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GMAT Tuesday: AWA - Outlining the Argument Analysis Essay

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This GMAT Tuesday, I talk about how to extract the most important information from the argument that you’ll have to write your essay about. Let us know what other GMAT essay topics you have questions about and we might even make a tutorial on them! The PDF of prompts releasd by GMAT that Kevin mentions in the video: http://www.mba.com/~/media/Files/mba/NEWTheGMAT/AnalysisofanArgument100606.pdf Visit http://gmat.magoosh.com for our full GMAT prep product and check out our blog at http://magoosh.com/gmat
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Ayush Kumar (11 days ago)
One more flaw could be that the argument by default assumes that if cost of processing is reduced, the profits can be maximized. Profits can be a function of different variables such as Use of expensive machinery , The number of employees working , present economic condition and other factors.
Kevin Rocci (8 days ago)
Love it! Thanks for adding that in, Ayush! :D
Raul Rodrigues (9 months ago)
It would be great to see an example of good AWA for this prompt.
MagooshGMAT (8 months ago)
Thanks for the suggestion Raul! Currently, we don't have an example essay for this prompt, but here is a link to an AWA example on our blog. I hope that helps :) https://magoosh.com/gmat/2012/gmat-awa-example-essay/ ​
Madhvendra Singh (2 years ago)
Aren't they comparing the cost of a 5-day service to a 1 day service later.
Pathikrit kumar (7 months ago)
Krishna Desai you are correct but there isone catch....... @magoosh - you missed one important flaw: 50 cents for 5 day service and 20 cents for 1 day service - which means 100 cents for 5 day service then, and thats 100% hike. Cost increases hugely Correct me if i m wrong
Krishna Desai (2 years ago)
the prompt says the process became more efficient. going from a 5 day processing time to a 1 day processing time supports their argument - it doesnt serve to weaken.
Apoorva Srivastava (2 years ago)
I enjoyed this video, love the cheerful approach to teaching
Kevin Rocci (2 years ago)
Hi Krishna! :D If I am understanding you correctly, you want to argue that the food processing company can adopt a new process from outside their industry in order to increase efficiency. Is that correct? If so, I'd probably say that you should try and look for something else to write about. The reason is that you haven't pointed out a flaw in the argument. You seem to be arguing a point that would support the conclusion of the argument. Remember that your goal is to identify flaws or weaknesses in the argument. I hope that helps! :D
Krishna Desai (2 years ago)
Kevin, can you argue that changes in technology increased efficiency, and that sometimes changes in technology come from outside of the industry - thus they didn't learn, they adopted new processes?
Raja Durai (2 years ago)
Kevin Rocci Could you share the other possible flaws?
Kevin Rocci (2 years ago)
Thanks +Apoorva Srivastava

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