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NEO Technical Analysis (NEO/USDT) Nice Low... [03/22/2018]

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Text Comments (18)
Ze Marques (6 months ago)
Awesome! Thanks Sam
Andrius Fediuchinas (6 months ago)
Thank you!
Topher Kety (6 months ago)
Thanks for all your info and help and a special thanks for doing NEO, all is greatly apprecaited! I have learend a lot and really appreciate all the info and education!
RIZN (6 months ago)
That was very hard to count. So many rules in that one. I'm still not quite sure , and I watched the video twice. So it's not a wxyxz, just a wxy. Also, I thought the 0 to w had to be 5 wave structure. Guess I need to watch it again. Lol
D Tacherra (6 months ago)
eljimberino q (6 months ago)
Great video. Question for you: if I buy Neo with BTC, and it goes up 25% against ETH and 15% against BTC over the same time period, does it matter which I sell to? Thank you
Roberto Brevé (6 months ago)
NEO is having a lot of problems recently
bouchy85 (6 months ago)
Going to 7k, then 5900. Then 4K then $2700 then it will start to move it’s way back up after a year. Wall Street said they aren’t investing till $2700. Who do you think controls the markets?
bouchy85 (6 months ago)
George BA bitcoin is a paperless system so the government can steal are money without getting caught. Once it’s an actual currency the government will have full control over the people. This was planned back in 1977
bouchy85 (6 months ago)
George BA heard that on fast money and read about it online. Also, news comes out right when bitcoin is making its wave. Binance news when bitcoin was ready for correction. Their just manipulating it. Some say the stocks crash today is because they know it’s going to crash
George BA (6 months ago)
bouchy85 have you got a source for this info?
JayBigDadyCy (6 months ago)
Thanks as always! Love your work. Really would rather see NEO/BTC though. It's a more interesting chart imo.
djdos83 (6 months ago)
how come my fib retracement doesnt have the 'golden zone'? i think its .65 & .618, i've seen other T.A. guys with it too, is it just added manually?
George BA (6 months ago)
djdos83 yes, change one of the values in the fib settings to 0.65
J S (6 months ago)
What about the bearish alternative? I questioned your last Neo video when you said we were bullish when we were at $145, but you didn’t reply. We went straight down from there. I think Neo is going to see new lows.
Paul Abrahams (6 months ago)
Excellent chart analysis, I'm new to reading charts and learning lots from you Sam thank you.
Rafael Mateo (6 months ago)
totally agree I see BTC the same way we are just correcting the first wave starting the C wave
Chris Payne (6 months ago)
First! Keep up the great work Sam.

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