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Interview with Aubrey De Grey. How humans can live longer?

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Aubrey De Grey is a renowned gerontologist. Watch our interview to know how humans can live longer and how that will affect societies.
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xyhmo (2 months ago)
He's sounding more optimistic than ever, which is great to hear. And truly, a lot is going on in this field, and it's only getting better. But we need to make it better still.
xyhmo could you imagine what is like no one support you for the past 20 or 15 years and now that you have results everybody more and more are reaching out ... i mean he felt alone he felt he was the only one trying to fight against aging. Now people believe in him more and more ... and the results he has are good so yea i'm really happy that people are looking in to this
Hope they'll upload the speech
xyhmo (2 months ago)
Yes, but he's also already all over youtube.

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