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Tobias Sorensen at Elite Paris by Fabien Mancel and Guillaume Gabriel

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Text Comments (10)
cook stymest (1 year ago)
Un angel en la tierra
فهد علي (1 year ago)
Chanel Robinson (2 years ago)
Damn! He's so fine! I wonder why Jasmine dumped him
Stephanie Smith (2 years ago)
My Lord.
gigi black (3 years ago)
hes so attractive, doesnt even have to try
Beth Gun (3 years ago)
Öldüm öldüm dirildim resmen
BigBoss AndTheDoll (3 years ago)
Handsome man!
DynamicImpulse (3 years ago)
Art of Shades - All Away
ToBe OR NotToBe (4 years ago)
Hey tobi ich heiß auch tobias und bin einer deiner größten Fans und stolz dass du trotz deines makels es bis an die Spitze geschafft hast. Best wishes und gesundes neues Jahr 2015
Anja Kl (4 years ago)
Sorry girls - this is my man ok?! 

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