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Part 1: Starting an Art Business | Artist Entrepreneur Jennifer Gough | AQ's Blog & Grill

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Artist entrepreneur, Jennifer Gough, returns to AQ’s Blog & Grill to share her recent experiences creating and growing her art business. This year Jen has been featured in Forbes, showed at a gallery in New York City, and pushed her own boundaries by trying new mediums of art. Every year, Jennifer chooses a theme to live by. This years theme was bravery, which was clearly depicted in her 2015 collection of work. Jen explored digital art forms when asked to commission an installation for Kitchener’s THEMUSEUM ‘Getting Naked’ exhibit, a collection of rarely seen works from the Canadian Council Art Bank. Jen also explains how utilizing social media and digital technologies has helped her develop a successful art career, and tells us what is next for her company Minds Eye Studio Art.
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Very Private Gallery (1 year ago)
I'm glad to see conversations like this. In Europe, it is still quite a taboo to talk about 'artist entrepreneur' today. I met many artists here just want to be featured in museums and public projects, and being very proud of 'anti-market'. This has to change!
AQ's Blog & Grill (1 year ago)
Thanks for your comment. We absolutely agree! It can be very discouraging for emerging artists to see the landscape of the industry as is. We need to do our parts to encourage and enable the talented generations to come.
David Pearce (2 years ago)
Jennifer is such an inspiration. She's inspired me to move ahead with my own artwork. I think she's unbelievably talented and such a great spokes person. I'd love to visit her gallery someday.
AQ's Blog & Grill (2 years ago)
That is wonderful to hear David! Wishing you great success in your art career!
Inspection Negross (3 years ago)
...best legs in Waterloo region.
Joy Smith (4 years ago)
Great interview! I love Jennifer's art, and it's so nice to see someone so wonderfully talented being recognized. Couldn't happen to a more deserving person. Congrats Jennifer!
Jennifer Gough (3 years ago)
@Joy Smith Hey Joy! Thanks for the kind words. Looking forward to the next time our paths cross!

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