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Which Forex Trading Platform is BEST? (MetaTrader 4 vs cTrader)

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Join our Trading Room where we discuss all things forex and let me know which trading platform do you prefer: https://bit.ly/2AoUmAQ Which forex trading platform does give you the best competitive edge in the markets? And does it make such a difference? In today's video, I will walk you through the most popular trading platforms available to retail traders and compare their features! ***Follow us on social media***: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/forexsignalscom Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/forexsignalscom ***The Brokers I Recommend & Trade With*** **IC Markets is one of the world's largest forex brokers and offers True ECN account. The maximum allowed leverage is 500:1 and the minimum deposit is $200 Link: https://www.icmarkets.com/?camp=1619 **Blueberry Markets is currently the best-rated broker in Australia (on Forex Peace Army and Trustpilot) and offers competitive spreads, leverage of 500:1 and a minimum deposit of $100 Link: https://forexsignals.com/bbm
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Text Comments (216)
france Paul (6 days ago)
Thank you for the detailed explanation, might as well look into ctrader, though been doing my trading mostly on mt4 for the past 5 years on hotforex. but who knows right?
Sharon Candy (7 days ago)
The most important thing is how you trade. You can be successful with any trading platform if you have the right guidance. This is not to say you should use just any trading platform. Authur is my professional mentor. I have traded with him for 13 months now and its been success all the way. I just follow strictly his instructions and profits have been off the roof. Join him authurclinton1 (a) g. m. a. i. l and you be glad you did. please let him know i referred you (WJ13A) so i can get a little bonus. Good Luck!
benward bruce (7 days ago)
Authur is the best. The important thing like you said is keeping to his instructions
Jithesh George (12 days ago)
Which broker in UK gives 1:300 leverage.i see only CFD in UK market
Click Here (13 days ago)
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Sophia Hall (21 days ago)
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Flash trend (7 days ago)
He was recommended to me by a collegue. Brilliant trader!
Lambert Brighton (15 days ago)
“It doesn’t matter how many times you fail. You only have to be right once and then everyone can tell you that you are an overnight success.” Without guidance in trading, one is bound to loses. Mr Reed is a seasoned trader. That I know for sure.
Dickson Grant (15 days ago)
Traded with most of the so-called "traders" in the past and none of them could match Reed Peeters. Firstly, he has amazing trade execution. Never faced a problem of requotes or off quotes with him which I had faced with my earlier broker.
Earl Thompson (16 days ago)
The rich gets richer out of the ignorance of the poor while the poor gets poorer out of his own ignorance and stubbornness. A lot of people think forex trading is only for the rich but in the real sense forex trading is more helpful to the poor. Contact Reed today.
Ian (23 days ago)
Sir Smith, where could i get or download a virtual trader? I'm not confident enough for my skill so I want to practice first. Thanks.
Rena (14 days ago)
MT4 (MetaTrader4) offers a demo account. When signing up, just select "demo" instead of a live account and there you go. You can just download it from their website page and create the demo account within the program. I'm using one right now.
kuldeep sharma (23 days ago)
Thanks for your information it's really good to see how this platform works
iBlagg8 (24 days ago)
As a mt4 vs ctrader video this is terrible, just waffle about basic fratures
Reyshroom (1 month ago)
Smith Howard (1 month ago)
The rich gets richer out of the ignorance of the poor while the poor gets poorer out of his own ignorance and stubbornness. A lot of people think forex trading is only for the rich but in the real sense forex trading is more helpful to the poor
Mich Thompson (5 days ago)
I'm the happiest person on this planet. It's so wonderful how he made $19,468 for me in 20 days of trading. It was so shocking when I received my profit yesterday
charles walter (9 days ago)
@Cristian E you may be right but with a consistent account manager like Mr. Diggler and a huge capital you can be assured of a bigger profit
Cristian E (11 days ago)
@charles walter That is actually false. If you can make 5% return a month with any capital, you'll soon be rich. All you need is to be consistent. If you are not consistent, you'll loose a lot more as rich.
David Mark (12 days ago)
@King Shawn You should be talking of how to make good profit not being unreasonable here
Clinton Peters (12 days ago)
King Shawn You sound crazy man,are you sure you're okay?
Dj Lakhany (1 month ago)
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Sabrina Vella (1 month ago)
I never thought i’d see Phil Collins on a forex video 😱
Sabrina Vella (1 month ago)
Great video btw 🤙🏻
Sabrina Vella (1 month ago)
Hahaha gold, subbed!
ForexSignals TV (1 month ago)
Well i hear it in the air tonight !
deniz yıldırım (2 months ago)
Hello there. I'm 16 and I'm from Turkey. I want to learn a lot of things about the stock market. So which one of these I should begin with? Megatrader4 or cTrader? Which one is the easiest?
Dave Treen (1 month ago)
Well if you were over 18 I'd be advising you to use MT4 with a decent broker like Hugosway, FXCM or Oanda. But as you are only 16 I can only advise you to learn what you can from books/websites/forums until you are 18 and then you can hit the ground running on your 18th birthday :-)
Tamer Ragheb (2 months ago)
Thank you, for these good information.
Fadhili Kamau (2 months ago)
some help needed here. I'm a complete novice trader. Never really done any live trading. I was wondering what's the difference between the "MetaTrader 5" and "MetaTrader 4" software? which should I get?
muttaqina sanzida (2 months ago)
In Forex market there are many trading platforms and traders using their suitable trading platform. Right and simple trading platform we all need to use to get our trading goal easily. With Forex4you broker I am using the most popular and professional MT4 trading software. It is most easy and also very fluent trading platform. Now I can access from anywhere around the world without taking much time. It is error free.
Haleigh Blackbum (2 months ago)
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Peace World (2 months ago)
Hernan E Batista Z (2 months ago)
This is a great video. I am using it in my own website about this topic here: https://binbitforex.club/%ef%bb%bfmost-important-trading-platforms/
Michel Stuart (3 months ago)
Obviously currency forex trading is a reliable platform. Now a days many people enter this trade and earn much profit to uses his fund. In present world currency forex trade is most of the popular global trade and people continue doing there trade through various broker. Now I am working with AAFX and they make me a reliable currency forex trader by providing there outstanding service like MT4 for mac, mobile & tab, video tutorial etc.
googlomar (3 months ago)
The best platform is Netstation. its an amazing software
audu nurudeen (3 months ago)
Thank me later,, i was able to make with as little as $4000 to profit as much as $36,000 after he has successfully traded for me with the help of his latest signal software not only that i had fully access to my account and can request for payout at any time. i rate him a 90% ,highly recommended , God bless the day i met Mr Hafeez Ullah < [email protected] com> feel free mail him for guidance^
anita miller (3 months ago)
yes i believe his unique trading strategy and experience over the years has given him an edge over so many other traders.
Paul Brown (3 months ago)
The world would be a better place with more honest and smart trader like him.
ExpertOption has a sleek design and the whole thing is very user-friendly
Mason david (3 months ago)
can you explain how please?
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Aparajita Saha (2 months ago)
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Dave Treen (2 months ago)
Stick to well know good reliable brokers such as FXCM, Hugosway or Oanda...
Milton Roy (3 months ago)
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Monnu Janti (3 months ago)
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Bryan jergeron (3 months ago)
What strategy do you work with in forex trading?
Paul tribbett (3 months ago)
wow i have never thought of this before, the idea is just brilliant.
Paul tribbett (3 months ago)
Use the Swing trading strategy it's a medium-term trading strategy, the time frames you’ll trade on are usually the 1-hour or 4-hour.
Reece Raymond (3 months ago)
I making millions every month thank you
Mathias Hanson (4 months ago)
Nice advise
Authur clinton (4 months ago)
with scammers everywhere and no genuine person to trust with your account management, and brokers out there trying to sell some unreliable EA stuffs, i will only advise traders out there both new and old to be very careful with their investments. try and learn the basics of trading and if you need a mentor to guide you, you can reach out to the only trustworthy guru i know in trading and that's Mr. Wayne ([email protected] . com) please let him know i referred you all to him. He is the best
Sharon Candy (4 months ago)
Wayne has always been my preferred broker, everything about his one on one approach and strategy is awesome
Sophia William (4 months ago)
best forex robot earn 500$ per week https://tinyurl.com/y5ht7fuq
Chris king (4 months ago)
mt4 needs a major update. we are in 2019 and trading on a platform that looks like it was made in the 1940's
Kevin Agee (4 months ago)
hi quick question. what if i place an order that isn't completed, then close the platform. will the order still complete if the price is reached even if the platform is not open? i use fidelity.
Noel Conrad (4 months ago)
I use tick timeframes with line charts, so I could see obvious pattern of reversal and continuity. You can't view tick timeframe in metatrader.
ahsanullah shanto (4 months ago)
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Steven Bialey (4 months ago)
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Tx Victor (4 months ago)
As the best forex broker for me. CMC Markets
Greg D. Dockery (6 days ago)
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King Shawn (15 days ago)
Fun Time try world trade investments
King Shawn (15 days ago)
Fun Time try worldtradeinvestments 👍
Fun Time (28 days ago)
@Laura Vahahyppa m from India how to get connected with best broker
khaj muzafer (4 months ago)
Sir IQ option is fake or real?
Calvin J. Cheney (4 months ago)
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Robert D. Moore (4 months ago)
how do I know this will actually work?
Jibon Ali (5 months ago)
Broker can make you rich in forex trading if you get the right one like Bprimes. Their trading platform is visually so much attractive and technically very useful with tools. They provide instant execution, 100% fund safety, good leverage to promote the capital and co-operative customer service. You don’t have to think about your fund safety. You can comfortably make profit with your every single trade if you work with them.
Wavemaker (5 months ago)
After reading the comments below, I realized that most of the posters here are just selling their products whether they are a certain broker or a certain guru. Very few actually discussed which trading platform they use for trading.
xxvv xxvv (4 months ago)
Looking into etoro
xxvv xxvv (4 months ago)
For realll
Wavemaker (5 months ago)
I use cTrader. You forgot to mention that you can just drag the level from the chart on where you want to take profit and where to put the stop loss. A trailing stop loss is available by click and drag as well.
جواد محمد (6 days ago)
Google Plus Sucks nah mt4 trailing stop is client side ctrader in otherhand server side
Google Plus Sucks (4 months ago)
Wavemaker You can also do this on MT4 as well.
We are Talented (5 months ago)
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Muttaqina Sanzida (5 months ago)
Forex trading is the flexible business platforms where from different corners of the world people come to make money and to lead a comfortable life. A good broker is hardly needed by Forex traders to make their trade profitable. Forex4you is the solid broker which I get somehow. They have best facilities including – narrow spread from 0 pips, more than 150 trade able instruments, higher leverage, low transaction cost, error free platform etc.
jezzermeii (5 months ago)
I know this is completely off topic, but every now and again I mistake you for Vladimir Putin. Not all the time, but sometimes I look at you and think you look similar. Haha.
Muhammad Irfan Rais (5 months ago)
I love all of the function that ctrader offers. However, it is difficult to switch from mt4 to ctrader because I already know and use mt4 for a long time (around 5 years), but yeah. I am adapting to use ctrader now using ICM
Gatlin Grade (6 months ago)
Honestly I like your videos though but with the assistant of Mrs Alexandra Sanchez I hope to make millions
The Luminous One (6 months ago)
love this guy
sasha ford (6 months ago)
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Farhad Hosain (6 months ago)
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Nicholas Rothmeyer (6 months ago)
The Russian Trader (6 months ago)
TopGems (7 months ago)
Timetrade does anybody know about this conpany
Ecom Reviews (7 months ago)
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martin greg (7 months ago)
thanks alot for helping me you can write him on whatsapp to assist you more +19142007649
Jason hernandez (7 months ago)
thanks true he helped me too im so happy thanks
Paulo Graca (7 months ago)
What about MT5 trader. Is it not an up grade from MT4 trader
Farhad Hosain (7 months ago)
In this Forex market there are more than thousands of Forex brokers but all of them are not safe for trading. Without regulations there are so many brokers but I only choose Forex4you as they regulated, licensed and reliable online trading broker. For many years they are giving necessary services for their clients. I get low zero spread, security of fund as well as investments, high leverage, low margin, low transaction cost etc.
Heetan Jethwa (7 months ago)
Interesting video, as a new retail trader, do these offer the same margins? After the changes in margin's this year I'm interested to find a platform that provides the best margins. Currently trading on IG, but interested for some opinions and advise?
Md Nadeem (7 months ago)
If I trade only eur USD which currency is cheap to deposit eur or USD
Jason hernandez (7 months ago)
you can contact him directly on whatsapp he helped me +19142007649
Luzia Mike (7 months ago)
I just want to use this medium to appreciate this amazing trader mike. Keep up the good work sir
Authur clinton (4 months ago)
with scammers everywhere and no genuine person to trust with your account management, and brokers out there trying to sell some unreliable EA stuffs, i will only advise traders out there both new and old to be very careful with their investments. try and learn the basics of trading and if you need a mentor to guide you, you can reach out to the only trustworthy guru i know in trading and that's Mr. Wayne ([email protected] . com) please let him know i referred you all to him. He is the best
Wise Guy (7 months ago)
Hi, if I enroll in your course will I become a professional trader , do you provide any learning material or just signals? Thanks!
martin greg (7 months ago)
write him on whatsapp to assist you more +19142007649
ForexSignals TV (7 months ago)
We help you become a well-rounded trader. We offer live streams, signals, and education. You can check us out at Forexsignals.com
Ahsan Habib (7 months ago)
this month total profit real $3266 expertoptions.pw/e
Sonarhat Telecast (7 months ago)
I live in US, so i can use?
Kristian Rabbage (7 months ago)
i would like to thank you i have binge watched all your videos over the last week and you have provided me with the most valuable knowledge and i have started using your scalping EMA strategy. This really works for me and im finally making great profits all thanks to you
Rameshkumar T.M. (7 months ago)
Hi Andrew i want to learn price action trading . please give me your thoughts about it as i value your thoughts more than anybody else.
martin greg (7 months ago)
you can write him on whatsapp to assist you more +19142007649
Javan Joseph (7 months ago)
Great Video loved it, the kicker though there are still other trading platforms that would be great to understand their features like MT5, some brokers like fxcm have trading station for desktop and mobile and then there is the web trading platforms for fxcm, jafx and other traders too
Grant (7 months ago)
nice stain on your polo! haha
We Trade Waves (7 months ago)
Broken Account comes from not knowing what you are doing "lack of knowledge"
James Waldner (7 months ago)
Thanks Andrew for another informative video. I have a question please. Is hedging good? should we use it or we'll just accept the loss and rely on good risk reward ratio? Please enlighten us on this. thanks sir
ForexSignals TV (7 months ago)
That seems like a good topic! We'll consider making a video about that. In the meantime, you may hear more from Andrew at forexsignals.com. Feel free to check it out :)
Mona Shah (7 months ago)
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natti orpaz (7 months ago)
Fila back in Fashion 😉
Emeka Egwim (7 months ago)
As always your videos are very educative. I currently use the MT4, please how can i have for example all the charts of USD pairs at the same time on my screen? Is it possible?
martin greg (7 months ago)
Emeka you can write him on whatsapp to assist you more +19142007649
Emeka Egwim (7 months ago)
Thank you Sir. Can i have all the 7 charts of USD pairs on my screen at the same time for example, then save it and do same for other currencies. I have seen this done on Trading View platform.
ForexSignals TV (7 months ago)
Hi Emeka, thank you for your comment! You can change the layout of the charts within MT4 by simply resizing the individual chart windows to your prefered size.
FastPips (7 months ago)
Great video Andrew! :)
Jason Omar Abbida (7 months ago)
Mr Eric was very helpful to me too, i'm making huge profit now
Alexander Cox (7 months ago)
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vahid nazari (7 months ago)
HI GREAT video I have two question 1. where can I find true market depth which is not focus on tiny price action 2. why you don't use MT5
ForexSignals TV (7 months ago)
Hi there, you may hear more from Andrew at forexsignals.com. Feel free to check it out :)
Christian Sørensen (7 months ago)
IQ OPTION, any opinions about that platform? :)
Jason hernandez (7 months ago)
yeah contact him to assis you on that +19142007649
Christian Sørensen (7 months ago)
@James Waldner Been on a parctice account learning the last 6 months, and seems to be working ok for me now. Was just unsure of the trust of the platform. But thanks for the answer, appreciate it :)
James Waldner (7 months ago)
yeah you can trust it. In terms of how you do your analysis, look for a platform that will suit your trading style. cheers
Christian Sørensen (7 months ago)
@James Waldner Seems to work fine with forex trading, just a few pairs they dont offer to trade. Was thinking more of how reliable it is, and can i trust it with my money?
G.E. Stroud (7 months ago)
Good video. Very informative. I'm fortunate that my broker uses both MT4 and a proprietary version of cTrader.
Adrian Palmer Edwards (7 months ago)
Yet another great video Andrew, full of good quality information & very informative great stuff. If anyone comes here to watch this video & on the fence about Forex Signals, don't be check out the seven day free trial & I promise you won't be disappointed. Any newcomer wanting to get into trading, you're in the right place, Forex Signals is a wealth of information with expert mentors on hand to help you throughout the trading day. The best place for anyone wanting to trade the Forex markets, highly recommended 100%, keep up the good work brilliant.
ForexSignals TV (7 months ago)
Thank you for your comment Adrian!
Eniola Repizent (7 months ago)
What timeframe did you use to daytrade
ForexSignals TV (7 months ago)
Check out my other video on this topic - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hhSk0euZJY0
Eniola Repizent (7 months ago)
What time do use to trade as trader
martin greg (7 months ago)
Eniola you can write him on whatsapp to assist you more +19142007649
James Waldner (7 months ago)
join him on his live trading session as he mentioned on the video. :)
mick white (7 months ago)
hI all theres a program for MT4 called floating charts which allows you to detach individual charts from the platform , just google floating charts , Hope this helps , Happy trading
ForexSignals TV (7 months ago)
Hi Mick, thank you for your comment! Will check it out :)
Lawrence Stewart (7 months ago)
I only use MT4 for execution and TradingView for charting
Noel Conrad (1 month ago)
@Carlos Baptista trading view is a tool like ctrader, ninja trader, mt4, etc. It depends what broker using that tools, are you confident with that broker. Not many broker using trading view. It's also may be because it is web based, people think that web app has higher latency than desktop, but nowadays I don't think so.
Carlos Baptista (1 month ago)
Hi, I’m learning about forex trading. Why people don’t execute trades in Trading view?
Noel Conrad (3 months ago)
@DC UNIVERSE halo mas reza
DC UNIVERSE (3 months ago)
I'm use ctrader for execution and tradingview for charting 😁
Noel Conrad (4 months ago)
that's different data feed you can't do precisely
akshay kumar (7 months ago)
Hi sir, I am Akshay from India I am watching all of your videos damn Great. & suggest the best froex broker for trading
martin greg (7 months ago)
you can write him on whatsapp to assist you more +19142007649 he helped me with it
ForexSignals TV (7 months ago)
Hi Akashay, thank you for your comment! Check out the links in description if you're looking for a good forex broker! :)
TheGandorX (7 months ago)
I wonder: where does MetaTrader 5 fit in with this?
mvelo novoh (2 months ago)
@ForexSignals TV Yes please, would really appreciate a video
TheGandorX (7 months ago)
If the differences between 4 and 5 are small, you might want to put your efforts in a more interesting subject. Thanks.
ForexSignals TV (7 months ago)
Currently MT5 is not as popular as MT4, however, rumours have it that MQL5 (the developers of MT4) are now preparing a big switch of all platforms from MT4 to MT5. Those two are of course extremely similar with only a few differences. Also - this is just a rumour so far with no exact dates or anything like that, so please take it like one :) Would you be interested in seeing a video about MT5 if I were to make one?
HAVAS (7 months ago)
The reason I don't like MT4 is that I don't understant it well, when I want to set stop loss to like -30% on other brokers like iq option is super simple while on this mt4 and c trader is wat different...
Wavemaker (5 months ago)
It is actually very easy to put a stop loss in cTrader. You can just drag the level of your desired stop loss. The % loss is already shown.
Mona Shah (7 months ago)
I finally found the missing piece with the help Mr. Franncy his strategy produces incredible results that are 99% accurate and will make you recover from all your losses kindly contact him via [email protected] com for proper guidelines
BEST OF (7 months ago)
CTrader platform provide only ECN signals
Google Plus Sucks (4 months ago)
GammaSouljah You can use MT4 on a true ECN as well. I trade with icmarket and I use MT4 although I might give ctrader a try.
GammaSouljah (4 months ago)
​@James Waldner It means that with ctrader you are placing your order directly with the brokers Liquidity provider so the broker is actually doing what the dictionary meaning of the word broker is and is providing you access to trade on big bank liquidity like JP Morgan etc.... the liquidity provider only sees trades coming in with the name of your broker so can’t single you out.... the boker charges a comission and earns that when you place a trade win or lose....... 90% of forex brokers who offer MT4 are not brokers in the traditional sense... they are market makers and take the other side of your trade so have a fundamental interest in you losing and not making money they dont charge a commission for now that you Know obvious resons (even then the spreads are a higher charge than IC Markets - CTrader account with spread and commission combined).......... Thats why i personally use ctrader (as well as im a .net c# (A widely use solid and powerful microsoft software framework and programming language (Ctrader its self is written in C# and you can develop software in c# to run inside it) - not some hacky made up thing for MT4) developer so i can write software for it (one more thing not mentioned in this video)).
James Waldner (7 months ago)
what does that mean mate? newbie here
Ivan Calderon (7 months ago)
Hi Andrew, enjoying very much your videos. Would you please consider making a video on trailing stops? Thumbs up from Ecuador
ForexSignals TV (7 months ago)
Thank you for your comment, Ivan! ANd for the topic suggestion as well :)

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