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Bitcoin Chart Analysis June 10 - Heading to Critical Support - BTC USD

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Text Comments (14)
John Arella (3 months ago)
Gann Angles and future price action since 2012 for Bitcoin - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bLi1G1mzXn0&t=109s
Mrkientube (4 months ago)
Good price predictions since you've been very consistent. I just subscribed -thanks for sharing.
Pokepoke Fox (4 months ago)
I agree on that inv. C&H at 5K it will hit bottom out from that pattern
Adam James (4 months ago)
The only TA dude on YouTube that keeps it real.
I'm sat on the sidelines. . Will the big boys short squeeze at 6000 again with a 1000 dollar bar.. I wonder haha.. I think they might want bitcoin at the price of gold .. just a thought
Suleyman Godek (4 months ago)
Thank you James👉🎯💙🍸💸💱💲💰
akarna69 (4 months ago)
Everyone is just so fucking sick and tired of this fucking shit! Whales should just dump all their coins and drive the price down to 1k, lets get it over with!. This is just slow agonising death. Fuck!
Sheridan Garcia (4 months ago)
James Eason (4 months ago)
the best TA on youtube! cheers JD
MrMahuike (4 months ago)
yo were in JOY when the criminals were let in the the Hen House...oh big money is coming in...sure, to TAKE YOURS..that i s how they play...they will push it to the point where they DO NOT scare off people GREED come back in..you will buy at 1245...you will buy...they will short you out at 2500...and over and over...until you have NOTHING...that is the game...who has ALL the money since 2008 world economy debacle...NOW, just 10 yr later...in USA....0001% of the population has 99% of all assets..worldwide...SAUDIS, ISRAELIS, ZIONISTS, ROTHSCHILDS...USA...it will pop...soon, and then break down again and again...until...like in USA , highest stock market in history, 90 % of ALL profits are in Micro, netflix, facebook, and 2 other famous whose name escape as i am 70....you are suppose to find a high window and jump out...do they care...you are a MEAL...nothing more. Ahhhh the Central Bank...control
MrMahuike very true sir
william simin (4 months ago)
Damn u made my day 😂😂😂 John , Alien
Robin Clerici (4 months ago)
this is a funny one! THX
Salty (4 months ago)
Thanks James!!

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