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Bitcoin Ethereum LTC XRP XLM BNB Technical Analysis Chart 11/15/2018 by ChartGuys.com

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Text Comments (131)
TheChartGuys (8 months ago)
Recorded 3:30 PM Eastern
andrew munz (8 months ago)
BTG is either going to be a huge short squeeze from China, or a monumental jedi light saber. This is gunna be nuts.
Russ (8 months ago)
I feel like it has got to be illegal to intentionally crash a market.
Sandy B (8 months ago)
Can I suggest a thought ... you may already have?.... I love this channel... been watching for almost a year everyday. Im so grateful for the content and help it provides me, and incredibly appreciative of the simple living undertone displayed through Dan's heart and countenance. I wonder if some of the apparel to support the 'Do Good Things' movement could actually say "DoGood Things" (movement). Then also add TCG logo underneath or on the back. I love the idea as I run a non profit called "Be a Blessing Today" myself but I'm thinking you'd get more conversations started or prompted if the 'movement' aspect was inforced? Still wanting to promote your channel of course, but getting others involved beyond those in trading and having them question the message (DoGood Things) to learn more. Well.... just a thought from one who doesn't matter much 😊 but.... THANK YOU for all your great help and content. I'm not making lots of money in this bear market but learning in this area has opened up possible dreams to be able to do more for people.... and that's what matters to me. Blessings to all of you and all YOUR dreams!!
Maria L (8 months ago)
Hi Dan! After your last video I thought you were leaving us! I can't blame you for being disgusted, but I'm so glad you are here!
TheChartGuys (8 months ago)
Thanks! Not going anywhere ; )
KRM (8 months ago)
thank you very much good man ,))
Chuck Bell (8 months ago)
I have to disagree, in all due respect. In my opinion Bitcoin is sound money. Fiat is not.
Fatal Fury (8 months ago)
thanks for the daily uploads
lutascosmin (8 months ago)
i agree that the heard has heard about btc,but how many invested or understand it? Most of my friends heard about btc but I know only 3 people who actually invested. I think that with every bull market there will be more and more users. Don't forget about the new generation that are growing learning about btc in their adolescence
azel6 (8 months ago)
bitcoin SV hahaha whats next Bitcoin GTR .. we need to ignore theses stupid forks and this fake guy Craig wright original bitcoin all the way
El Gerardo Edwardio (8 months ago)
Thanks Dan for the upload as always. I think the best crypto enthusiasts can hope for is one of these projects eventually gaining mass adoption like the new Google/Amazon and thus increasing it's price by simply being a solid application. However that could be years away... I'll be patiently waiting 🤞🤞🤞
Dave c (8 months ago)
Wrong...Speculation 2017,infrastructure set...retail tiny....Get out of your TA world....T A in a manipulated market,USELESS 25 year precious metal trader/investor....Rule of law will allow true markets.KISS
TheChartGuys (8 months ago)
TA in a manipulated market allowed for 3,500% gains in 10 months.
Kyle V (8 months ago)
Silkies are absolutely the dorkiest birds. I LOL every time one of those runs by
Boomafoo (8 months ago)
Higher lows lower highs, either way, can never go wrong with Nerd Bird.
Zio Geo (8 months ago)
Generally no. I disagree. I do not think the "herd" already knows. Perhaps when you look only at a certain segment on the US but the world is a big place and you can not count out the large population in Asia. I know they do not have the household money the west has but still, that is a lot of people and A LOT more of them will have smartphones in the next 2 years. 18 to 24 months out and the space will certainly reach or pass ATH, especially when institutional money comes in.
Gwent Champ (8 months ago)
Did you just take a shower/bath?
TheChartGuys (8 months ago)
Paolo Marano (8 months ago)
Just want to day thanks for what you do. I have learned much from you. I know your disqusted right now with what's going on. Please continue of what you do w the cryptos. You get across to more people than you know. Thanks again you are one of the few channels that explain why and what. I as well as other amateurs pick up a gem now and again from you u till it clicks like an aha moment. Thanks and be well. I am in the learning phase i actually own nothing right now but hope too in the near future.
dee nixon (8 months ago)
I would only disagree on the herd statement only because greed is a hell of an emotion!
Alexander Alexander (8 months ago)
Thank you a lot for your time
steven haglund (8 months ago)
thank you dan. i totally agree with what you have to say
Andy Raman (8 months ago)
Dan awesome video discussion
Rob Archer (8 months ago)
Dan, I started trading Btc in 2011 when btc was below $12. The powerful, absurd runups and dismaying drops are the history of Bitcoin. You know this. In 2013 when the major collapse of Bitcoin gradually caved the price from $1,100 to $200, people said the same thing...this time it is different...bitcoin is over now. Perhaps this time is different. But I do not believe the herd knows about Bitcoin. Few people around me do. It is easy to overestimate the psychological reaction to this fall. In truth, apathy and disgust must first set in. I hear it in your voice. Then all that is required is a new belief in the fundamental structure of Bitcoin. People suddenly see the mechanism as world changing and the run up begins... And the the new psychology becomes, "Yes, Bitcoin may bust again, but this time is different." As for who will push bitcoin up again? Fomo creates very short memories. Once an ETF opens, the real herd will enter. My prediction is Bitcoin breaks 20k in 2019. Time will tell.
Jose Ordonez (8 months ago)
Anyone know if there’s a charting man dan but for FOREX?
MR666iceman666 (8 months ago)
Whos giving the chart guys a thumbs down?? Really?? Chart guys is the best hands down!! Keep up the great work!!
N G (8 months ago)
Dan, you are my hero! But I have to disagree on your point about never seeing parabolic moves again. The price moves up when there are more buyers than sellers, BTC has only 21 million coins in circulation, the supply curve won't shift that much on the macro level and it'll stay in a certain range at least (cuz there will never be more than 21 million BTC to sell). On the other hand we have the human population doubling in the last few decades, fiat currency supply increasing tenfold in the last decade, billions of people who never heard of Bitcoin (I live in a third world country and these guys have no idea what Bitcoin is a part from some who heard this internet money thingy somewhere on TV). Venezuela and Iran are having record volumes of BTC trading because they need it, but a lot of people like to prevent bad stuff and many will get into crypto even if everything is fine where they live because they know that what happened in Venezuela or Greece will eventually happen everywhere. I see a billion reasons for the demand curve to shift higher. I believe this is just the begining, and as somebody who's been around during the mt gox crash, I think your narrative is similar to many new-comers back at the time who experienced the big run-up before the crash and thought that because they themselves heard about Bitcoin it must've meant that everyone heard of it. But the highest levels we reached before that crash are very low compared to where the price is right now (and I believe it's still very low from where it will be in the next 2-3 years). With that said, you are a rock star and I agree that TA is essential to always be on the right side of the market because time matters and I'm not willing to hodl coins for large periods of time just to get some profits from them, I just know that on the macro level Bitcoin will remain bullish for probably our lifetimes and many generations to come. The bid-ask system will result in a lot of gains in this space and I'm planning to capitalize on it for a few more decades at least!
Danny Huntley (8 months ago)
A B paragraphs
Mike Jankowski (8 months ago)
Dan, first off, you’re absolutely amazing and do an outstanding job every single day with these videos!! I’ve watched every crypto video of yours since March, and have learned TA from scratch through you. So THANK YOU soooo much for that... However, I must say that I’ve never ever seen you in this extreme negative state that you’ve been in the past 2 days.. Even your talking has sped up significantly. Anyway, just want to say that I greatly appreciate all of your hard work in putting these videos out consistently every day! Hopefully all is well with you and you can find that exuberant positive energy again soon. If you’re ever in Wilmington NC would love to buy you a beer! Do good things and don’t lose hope on the sector. It’s young, immature, and imperfect. But in my opinion, will be an exponential multiplying factor on the disruptive power and value of the internet. And just like the .com bubble, it’ll come back and rise to the true fundamental value it represents
Ocean Ave Records (8 months ago)
yesterday he's out and not coming back and today it's the bottom and he is back in, Dan can't stay away from crypto and neither can most of us
TheChartGuys (8 months ago)
Wait... what? Nothing in this video says bottom is in, and nothing in this video says I am back in.
crzykid71 (8 months ago)
I think there's still an "ok" chunk of retail people yet to come in like family of those in now that will fall in line after seeing things go up, but yeah prolly not as heavy as 2017, but yes institutional fomo prolly will be a huge driving factor for the next run.
Siadore Rossevelt (8 months ago)
God damn it Dan, I love how grounded you keep yourself to the Earth I love it .
DJ Gonz (8 months ago)
whats with the crazy jump on BXBT??
Matt Bailes (8 months ago)
anecdotal claims aside, crypto is at a 3% adoption rate right now and with the NYSE money coming Dec.12 and other exchanges soon after (fidelity, BAKKT) this leads me to believe we are going for another big parabolic move. Your thoughts on this makes total sense but most people don't think this way, they will just jump back in once the chart turns around
The average retail trader will not drive the price up to 20k....agreed. However, like MOST stocks, bitcoin will be 75-80 pension, 401k and wall street driving the price higher. It will be a part of many investment trusts, etc. I appreciate your position on what is happening in the space. These guys talk about bitcoin being free from the control of banks and "decentralized" however they are controlling the price right now. Its disgusting. Roger Ver and his 6 year old pal are not allowing decentralization to take place. Its sad.
Pickle Rick (8 months ago)
so you're saying b/c the space won't see the same velocity of new users coming in that we won't see the same levels of price increases as the past?? seriously?? do you follow fundamental developments in this space at all?? the vast majority of $ from the most recent run-up is currently sitting on the sidelines waiting to come back in -- in addition, in the next run-up, imo this $ will be supplemented and largely dwarfed by institutional $ coming in as major funds get green lit as institutional level custody/security/insurance and regulatory services begin coming online. imo this is what will drive the next leg up, making the lack of 'new user hoards' as u suggest largely moot. in general, it also just seems a ridiculous argument to make given the historical trends and ongoing developments..
TheChartGuys (8 months ago)
Brother you did not even listen to me. I explicitly said it will have to be institutional funds for another run......... I lost exactly $0 on the drop and I am continuing to profit daily in stocks.
Pickle Rick (8 months ago)
makes me wonder if you took a serious hit in the recent selloff. either way, pull yourself together over there.
Matt T (8 months ago)
Agree about the herd comment and everyone who bought in during the run has been burned but I would argue that same thing happened during the dot com bust, many people lost their shirts and most companies went bankrupt. The speculative crowd is out and that's a good thing IMO. The next phase is all about adoption and real-world use case. When that happens will see the next bull run... just my 2 cents.
Johnny Martinez (8 months ago)
TRUTH BE TOLD...Many heard the word bitcoin....but only 1 in 10,00o got in it maybe a sm bet ...nobody REALLY knows ....but a few jump in as the bull ran last year some got in and out others became holdler (srew today) but MUCH of the world dont know squat.....right now is a little club Today most off youtube is taking about 2 guys disrupting the market...common...This is still in pampers 10 year old pampers
Johnny Martinez (8 months ago)
Hey i found a use for chipto coins & tokens....coloring booksz!!!!!....YES you can add color to you favorite token & coin on paper....and please don't use gold color.... ...Well ...OK....you can paint them shiny yellow!
Leon Purta (8 months ago)
I have to agree with Dan. This is not capitulation. Not even close. I've been watching and waiting for it all year long, and while we came close a couple times, we never got to the point where people all over were throwing in the towel and trying to get whatever they could for their assets. I'm starting to expect we see the slow fade kick back in again until we get to 3000 or below. Then you might see a real capitulation down to 2500 or 2000.
David Jackowski (8 months ago)
I was thinking the same thing while looking at volumes today. I even have similar targets.
andrew munz (8 months ago)
Lalala.....btg is going to be the new institutional currency of choice.....shhhhhhh! Don't say anything!
andrew munz (8 months ago)
Will the real Bitcoin please stand up? YES! BITCOIN GOLD!!! LOL!!! LONGS ARE UP EVEN MORE!!! LOL!!!
Cutie4Blockchain (8 months ago)
very good update thanks!
Andy Phillips (8 months ago)
Love you man! Gonna get my wife to send you video of bunnies
J. D. (8 months ago)
Totally agree with you Dan, I too don't think crypto will ever see the same insane volatility and ranges that the space saw last fall/winter. Best thing to do is to play it like you and stay in cash and play this market for quick gains. Personally I think holding ANY crypto long term is a recipe for financial suicide. BTC could very well go lower and never recover that much. It could end up stabilising around or above the price of gold and never even see 8k again. If anything being around for all this and learning from you has taught me that TA does better ones odds and that in crypto there are NO guarantees. When you've got profit take it and get out of safely to play another day. Not that you're interested in the long term price of BTC but personally I don't think we will ever see 20k again much less 10k. Once again thanks for your updates and teaching.
David Jackowski (8 months ago)
We need more people like you. That way we can get true capitulation and get the rocket ship going again!
canon fanboy (8 months ago)
you know the party is over when you stop seeing tai lopez ads on youtube. we are still early in this game my friends. nowhere near mass adoption and the average person is still absolutely clueless about that "fake money" bitcoin thing. to me it feels like the powers that be saw us run up to nearly a $1T market cap and said hold up, lets run it all back, shake everybody out and do this thing over again. either way, i am going nowhere ever.
Nug U (8 months ago)
So if you saw BTC at 5k in 2017 (after rising 500% in 2017 alone) and you bought, you are now losing money. But at the end of the day BTC is still up 600% in 2 years. And crypto never even reached a market cap of 1 trillion. If crypto makes it to 5 trillion that's a 2500% gain from where we're at currently, which is even bigger percentage-wise than the entire 2017 bubble. And lots of people are saying crypto will eventually be 10 trillion or higher. We know institutions are getting in now, and they want to get in low. I think you are letting the price action affect you a little too much emotionally. The numbers still look great.
Hunt Frye (8 months ago)
Hey Dan! Thanks for the video! I respectfully disagree with every average joe has heard of BTC and has a salty taste in their mouth. I live in a pretty affluent area of Boulder Colorado and I meet people all the time that have never heard of crypto, Bitcoin and Blockchain. They for sure don’t understand Bitcoin, how it operates, proof of work and the fixed supply of the digital asset. I am in the music industry and I would say about 10%-20% of the people I talk to know what Bitcoin is. About 5% actually understand the basic concepts of it. Sometimes we get trapped in bubbles of talking to lots of like minded people and thinking everyone knows about Crypto’s but I personally do not believe that is the reality.. I think there is a lot of work to do to educate people on the benefits of sound money and I think we have just begun that process. Just my .000002 BTC
XRP the standard (8 months ago)
Thanks for the xrp update!
lsdreflux (8 months ago)
I think people were buying BTC last year without totally understanding it. Most people don't realize the genius political tool that it can be used for, and becoming more self reliant. If we experience hyper inflation, the masses will understand the true worth of BTC due to necessity (i.e., Venezuela, Turkey, Iran...) No reason to think the $USD is untouchable, military spending, insane debt ceiling, interest rates, fractional reserve lending..... these are all serious things, and it is important not to get complacent. All unbacked fiat that gets printed to support corrupt banking systems, experience hyper inflation. This will take decades, but I think it will happen. Have you watched Mike Maloney's Hidden Secret of Money series? It's a must watch for everyone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DyV0OfU3-FU&t=2s A small percent of people actually bought any BTC during the hype cycle, and it really was a bunch of tiny buys the propped the price up. The marketcap peaked at 800 billion, which still pales in comparison to gold or other markets and funds. With a declining baby boomer generation, and rise of Generation Z that is much more tech literate than previous generations, all the institutional groundwork being built, I think $BTC will see continued interest. I definitely appreciate and respect your opinions Dan, but surely you can agree things are unstable and moving toward a cashless system?
Leon Purta (8 months ago)
Pretty much agree with what you are saying, except I take exception to your time frame. No more than 10 years in my estimation. When the hammer falls it will be hard and fast and none will be spared. The next Lehman Bros. will touch off a death spiral that the Fed and the government will find impossible to stave off.
Andrej Čolak (8 months ago)
In 2017 was only small part of the herd involved,mayor part still dont know about Crypto.So I think you are wrong.
Marcus A (8 months ago)
I wish I invested in fiat, I had my money back in full
Brian G (8 months ago)
Dan, is the volume on BTCKRW on Bithumb notable in any way?
Marcus A (8 months ago)
I dont think that there is any institutional money coming into crypto... it is just orchestrated with SEC and ETF and advertised all around.. I know there is no way that SEC will allow it, but they keep pretending to give it a chance, but they know, they will not allow it, they keep back and for, back and for, so you have perfect bear market and at the mercy of SEC (actually not, but perceived so). At the end, SEC will have right and decline alltogether, mandated by goverment to do so.
Robert Bizzarro (8 months ago)
This HASH WAR signals the death of the "Proof of Work" Coins. They have proven themselves to be to centralized. Wall Street will run from the space and the Government will be sure to weigh in with regulation. Makes XRP look like the Tech that will win the space and will start to take over that space by Market Cap. XRP is currently number 2 by Market Cap
MrHarrilasagna (8 months ago)
Thanks for the updates!
scott gordon (8 months ago)
Sorry can’t spell or proof read
andrew munz (8 months ago)
I still reserve the opinion that when the stock market soon has a gallon of exlax for breakfast, this space will become a hedge. It's too perfect. Crash this market to the inverse of it's counterpart, prior to the event. There's little to no evidence to support this, but that's where I believe some would go. Gold, silver, crypto, etc.
andrew munz (8 months ago)
@TheChartGuys Meh....I could be wrong. NAH!!!!! Not big enough.
TheChartGuys (8 months ago)
But we just dropped 10% in weeks in the market and there was 0 reaction.
Gerald Moreau (8 months ago)
Bitcoin Gold still got strength
Justin Charles (8 months ago)
i think there is a chance people FOMO bigger this coming run because all those who didnt last time would want to atleast get some skin in the game.
Justin Charles (8 months ago)
should i sell all my ltc? i invested at 300$ and am seriously fucked, but if its gonna go to $20 id rather just cut my loss right now . i shoulda sold earlier
JP (8 months ago)
Good stuff & appreciate the XRP analysis. If you're ever in the Triad part of NC (Gboro/WS) or Charlotte & attend any crypto meet ups let your NC fans/subscribers know! I went to an XLM meet up in Raleigh by Stellar's HQs & it was pretty dayum cool. Met alot of good ppl!
New Age (8 months ago)
You are wrong because only 5% of whole world population get involved last year. Wait for mass adoption in 2023
abhay singh (8 months ago)
As if we didn't have one monkey r.v... to worry about now we have another one ...csw ! Someone ought slap them on the face and tell them BTC is bitcoin all others are Monkey coins
Deborah Haley (8 months ago)
You’re so awesome
Joseph Galia (8 months ago)
I think dan is really off base saying the herd already knows about crypto. I'm 30 and almost none of my friends know anything about crypto other than it is "internet nerd money." With huge names establishing infrastructure along with the superior nature of sound cryptographically assured assets, I wouldn't have such a downer outlook. I'm hopeful the bcash drama will clear a path for superior projects like digibyte
Joseph Galia (8 months ago)
@TheChartGuys seems as though you roll with a much cooler crowd than me! I know this is a trading channel but let's not give up a positive outlook on the long term vision of money that's not tied to corrupt governments! A dollar collapse isn't necessary. There's a whole world out there. Just because joe and jane have soured on btc doesn't mean jose and maria won't be using crypto in venezuela and argentina :-)
TheChartGuys (8 months ago)
Interesting, I am 30 and all of my friends including hippies without any financial knowledge all know about it. The 70 year old hippy drummer named Freedom owns bitcoin : D
Kalvin Reese (8 months ago)
April 2020 =)
scott gordon (8 months ago)
Just my humble opinion. If it’s one thing I’ve learned from you if that once the trend is discovered, it’s over. I always hear 3 times 90% correction then recover. If everyone knows that, makes me wonder if it really can. On the other hand sounds like despair in your voice and to be honest mine as well. I want to be a contrarian when I feel little hope because honestly I do feel little hope. These conflicting thoughts makes me no even know what to think... regardless thank you for what you do Dan on and off the screen
Cory Capaldi (8 months ago)
Yup. Power hungry drama queens absolutely ruined crypto for everyone. Over a fork people. A fork. What institution in their right minds would touch crypto or take it seriously now? We're a laughing stock. If we had a chance with the SEC, it's gone now.
Paul Fraser (8 months ago)
I herd what you saying . . . !! . .
vincent ianto (8 months ago)
its impressive how much value there is in just 14 min with the chart guys
Ionescu Cristian (8 months ago)
Thank you
OhhhPlease (8 months ago)
well.. you will see the dollar collapse...so there you go...
JXRPBTC (8 months ago)
Thank you Dan for all the updates and XRP TA!
Deep Healing Space (8 months ago)
You say outside of a dollar collapse. Fiat is collapsing, it's started in emerging markets already. Italian banking sector will most likely be next. Fiat always goes to zero, it is the way of the world. The only question is what will replace it, and crypto is the most suited imo.
you are absolutely correct sir. People need follow the macro game and they will see the validity of your opinion
Johnny Martinez (8 months ago)
Hail all maighty Dollar...ain't goibg away any time soon...WAKE UP.CHIPTO NEEDS ANOTHER20 years to be revalent...right now is a gimit to lose or make some DOLLARS...its going to the horsetracks and bet on your favorite horse yes some people are making $ as the traders who play up / down market...and some luck in timing in and out...but for a year those holding ..did NOT cashout in the beggining of year and those after january are hurting daily....as an investment you need to hold 3 to 5 years...maybe then...but today is a swing trading in volatility...Not holding a week a month or even a year for a bull run....in and out
Leon Purta (8 months ago)
China has started backing the Yuan with gold for petroleum purchases. Russian and Iran have already bought in. The Arabs are sniffing around. Petro-dollars are backed by what? The dysfunctional US government? What's going to happen once world governments stop holding greenbacks and all those trillions out there start to be repatriated?? The hyperinflation will make Weimar Germany look like a model of fiscal stability.
Jose Falconett (8 months ago)
That is what gold is for. Currency can be backed by gold.
Felix Mc (8 months ago)
And I can't disagree that every fiat goes to zero - but so does everything on a long timeframe. II suspect one can't guess where you are on a timeframe. I certainly advise preparing for collapse, just saying - don't go selling your house and pouring the suicide kool aid.
Gideon (8 months ago)
Dan, da man - always do good things ^^
Chitlins Laundry (8 months ago)
North Carolina!
Andres Sanchez (8 months ago)
Not even here for dan anymore it’s all about nerd bird
RealJayJobes (8 months ago)
Just anecdotal but literally no one around me knew about crypto before the run up, I got in in January, I’ve told people about crypto, and still no one around me knows what crypto is. Some have heard the word “bitcoin” but that’s about it. I’m super ahead learning curve wise and it’s going to take awhile for the people around to catch up enough to even feel comfortable to put money in crypto. People barely understand why you would invest in something, let alone why you’d choose crypto over a safe mutual fund or savings account at a large insured bank.
TheChartGuys (8 months ago)
My point, average Joe and Jane have their funds controlled by financial advisers. Anyone in the financial world has already heard about bitcoin. CNBC talked about it every single day. Every financial website put articles out about it, etc.
supernova1976 (8 months ago)
Exactly same here, no one knows about it, and the ones know a little are just waiting for another bull run to jump in. none of them have a clue about it has dropped so much all they say wow it is cheaper now I better start looking into it. none hare negative about BTC. I think this time if there is ever another bull run we can reach 40k. human nature people want a pice of the apple pie , our father Adam was already in heaven had everything but still wanted that only one apple :)
Indrid Cold (8 months ago)
mychannel4 (8 months ago)
I brought up Bitcoin often to my friends and family, and I usually get this response. "What's that"? Still way early.
Luke Jones (8 months ago)
100% man, the herd has forgotten. I sat down to get a haircut in a relatively affluent suburb of Seattle. Mentioned bitcoin to the stylist, cryptocurrency overall. She had never heard if it? Yah right ; she heard about it last year.. Forgotten this year. That's the sheeple.. Just how we like em🐑
Chad Yoakley (8 months ago)
Thanks Dan! It's always great seeing Nerd Bird.
jcattera (8 months ago)
In your recent BTC video... "Bitcoin bears getting cocky!!" YES!!! Most bitcoin long term investors (hodlers are delusional). See you at 1500 suckers!
George Somenauer (8 months ago)
If we get institutional investors in crypto and a nice run up begins most of the "bad taste" investors will return. They are watching.
Dylan T (8 months ago)
party is over guys
_J (8 months ago)
Can anyone explain the sudden, drastic volume drop off in BTC /KRW?! (Also, thanks for the video, time and effort Dan)
Crypto Lone Wolf (8 months ago)
Great point's there for the Crypto.
Fahad Khan (8 months ago)
Dan, you sound very bearish on crypto, are you in the despair phase? :)
Frederick Dorsey (8 months ago)
@Luke Jones When milk shake?
1cculus (8 months ago)
@Frederick Dorsey Yes, make it a large and with fries. Thanks scrub, here's a tissue.
jon w (8 months ago)
Frederick Dorsey  when bicycle? When bus pass? i agree though, if ive learnt one thing repeatedly with trading in the last year its trust your gut and never the majority.
Luke Jones (8 months ago)
@Frederick Dorsey when burger? 🍔
andrew munz (8 months ago)
Nope. He's not.
Stevie B (8 months ago)
If there are all these OTC buyers buying thousands at higher prices than on these exchanges would it not make sense them buying at least some on the exchanges to pump price so there assets aren’t actually losing value?
Hunt Frye (8 months ago)
If you believe that the prices are manipulated by “whales” then you should also believe that the price was manipulated to 19k and then pushed down to 5k. The same property’s and market conditions that allowed this to happen still exist. The whales are not making these massive profits in USD/FIAT and paying taxes on them. Their gains are all in BTC. So it is in these whales best interest to push the price back up eventually once they create fear and get all the panic sellers out of the market. Its important to remember how this market is absolutely TINY compared to other assets classes and whales are having a field day manipulating it and taking uneducated retail investors money. These cycles happened before and I personally believe they will continue to happen.
Quattrings (8 months ago)
@Frogger 251 I understand that if one bought in 2016 or before they are doing amazing. It remains to be seen whether the burned retail investor returns in 2019, 2020, or 2025.
Frogger 251 (8 months ago)
Quattrings zoom out. I think you misunderstood what store of value is
Quattrings (8 months ago)
@Frederick Dorsey those are my thoughts also. Left Gold and Silver to come here and if it never goes back to at least 10-13k then I made the stupidest investment decision of my life. I didnt come here to day trade but to invest and i never want to hear that BTC is a great store of value ever again
Frederick Dorsey (8 months ago)
I think we have been lied to. I was in the gold and silver. There were all these rumors that China was gold buying OTC and gold would rise to 10k to 20k, and nothing happened. This is the same thing playing out. We are at the mercy of the SEC. If the they deny the ETF, it will drop below 3k.
Chris Howgate (8 months ago)
rockin the bathrobe Dan :))
Kamese (8 months ago)
Draws a weiner at 2:00
Daniel Zeidan (8 months ago)

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