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Versace Dylan Blue Campaign by Bruce Weber (Full Lenght)

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Text Comments (30)
Monique Renee (5 months ago)
Oh, and GIGI is amazing in this.
Monique Renee (5 months ago)
I love this video, I looked up Dylan Blue because I am now addicted to this fragrance. I said it smelled like a man should smell haha and the video is how a man should be! I love the old time vibe!!!
Valentina Lvncv (1 year ago)
Gigi ruined this commercial
Anyone who takes advantage of another human being or animals should pay the consequences of there actions. But the models new that Bruce Webers work involved a lot of nudity. Behind the hysteria there is another side to all of this as it also goes on in the press, news industry as well as the legal industry. We are in danger of having very boring magazines that do not sell. The press news, and legal industry’s are using sex sensationalism to justify them selves and sell there products whilst covering up there own using laws to do so The whole situation has got way out of control. As a photographer of nudes I have never over stepped the mark with models,( After all why should they like me. Sex is a special thing between people who care for each other. Not one persons gratification) but have asked them to posse in situations that they are happy with. But Bruce has been working with Nude models for over 40 years so any model that works with him are and where well aware of what he would expect of them That is what they were paid for As long as it did not go in to physical abuse?
wageesha harshana (1 year ago)
Ryan Cee (1 year ago)
You keep posting this on all the videos, yet there has been no proof and no continuing of anything past an allegation.
Renato Vigliotti (1 year ago)
Chi crea certe pubblicità dovrebbe curarsi. E tanto anche...
I have been following the great works of Bruce Weber for years. What a great life as a photographer and film Maker.LO
wageesha harshana (1 year ago)
Chris Summerfield Video!s International Oh he's sued for SEXUAL HARASSMENT OF MALE MODELS. Great work indeed.
ExtremeRC2R (1 year ago)
trevor vende helados en la PLAYA ;V
OSTARAEB4 (1 year ago)
The only thing wrong with this far too lengthy advert is there's a female in it. Besides, real gay men wouldn't buy this cheap crap anyway. It looks so cheap it would give me a headache.
Monique Renee (5 months ago)
it smells amazing!
Sylla Atlas (1 year ago)
OSTARAEB4 It's Versace, don't worry it's not cheap 😅
tslmiami (1 year ago)
The fact that the boy kissed himself in the mirror sums up the new generation of boys perfectly.
tslmiami (1 year ago)
Gay as Fuk but I wouldn't expect anything else from Versace and Bruce Webber
Sylla Atlas (1 year ago)
Trevor Signorino is the Candice Swanepoel of male models
Hugh Jazz (9 months ago)
whos the blonde guy with the long hair at 0:45?
javier godinez (1 year ago)
Sylla Atlas not really
Vincenzo Minafra (1 year ago)
Leonard Saramati (2 years ago)
powerful alan jouban
mariomoll (2 years ago)
Simona Santoni (2 years ago)
Il profumo che seduce... Sempre Verace!!!
CorsaTDK Corsa (2 years ago)
снова пидорастия
Φashion Ikon (2 years ago)
Lilly B (2 years ago)
beautiful Gigi love her and the dress at the end is gorgeous😘💖💣💥
alohaike (2 years ago)
Trevor is so hot omfg
Hugh Jazz (9 months ago)
whos the blonde guy with the long hair at 0:45?
Sylla Atlas (1 year ago)
alohaike Trevor Signorino is the Candice Swanepoel of male models
alohaike (2 years ago)
+SuperClick22 the ice cream guy Trevor Signorino
SuperClick22 (2 years ago)
Which one is Trevor?

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