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Bitcoin Chart Analysis & Talk Sept 12 - Lil Pop to a Drop? (BTC USD)

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Text Comments (15)
Mr Fender bender (10 months ago)
I'm calling the bottom at 2200.00
Yongzhi He (10 months ago)
I just know that those who longed at $6000 made huge profit for the last 6 months. Those who shorted at $6000 lost money.
Unknown Now (10 months ago)
What do you need to see before you see potential bullish trends?
H Comet2061 (10 months ago)
Best vid yet. You didn't waste time talking about bullish youtube analysts and articles. I agree with your bear, just not that we're shock and awed and confused by hopium. The people who follow your channel know we need to capitulate etc, and the ones who don't will capitulate... too late to save'm. Nice work
rr186650 (10 months ago)
JD, I only subscribe to you for crypto TA! You're the best!
DarkWiser (10 months ago)
And the prize of Bear of the year goes to: JD Marshall 😄😄😄 Just kidding, you have been right all the time, appreciate your efforts JD... Thank you
vin barish (10 months ago)
Hi James . I’ve been watching your videos for about 9 months and your are spot on . Although I think it’s very possible we test 5750 from here . I wonder why we wouldn’t have another pop to about 6800 like the last 5 pops and consolidation?
vin barish (10 months ago)
Looks like I should have listened to my gut
Doctah J (10 months ago)
Possible. From 18th to 26th, bearish pressure will begin. Don't ask me how lol
Chuckylove A (10 months ago)
Thanks JD
Marcus (10 months ago)
Do you see Bitcoin dragging the alts lower as it progresses downwards? Most of the alts have already corrected 90%+ since their all time highs last year. It seems they move ahead of bitcoin, but will they continue in tandem or is it possible they bottom out a month or two ahead?
Robbert Werry (10 months ago)
@Daily Grind I unfollowed crypto Kirby because of his last nonsense video!! ¡!!!
Daily Grind (10 months ago)
Check out crypto kirby on youtube for that answer, great TA on the answer to that question in the latest vid.
Mark Stanwyck (10 months ago)
Look forward to these every day. Thanks!
Tom Andrew Ventura (10 months ago)
Honest review thanks! Im your no.1 fan sir salute!

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