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Academy of Art University's Tips for Building Your Art Career on Social Media

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"Academy of Art University's School of Fine Art presenter Michael Cuffe shares social media marketing tips for building your art career and more. Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/user/academyofartu Established in 1929, Academy of Art University is the largest accredited private art and design school in the US. Visit http://academyart.edu to learn about total costs, median student loan debt, potential occupations and other information. Interested in learning more? Follow Academy of Art University using the links below Visit us on the web: http://academyart.edu Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AcademyofArtUniversity Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/academy_of_art"
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Dawn Threader (7 days ago)
thank you for this I learn from all kinds of things thank s x
v tda (1 month ago)
What's the company where they do fine art prints called?
LylaLane (1 month ago)
This guy totally lost me 18 mins in, after the second time he mentioned porn. Not funny. Not when I'm here trying to learn feom a professional. I'm no prude, if something can somehow be twisted into sexual innuendo- I am just the person to tell that joke, but only to my friends & spouse. In fact, the mere mention of sexual type things makes A LOT of women uncomfortable. Between that & his massive ego, any good info he may have had got lost. All I gained from that 18 minutes was that he had porn on his mind, that he claims he's been successful at a whole bunch of jobs...Hollywood... Angelina Jolie... some website...blah blah blah.
Dawn Threader (7 days ago)
I think I used to be in my self that way but I grew so close to my inner child and exploring sexually I Literally found out more about my own abuse issues I fell in love with my Body in a healthy way I examined it as I grew I saw that I was a sexy Intelligent spiritual woman and I was Pure ...I went thru so many changes with my Muse I can say the one thing is true I love God and Goddess all thru this ..a bit crazy for a conservative like myself but I am such a free bird God of my Understanding taught me to fly in a dif way...Bless you try not to shut down your slf or be to rigid ..study Nature its always moving love you blessing s
S. Gillespie (2 months ago)
Unfortunately, sex sells. And most people have no idea what good art is. Their not trying to have a relationship with art and its meaning - not even for themselves. Somebody says it's art - it's nicely framed - it's on social media - the "artist" or rather painter has a studio, an easel and lots of paint and brushes - to many people that's art.
Orange Groove (4 months ago)
51:48 The dude is wasted! xD
H4wk Art (4 months ago)
Twitter now is probably the best place for art, Facebook is trash unless you want likes instead of work.. Instagram I dislike because they auto crop and blur your images.
0scJohnson0 (4 months ago)
It’s f-ng piCtures!
pax north (6 months ago)
Fave line, "Galleries...Are just people who own buildings..."
Casa Tequila SF (5 months ago)
This place is a scam. They have federal law investigations involving committed fraud for requesting federal funding and federal grants to students without accreditation! Also several many local law court complaints for code violations on more than twenty five downtown Sf buildings conveniently converted into dorms without permit charging students suddenly apparently rent for an unaccredited building! This school is everything REALSTATE not ART or REAL ART EDUCATION. Look for the FORBES magazine article about Elisa Stevens the owner! WHAT A SCAM THIS PLACE IS! MANY many employees specially under the supervision of the “film department” had to place court complaints because the real lack of advanced and scams and discrimination on the work place which the school never cared until on court! Go to a real school Berkeley, UCLA, NYU not to a business for profit to take your loan away and to give you this 🖕
kym rhymer (10 months ago)
Thank You.....
pafig333 (11 months ago)
Some good advice, but only for the young and attractive (she could be a brand; she is being approached by clothing companies)
Renzo (11 months ago)
Academy of Art University? Aren’t the words Academy and University somewhat synonymous? University of Art Academy . Silly name.
Tym Crebs (1 year ago)
I've watched this video a few times, so packed full of useful info, thanks for all the great work
Tym Crebs (1 year ago)
Its good even when an artist posts challenges they are going through, it helps others to work through their challenges too.
EndOfEntertainment (1 year ago)
Cool stuff :)
Sofia Gasviani SF (1 year ago)
Someone is sleeping so deep in the auditory😂😁😪😪😪
Sofia Gasviani SF (1 year ago)
Good info.☺
Renato Sáenz (1 year ago)
Super inspiring, useful, thanks
isaac mafondokoto (1 year ago)
I really appreciate your tips on Art on how to start an Art career and business. I am a final year student at a technical university in Zimbabwe. I actually enjoyed your seminar on galleries, social media marketing of work, how to present artworks and so on. Thank You Sir very much
that is great insights from Academy of Art University
Pharonborn Adedamola (1 year ago)
Hi Distinguished Artistes, i am setting up an Artist Studio and wish to partner and patronize great artist just so am able to feature real cool, interesting and lovely paintings at my gallery. Please whatsapp me via +4917(two)(two)08137(two) OR send a message to me via Facebook: Faronbi Adedamola. I look forward to getting messages from you guys soon as i hope for a long term business relationship with you. Cheers!
Chase Reiner SEO (2 years ago)
Fantastic advice! thanks for sharing
Samescape (2 years ago)
Agnes cecile is a good example of someone who doesn't put her life out there. She used social media and has her journey uploaded but nothing really personal
Lolo (2 years ago)
Thank you! I`m getting started in the whole marketing myself thing and so far it's been really insightful ^_^
Michael Guberti (2 years ago)
compelling strategies. What's your prediction about the future of social media? This highlights some monetary uses for these well-known outlets.
Luis NgchongJrArt (2 years ago)
I do watch this video a lot it keeps me motivaed
Shazzam! (2 years ago)
Very informative thank you I'm sure this will be useful
Kelly Billette (2 years ago)
You have a website with Andy Warhol's name?
Monica Linville (2 years ago)
I created an artist Facebook page but after thinking I published it, I have never been able to find it. I've asked for help from Facebook but have never gotten a response. What do I do ?
433 Hope Street (2 years ago)
I work with emerging artists building their brands and confidence.How much have I sold in my art .Over five million dollars in original oils.
Lukas Prochazka (2 years ago)
Of course artist hate to use word branding...and why? you just explained it...you telling people to do more instalation to go to museum is just branding, that's tottaly why artist love to do art, that is the opposite. I think you can also see it in galleries and in museum that it os just artist' strategy and the art work is acually empty, shallow...the main impulse should be the idea..not the result what can I get when I do this and this...that is economy, politics, advertisment and marketing...and creating culture and art is something tottaly different and should be true to the author...
elsa Grace (2 years ago)
Lukas Prochazka I do not like or see the point in concept art. Concepts are best expressed in writing.
Artarr (2 years ago)
Oh and you need a website ! hahaha, so do you need galleries or not, how do you find collectors, by posting on instagram ?? this video is a bit too general and simplistic, go more into details, dont just say you need to have a facebook page blablabla, a 5 years old knows that. thanks
Julia Kiryanova (2 years ago)
how name of artist hes talking about ? something like ''sharmen carley''...couldnt find..
Sally Darley (6 months ago)
Charmaine Olivia
Katie London (2 years ago)
Really enjoyed video, very invaluable. Thanks for sharing. Your tips will be applied-will definitely visit your website.
Mark Montana (2 years ago)
This was excruciatingly low on content. When you stand before a group of people and say "Give me your attention" and then you tell a 10 minute personal biography, which in no way relates to the topic of the discussion, you have wasted people's time and done more harm than good. I literally had to stop watching after 30 minutes because it was just too frustrating to watch the speaker repeatedly go off topic, with countless dead end tangents.
Mark Montana (2 years ago)
+z1522 and as for the 'shhheeme': his speech impediment is the only endearing quality i see. otherwise, he is fatally pretentious and utterly bereft of anything meaningful to say.
Mark Montana (2 years ago)
+z1522 we're in agreement there. I've said exactly the same thing. If Damien Hirst, Martin Creed, and Tracey Emin are "artists", then by all means, I am a 'craftsperson'.
z1522 (2 years ago)
+Mark Montana And did he actually at 38:20 pronounce 'scheme' as "shhheeme"? Lately I've decided the world, and the art world, would be far better off if artists considered themselves as craftspersons, worked and ran their affairs accordingly, rather than followed the modern critic/Gallery circuit where insane fortunes are built upon frequently insane works. Ego-driven art is usually as indulgent, narcissistic, and empty as the heads of the uber-wealthy who buy and display mega-art as hunters display mounted trophy heads.
Mark Montana (2 years ago)
well, of course, everyone will have their own, personal preferences. But Public Speaking 101 would suggest that a speaker offering marketing solutions for artists, should no only have a clear outline of topics, but also include distinct, actionable tasks, beyond vague "get yourself an artist Facebook page". It's ludicrous and I'm embarrassed for him. He may as well have said "Get yourself a Lucky Rabbit's Foot and pray pray pray for success". Complete and utter waste of time to watch this.
Bee Dee (2 years ago)
+Mark Montana he did kinda go off topic at some points but if he didnt tell us about himself i wouldnt be interested in paying him any attention i'd ask myself "why should i listen to this guy who is he?"
Beck Lane (2 years ago)
Your video validates everything I've been doing myself and saying to people for the last 3-5 years. I use Instagram, FB, Twitter, etc. HOWEVER, I found you via Youtube, your on Youtube, my last gallery used Youtube (more than any other site) and I've gotten sales and continue garner a solid buyers and fans thru Youtube. Pinterest the same thing.
Georgia Guthrie (2 years ago)
This is really useful, thankyou for posting!
Philippe Colin (2 years ago)
This guy is good!... period...
Charles Gregson (2 years ago)
marblecutter (2 years ago)
MORE MORE MORE Super 8 film is coming back with its grainy texture and LESS Def.
Jodi Higgins (2 years ago)
Very helpful, thank you very much.
Polite Q (2 years ago)
As an art buyer, I personally don't need to see what the artist looks like, or even know much about them. It's cool to have a bit of mystery. Sometimes seeing too much about them exposes that they too are just ordinary people trying to make a living and not higher beings magically channeling some powerful thing from the ether. It might make the work come down a few notches in one's mind.
momentinpassing (4 days ago)
When I find out an artist copies the work of others, it's a big let down. It's also a let down that so many don't care about this. You don't buy an "original" work of art thinking there are 200 more almost identical to it out there. That's the stuff of scrap-booking and craft-making, not "real" art in my opinion. It's okay though, it makes artists with the courage to truly express their own voices, stand out more. Well, it's not okay, but I can't do anything about it.
I'm a Politatheist (1 year ago)
The Cat's Meow - You appear to be green with envy.
Amaury Guerra (1 year ago)
Hi Bernadette. what's your gallery? What kind of art do you sell ?
Dries Ketels (1 year ago)
Do you know what the vikings did in war? They would take their ships to oversea and upon arrival right before the battle they would burn their ships down. Because in that way they would only have two options at the battle. Win or die. Their was no option for retreat anymore. I think that's amazing. I went to university. Well 2 universities as a matter of fact. And Right before I would get my degree as in two courses before my graduation, after a few years of studying I would just quit. I didn't knew that I would do that twice when I started. But after a while I just wanted to burn my boats before I would think about retreat. For me A degree would only be a good backup plan and I didn't wanted a backup plan. I wanted to burn all escaping ways. I just wanted to fulfil whatever was in me. And here I am a few years later as a young artist, still not regretting it. I think that's a different attitude Chirho just saying. Nothing is better or worse ... It's just a different attitude. @ChirhoStudio
Well you see lots of Faces of me.
Polite Q (2 years ago)
What do you do about all the theft that comes with putting your pictures picture pictures on the internet?
I'm a Politatheist (1 year ago)
+The Cat's Meow ...you have a stuttering problem. Odd that it shows up in text as well.
Bee Dee (2 years ago)
+Madam Smellypits watermark that shit!
Polite Q (2 years ago)
And when exactly do you make art? Sounds like one has to spend all day just managing the umpteen million social media things. I bet you can choose a couple of favorite ones and rely on search engines to help you be found.
I'm a Politatheist (1 year ago)
+The Cat's Meow ...in another comment you said you're an art collector. Umm, tattoos by any chance?
Leni Smoragdova (2 years ago)
Hi ) Maybe we could find collaborations? http://www.smoragdova.com/
Sofia Bennett (3 years ago)
pitchers pitchers pitchers pitchers
Harmony Hurricane (4 months ago)
So. Much. This. Ugh. It made it really hard to take him seriously
Hate At Chee (1 year ago)
That was bugging me too lol.
Christopher Reed (1 year ago)
Is it true that whole thing comes down to how to selling yourself as an artist( either fine art, music, special f/x artist). This genre some don't like the term it's a job.
nelly sorokko (3 years ago)
Thank you very much,an Artist
FatTonyCologino (3 years ago)
So what he is saying kids is if you want to be a successful artist you have to be an alcoholic :P
inlineRs (3 years ago)
Google+ still hasn't gone anywhere.
James Chi (3 years ago)
nice sharing
Susan Mains (3 years ago)
great advice, thanks
2013danrazor (3 years ago)
deviantart is kinda cool
Art Dad (3 years ago)
For artists needing a quick course in marketing today, 71 minutes well spent.
Guillermo Mazzotti (3 years ago)
Thank you Michael wonderful and very useful tipsplease take a look my page at FB and thanks again
Tim Trace (3 years ago)
Chas Rogerson (3 years ago)
Thank you! for actually bridging the gap between old and new recognition, I will take heed. x
Micky Wang (3 years ago)
I completely agree that as an artist, you must have your artworks disaplyed online so more people can see your art and talent. Unfortunately, still a lot of artisits, especially older ones who are not so good at technologies still have against attitute to do so. Disaplying your art on Internet and social medias is an essential precondition to reach your career success, artists should understand more knolwedge of marketing, and a attractive personality is also important, and with some luck, artists can reach success
chavruta2000 (3 years ago)
I noticed you didn't include youtube. Why not?
Miret Rodriguez (3 years ago)
rcs (3 years ago)
If you are a realist artist, how do you get gallery representation when most galleries are into abstract art?
Adineey (3 years ago)
+rcs I think there are some galleries that show realist art too. its about finding one which style preference suit yours
433 Hope Street (3 years ago)
So what your saying is that your making money off of Students. How much in your art have you sold?
Li Qin (3 years ago)
Unique, unrepeatable experiences are not much in the way of learning useful, applicable life lessons.
Sandra Fleming (3 years ago)
Thanks for saving many hours of research and travel to discover the current art world. SF
UndoneSums (3 years ago)
A very helpful and practical talk Michael, thank you very much.
junior lazo (3 years ago)
soy  junior lazo dueno de  juniormania555  sigue con tus consejos estan chingones necesitamos  seguir aconsejando gente para que el arte nunca muera por que en estos dias la gentecre todo de lo que ya esta creado ''lo que existe en los smart phones''
Danielle Nothmann (3 years ago)
+AcademyofArtU while watching this video, I found it to be very informative! In regards to promoting your artwork on social media do you recommend a website called deviant art?
Kilnmaster (3 years ago)
I call "establishing" yourself like the so called great "brett"  is nothing more than ass kissing and being a blow hard. its all marketing. look at the "crap" that sells. its all just marketed.
Graham Bradshaw Design (3 years ago)
Amazing advice. Thank you
Omar Lopez (3 years ago)
Thank you for sharing this awesome video that was very helpful for me, as an artist who is starting off.
lenscriv (3 years ago)
Thanks, I enjoyed this very much!
Art of Cat (3 years ago)
Very conceited person.
Johnydome (3 years ago)
i want to be a film director lol how about that
Matthew Donovon (3 years ago)
....a study in ADHD, a collection of disjointed, in-cohesive thoughts. Some informative bits of knowledge, but the presentation leaves a lot to be desired. I think my ears finally went numb.
NExGenGaming (3 years ago)
i  do
Robert (3 years ago)
Hey if anyone here likes the site redbubble, maybe you could consider looking my profile up on there and taking a look at my art I have for sale, I'm just starting out and would appreciate you just taking a look. My username on redbubble is CanniTheNomad. Thank you.
Iman Omari (3 years ago)
Very Informative video. What about artists like me with a good skilllevel but are cutious about putting yet because they feel as if they still have alot to learn? Great video nevertheless
Adineey (3 years ago)
+randy yankam In my opinion you can share your learning progres..I saw a lot of art account show their work in progress, or just some daily doodles and sketches on their instagram.. I mean it doesnt have to be masterpiece all the time, unless its a portfolio on website.. XD
Alejandro Castanon (3 years ago)
This is great for artists to understand about attitude and first impressions. I think the message is misunderstood that social media is the only way and only thing you should be doing. What he is saying is that instead of waiting around to be discovered you can utilize tools to make a living for yourself doing what you love. Be yourself be confident and dont be afraid to put your work and yourself out there. How can you expect to learn if you don't open your mind to other ideas and perspectives?
Anastazia Stieglitz (3 years ago)
senseless, conduction between words art +career points on to person who have no sense of art or true talent by predisposition.
Michael Hager (3 years ago)
Step one: https://www.facebook.com/michaelhagerpainting
aandre311 (3 years ago)
the reason google+ failed is its name.
702prodigy (3 years ago)
not hearing this. not even worth watching it free on YouTube
Kash ira (3 years ago)
Hey y'all check out this job referral link: http://youthincome.com/?user=6662
I'm a Politatheist (1 year ago)
+Kash ira ...reporting as SPAM.
Taras Bibilashvili (3 years ago)
Very nice. Thank you!
Minna Randolph (3 years ago)
i feel like i really learned something from watching this. thank you so much!
Luis NgchongJrArt (3 years ago)
I notice this artist charmine is a very pretty girl women in the interenet are popular especially if their pretty she do not need to show her work just she herself and the art will sell along with her. hey I bet mostly male audience watch her.
Linda Dunlop (3 years ago)
Inspirational and well spoken. Thank you!
teachmeps (3 years ago)
Lol sadly if your work is REALLY great, it will end up on a ForeverXI t-shirt before you sell it to anyone... then MAYBE you'll get recognized (though not thru forever21 admitting they stole your idea) and end up selling your work for a fraction of what the "thieves" made with your intellectual property... Internet fame is a double edged sword.
teachmeps (2 years ago)
it happens everyday to a lot of artists. If it's not a famous mega corp, it's an indie studio/shop or even another artists that does it for the "likes". It's easier to plagiarize than it is to create.
elsa Grace (2 years ago)
teachmeps wow, did that happen to you?
buffedtrainer1 (3 years ago)
Michael Cuffe, I must say, without reservation, your style, your manner, your persona and your values are very inspiring. I applaud & admire you for someone barely over 30 yrs old, you emanate a polished-successful vibration, which translates as confidence and eagerness for more. If I owned a business, I would definitely hire you to train my employees, because your message in this video isn't just about art, it can be applied to any career. I really like your "aware" approach. For someone so young and together, you're VERY wise, and extremely pleasant to look at (eye-candy). thank you for sharing!
Noreen Ahmad Artist (3 years ago)
very informative ! thanks 
Richard Birkett (3 years ago)
Charmaine- Why the hell do people like narcissists so much. Iam guessing her fan base is mostly internet pervs
Roland Lemus (3 years ago)
I appreciated the info, didn't need all of it, but interesting for me.
RimeTime (3 years ago)
1 major issue with facebook , insta, etc etc  are the endless nonTalented people who promote heavily.   You can easily find someone who's art looks completely amature and is basically crap who has 2400 likes on a Facebook page.          For some this amount of 'fans'  gives the illusion that 'hey he/she must be really talented''  even tho the work is horrible, even laughable.    There is a market using facebook etc, - but 90% of your 'likes' are just people who like to look at it. And they'll never buy it most of the time.     It's important to understand the massive difference between true real talent and great art  - as opposed to someone who just overSocial Media's their image to death constantly pursuing likes.  The Facebook reality is like a double edged sword.         His ''all of you here are talented'' line early on is incorrect.         This is part of the problem.  Only about 20% of Artists are actually talented in art.     And as i keep watching this vid after the 50 minute mark ( came back to it )    ....   the speaker here is selling his ideas a bit , he's selling the kimKard type of way that fame is what sells as much as Art.            Charmaine Olivia does sell her looks.  No doubt whatsoever that half or more of Charmain's likers // fans etc are just guys looking at her body . She's a decent artist  -           But a real artist is a jeremy mann type - only art is what he shows on his sites,  only art. and because he's great, he's a known artist.  I love the fact that i can't find much about him personally , tho i'd like to see some process.       There's JeremyMann -Artist    There's Sylvia Ji, a real artist who does not have to show her body etc to get attention cause she's so talented.        Then there's the show offs who wear short shorts and sell their ass.      Big difference.
S. Gillespie (1 month ago)
BlackOpal: I love me some Jean-Michel Basquiat now:) His work may "seem" like banging...but much like a diamond in the rough that seems like an ordinary rock, Basquait actually created a language through art that is very provocative, which few artists are able to accomplish. We think nothing of counting Pablo Picasso as a great artist but I've seen his works personally and their okay at best. But he too created language through art...cubism! People, collectors, Are willing to pay big money for that! To address your comment though, I think that "art" may simply come down to what you like and how much money you have to pay for it. I love art. Original art. I paint and have been financially successfull. But people ought to buy what they want. If they consider it art "so be it." Who am I to judge? There are too many venues available where people can buy art for an artist not to be able to make some sales. Finally, I love, love many (but not all) of the pieces I paint. That is fulfilling for me. THEN I think about sharing and selling. A lifestyle...not simply an assembly line of production.
Black Opal (1 month ago)
+S. Gillespie - and then you have 65 million dollar Jean-Michel Basquiat. I thought banging paint onto canvases was all the rage this year... The world of buying and selling art is a sham, we all know it. And how do you define talented except by how many people like it and how many will buy it?? Is talented enough to impress 1 person sufficient to be called an artist or gain you permission to show your friends on facebook? And how is art that isn't seen supposed to get people to like it? Funny enough, I think yours and rimetime's objections are unnecessary, it is simply a language problem. 2 kinds of art; art produced for sale or fame, a commodity, and art produced to express a human thought. I don't facebook or twitter etc., but the apparently slash and hack 'painters' selling themselves so shamelessly all over the web, they are no different than a Chinese factory banging out a million porcelain vases a day, or paintings for that matter, lol. They market them and sell every one of them, all year, every year. Peace
Black Opal (1 month ago)
+momentinpassing - lol, thanks for saving me the time. I think it's the second of the 3 questions. He is confusing the world he lives in with the world he thinks he deserves to live in. Big difference.<---😄 see what I did there.....
momentinpassing (1 month ago)
I don't see the point of your comment. A big part of success in life is based on popularity which works in ugly ways. Is that your point? Or are you denying that it's true? I don't get it. You're angry with the way the world works?
S. Gillespie (2 months ago)
David Ortega: No it isn't. Crappy art is someone's attempt to create art - they are painters to be sure but not artists - not yet. Someone hanging on a piano wouldn't be called a pianist or musician. You've got loads of people banging on canvases with paint!
Thomas Proszowski (3 years ago)
Dear Michael I’ve watched your video and I am impressed with the message. I am Fine artist painter and I plan to develop my art career in the way that my artwork will participate in Exhibitions at World galleries and auction houses. What would be the best way for me to make first steps towards above direction? I would be thankful if you could type my name into Google browser and assess my portfolio and post some comments and advice via email twit or G+. Kind regards
Tim Murphy (3 years ago)
hanfordson1 (3 years ago)
What a bunch shit,nothing new,did Michael get paid for this,what a joke!!!!
Funny how most artists talk with their hands.
cherrio291 (3 years ago)
What nonsence you paste!  Maybe some do and some don't do!  
mark s (3 years ago)
Kids go get a real job or your all gonna be dead broke in 10 years 
mark s (3 years ago)
+Ben Kenobi If I can get the first 3 star wars digitally remastered with out all the terrible new effects I would love to see them again :D 
Ben Kenobi (3 years ago)
3rd ep no no no i think you need to watch the original trilogy again
mark s (3 years ago)
+Ben Kenobi  Ben I hope you know that your way of thinking will get you killed in the third episode ... so think about it .
Ben Kenobi (3 years ago)
You are an angry and sad person aren't you. That's why most ppl with a real job hate where they work at, it give them stress working in a small box sitting in a PC all day and doing the same thing day after day....oh boy now that's a job. Would you like a job you work at or a job you love doing and just being there day after day makes you happy. Most of the things you see now got design by an artist everything. From you're home to you're clothing , electronics and etc etc etc...... So plz stop trying to kill pols dream. So Have a good day sir or ma'am what ever you are.
Sebastian Lund Nielsen (3 years ago)
It's no about being rich. It's about doing what you love and make a living out of it....
lionstanding (3 years ago)
Hack teaching Hackistry.....concentrate on your work and meet people....every great artist has done it through Luck and "you make your own Luck"(MEET PEOPLE)...Anyone that would found an "art organization" and call it "Warholian" is dubious...He is correct, though- Art is the ultimate luxury item....concentrate on your work and make something Whole-Assed....
elsa Grace (2 years ago)
lionstanding the Speaker is definitely gay. His whole strategy is the gay male model for success and it seems to work. I'll listen to it but I'll also work harder to make great art by improving my skills and my growth as a human.
lionstanding (3 years ago)
+buffedtrainer1 No....Ah'm judging an entire generation...an entire degraded culture. Ah couldn't give a shit what 'it says about me'.
buffedtrainer1 (3 years ago)
+lionstanding  really? judging Michael's masculinity and choice of clothing? your comment says more about you than it does about Mr. Cuffe.
RimeTime (3 years ago)
Only partly.  He's correct on some points, it does just get to be annoying on others because of the overwhelming amount of bullshit on social medias.    He's wrong when he says ''you are all extremely talented, that's why you're here''      <--- my bet is that 10 % of them are talented, the others want very badly to be and they are not but their friends and family do not tell them.     you're correct tho,  do work and meet people.  It's actually sickening to see so so many attention seekers on facebook and the other social things just looking for constant likes, ugh.  Even the speaker here says he goes into companies with the intent on figuring out how they work - not to support them.           Most lookers and likers do the same on fBook
lionstanding (3 years ago)
oh, yeah....being effeminate (if male- masculine, if female) and walking around wearing your pajama top probably helps...
Victoria Olson (4 years ago)
I really like your talk; really helpful and inspiring!
Suzanne Powers (4 years ago)
Relevant marketing information for the artist with overview and how to.  Kudos to Academy of Art, NY, relevancy makes for excellent, sustainable institutes of higher learning!  Any insight on marketing artspecifically is good information and always needed.  Would like more info on what goes into that FedEx package to the art gallery, i.e. what constitutes well done art image copies, what size, how many to a page, xeroxed, etc.?

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