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Bitcoin Technical Update (BTC/USD) This is your job... [02/27/2018]

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Text Comments (51)
Frédéric Perazzi (7 months ago)
Hi Sam, Just to let you know that the sound of your voice is louder than usually & the screen frame not centred "fullscreen" on the chart. As on your release of the NEO TA of this date (02/27/2018). Other than that, thanks a lot for sharing your time to show your EW skills
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Muhaa Haloa (7 months ago)
Think that trend line is acting as a support right now, Thank you for your analysis trade devil im going to wait before buying in.Watching for bull traps around 12k if we get there..I will wait for replacement after the first pump.
Giwrgos Dimas (7 months ago)
After the high around 12k, the waves down are wxy. If you check it, you will understand why it bounced at 9.3k and its not a short c wave.
Patricio Lustig (7 months ago)
Good work TradeDevil. What if it doesn't retrace to the lower 10k because the down trendline now acts as a support? In that case you count still valid?
Daniel L (7 months ago)
I'm a bull but the inverted chart is scary AF https://uk.tradingview.com/x/4bHIHDmR/
Ripple Chips (7 months ago)
Hi, great video! Why did bitcoin make anothe wave after minor wave 5? that has confused me and lost my trade of this. is this count still valid in this case? would be great to know when its invalidated. After wave 3 i should have enough profits to take a course :D i m almost there! thanks!
Shayan T (7 months ago)
Hey man, have a question. Why do you think, that impulse wave 1 didn't end at 11800? Just wanted to hear your opinion because you have it noted as sub-wave 3?
josephkjoseph (7 months ago)
Thank you very much Sam :)
Naomi Sait (7 months ago)
Love your style and approach!
Jasen Petersen (7 months ago)
Great TA! Thank you. Much Appreciated.
BuyCryptoPig (7 months ago)
And that that that was all folks!
Ameed Khudair (7 months ago)
I'm a raging bear
moeserm (7 months ago)
Bravo Sam.  It's a travesty that you only show 15k subs.  I've been telling all my buddies about your channel to try and correct that.  Could you publish your analysis on Waltonchain (WTC)?
Derek Newman (7 months ago)
CorwinINaDSM (7 months ago)
Thank you SO MUCH for a new update! I absolutely love your TA!
Haliel (7 months ago)
how are going past 10900 right now without without basically any corection?
PinkyFlamingoMagazine (7 months ago)
Thank you! Great analysis! Have you looked at Bitcoin Diamond? I’m trying to use different approaches to understand this coin.... none of them work:(
Brian Griffith (7 months ago)
Excellent as usual Sam. You are top 5 in the world at this no doubt (or at least among peers who make videos). Important to point out to viewers that the Elliott count used in the first half of the video (Bitstamp) is different than the count used in the second half (GDAX), with regard to the Feb 20 high being end of wave 3 or wave 5. Always good to have two or more possibilities, and of course it is highly subjective. I have the latter count as my primary - finished 5th wave on 2/20 and now in the 1st/2nd of a new wave cycle. As you pointed out the new wave is clear as day, and the retracements are minimal in all of Feb no matter which count is used. It's odd to hear so much nervousness in the crypto communities lately when you couldn't expect much more bullishness this month. Barring any sudden change to the contrary, it appears to be a trend reversal. But BTC always likes to fool us, so you never know for sure.
romain gaucho (7 months ago)
Brian Griffith yes exactly thank u very much for ur help
Brian Griffith (7 months ago)
He's using an indicator called Dolchian/Bollinger - a hybrid of the Bollinger Bands and Dolchian channels. That's the shaded area...is that what you're asking? It's a custom indicator/script. You can add it to your charts by searching Dolchian in the Indicators search box on TradingView. More info about it here: http://bit.ly/2oEFTKf
romain gaucho (7 months ago)
Brian Griffith the kind of "shadows "
romain gaucho (7 months ago)
Brian Griffith Please do u know how he puts the lines on his chart? Not talkin bout the ema but the lines who follow the chart
Logan King (7 months ago)
Appreciate all the detail and time spent on this content
b1rd (7 months ago)
Good job man, it all seems so logical when you point it out like that.
RIZN (7 months ago)
You are the best!!!!!!!!!
Tim RatioBackspread (7 months ago)
I enjoyed the video as it's a pleasure to watch a legitimate elliotician and trader in action.
rizky kurniawan (7 months ago)
philakone is dead and i move here
Muhaa Haloa (7 months ago)
He is back and is a good trader he was hacked.!
romain gaucho (7 months ago)
He's back Damn we r no life losers ahahha
Naomi Sait (7 months ago)
then he picks on Haejin with no evidence after apologising for being a jerk to someone else. Too much drama
Kalin Kelso (7 months ago)
Thanks Sam !
Leigh Gerreyn (7 months ago)
Great TA. Really enjoyed this. Thank you :)
Henry Karjalainen (7 months ago)
There's no reason not to take that trade at Wave ii. Agreed.
Robert R (7 months ago)
amazing work, no bearish scenario this time?
Mike Phillips (7 months ago)
Thanks. Keep these coming more than just friday! Much appreciated
TheFinnmacool (7 months ago)
"Welcome to trading, that's your job".....Love it!
Marcus (7 months ago)
Yes sir scared money don't make money
Big Wheel (7 months ago)
Morning Sam - nice work, again.
specialk4959 (7 months ago)
You the man. Another great video. Thanks for sharing
Zack K (7 months ago)
Any reason why you use the Log scale and not Linear for EWT?
mikey bojangles (7 months ago)
Bro quick question what app you use for t.a and also where did learn all this from, I'm so determined
TradeDevil (7 months ago)
Hi Mickey, Lot's of hands on training via chart exchange and video... some people can come into the group. work hard and have it down in 30 days... most stay because they like the idea exchange with like minded traders and the comradery in the group.
mikey bojangles (7 months ago)
TradeDevil does that Include any hands on training, how many classes do you usually need give able to get it.. for 199 month
BigBullHorn!!!!! (7 months ago)
Wow man your awesome. Excellent TA

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