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What is an Inside Bar

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Text Comments (22)
Hunkeykung (2 months ago)
@ 6:30 you say: "As soon as we break 29.19" you mean after a candle closes above it or price passing it?
phillabox (3 months ago)
Hey so where would you put your stop loss trading on this type of breakout?
Mohammed Rafat (5 months ago)
I saw a few false signals based on XBI chart you showed at the very beginning of the chart I spotted an inside bar with a bull break on the third candle but it resulted in a down trend the next candle after and there was a volume spike even if it wasn't a whole lot. What other indicators do you use to confirm a valid bull or bear break after spotting the criterias other then increased volume?
Kevin McKee (6 months ago)
Awesome first view of this one. I am reviewing fundamentals. Putting a 1000 dollars into my portfolio this week. Bought 100 in January have in an hour the same 48 now 60 losing only .0012 of the coin valued at 100 in January. I have been observing the sticks and volumes doing something I am not interpreting correctly. I am seeing inside bars confusing this with when I’m trading and using the subjective application of the objective details of the TA PROCESS. I have been waiting for a reversal pattern. I have missed selling on instinct. I need to watch twice. This volume changing I don’t quite understand how it’s being illustrated. But my gut is seeing these differences when I’m trading. This video I feel could be integrated or portions integrated somewhat in candle patterns. I need to watch it again tightening is confusing when just looking at candle stick knowledge of how patterns are identified. Very professional series of products your developing here for us thanks.
Dario Boente (8 months ago)
Excellent video!
Kelton Young (8 months ago)
Does this technique work with swing trading? I have a full time job.
GNZ GNZ (15 days ago)
Paper trade it to test it.
steven lussier (6 months ago)
Kelton Young Nope, just wife-swapping! 🤣
Justin Lickman Realtor (9 months ago)
Great info, thank you!
NIT TV (9 months ago)
Very Awesome and clear explanation!
Darin Malone (10 months ago)
thanks Dan.:)
Daniel T (10 months ago)
Caught a good play on a double inside bar on BTC today. Good little scalp. Thanks for the info, you are a good teacher
Bowie (10 months ago)
does a bull breakout depend if the insider bar is green or red?
Bowie (10 months ago)
TheChartGuys (10 months ago)
No only thing closes on inside bars tell us is which direction is more likely to break by where we start the next candle
Rice BroCoin (11 months ago)
i said it before and ill say it again... I f**kin' love you dan!
Jeevraj (11 months ago)
Does this work in intra-day charts? 1 , 2, 5Min
M Tw (2 months ago)
no, higher time frames are always more accurate
Klemen Kralj (11 months ago)
on 8:10 is that a bearish harami?
John Nielsen (11 months ago)
Thank you for a great explanation, your time is very appreciated!
Mflo786 (11 months ago)
Thank you for the video! It's a great simple explanation of inside bars. Much appreciated!
Sim (1 year ago)
how do I use different time frame RSI? Like a 5 min RSI on an hourly chart, as you recommend for the bull play exit, for example?

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