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"Discovering Kazakhstan" #11 (23.08.16) - Kazakh TV - eng

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This is a special edition of the program where our host Dennis Keen will marry according to Kazakh national traditions. The official Youtube channel of Kazakh TV. Live broadcast: http://kazakh-tv.kz/en/category/live_now Follow the news on our site: http://kazakh-tv.kz/ Subscribe to our official accounts in social network: https://twitter.com/Kazakh_TV | www.facebook.com/KazakhTV | http://vk.com/kazakhtv|
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Text Comments (56)
Congrats !!!! It is amazing !!! I love Kazakh culture!!!!! You guys are great!!!!
Невеста больше на тайку похожа,казахского не достаточно
Skid (2 months ago)
Seems like a 1980 commercial lol
itfv_ gt (5 months ago)
Kafır sen pislik kiz😡
казактын жигитери алга казактын кыздарын менсинбеисиндер кыз емес деп кандай болсада казактын каны таза
KONYKON Films (5 months ago)
Mr. HUNTERS (5 months ago)
Вот этак и выходят замуж за иноземцев, и уходят наши девицы за бугор.
Darhan Sansyzbai’ (5 months ago)
Damn, this whole shit is so liiit, son
Aaron Baker (7 months ago)
I love the sheep head and the tongue its very good
Alex Karimian (7 months ago)
What a beautiful wedding, I really enjoyed watching your video, best of happiness to you both
Kazakh TV (7 months ago)
Snake_whisperer (7 months ago)
постанова, все этак наиграно, и фэйково
Алик брат (8 months ago)
Сатқын есек қыз
Allan Kardek (9 months ago)
How to do for marrying non muslim kazakh? Can I add your channel ?  I am very interested in kazakh girls.
Melanie Saechao (10 months ago)
Interesting!! Thanks for sharing!
Tsuyoshi Irei (10 months ago)
this is great!
Great Chiefs 777 (10 months ago)
е малдар мыкты болсандар алмайсындарма осы кызды.сендер сиякты малдарды кутип журе беред деп отырсындарма отырып каганша
Great Chiefs 777 (10 months ago)
керемет бакытты болындар
Fred (11 months ago)
Great union of 2 great families congrats
Ainusha & (11 months ago)
Wow so cool
Jacinto Mausoco (11 months ago)
It was a meeting of two different cultures and they seem genuine to each other. All the best
Fatima Smailova (1 year ago)
Малдар намысы жок кобирек акша берсе нетошта кызын оз котине сатады
whores, traitors of the people
Serik Akimzhanov (1 year ago)
топас казактар кыздарын барлыгына берип биттигой, сорлылар еш намыстары жок
Jail Corruption (1 year ago)
Congratulation and have a lot of baby.
Bob ! (3 hours ago)
Jail Corruption haha the world is overpopulated. Let them have one 😎
Jail Corruption (1 year ago)
So sweet
ekami (1 year ago)
Beautiful ... I also want to marry a Kazakh Women
ekami (1 year ago)
only I stop myself
thefan12345 (1 year ago)
What stopped you? :P
David King (1 year ago)
Beautiful, best wishes to you both, 💞
Ran To (1 year ago)
i'm indonesian and i love kazakhstan,although i've never been there
jang'arsen erken (1 year ago)
what? Kazakh girl married American?
Bob ! (3 hours ago)
itfv_ gt - forget that mentality. Why can’t muslims marry Christians? Because Muhammad said so? He was not a prophet. He was a satan
itfv_ gt (5 months ago)
This is impossible its not allowed in islam to marry a christian man😡😡
Roger San Gabriel (5 months ago)
Looks like a Mormon.
silent watcher (9 months ago)
Mara Po he can only make her life happy if this American is willing to adjust to Kazakhstan tradition, culture and forego some American culture and mindset. I doubt American men are willing to do that. Not American character to adjust.
Mara Po (1 year ago)
jang'arsen erken I don't think it matters if he is from America or not. He seems like such a nice and open minded person. He learned so many traditions of kazakh culture which are unfamiliar to him just for their wedding. I wish for everyone woman to find a man like Dennis who would put so much effort to make his wife happy.
Anna Goodarzi (1 year ago)
😍😍😍 amazing!!!! happy family life 😘😘😘
Ким Цой (1 year ago)
John Desalvo (1 year ago)
Wow! It's almost hard to watch the awkward uncomfortableness of the Groom's family. lol!
Dina Primbetova (1 year ago)
Very special wedding of very special couple. Happiness to you guys ☺👍
Geronimo __ (1 year ago)
Bad boy
rob catalunya (1 year ago)
and how long will it be before the wonderful usa bombs the shit out of this place for the oil...
ryhrex (9 months ago)
Not as long Russia exists.
Jonathan Mejia (1 year ago)
what i noticed that this guy has did the 666 sign.which means he sold his soul to the devil.
AI 8 (1 year ago)
lmao i love how that one white lady feels so awkward in all this
Aliya Mussina (1 year ago)
Gulzada Serzhan (1 year ago)
"Beshbarmak" isn't the name of that meal. It is called "et", which means meat. Because it is meat. "Beshbarmak" is a ridiculous name given by Russians to the meal. There were Russians in the past who thought that they know Turkic languages better than Turkic people. So they come up with names like that. For example, "kaganat". Now many Kazakhs get used to it. We wouldn't call the meal "beshbarmak". Because we don't call fingers "barmak", we call them "sausak". "Barmak" means a thumb. You don't have 5 thumbs on your hand, do you?
Urban Hunter (1 year ago)
be happy newlyweds!
Bota Kroondyk (1 year ago)
Love this episode! 😍😘
Magyar Sauran (1 year ago)
awesome! be happy guys! sad that this video is short :( but anyway i really like it

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