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Advice on Selling Art Commissions (Everything you'd Need to Know to get Started)

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Want to get started selling art commissions online? Today's video contains way too much information regarding selling art commissions. These are the practices I used when I used to sell, years ago. There are many ways to go about selling your artwork, this is just one of them. :) Next week's video will be about finding your price range for commissions! This is also a "Draw this Again" art challenge! I made the first version 7 years ago digitally. Because I loved the original so much I decided to redo it traditionally and see if I could improve upon it. Materials Used: Kuretake Gansai Tambi Arches Hot Press Watercolor Block Prismacolor Verithin Molotow Masking Fluid Marker Larger Finished Image: - Subscribe for Videos on Fridays! https://www.youtube.com/user/LemiaCrescent Join the Stream! (Mon & Wed) ----------------- ► Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/lemiacrescent Help Support the Channel ----------------- ►Store: http://lemia.storenvy.com/ ►Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/LemiaCrescent?ty=h Social Media Links ----------------- ► Second Art Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/EstellaVanilla ► DeviantArt: http://lemia.deviantart.com/ ► Facebook Fan Page: https://www.facebook.com/lemiacrescent ► Twitter: https://twitter.com/lemiacrescent ► Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/lemiacrescent/ ► PaigeeWorld: https://www.paigeeworld.com/u/lemiacrescent ► Instagram: http://instagram.com/lemiacrescent Royalty Free Music @ Kevin MacLeod
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Text Comments (339)
Bonnie Lol (2 days ago)
I will do custom adoptable kind of things for 4£ I need to buy bread for school thanks if someone replies u can see my art on my profile picture
NamatoxFX (6 days ago)
Danm ok thanks. This was really good
Claire V (11 days ago)
Is it really the best option to not announce that you want to do commissions? I'm just starting out and I need advice ' w')
Artistic Dreamss (12 days ago)
Thank you so much now I know what I'm doing!
Alex Kenney (12 days ago)
I don't know if I hate or love this video... But I don't really want to start commissions anymore after watching it. Commissions sound very stressful and a bit confusing...
Do u still do commissions?
heather (26 days ago)
should i be putting my watermark on commisions???
panda bootay (26 days ago)
you do know that putting the watermark won't really help, because if someone still stole it, it would just be saying don't steal the copier's art. Say if someone did steal it and re upload it with the water mark on, people who saw the one that was re uploaded would think its saying 'don't steal the art i stole' because they don't know it was stolen. Like those not for resale packs, you can still sell it (well kinda... not good tho... don't do that) and the person that bought it separately would think not to sell the separate one. But i wont steal it though :3 <3 i was thinking to start doing commissions because i feel like my art is kinda getting better but i'm under 13, so i asked my mum if i can have a parent controlled account where she would get the money from the art as i only draw for fun and because i love drawing and art. I do it as choice so, why not sell it? If we do even get any, my mum said she would think about it, so does this still kinda count as child labour, if i choose to do it and i don't get the money? It would just be more help and i guess if we saved we could make a lot (again, if we do get any customers anyway) i was thinking to sell any portion of the body, but either all in digital with my Wacom or all traditional but only in pencil, Copic or regular pen. I do have watercolour and acrylic though... And i'm not this little princess that gets everything, okay, i am actually quiet poor. My mum saves up a lot of money for Christmas but she is a single working mum with 3 kids and no job. I guess the reason she kinda gets a little more is because my brother is disabled. But yea she saves a lot of money for Christmas so we have the best experience, hence why i'm 11 and have a Wacom.
Ag silver Radio (29 days ago)
What if (hypatheticly) somone only want a detailed landskape, without any characters?
Rita Dramatica (1 month ago)
Lost me when you said not to bother offering commissions if no one has asked for them.
Cxrrupted Cxmunity (1 month ago)
Why am i watching this im only ten years old and my art isn't too great
yosra azzam (1 month ago)
If you do digital commissions, how do you give the buyer the art work? Do you send it to them on a specific social network or you print it somehow and then ship it to them? I’m new and confused.
yosra azzam (3 days ago)
Fatin Farhana thank you so much, it means a lot. I’m a beginner, but I’m thinking of doing commissions in the future.
Fatin Farhana (3 days ago)
yosra azzam you send the file to them of course. Through email I would think.
Nowi Nova (1 month ago)
Wow! That picture you made turned out so good!
Nowi Nova (1 month ago)
Wow! That picture you made turned out so good!
EllaDaTiger (2 months ago)
This video was really helpful, thank you! 💓
Pam Waldron (2 months ago)
FYI Insurance on a shipped item is to protect the shipper. The buyer gets (or should get) a refund or replacement at no additional charge if the package is destroyed or goes missing on its way to them. This is why shippers insure shipments and it is good business. The recipient cannot put insurance on a shipment, only the shipper can insure a shipment. The recipient Does pay the shipper for such insurance, though. It is a time saver and a big plus to your customers to go ahead and include insurance in your shipping charges. You could also include shipping charges to the farthest domestic zip code in your purchase price (for all commissions) and offer "free shipping" i.e., no additional charge for shipping to any domestic zip code . also, if the item gets shipped to a closer zip code, there is no refund of overage, since the shipping is paid from the proceeds of the commission (i.e. shipping and insurance charges are included in the price of the commission). Of course, all international shipments must pay shipping (and included insurance) separately. If the shipper buys insurance on a shipment, the shipper is the one who deals with the insurer, and is the one who specifies where the payment goes. I strongly suggest Insurepost for insuring individual shipments/packages and Shipsurance for bulk shipments (multiple packages sent at one time). They are sister companies. At this writing their charges were $1/ $100 insured. They insure through the postal service and some other shippers. Disclaimer: Shipsurance and Insurepost work well for US shippers. I do not know what other countries they insure originating shipments from. They also have a list of countries they will not insure a shipment to.
deartotheheart (2 months ago)
So practical and clear, thank you for the explanation and advice
rinuxx (2 months ago)
1 min of tape asmr
SquishyMin (2 months ago)
I wish I could do commissions, but I don’t have a paypal and I’m pretty sure my parents won’t make one for me. They don’t even know I have social media and I’m not allowed to have it. I wish they weren’t so strict they think I’m gonna post so inappropriate things and show my face but, all I wanna show is my art. I’m pretty sure if I told my older sisters about it they would tell our parents. I guess I’ll have to wait till I’m 18 to do commissions. So sadly I have to wait 4 more years.😞
MissDatherinePierce (2 months ago)
Do you have your own bank account? I don't remember Paypal checking my age back then but you will need a bank account to connect it to.
-Dank Animation Studio- (2 months ago)
I only sold 1 commission to my friend. She still has it
Chante Moody (2 months ago)
This is a very helpful video. Thank you. :)
Bella Lewandowski (2 months ago)
personally, for commissions, i base prices kind of like a y=mx+b equation: price= $ per hour x # of hours + cost of supplies. However, I do irl art, like canvases and such, so the cost of supplies may not apply. But, prices will be different for everyone, so talking about them shouldn't be frowned upon :/
Smarty Cat (3 months ago)
Sketchy businesses are the fucking worst (This is a big paragraph brace yourself) I once worked telecommute with a guy/business(???) making graphic designs. We met in person before working for him and he went really into detail on how he wanted every piece since it was for commercial purposes. The first red flag I should have paid attention to was when he said he "accidentally left the contract but we can seal it with a handshake, yes?". At the moment I thought "As long as I don't have to drive the two hours that took me to get here again, sure". So I started working for him, and DAMN it was hard, but I did it and sent it to him. He said he'd pay me once he received the money from a client of his (or whatever). Sure, alright. Onto the second job. Harder than the first tbh. Once it was done and sent, I tried to contact him via text and he wouldn't answer so I emailed him. After a while he answered and said his phone was giving him trouble, but he sent me the third job and promised my money would come in soon. Uh-huh. Half way through working on the third one I kind of snapped because he wouldn't return my texts or emails or calls. Also by this point, my mom went full beast mode. We waited for a while and then she called using her phone instead of mine, and whattaya know, the guy answered immediately. My mom wasted no time and told him that if I hadn't received my money by the next three days she'd get her lawyer, apart from contacting a tv show that specializes in these types of cases and publish the situation AND the names of his clients on tv. Sure enough the guy paid me what he owed and never contacted me again
Mary Layeux (3 months ago)
Really helpful video! I do have one gripe, though. I somewhat get where you're coming from, but in many cases it is completely okay to discuss pricing in PMs and I really didn't like how you put other artists down for doing that. Of course it always depends on what the artist is selling, but art can very well end up being too complex to give only a few base prices on a tiny commission sheet. For example, years back I did commissions but offered a vast amount of art styles from chibi to realism and everything in between, so it was necessary for my customers and I to discuss what they wanted my art to look like and how it would come to in the end. Some artists also set up their prices so they are paid by the hour, so it isn't possible to set a base price until they know exactly how long it might take them. It's as simple as going to a hair salon and wanting a specific haircut or color, you're always going to have to discuss with the stylist first to see how things will cost in the end since you can't make a base price for every single haircut and color combination in existence. It's a pretty common process.
Poppy Raccoon (3 months ago)
Don't blame you for the stamp in the middle, you wouldn't believe how much I see stolen work on amino
Cuteplayergamer (2 months ago)
Furry Stereotype I have undertale au animo but not the main animo but still I see stolen art everywhere
E E (3 months ago)
yomigeeh (3 months ago)
Thank you for sharing this!!! Im so worried and anxious on how to start my own commissions until I found this vid!!! Thank youuyy
Hanji Ackerman (3 months ago)
I always wanted to do commissions. Although, I know my parents would never let me have paypal and they don’t even want me on social media at all. I’m not even that young but they’re pretty strict :/
Lexi LuLu (3 months ago)
As of right now I'm probably considered too young to be a real artist. I was going to ask you for advice and then I realized what ur answer would be. I'll wait a few years before I start trying to sell, and in the meantime I can talk to my friends about commissions for cheap prices, since that's something I can do now.
AshleyDraws 2 (4 months ago)
Discord?? Does that count? I’m 11 so I can’t have much social media ;^;
liquicitizen farron (4 months ago)
Ive recently opened my instagram acc and got a customer in 2 days xD im kinda nervous tbh
Stalkers Cups (4 months ago)
I went threw 1/3 of the video and finally noticed that on top of the drawing it says "Stop stealing my art, lol" XDXD
Aspiecorn (4 months ago)
I am planning to do commissions
KarmineRainbow Draws (4 months ago)
It took me like ten minutes to realise it said “stop stealing my art. Lol”
Dork Girl (4 months ago)
Tbh I will most likely will never post my art. Why? Because my relative told me the inernet is just a place for people to steal your art.
Jesspyre (4 months ago)
I am curious where your commission list is. I am not seeing it on any of your social media profiles.
Zilla BNP (4 months ago)
Stop stealing my art
Jean AA (4 months ago)
I have a system where it asks them what kind, bust, full body, ect, depending onwhat they say add however much money to the price, then do yu want color add this, and so on with the different ways, the picture could be done.
McKenna Melder (5 months ago)
how much should full body art commissions cost? it would be great to know from somebody who has had success with their art to tell me so I can get started
gay eden (5 months ago)
Stop stealing my art *lol*
I’ve seen ppl do stuff like: Pay 1/4 price at the start 10% or smthng per update I thought it was a good idea 💡
I remember when I saw an artist I followed said they had commissions open. I didn’t know what it meant so I asked someone wat it meant, they said: “Oh! It’s when you can ask the artist to draw for you” And that’s wat I thought it was.... THEY DIDNT mention paying AT ALL So I dm the artist saying: “Hi! Ar commissions still open?” They reply: “Yeah! Wat do you want?” I say “Hmmmmmm.... idk maybe draw my oc or something? Idc” (They prbly thought; Wat? They are gonna PAY for smthng that they don’t know wat even is?! Wow wat) Reply: “Ummmm you gotta be certain about it” Me: “Well then wat can you do?” Artist: “I can do portraits, etc.” Me: “Maybe do a full colour portrait” Artist: “That will be $15” Me: “Wat” Artist: “Umm u have to pay $15” (Thinks: o boy it’s one of THOSE ppl, the ppl that just think they won’t have to pay) Me: “I didn’t know” Artist: Well, u have to” Me: O sorry! I can’t! Sorry Artist: Ok.... (Thinks: not AGAIN!) Bye.... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This has happened some time ago and know I understand wat ar commissions and after watching many yt videos of storytime commissions, Ik this happens a lot to artist and they find it very annoying, I am sorry 😐 Lol. Comment story time! Reply to this comment if you had done something similar!
KittyCadie KillerCadie (4 months ago)
Oof. I never have done that, but it sounds embarrassing XD
Echo Studios (5 months ago)
I’m only a tween, but I’m really happy and content with my artwork. Should I start doing commissions or wait until I’m older and more content with my art?
Desire Graham (5 months ago)
any artists wanna support other up and coming artists?? check me out on insta @spacesbydee
Magicalamity (5 months ago)
Devian art? i use it, but my friends tell me the site is dead. i started using medi-bang, but i still want to keep my other art profile. how should i go about doing this? i want constructive criticism so, i want my art to be seen.
DVFT (6 months ago)
10 minutes, "Stop stealing my art, lol" wtf is that?
M0nst3r (7 months ago)
thanks for all the detailed information! I am planning to do commissions and this was very helpful!
Dindy May (7 months ago)
I'm so thankful that you take time out of your day to teach your viewers about how to do things I'm glad I'm one of your subscribers 😊😃😊
Gracie-Animations (7 months ago)
Super excited to do them!!
Masked B1tch (7 months ago)
I was a little taken aback by the tip on not discussing pricing. The prices for my last two commissions were $150 and $20 respectively. It’s important to recognize that no two paintings/drawings take the same amount of time and effort to create. Yeah, you could list that a full body drawing will cost $40, but if someone is only asking for casual, simple clothes like a t-shirt and shorts with just a 2D background, I question if the drawing would honestly be worth $40 for how simple it is. And on the flip side, someone could ask for a girl in an elaborate ball gown sort of dress holding a bouquet of flowers with her hair flowing into a galaxy. Doesn’t that sound complicated? Like it would take hours for all of those details? At some point, you have to realize that you might be making $4 an hour because you have predetermined prices. Not to mention different mediums and sizes are a whole other story. In the art world, negotiations are also very key. You’re not an official business, it won’t do any harm to talk with your client to see what they are willing to pay, what you’re expecting, and go from there. I guess what I’m trying to say is art is a very unusual product that can’t be priced until it’s made. Or maybe in this case, imagined. Edit: I do confess, however, that it’s very fair to at least give people an idea of what your price ranges are so no one shows up expecting to pay $35 for a full scale painting when you’re looking to charge anywhere between $70 and $130.
Michelle BBq (7 months ago)
stop stealing my art. lol
Casey Hutton (7 months ago)
This is unrelated to the commission thing, but what are you using to wipe away the pen marks? is that rubber laytex? or is it just a pen that you can erase and get the wipe of the paper back?
Bored As can be (7 months ago)
I’m gonna get a few commissions still looking for who to make it
Devika A (7 months ago)
So I know all about commissioning and how to do it and be safe. Only 1 problem. I. Can’t. Draw.
Pope Suavecito XII (7 months ago)
It's actually more professional to have commission work discussed privately because it protects the value of your work and gives you more leverage in negotiating a sale. If you are turned off by something as basic as the idea of actually talking to the artist, then you probably aren't that interested in their work to begin with. I prefer my clients to email me so that I can give them full details of what they're getting for the price. Go to any fine artists website and look if they have commission prices listed. The only people displaying prices are kids on deviantart doing paintings for sweatshop wages.
The SmartAleck (3 months ago)
Uh...you know there's the whole 'Full sketch- 200 points' and such thing, right? You can privately discuss the character/s or thing/s being drawn, and the pricing, but I'd prefer to know if an artist's work is within my price range before contacting them about comissions, and, potentially, disappointing them by not commissioning them because I don't have enough. See?
Mr YetToBeThrownOutLemon (7 months ago)
Where do you get that tape from? The tape I use always spoils the picture and rips the paper :(
Lunar Headcrab (7 months ago)
When you do a commission : you do a drawing for only the customer ( you send it via mail ) or it's a drawing you send to him and post it on your deviantart page ?
Pope Suavecito XII (7 months ago)
Ask the customer what they want.
korynnininm (8 months ago)
About the asking fluid it might have been the heat from the hair dryer
The Big Wumpus (8 months ago)
Can commissions be drawn physically? Or do I have to get into digital drawing
Pope Suavecito XII (7 months ago)
You can do traditional commissions, just depends of if the person paying you wants to have it scanned or shipped to them. Also, you should charge more for traditional art since you have to buy paper, pens, pencils, etc.
Trickster Illustrations (8 months ago)
I liked the video, but.. they didn't steal your art. the pose is not the same, nothing lines up, you can't copyright a pose nor an idea.. Just saying. Referenced, yes, stolen, No.
Kasmer Luka (5 months ago)
Mel I think I got what they meant. You know that picture that Lemi showed (the old version of the art). Maybe they thought it wasn't hers and that she said someone stole her work? Idk
Mel (5 months ago)
She was preventing people from screenshotting the picture and reposting her original art as their own, I'm assuming.
Fruit500 (8 months ago)
Who stole what
Blue Yasss (8 months ago)
Clorox Bleach (8 months ago)
Thanks so much! I’ve been wanting to get back into art and be able to put a bit more use to it! Glad I have a pretty good idea on what to do.
Tomipeace13 (9 months ago)
I can’t wait to start doing commission. My friend and bf have bought paintings from me but I can’t wait to get better and start commission
SpinYourMind (9 months ago)
Please post about ways of finding your niche and target market(s).
SpinYourMind (9 months ago)
Thanks for getting straight to the point.
Kaseydilla (9 months ago)
When you don’t have a paypal or anything like that... 😩
pixelpunk (9 months ago)
Stop putting a watermark on your art. lol
Infxnity (9 months ago)
how do you ask for someone to pay you, if they don't know for certain that you're going to do their commission ? like, what if you commission me for x artwork, send y money in & i end up vanishing ?
Pope Suavecito XII (7 months ago)
NEVER do a commission without getting half of the money upfront. If the person makes excuses or promises to pay later forget it, because that means they were never going to pay you anyways. Use paypal so you can track scammers and get your money back if necessary
Radcat Playz (10 months ago)
What brand of pencils do you use?
Madame Monochrome (10 months ago)
I really want to start doing commissions.... I feel like I’m too young though? Do people care about age? Also uh... I sound really dumb >~< But how do I ask for commissions from other artists (If that came out wrong paying the artist that will draw it. Not asking for them to buy one from me...)
Ruth Deleray (8 months ago)
Madame Monochrome usually they’d say they would have commissions open, so ask them by messaging, emailing, or however they say
Sweetly.Artistic (10 months ago)
For anyone thinking “I’ll just start because I’m sure they’ll pay me!” Don’t. As someone who did a commission for a “friend” a while ago at school. It’s been 2 months since I FINISHED the commission and every day she has had an excuse. I also ended up doing 4 fullbodies for 10$ and I still haven’t gotten those small 10$ Get some money before you do a commission and don’t learn the hard way! It may have been small but it’s still time spent that I don’t think I’ll get back anytime soon but I won’t stop asking her lol
I can't send people art... I'm going to do this though.
Anna Toro (10 months ago)
"Stop stealing my art. Lol" Erm.... ok????
Elizabeth The Animator (10 months ago)
Also I feel like starting tag me and I'll draw u and once it gets popular start charging
vjm3 (10 months ago)
For digital art, I would overlay a bunch of gaudy watermarks with writing on it saying "UNOFFICIAL COPY" and also send them a much smaller version of the pic. That way, they can see how the picture has come along (and is what they wanted), yet will pay me for the finished version, now with confidence. What you seem to be saying here, however, is most people are already confident in the picture you'll send them, and will accept it so long as it lives up to a displayed version which prompted them to set the commission originally. This is probably the better option.
13YearOld Artist (10 months ago)
“Stop stealing my art. lol” Uh Okay??
Saviroosje2 (10 months ago)
haha the watermark! Sad it happens to you though! But the drawing is lovely! I really liked it and using the maskingfluid that way is very creative! Commissions are always a hard subject, thanks for sharing your opinion! ^^
Jo Van (10 months ago)
I am not a fan if the molotov masking markers. Wtf does this mean?
Fruit500 (8 months ago)
_I, an intellectual, am not happy with Molotow-branded masking fluid markers._
Blue_The_ Dinosaur (11 months ago)
At one point, I really want to start commissions (however I'm still learning sooo). I hope it'll work out 💙
Matheus Ferreira (11 months ago)
"Stop stealing my art. lol" ok, Sorry, i think i'll never steal ur art again :/
Breanna. (11 months ago)
Here's a question: How do you build your fanbase? I've been on for nearly a year now, and have less then 100 followers :/
Akamekitty (1 month ago)
On instagram tagging is key, as are regular uploads. Tagging makes the difference between 4 likes, or 40, and for every properly tagged post I gain a few followers. I don't post that often so it doesn't make much of a difference for me, but if you gain 3 followers per post, and you post every day, you're at around 1000 in a year. If you post every other day it's half that, if you post twice a day it's double. But be aware of what you upload; sketches won't get as much attention as finished works, works in progress may or may not get much attention depending on how interesting they look. Like I said: this only works this way if you know what tags to use, so go figure that out first. There's a whole different set of tags for people who draw comic style characters than for people who do life drawing, or abstract painting etc. Find art pages that kind of fit what you do, and see what tags they use. Tags are how people find your work on instagram. If you don't tag at all you won't gain any followers, period. If you tag wrong you may gain some followers, but since you won't reach your target audience as effectively you won't gain as many followers as you could have. Other than that: be committed to uploading regularly, and be patient. Also keep improving your art and develop your own style, because the better, more interesting, and more unique your work, the more people will take an interest.
FloraSora (2 months ago)
Lol I know this is an old comment, but it took me 8 years to get 850 followers so I mean patience is key?
Kasmer Luka (5 months ago)
Breanna. I know this comment is 5 months old BUT... Growing a fanbase is difficult and it's easier to wait if you remember that's not the most important thing. I am on Instagram almost 2 years and I have 196 followers. After 200-300 it seems to be going slightly faster. The more followers you have the faster you grow. Just focus on improving your art, the people will eventually come. Good luck!
Devika A (7 months ago)
Patience and commitment. It’s harder than you think.
Blue Yasss (8 months ago)
same! I've watched loads of those 'grow your instagram' tip videos, and applied them, but nothing has changed :o
It'sRed (11 months ago)
is it weird that i find your voice so relaxing and your video topics so interesting and lively, i use your , like, 'talking videos' as 'background music' when im working on projects or just drawing in general?
basicsyphilis8 (11 months ago)
Lol best part slowly peeling blue tape
WindowCleanr (11 months ago)
What watercolors are you using?
Dyysfunctional Draws (11 months ago)
the only thing holding me back from commissions is being too lazy to post the info.
Potato._. Girl (11 months ago)
Sorry to tell ya but the umm so called “watermark” you did isn’t very useful for this reason: I saw a youtuber talking about why she hated watermarks and while talking she was removing a bunch of watermarks from peoples art. But otherwise well yeah
Kaleb Sok (1 month ago)
How is it poorly done? She made a pretty valid point but you are out here calling people stupid, especially with THAT profile picture. MY LUNGS SJKSJKKSJ
ShaylinAnimates (8 months ago)
Frisk Gamer that youtuber is an idiot. I’ve seen what video you’re talking about. It’s a poorly done rant meanwhile she’s erasing watermarks from random art like its no big deal.
Frost Kittei (11 months ago)
OMG!! This is EXACTLY how I imagined you looking before I actually saw you!!!
little rainbow narwhal (11 months ago)
something funny is that when i was younger I did FREE COMMISSIONS
hedone (6 hours ago)
Bee thats the poin t
heather (26 days ago)
im doing free commisions right now because im young and i dont feel like setting up a pay system, im just doing it for fun
Bee (1 month ago)
so art requests
Yuki Chan (1 year ago)
Can you give me more info on Paypal, cuz I've heard some clients rip off Artists by claiming to PP that they didn't receive their product (when they did get it) and demand refunds, which cost the Artists lots of money.
Joeru Chi Kagamine (1 year ago)
I don't sell my art yet, but I think it would depend on how long it took me to make the picture, and how detailed it is. If it took me 2 hours, but i knew it wasn't that detailed, I would make it about 15-20 bucks. If it took me an hour but was super detailed, then it would be more than 20 bucks.
Kiwi Brainstorm (1 year ago)
How old were you when you started selling commissions? Just curious.
Keitarin (1 year ago)
Is that masking fluid? The blue lines you put on the sketch at the beginning? I'm curious about it since I've never used it before.
Avie Dabber (1 year ago)
What type of paper did you use for this piece?
Ariellarto (10 months ago)
Avie Dabber she is using a watercolor block of some sort. Maybe arches?
Hannah Tucker (1 year ago)
I love how empowering you are to an artist. It really nice to have someone say its okay to ask for all the payment up front etc.
Bloodfin TheMighty (1 year ago)
I like your approach to payments, but it was never my personally approach, I always waited until the piece was finished to request payment, I provided all of the preliminary sketches to show progress but nothing about the final piece until payment was processed, at that point I provided them a picture of the piece being packaged and tracking info. It worked for me but maybe not everyone.
JackZion 145 (1 year ago)
I would get like 10 thousand of artwork that I would buy but i am not that big and not that skilled and I love anime and like video games so I try copying from manga so I get better.
scotland holmgren (1 year ago)
I love your art
Meow Meow Kapow (1 year ago)
I really like the drawing that you made, but I also really appreciate the discussion.  Normally, I am not open for commissions because they just aren't my jam, but I keep getting approached by friends and family asking for work.  I'm very up-front with them about my pricing, as well as the fact that I am not open for commissions but that if their idea is something I feel comfortable doing and they trust me with their vision for my price and other guidelines, then we may be able to come to an agreement.  Similarly, I've discussed in initial contacts that the work I'd be making would be for personal use and if they want rights to reproduce then we need to adjust our agreement and they will be paying more for my relinquishment of copyright.  Which is to say, I'm glad that you were super crazy about guidelines because it's making me feel like being super crazy is the right choice to keep things on course. Also, yeah.... The molotow pens aren't super great... I'm surprised yours didn't just absolutely destroy the paper because mine WRECKED anything I used them with.
Murdoc Cipher (1 year ago)
If you are to make a commission that is not digital, do you take a picture of it when it is finished as the finished project?
Murdoc Cipher (1 year ago)
Sorry, I’m just kind-of confused as to how the finished project is sent.
Shelby Frampton (1 year ago)
My question is, how to let your parents start commissions online
aesthetic whore (1 year ago)
I want to do commissions because my family doesn't think art supplies are worth the money but my dad said no to selling my art online so I want to sell my art at school to get art stuff but I'm REALLLY shy so I don't know how to get people to buy my art..

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