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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Analysis Chart 3/28/2018 by ChartGuys.com

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Text Comments (43)
David Rosen (6 months ago)
LTC going to $20 like Charlie PUMP & DUMP Lee stated when he sold at $400
Thomas Griffi (6 months ago)
In Germany they say, why make things easy, if one can also make them complicated. How about this one? Almost all the big exchanged where fresh, additional fiat money could come into the market have closed their sites for new signups around xmas and they are up to today still working on their backlogs. Therefore and until these exchanges are back in full operation, the crypto market has nowhere to go but down. Since this has taken so long by now, even their slow, partial reopening doesn't help, because falling prices demotivate new users from getting in, which becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. End of analysis, no further information needed, no uncertainty there, you can take it for granted.
We3K1ngs (6 months ago)
Hello Guys, Carter Thomas pointed me to this channel. I appreciate your time and knowledge. See you soon!
georges najjar (6 months ago)
i think , for the upcoming couple of months, we ll see an important drop to the 3-4k prices. unless anything very important happens.
MidlifeCrises (6 months ago)
Broke 'em all and down they go. On the bright side, my alarm for LTC at $100 might go off tonight. I'll have four of those please. And off to the Trezor they go for the long nap.
Anne Nissinen (6 months ago)
The end, do a good thing or two! Love you!
VentionMGTOW (6 months ago)
Accumulating cash and waiting for the bottom.
jason shaw (6 months ago)
I don't have time to day trade. Leave in the morning, get back around 7, spend time with daughters and wife, after 10:30pm everyone's in bed and then I get 1hr to look at the market and watch a few vids. How do you all do it if you do it at all if you work long hrs like I do?
aurel schouten (6 months ago)
am gonna help you its very easy
Deborah Haley (6 months ago)
Thank you for being you Dan.💜
LadyM777 (6 months ago)
Do a good thing or two ✌🏻👍🏻
Grant Wittenberg (6 months ago)
Your insights are always top-notch! Do you have any trading platform suggestions (US stocks mostly) for someone who has been trading crypto for a while, but is looking to diversify to other markets as well?
TheChartGuys (6 months ago)
fidelity for me, thanks
Diver Dan (6 months ago)
Ether is dead...ripple & Santander/western union the latter touches major non banking nations that want to play with money... Nice deals ripple...I'm all in Ether but Google & Facebook plus others banning cripto ads has slowly pulled but relentlessly pulled the Ether newbie cripto market down which is bad for Ether as its 40+%down & falling....head honcho (I'm not going to try say that name he has) is borderline leaving because of scaling without splitting scaling to sub stations...it's about 2 years off.....cripto & Ether is good...but it's dead for now until it's brought into the market more....the leaders of banks & countries ....it's not in there interest.....not. Yet
Fred Stege (6 months ago)
as always honest!
Jay Little (6 months ago)
Thanks for being honest about the fact that you sometimes get it wrong. It helps to know that even an experienced trader can misread a situation or lose patience.
James Silver (6 months ago)
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S K (6 months ago)
Thanks for taking time and giving us a update , you do good things for us doing this ,but I'm missing those videos talking about V shaped bounces . Hopefully they come back .
Winston Smith (6 months ago)
I really appreciate your work and skill. I really learn a lot by you. I know I’m doing better when Your analysis is similar to mine. But, would you mind speaking a little slower. It’s hard for me to absorb what you’re saying when you speak so schnell. Happy trading.
Diastrus (6 months ago)
I have a pen and paper ready and repeat stuff in the video I might have missed over and over
Nick Taylor (6 months ago)
Alternatively, if you listen to Haejin Lee's videos: Settings ---> Speed ---> 2
Nick Taylor (6 months ago)
Settings ---> Speed --> .5
supernova1976 (6 months ago)
Winston Smith I had the same issue 10 days ago but now learned so much , I don't find him too fast because I can understand his language 😊
mjribes (6 months ago)
Thanks for all yoir videos. It's comforting to know that even you still make mistakes. I could have told you that the 3 Barts were heading nowhere. Sometimes a noob gets it right.
Ubud High (6 months ago)
Resistance is futile my son..
Ivan Castano (6 months ago)
Thanks for that, Dan. So even though we have oversold RSIs on LTC and ETH, the price action and volume on the down still dictates where we are going, correct. That is why you follow price action first, then RSI... Will be subscribing to your service over Passover.
Steve Friedlander (6 months ago)
Ivan Castano Happy Passover!
Same Guy (6 months ago)
Lol bulls :) just watch it for a week. Buy the dip and I will tweet you
Aaron Sheline (6 months ago)
Really like your channel always teaching me something and your just a good human being! Keep being you
Rob B (6 months ago)
I’m still sticking with the plan to HODL until June 2018.
D-Tox (6 months ago)
Most people who say that, they buy high and sell low ;)
Ashveer Mohadeo (6 months ago)
Rob B Hodling is for losers. Sell high buy low.
Escudo Chatea (6 months ago)
A short squeeze of Dan. Love it!!! xDD
Crypto Economy (6 months ago)
Good analysis as usual :)
Nicholas Clark (6 months ago)
Energy Core (6 months ago)
Good luck Dan! You sounded pretty rushed so go get em
Luke Robertson (6 months ago)
Love your work
Michael D. (6 months ago)
Nice ta
Kaka KarrotCake (6 months ago)
My notification always says "Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin Technical Anal..."

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