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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin BCH Technical Analysis Chart 6/6/2018 by ChartGuys.com

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Text Comments (110)
Dj Tyson sherif cnx (4 months ago)
I'd like to accumulate more ltc. Will we bounce or fall a little further?
Jace Paek (4 months ago)
As always, good stuff Dan!
Brando (4 months ago)
I’ve watched many crypto related channels. You are my personal favorite. A few questions, you do have a call group correct?
TheChartGuys (4 months ago)
It is a community to learn technical analysis. We also have a service that alerts to certain conditions on the charts via email or telegram app.
Menno l'Abee (4 months ago)
If coinbase goed ledgit in USA does it mean te same for europe traders?
Cutie4Blockchain (4 months ago)
Dan , do you think the SEC will classify ETHEREUM as a security or a utility token?
Cutie4Blockchain (4 months ago)
TheChartGuys (4 months ago)
Dont know, no need to speculate and guess.
PlatinumState (4 months ago)
Higher lows and lower highs
Helder Carvalho (4 months ago)
Thanks Dan! I've got it!
Mo Mulla (4 months ago)
Great vid, great guy - I'm signed up to the membership now... NO LOOKING BACK! #IWillBeVictoriousAsATrader!
viviann napp (4 months ago)
Thank you for your inspirational videos.
Leighton Emmons (4 months ago)
hey Dan, Solid stuff, how would you go about trading Canadian MJ stocks? Wheres the starting point/exchange that you use?
TheChartGuys (4 months ago)
fidelity or interactive brokers
joy sandy (4 months ago)
#Hitbtc is a safe exchange and was never hacked whcih means that it did not experience serious problems. the same can't be said for other exchanges where big amounts were withdrawn from,
Edgars Bercis (4 months ago)
Greetings from Latvia in Europe! Love your videos and i have learned so much! Thank you very much!
Jaun-Pierre Reyneke (4 months ago)
Where can you trade Canadian MJ? Anyone from South Africa?
TheChartGuys (4 months ago)
fidelity or interactive brokers
Jose Falconett (4 months ago)
Hey Dan, how much technical analysis do we learn from these videos compartive to what we need to know for Stock trading. In other words is RSI, equilibrium levels, MACD cross's more specific to crypto or for all markets?
TheChartGuys (4 months ago)
Hello, all markets. 95% is transferable.
Michael Conley (4 months ago)
How would one short gbtc?
TheChartGuys (4 months ago)
Through a stock broker like fidelity.
bang your head (4 months ago)
Does Fidelity have GBTC to borrow? TDAmeritrade(Thinkorswim) doesn't have any. I'm guessing if anybody has any it would be IB.
Chitlins Laundry (4 months ago)
Thanks my man!
Matthew Hurd (4 months ago)
Fidelity getting into crypto now, looking for devops to make an exchange. More positive news for crypto !!!
TheChartGuys (4 months ago)
Honestly, I am disappointed and assumed they were doing that 6 months ago.
Trademark Notes (4 months ago)
It took me about 8 months for things to click watching nearly every video. Still so much to learn!
Mike Conn (4 months ago)
Dan, do you trade options at all? Would like to get your thoughts on doing so.
TheChartGuys (4 months ago)
Yes we have an intro to options video on youtube.
Jason Sight (4 months ago)
Where do you trade Canadian MJ? Robinhood???
TheChartGuys (4 months ago)
fidelity or interactive brokers
Scott McCall (4 months ago)
What Canadian MJ do you recommend
Scott McCall (4 months ago)
Thank you!
TheChartGuys (4 months ago)
Big names are WEED, ACB, APH, CRON
Calvin Sturm (4 months ago)
Are you going to sell your CRON on market open tomorrow?
Part Time (4 months ago)
I've been watching over 4 months and still do not understand unlike that guy. lol
Imaginee (4 months ago)
man you are awesome what do you think about IGNIS?
ColoredFusion (4 months ago)
BTW, check out Todd Valentine, he is a dating instructor that talks just like you... and even looks a lot like you too xD
ColoredFusion (4 months ago)
I've been watching your videos daily for months. It has become part of my routine now. And it really started clicking about two weeks ago. So... posting these daily videos fulfills 50% of your doing good things for that day. When you don't, on the other hand, puts you on the 'doing bad things' list because we are expecting these videos now!! ;) jk...
Ivan Prutsko (4 months ago)
buy rumor, sell news, as always
Can you provide some insight into ETCG. Ethereum Classic stock from Graybar. Thanks
I really like your videos. Great job
Artem Gordon (4 months ago)
Hey, Dan Am I able to short GBTC if I live in NY? what exchange or platform should I begin with?
TheChartGuys (4 months ago)
Many stock brokers have limited shares for shorting you will have to shop around
shivercanada (4 months ago)
I disagree on crypto based on the CHART and nothing else. Look at the movement, FAST up shots of $100 or more....these are whales, not people. 100 dollars equals around $100,000 of fiat or more, these moves ALL WEEK are fast up and down moves of massive amounts of money all AT ONCE. I only believe in a break when the rise shows a normal steady incline upwards and it isn't there period.
shivercanada (4 months ago)
ColoredFusion hey! No I was just wrong, I checked years ago so it’s obviously much more today. That makes these jumps even crazier! Cheers
ColoredFusion (4 months ago)
I think you meant $100 dollars movement in Bitcoin equals 100 MILLION in fiat or more in an asset that is worth 131 BILLION dollars. That is 131 thousand million dollars. 100k might move Bitcoin by a fraction of a dollar of its price... it doesn't even tickle Bitcoin.
holdened (4 months ago)
Can you link the twitter link you mentioned at start
Mr CC19CC88 (4 months ago)
I know nothing about you brother, but you seem like a great guy. Whatever it is you do in your life keep on keeping on. I aspire to have your outlook on life.
henry X (4 months ago)
Idk if u notice yet that ur daily cryto video view grows ten times more than the first one u started. Awesome man .
Ryan Miller (4 months ago)
Got stopped out on that huge red candle today. Am I using too tight of stops? Should they always be below the recent swing low so that I give it room for a higher low?
Ryan Miller (4 months ago)
ColoredFusion I waited to buy back until the EMA resistances were broken. But that was a quick waste of money. I find setting stops like an art form. Too tight and wicks will trigger them, too loose and you aren’t getting out fast enough. I guess this was enough of a dump that it probably should have stopped me out if playing it safe. But if you place stops below recent swing low, it gives it more breathing room to make that higher low.
ColoredFusion (4 months ago)
AHH!! Man, I know the feeling. I got stopped out too. But I went back and bought immediately on my Bitcoin Cash position. Unfortunately, I was going to work and 10% of my position in Binance got left behind.
Blah Blah (4 months ago)
Thank you!
gianfc2001 (4 months ago)
hey Dan thanks for your videos, What would be the first thing to learn as a new trader? or whats the foundation of trading? thanks
gianfc2001 (4 months ago)
TheChartGuys thank you
TheChartGuys (4 months ago)
"Intro to technical analysis" on our youtube
93Mischief (4 months ago)
I’ve been watching you probably since february or March and I’ve been liking your personality more and more as you reveal yourself
Adam Shlomi (4 months ago)
The skills I learned largely with the help of these videos have helped me change the way I live my life. You're the man! More cowbell!
mrsticker2 (4 months ago)
Bitcoin is Curly, Ethereum is Moe and Litecoin is Larry... or maybe not. I'll just leave the "on the fly" analogies to you.
80sruler (4 months ago)
I do like GBTC and that’s how I trade BTC
santi jirapong (4 months ago)
Thank You,Dan.....
Oliver Torres (4 months ago)
Thanks Dan. I always appreciate your analysis on the big four.
Vinicius Paiva (4 months ago)
Funny thing you speaking about donation at the end of your video right when I filled a donation yesterday and it was just pending my approval. Thanks for reminding me of finalising that. Keep it up with the good TA and life stories!
TheChartGuys (4 months ago)
Nick Verootis (4 months ago)
I bought CGC last week...
Larry Donalds (4 months ago)
Nice video ,but I have a good news for all
santi jirapong (4 months ago)
Thats BS.
David Tron (4 months ago)
Thats very nice what's the. news all about is it bitcoin
Monkey Tron (4 months ago)
We absolutely should fight back if we end up having to be accredited millionaire investors to trade crypto. Don’t let that happen guys in the US. The rest of the world will ignore you and just carry on if you don’t.
TheChartGuys (4 months ago)
I do not imagine this happening
Angel White (4 months ago)
Where to trade mj
Angel White (4 months ago)
TheChartGuys thx man u are the best
TheChartGuys (4 months ago)
fidelity or interactive brokers
Taha Nasser (4 months ago)
Appreciate ya man. Awesome as always! Thanks
Michael Lay (4 months ago)
Dan thank you for what you do. So terrific, you really have a gift for teaching 😊
BlockBasher (4 months ago)
I want to learn how to play the drum while I wait for the HH on the Daily Chart.
Deez Nutz (4 months ago)
Repetition is sinking in for me, chart guys. The step by step analysis and unbiased tell-it-like-it-is narration is invaluable. Thank you very much. Also, be careful of the haters. The haters just got their way with Crypto Kirby. He's been booted off youtube. It's too bad, because you guys, Steve and Pauline, and Crypto Kirby are the REALEST MOTHERFUCKERS in the space. Thanks again.
Tracey B (4 months ago)
I want to learn more about Canadian MJ now....your inspiring me 😀
TheChartGuys (4 months ago)
fidelity or interactive brokers
Jose Ordonez (4 months ago)
Where can you trade MJ?
Biplav Shrestha (4 months ago)
How does he draw that white line ?
TheChartGuys (4 months ago)
ALt+ h
KingsWearCrowns (4 months ago)
Hello guys, i know most people saw that 6th of chart.... i created one of them, but it isn't as a it will happen on 6th... its just like you said with a step in front. The idea was that the market took the loss monthly. its not fractal forever but twice, third time will be in between next 2 months. Like the title said begining of the months steering the market... when we go forward we make up for lost time.
KingsWearCrowns (4 months ago)
In order for btc to go over 20k again we need to flip the bears. Keep in mind market is moving therefor Here is the chart (Its a General idea and the reason of why we(the little ones) should have done, and that is short at 9k$ www.tradingview.com/x/r6zoeDVd
ProtieuS (4 months ago)
Your a great person,
coddudeful (4 months ago)
Outstanding analyis, thanks Dan! just n time :)
Anne D (4 months ago)
Thank you!!!
Tyler Woods (4 months ago)
Hey Dan, love the awareness. Could you provide a link or a few minutes speaking in a video on how to get started into CMJ?
TheChartGuys (4 months ago)
Dozens of hours of videos on the youtube but you need a broker. Someone like: fidelity or interactive brokers
Cheeky Crypto (4 months ago)
LSD Crypto : )
Randy (4 months ago)
Thanks Dan
Brandon Gonzalez (4 months ago)
nice flowers
TJ Park (4 months ago)
Do you still think eth will perform better on a bull break than btc?
Gravel Pit (4 months ago)
goran zderic (4 months ago)
alllooo what a f ,,,,k
Bill E. O'Nair (4 months ago)
is this a drugs video or a crypto video? Also, CNBC is fake news and the SEC getting increasingly involved w/ crypto would be disastrous.
TheChartGuys (4 months ago)
Ego alert whenever someone speaks with their opinions as facts.
Ionescu Cristian (4 months ago)
a trade video
Irvin Martin (4 months ago)
Yeah, nah bruh.
GFM (4 months ago)
Check Out This YouTube TA Channel: TexasWest Capital
coddudeful (4 months ago)
if you dont know technical analysis this probably is more a drug video for you. You should watch more of his video's, you can learn a lot more about crypto here than on any other youtube channel
Two two Steele (4 months ago)
Good call nothing happened
PlatinumState (4 months ago)
So will we rise in June?
Two two Steele (4 months ago)
KingsWearCrowns what up
KingsWearCrowns (4 months ago)
Two two Steele hello.

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