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logarithmic bitcoin chart $8000 USD

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My thoughts on the chart as bitcoin pushes through $8000 USD. Thanks to all who have been watching and commenting on my bitcoin videos over the past several years! BTC tips: 1Gku8goxrVW2u4gxeBrQbp56SneBtw1jKK
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Text Comments (12)
Adil Çınar (11 months ago)
when we can see 5000 dollars again? please answer this
halfasheep (11 months ago)
Your hair is a mess today.
D Rutter (11 months ago)
Bitcoin doing well in regards to value. Dash has the better team when it comes to making a payments platform though IMHO.
rblevdawg (11 months ago)
Cool, you can almost buy a monster box of silver for 1 btc
MrUseur (11 months ago)
Buy physical silver. It is "dead in the water" right now.
D Rutter (11 months ago)
Yes, we're still in a VERY good time to accumulate precious metals. Silver especially is under the radar and probably not ever going significantly lower than it is now. If I had extra fiat it would be going into bullion.
what (11 months ago)
Scrolling down the page looking at the related vids, I see your older vid "$4000 USD Bitcoin, is NOW a good time to buy?"
Michael Adams (11 months ago)
I've been trying to reproduce the chart. 3 day over a year. I'm new to charting which site are you using? Please
D Rutter (11 months ago)
I'm using bitcoinwisdom.
Michael Adams (11 months ago)
The up and down wave in the first chart you showed looks almost predictable. Looks as if it will go up a few hundred more and then do its rolling down wave again. I haven't seen it like this before. Thank you for giving your insight on BTC.
D Rutter (11 months ago)
Yeah, been watching the long term logarithmic chart a lot lately. The wave pattern has been going strong for a good year. If it continues, there's a chance we could see $5000ish again (probably briefly) before another bump up to $15000ish.

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