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"It's a Man's World" Barneys Spring 2015 Campaign by Bruce Weber

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Text Comments (19)
Kendrick Jacocks (1 month ago)
My biggest boy crush ever on a star was Brooke Shields. Endless Love. La Brinkley and Madame Alt. I see the Fashion Fair girls there --- Nice! ..and Anne with all those boys. When I moved to New York, I bought a beautiful chest in Chinatown, and had to use a BARNEY'S bag, I had no idea it was so rich at that time, 2000.
Heartland Light (4 months ago)
Bruce Weber. Of course it's great.
ΈΛΛΗΝ GLORIOUS (11 months ago)
Isn't girls haaa?
wageesha harshana (1 year ago)
Hope Bruce Weber gets punished for all the sexual harassment he has done.
Ian Davidsson (1 year ago)
the black guy and the long hair curly one who was on the zebra, mmmm.
Nyabin Lia Rodriguez (1 year ago)
I am laughing so hard.God bless 'em.
AnneHardingBondiJct (1 year ago)
Sexist and Gay at the same time !
Sheridan Whiteside (2 years ago)
Loved the shots he did of GQ in the 1980's
Emo666Cali (2 years ago)
you see the 2 gay boys who went under the covers it ain't all str8 lolz
Bertrand Ferguson III (2 years ago)
i used to work w henry At Abercrombie And Ftich! dude is killing it!
Just very sad!, those guys are nobody...good bodies and that's it! on the other hand the ladies...legends! way to go  Barneys Spring 2015 Campaign by Bruce Weber...not much to say when it comes to advertising...
Ian Davidsson (1 year ago)
yeah that is unfortunately often the problem with the fashion industry. With a few exceptions, the prettyness have zero presence.
Lam Yau Tat (1 year ago)
Paulo Duran
Rembrandt (3 years ago)
Illuminati zebra's
The Black Knight (3 years ago)
Stephanie Seymour and Brooke Shields cougars I'll take
Sean Taroli (3 years ago)
Bruce, what happened? MILF & GILF ads?
matteo_974 (3 years ago)
I Am Wisdom (4 years ago)
praise God for beautiful men
Ana Flávia Andrade (4 years ago)

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