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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Analysis Chart 5/24/2018 by ChartGuys.com

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Crypto Conversations (4 months ago)
Adam Rosszay (4 months ago)
Wait. We want regulation? No. No we don't. We want to kill the banks. If Bitcoin was meant to be regulated, Satoshi would have talked to the regulators first before creating the damn thing. I know why people like you want regulations. Because it gives you safety. You don't actually have a job that you do that adds value to society. So that makes sense. I get it. You ask the mafia for protection. Meanwhile, the rest of us out here in crypto, the folks that have to work for someone else to pay the bills...we do not want those regulations. You maybe feel like a little fish in the sea with the whales and don't like it. But for the rest of us, who's experience in life is and has felt like what you describe anyway (i.e. the 99%), but in real life, not just on the trading "floor" - it makes no difference to us because that's how we navigate through life anyway. Crypto should be like that too. It's called individual freedom and everyone in crypto should be supporting that basic principle. But lately, I've heard many folks calling for the central authorities to threaten others with force to get their way. Absolutely disgusting behavior. What matters is to achieve the goal of eliminating the financial institutions from getting in the way of my transaction with my peer. That means we do not want regulation Dan. You sellout huh? You okay with that? You sound like a cool guy. What gives?
L S (4 months ago)
Can you give a a overview of IIPR soon?
Satoshi Nakamoto (4 months ago)
This is yet another illusion of regulation same as wallstreet to this day people trade inside information.Soon decentralized exchange will be the new norm good luck shutting them down or regulating them.
andre hidalgo (4 months ago)
BTC is on its way to 3K. I have my buy order set and ready.
Robert Leonardo (4 months ago)
Every regulated market has “synthetic” false moves to trick the retail trader and competing firms, hoping to create an organic move. It’s a battle, a chess match, it’s not pretty, but it’s reality. Some people understand this, Chart guys do 🤩 Market makers on the Wall st floor create price illusions every morning. Whales on Crypto attempt to, but not as successfully as the Banksters. Bitcoin will get more of these synthetic moves the more “regulation” gets its footing. Did you notice The moment the CBOE and the CME came aboard last December bitcoin and the alts started to turn south. Trading successfully is a heck of an accomplishment. Normally you have to go through a few financial baptisms 😩 before you start seeing the big picture.
howard lester (4 months ago)
Great! I loved this but have one more tip to add: You gave amazing highlights for great trading. Really, Investing in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Litecoin, and more is a huge chance to make money but one should also take care to choose His/her entry points wisely. Initially when i started trading on Cryptocurrency i'll come on youtube, watch some videos for guidelines, trust my guts and trade but those where not my most profitable trade. My best trade this year was an ETH breakout trade. Hit my target within 24 hours and had a 1-7 risk-reward ratio. Thanks to Ameer Rosic, a Crypto Analyst who Enlighten me about Entry Points and how to choose them wisely.You can talk to him privately on ameerrosic071 @gmail. com
gowd gadury (4 months ago)
nice new into Dan :)
MrMahuike (4 months ago)
2500...that is the goal...not lower as they have to be able to bring the chumps back in.( HOPE, they cant kill all HOPE)
MrMahuike (4 months ago)
its the EXCHANGES AS WELL...they are CROOKS, who do you think feathers the whales bitcoins in and out??? for a cut of course...its all planned out...if the munipulators are gone..then bitcoin will just SIT, and not move UP OR DOWN>
AZ Niteforce (4 months ago)
Shaking out gen z clowns
Jahamie Merlot (4 months ago)
Hi, what EMAs are you using here? Thank you!
TheChartGuys (4 months ago)
12 26
Craig Collins (4 months ago)
Addicted to this
Boiling Point Mechanical (4 months ago)
wonder what they find. we all know there's insane manipulation, just a matter if they do anything about it.
Michael G. (4 months ago)
Anybody else find it ironic that an article discussing removing manipulation from the market was used to manipulate the market?
Crypto Gardener (4 months ago)
When you take profit, do you market sell?
TheChartGuys (4 months ago)
Limit whenever possible, no fees.
Clayton Christian (4 months ago)
The timing was so obvious
K Marquez (4 months ago)
Hi dan! *Are you coming to san Francisco any time soon?* *will be my pleasure to give you a ride anywhere you go*
Jason Kellogg (4 months ago)
yes it is bullish news for ppl like us but not bullish for the whales haha so they dump it.
Tim Martin (4 months ago)
Yes! Repetition is good! I too am starting to get it now. My last 2 swing trades netted me +30 % based on your charting style. Ive managed to sell the top and buy back in at near bottom twice, thus accumulating more coins/tokens without using any more capital. Its fantastic! Dont be affraid to repeat yourself. Its working! And thank you!
TheChartGuys (4 months ago)
Keep it up!
Mark W (4 months ago)
FUD can’t stop MOA tokens.
Philson (4 months ago)
This timing is good for me!
Armov (4 months ago)
Great intro. Short and sweet. Would be absolutely perfect if shortened to 10-12 seconds IMO. My apologies if you weren't looking for advice lol...anyways, insightful analysis as always.
henry X (4 months ago)
Loving real you, bro. However, I think that there are fake yous out there trying to fool around. Every TheChartGuys fan need to be on alert. For example, this email: [email protected]
TheChartGuys (4 months ago)
YEs, scammers are always out there trying. Thanks I will highlight it again next video.
andy patch (4 months ago)
Would oh so agree that this is actually long term bullish news, the false trading nonsense has to stop to give crypto the chance it deserves in the real world. Thanks for yet another informative and analysis packed video Dan.
Mikki (4 months ago)
Nice to see that you follow Philakone!
aceman0920 (4 months ago)
Jesse Kent (4 months ago)
I got the same exact impression, the news appears to be almost always orchestrated to fit certain market objectives.
Energy Core (4 months ago)
That's true in stocks as well as here, people who have something to gain from news have easier entries by releasing them in conjunction with a trade setup.
The Belfast Electrician (4 months ago)
priceless as always thank you!!
PM NY (4 months ago)
Is it duck season or rabbit season? Let's ask Elmer FUD!
mightyachilles1 (4 months ago)
Once again nice work man.
Adrian Gian (4 months ago)
Excellent piece of comment. Keep it up, Tks
Jose Lucas Zepeda (4 months ago)
Why don't you cover XRP anymore?
Tim Martin (4 months ago)
Watch this guy for a solid month and you'll be able to do your own TA on XRP. Hes not giving away fish...hes teaching you how to fish.
Unknown Now (4 months ago)
Dan, after 6 months, I finally got it. Lol. What do you teach in your crypto course? Try to decide if I should go with you or philakone? Or both.
TheChartGuys (4 months ago)
I do not know much about Philakone's course but the feedback is good on ours! https://themerkle.com/chart-guys-course-review-trading-cryptocurrency/
James Winsoar (4 months ago)
Great time to get discounted bitcoin!
Roland Rossèl (4 months ago)
Even bigger discounts are possible the coming weeks... Got fiat ready to jump in at any time
80sruler (4 months ago)
James Winsoar discounted to what ?
TheVeka (4 months ago)
New intro is great
Stephen Gilbreath (4 months ago)
What does the divergence between price and RSI typically indicate according to those who do see significance in it?
Michael G. (4 months ago)
Here is a pretty good guide https://www.babypips.com/learn/forex/divergence-cheat-sheet
danibrayt (4 months ago)
Basicaly a potential weakening in the strength of the price direction. But you always have to consider the bigger scenario in conjunction with other indicators. Sometimes you take advantage of being earlier. Consider the risk/reward...
bang your head (4 months ago)
Thanks for putting a video out at such a key time. It's quite odd and stressful to be watching charts alone all the time with no sanity test. For the most part I understand your methodology, but I just suck at executing on it. A key level I have been watching is the 50 SMA on the weekly. That's where BTC and LTC bounced a month ago. They haven't been below that since October 2015, so that's where I put my orders. Working out so far except I didn't add for any price improvement:/
mwm48 (4 months ago)
Does a bear dump in the woods?
DeadlyEsquire (4 months ago)
The criminal probe was reported by Bloomberg *months* ago. For some reason they re-posted the story today, probably to drive clicks due to the market correction. This is not news.
Jack-LoveIsland (4 months ago)
They need a limit on exchanges so people can’t dump 500 btc at one go for example
Michiel K (4 months ago)
LTC/BTC chart looking interesting!! I think. falling wedge? ish ... anyone any thoughts on if LTC is about to retake a stronger bull position like it did a few months ago?
Benjamin Fallah (4 months ago)
Hey brother, I watch every second of your videos. But would love to know if you could do a video on how to put your trends depending on what your interpret on the charts? Thanks buddy hope you have a wonderful time at the event.
TheChartGuys (4 months ago)
check the trading lessons playlist on the our youtube, "How to Draw Trendlines"
Artem Gordon (4 months ago)
exactly! As a newbie trader I have been waiting for trades for a while now simply because I don't feel comfortable with the manipulation here and there breaking me out of my comfort zone
NichoTBE (4 months ago)
I've seen you talk about manipulation in regular stock market trade videos, and they were in regulated markets, how will this stop manipulation in crypto?
TheChartGuys (4 months ago)
Stop is the wrong word... decrease.
Robin Clerici (4 months ago)
morning for the EU
Noetic333 (4 months ago)
It amazes me at how people can keep getting kicked in the balls over and over again by the state and still keep coming back for more. If the states regulation of financial markets worked so well then every single market besides BTC wouldn’t be so massively manipulated. The only thing that kept crypto less affected is the fact that it was invisible to the major players. Now that it’s on everyone’s radar there will absolutely be more manipulation especially since the derivatives are flooding in. Increased liquidity will not help as the increased liquidity will be relatively the same percentage of cabal players creating much of that extra liquidity which will be tainted money. The only way I can see to attempt to keep a decent level of market hygiene would be to have redundant competing private companies that can audit the markets and individual companies prolly listing them on a special listing service so everyone knows which companies are definitely real. They each need to be audited as well for corruption so we know companies aren’t paying them for their clean bill of health. The competing aspects will keep them all checking each other as well always liking to point out shortcomings or corruption in their competition. Any larger scale illegalities can be blasted all over independent media and our own blockchain based immutable uncensorable live feed and archive that can be checked against by everyone before investing in any project and I’m sure some new rating sites will pop up as well to correlate that information. Might seem like slot now but a true free market should evolve itself through spontateous order and emerging new reporting and investigative techs should facilitate, expand and smooth out any vacuums and bottlenecks. As long as the intent and the initial financing of these enterprises can be started I’m sure they can find transparent ethical ways of generating revenue and evolving with the markets. Just a thought
Daniel Montoya (4 months ago)
Its clicking!! 😁 similar to the person you mentioned, i've been watching for a couple months, just finished the first of two course you offer and im see the pattern. so freaking appreciate the daily videos. love watching these and your course is the bomb!! thanks again Dan
Jane O'Halloran (4 months ago)
Thanks Dan, safe journey!
Henrik Näsmark (4 months ago)
Thanks for your knowledge. So, "Mr. Lucid dreaming". Does it stop there, or are you also interested in lucidity in the waking dream? Aka enlightenment.
dave (4 months ago)
Love your videos. Your teachings are the best around. Thank you!!!
CrobatF (4 months ago)
That's right. Nothing we can do about people who dump while uneducated.
Unknown Now (4 months ago)
How many BTC do you need to have to be considered Whales?
80sruler (4 months ago)
Unknown Now 3
dennis carroll (4 months ago)
Yes, this is awesome news
Zencryptotrader (4 months ago)
Loving the new intro, keep it up Dan the man!
Finding Foreverness (4 months ago)
cheers man, enjoy yosemite
PBOGZ (4 months ago)
Ty again Dan. So when you scalp in for a bounce.. Do you tend to use stop loses on the 5 min TF or the 15 minute TF once you get the first trend change on a low Time Frame?
TheChartGuys (4 months ago)
I have not traded based on the 5 min only in a long time. 15 min and hourly
Josh Bare (4 months ago)
Thanks so much for the knowledge!
Randy (4 months ago)
Thanks Dan
bit charlie (4 months ago)
Thank you so much- awesome as always and now I’m getting the idea! I am even using the lingo with my friends on our crypto chat group. By the way why 12 and 26 ema and not 10 and 25 as it seems popular? Also my do good thing today. I saw a colleague upset so I brought him a cup of tea. Sat in the garden and let off steam. Your do good things on you long videos are some of my favourite moments!
bit charlie (4 months ago)
TheChartGuys thanks!
TheChartGuys (4 months ago)
GDAX 12 and 26 is default, tons of people forced to stare at it.
Meta Vinci (4 months ago)
Btw. I think your trade style and videos are top notch way to go. Thanks for being different. We need more diversity like yourself. Do you use Elliot wave at all to fund targets and supports? When finding higher highs and lows etc ido you follow trend lines to gauge entry and exit orders or just the ema resistance? Just missed the bulk my sells above that 28 day ma in BCH. BCH has been the biggest swinger but it's gut wrenching as she heads down fastest of the 4. Hoping to unwind a little more in the 1020-30s as it wants to poke that 28 day (or 128 on higher time) . I still think BCH has the most upside when we bounce. + 3-8% more than BTC consistently this past run up
Energy Core (4 months ago)
I can help answer the Elliot Wave question: Dan has said in the past that he doesn't use them but recognizes that the theory aligns with a lot of the stuff he sees visually out of experience. For instance he usually calls for corrections after a 5-step impulse wave without necessarily drawing the 5 steps. By the way, if you're not using the 12 and 26 EMAs, they're really useful as support and resistance. I've seen rejections and bounces from these averages time and time again in every crypto market, be it against USD or against BTC.
Sunny D (4 months ago)
Decentralization does not mean de-regulation, please do not conflate the two. Regulation can come from a decentralized private, third-party. It does truth and decentralization a disservice when you falsely equivocate decentralization with lack of regulation. Regulation is not exclusive to centralized organizations like government.
Adam Rosszay (4 months ago)
Bullshit. Crypto was made to maximize individual freedom. It's not meant for people to force their will onto others. Regulation = someone forcing their will on you...with violence even, if they don't get their way. That's disgusting. And you call yourself "I love you All"? That's the biggest bullshit name there is with that comment of yours. You love yourself. You want the regulations to protect the wealth and riches you so much love. But that is all that you love and nothing more. You certainly don't love us human beings who just simply wish to be left individually free to act without some asshole like you coming along causing us violence when we disagree with you. Wake up.
A B (4 months ago)
totally agree. regulation is a good thing, but the source that sets the rules is very important. If the regulations come from a decentralzed autonomous organization that represents the market participants then it'll make sense in a crypto environment. But giving the corrupt governments the power to decide what can be done and what can't be done is simply going against anything that Bitcoin and crypto stand for.
The Belfast Electrician (4 months ago)
very valid and important comment!
Meta Vinci (4 months ago)
Great news. Whales and hi frequency algos picking the noob retailers apart and I suspect exchange market makers too. This type of manipulation was scaring new money off and doesn't help the longterm stability of crypto... Perhaps by design for some of the bank money in the sector.
Brainwashed Sheep (4 months ago)
smash the likes!
Deez Nutz (4 months ago)
It's beginning to click! Spreading the kindness brought me some karma too. I got stopped out 48 hours ago at ETH 670 and bought in @555 this morning before work. I also sent a livestream youtuber $20 in BTC because I don't believe in superchats. (30% goes to youtube 😒)
up grower1 (4 months ago)
BCH please thumbs up
Voyage & Hearth (4 months ago)
lee sol (4 months ago)
100% need to make sure this market moves without this crap.
lee sol (4 months ago)
YES intro is KICKASS
Lemansblum5 (4 months ago)
well done intro! And valuable info as always!
Eric J (4 months ago)
Told you guys so. This is the next crash. Over by november
Martin O. (4 months ago)
Are you watching philakone? :)))
Nordle (4 months ago)
nice opener
Pwnsweet (4 months ago)
Dan, you said something about US MJ having huge opportunities in the future. What should I be looking for to know when to start investing? What exactly were you referring to?
TheChartGuys (4 months ago)
Bingo thnx
Michael G. (4 months ago)
Pwnsweet I believe he was referring to US and Canadian legalization. More recently however, WEED broke out of a weekly EQ for a 35% move, and now CRON is in an extremely tight EQ pattern as well.
Maarten (4 months ago)
Loving the new intro!
Chris Howgate (4 months ago)
1st the worst 2nd the best 3rd the one with the hairy chest...
Erik Snider (4 months ago)
Hey, thanks for the early morning video! I really appreciate this update. I hope your trip goes well!
Jack-LoveIsland (4 months ago)
Aider (4 months ago)

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