move on Trading View? I see you move like the whole 5 wave sometimes when you meant to move one wave. How do you do that? I can't figure it out.
TradeDevil (3 months ago)
Visible range and (rs) dolchian bollinger hybrid
Fadi (3 months ago)
cheers sam... thx
Jeff Th91 (3 months ago)
Helpfull as ever :D
The Cryptonaut (3 months ago)
your primary has matched my primary count through most of this dip :) You're a great teacher and I am glad this correction is looking more and more complete by the day!
João Machado (2 months ago)
I'm happy with 4.8k
João Machado (2 months ago)
Let will tell my friend ;)
constance A (3 months ago)
can't see it hitting that low. Maybe 5.2k-4.8k
Dean Hartland (3 months ago)
João Machado rip
João Machado (3 months ago)
I'm not, I was saving for the potential 3.8k-4.8k scenario :p
Aram Kirkorian (3 months ago)
Thanks Sam .... well done 👍
Chris Rock (3 months ago)
So I missed this last bottom. Should I wait for a pullback
TradeDevil (3 months ago)
João Machado (3 months ago)
Always. Like Sam always says, don't buy retail, wait for the sale price
jugreenfish (3 months ago)
insta like :DDDD
Jeff Th91 (3 months ago)

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