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Ethereum Technical Analysis (ETH/USD) : With so many alternates; how do you know? [03/13/2018]

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Text Comments (33)
Ryan Peters (6 months ago)
I said I would come back and rewatch this video after the correction had played out... 7:52 Well well well
Vlad Petrov (6 months ago)
hi guys, what do you think about OptiToken? http://bitcoinist.com/this-controversial-project-could-make-a-lot-of-people-very-happy-soon/
ChinoLatino 397 (6 months ago)
Can you do an updated TA of what's been happening the this past week?
ChinoLatino 397 (6 months ago)
Hey man, just started watching your videos! Love it man!
TradeDevil (6 months ago)
Hey we started second Youtube Channel about Traditional Markets. Come and join TradeDevils: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4LuaUYFcvO-I1BLGZaMXhA
Justin Sun (7 months ago)
I watched every video. You are the best. Sam
Michael (7 months ago)
First time viewer, but definitely won’t be my last. Ty for your thoughts
Prophet Cable (7 months ago)
Please be my Sensai.
JayBigDadyCy (7 months ago)
You need to make shirts that say "To and Through" and "Damn near to the tic" . I'd buy it.
ZHH (7 months ago)
What about btc?
Qetyz Psn (7 months ago)
Giwrgos Dimas (7 months ago)
Triangle 4th Sam... It's more obvious here than on the ltc chart.
josephkjoseph (7 months ago)
Every video should be watched 10x times to learn EW and Fibonacci. Thanks Sam. You are precious in the trading area
Phil Schlemmer IX (7 months ago)
Great ending! Thanks so much for the tips! This helps a lot to hear how hard it was for you to stay consistent and do the opposite of your emotions...it gives me hope that I will be able to become more consistent with time! Great video!!!
lakshmere (7 months ago)
hujie 776652 (7 months ago)
Luv the conclusion section of this presentation Sam.
Nikoli Pham (7 months ago)
Hi Sam! Please explain the use of your odd EMAs for us! what's with the wierd numbers?
hujie 776652 (7 months ago)
Here's one case to support the deep correction. If you do EW analysis on the Total Marketcap chart, we're into the completion of a Y wave correction which means the Total Marketcap is due to go lower than today's USD370B
Ayman B (7 months ago)
Do some xrp charts pleasee
Marnix van Baalen (7 months ago)
I love eth, but what is the point of this TA? Compare these waves to BTC and u see the exact same... So just TA btc, and then we know that eth is done correcting... Ofcourse this changes when u look at eth/btc ratio.
mcamcay (7 months ago)
We have a major ABC from December...A wave ends where your W is...B wave ends where (ii)...now we do 5 waves down 1 and 2 completed of C.This whole structure we are trying to identify played out already last year . Look for yourself its from 11/06/2017 to 14/07/2017 but miniature on daily chart. Sorry , i just learned from Philakone about Elliot waves and this is what i see. Not an expert here. So far its following exactly today what played last year during above time frame i mentioned. Cheers!
Stevan Terzic (7 months ago)
The best TA guy on youtube! Although I do doubt if TA is of any use at this moment, the way the market is easly manipulated ( MT. Goax)
Ryan Marsolan (7 months ago)
Same count I've been playing on... Figures, polished my skills from you. https://www.tradingview.com/chart/ETHUSD/8oiXx5Uq-Case-for-February-5th-555-ETH-USD-as-the-low-Set-stop-go-long/
Edward Doyle (7 months ago)
Austin Weichman (7 months ago)
Great video, you should do one on Ncash
conrad886 (7 months ago)
Smartest man ever.. Sam plz take me under your wing!
TradeDevil (7 months ago)
This is the easy part my friend. You could consider joining Trade Devils here: https://membership.tradedevils.com
Ryan Peters (7 months ago)
I can't wait to go over this video in a few months time just to see how everything played out with regards to how we're thinking about these charts right now :P
Hannes Antaszek (7 months ago)
Compliments..thank you very much.
Simon (7 months ago)
great video, waiting for the BTC TA
Rich Holland (7 months ago)
Sounds logical
john connolly (7 months ago)
Great advice so thank you
Stuart Anderton (7 months ago)
First comment prize of 100 btc?

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