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Bitcoin Technical Analysis (BTC/USD) : Bull-it Prove Trading [08/06/2018]

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Text Comments (46)
Ali Alper (2 months ago)
It is really educational and many thanks for uploading but i'm suffering when i'm listening you, mate. It is not like you are speaking in videos, it is like you are suffering from stutterer. If it is, i'm really really sorry. Also, you are talking about some cases too much and unnecessary, over and over again. People don't like to listen same thing over and over again. Let's say we couldn't get it , we can just click little back on video and listen this part again, right? Don't get me wrong, i'm really appreciate you but PLEASE work on some elocution.
Albi Amdii (2 months ago)
Hey Sam, can you do one vid on TUSD/BTC. It's a great way to find the BTC bottom price if compared with TUSD/BTC chart.
Sigurður Baldursson (2 months ago)
24:32 – Looks like this could be the case.
Flulike Symtom5 (2 months ago)
Possible Golden zone bounce!? Price just stoped there after a hard run down to it. 8/7/18 6:30 PM EST
math math (2 months ago)
get well soon
J H (2 months ago)
if we overlap wave 1, what percentage is it a wave 4 in a diagonal and not a wave 2?
J H (2 months ago)
Very satisfying to watch your videos, thank you. The procentages you show in the study are they for crypto only, or for stocks?
CryptoJane (2 months ago)
Hope you get better soon!! <3
Joe Churchill (2 months ago)
A daily close above 7330 would suggest, to me, a change in trend; otherwise, lower we go!
Andres Zalaquett (2 months ago)
These guys are the best at what they do, I highly recommend the membership I am learning so much it has changed my trading and results tremendously, it is a must if you wanna trade any asset, thank you devils!
Pause AndListen (2 months ago)
I'm considering it but need a little more time. Do you know where we can get that EW pdf that he references @10:30 in? I looked on esignal.com but couldn't find it. Thanks
Crypto Kevin (2 months ago)
Sam, what exchange do you use to place shorts & longs? I have found Kraken to be unreliable in stopping me out on trades.
Alex Sutherland (2 months ago)
Great video as always. Am in need of a Trade Expert to manage my trades.
Alex Sutherland (2 months ago)
Johnathan Hung, I really appreciate your reply.
Peter Wyden (2 months ago)
Ben Fredrick? The Nadex trade agent? I came across the name in a different channel but no contact was left,thanks for the contact info.
Johnathan Hung (2 months ago)
Well,Considering that the Winklevoss Twins’ bitcoin ETF product has been waiting for approval since 2013 and SEC keeps casting off bitcoin ETF proposals one by one, there is no definitive go-ahead currently in sight. But the CBOE ETF may be approved by the SEC this August.
Alex Sutherland (2 months ago)
Thanks for the contact info. Really appreciate. One more question, what's the future of Bitcoin ETF?
Johnathan Hung (2 months ago)
I trade with Ben Fredrick, and I'll recommend him for few reasons He offers higher return rate, going up to 100%-150% or even higher in some cases,for example with a start up of $600 you'll get a turn out of $6000 in 5-7 trading days. Also the use of early closure feature, which will save your profit from dropping and minimize the losses. A useful feature in the case of volatile asset movements. Contact him at his email address *([email protected])*
Jeff Th91 (2 months ago)
Where can I find that PDF you’re showing?
Not sure how anyone could dislike this. Great stuff. I went to the link provided to enter for a chance to win a temp membership. Clicked sign up through youtube and I had to give my permission to Gleam to be able to manage my youtube account. Uhh..
F (2 months ago)
U are still bullish. That bias will REKT you
xpressive (2 months ago)
never argue with crypto kiddies. just do the opposite.
F (2 months ago)
nuffin what was that? Oh right. It’s nuffin. Faggot
F (2 months ago)
Crypto Kevin so what was that ? Faggot
superman (2 months ago)
F you will get fucked yourself for being bear biased lol.
Crypto Kevin (2 months ago)
And you are bear biased. Do you have a crystal ball?
CryptOmelet (2 months ago)
Got a small loser too, Sam! But the entry point at 0.5 Fib (around 7400) was very nice. Being stopped out is part of the "game" even if I'm just starting to trade for "fun" / the experience : "Welcome to trading!" I also got a winner with the Long position from 6200 two weeks before... The thing is to manage your losses.
Sam B (2 months ago)
Kind of funny when I speed up his video to 1.5x faster and hear him sniffing his nose.
Albi Amdii (2 months ago)
Great vid like always.
Athan Thompson (2 months ago)
Thank you
global terroil (2 months ago)
caught some allergy?
john connolly (2 months ago)
Well done Sam,you never let us down even with a heavy cold.
Leong Sin Chan (2 months ago)
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diem (2 months ago)
Sam, love your work. You should add 2.272 to your fib extension :) 16:22 count would be to the tick :D
Joe Hardy (2 months ago)
Very good job Sam
Marcus1552 Crypto (2 months ago)
His vid was excellent
Dominic Merlo (2 months ago)
BTC is going sub 4k. The Alts will go back to realistic valuations. Each of the top 20 Alt companies are worth no more than 100 million, period! Ridiculous company valuations. 2/3 of the companies have less than 35 employees. Think about it. You really think these companies are worth billions? C'mon. Be smart, it's not that hard to make money in this space. This guy has no more of an idea than you. Look at and track the "volumes" & "price". You're welcome.
MJ (2 months ago)
So humble and honest about your counts, teaches us to ALWAYS rethink what we do. Another stellar TA Sam!
Crazy prayingmantis (2 months ago)
I'm a dumbass and even I can see this will not be a 2. We're heading South of the border
Todd Schultz (2 months ago)
Yes Both Of you are an asset in its Self , Thank You
priv1leged (2 months ago)
"bear with me"
pharoahscurse (2 months ago)
good to see Sam's back in action.
LionTrader (2 months ago)
Great video Sam!

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