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Kazakhstani mathematician solves the hardest math problem

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Scientist from Astana city solved the sixth mathematical "millennium problem" -- "Navier-Stokes equations". His solution allows predicting a tornado and even a tsunami. Achievements in science made by Mukhtarbay Otelbayev were repeatedly marked at the republican level, but the academician was never close to global recognition as he is now. Work of the mathematician is published, and world experts had already begun its study.
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Dickson Rees (17 days ago)
What are the problem
A D (20 days ago)
Nope, he did not, there were multiple errors ih his proof.
Charles Valera (1 month ago)
I don't like math yeah!!!!!!
Lachlan Draws (4 months ago)
No one can survive maths... Mental Abuse To Human
Mansoor Ahmed (26 days ago)
Says a fool with low iq level .
Kianaskyler Lavallee (6 months ago)
Misan (7 months ago)
Y r scientists solving maths problems
Dog Bomb (7 months ago)
Tired Link (8 months ago)
The effects of watching Rick and Morty.
rachel pixler (8 months ago)
Wow!! I'm Kazakh too.
corndog984 (8 months ago)
can he teach me how to memorize da quadratic fomuler
Incarnate (8 months ago)
1 2 3 4 5 6 7
Jean Blanco (8 months ago)
This guy has the same aproach that i see.
Igor Rajković (9 months ago)
2+2 is 4 minus 1 that 3 quick maths
Shiroski O'charos (9 months ago)
I really have no idea what this was but give this a fuckin credit to solve this mathematical equation
elroy poptart (9 months ago)
He's lucky i got Homeschool No homework I can sleep in class I can use my phone in a test And others
SAGER25 l MOXX (10 months ago)
Half asian half Russian wow!
Gheorghe Kipcak (17 days ago)
SAGER25 l MOXX kazakhs are Turks dumbass
olav fosse (10 months ago)
here is my great grandfather, he is number one mathematician in all of Kazakhstan!
shimmer (10 months ago)
He's not Asian... He's russian
Hambardzum Galstyan (10 months ago)
Kazakhstan is in Asia
Dry Nipsalot (10 months ago)
Wow wow wee wow Very nice
Try this: If there was 24 hours in 7 Days How many hours would be in each day? Edit: i would give you 100,000,000 if you solved it
Reptilian Shapeshifter (4 months ago)
The amount of hours will approximately equal to pi. Can I have my 100 million please? Thankyou. I have a water bill to pay not to mention some cocaine I'm thinking of snorting.
Theo Silveira (8 months ago)
24 by 7 equals 3.42857143
Julio Millán (10 months ago)
Hi The answer is 24 hours in each day. Because there's 24 hours in 168 hours ( 7 days). :D Here's a simple problem: ( not tricky haha but it makes you think) If person A finishes the work in 12 days and person B finishes the same work in 8 days. How many days will it take to both of them working together to finish the work?
This is the hardest question but not officially
Crazy 2-1 ILZ (1 year ago)
Looking at this makes realize were living floating on a ball in endless space alone here for no reason without purpose
Amitesh Singh (1 year ago)
Rose Garcia (1 year ago)
the hardest is this!!! 1+1 =
Kevin Wersal, Jr. (1 year ago)
this was a boring video there was no stunts
if Integra (1 year ago)
"If earn the money I'll put in my wife's account cause she knows how to manage money well" So what kind of mathematician are u if u can't even manage money? Any dumb person can manage money. Maybe he gives it to his wife so he doesn't waste the money on new calculators and math books, those are a nerd's dream.
Julio Millán (10 months ago)
His wife is a Kardashian
Giannis Antetokounmpo (1 year ago)
how to sigma notation?
Roy Boggs (1 year ago)
I have made my own problem myself. As most people know a regular suduko is a 3x3 grid of 3x3 squares. The least amount of number you can have a still have only one solution is 17 numbers. My question is, is there a way to show a minimum for other sudoku puzzles with sizes of 4x4 or higher. And if so is there a formula to represent it. For example, say a 4x4 grid of 4x4 squares, a larger sudoku puzzle has a minimum of 31, and a 5x5 is 49. The formula those 3 show is 2x^2-1, where x is the sizes of the grid. An be able to predict what even larger puzzle minimum would be.
olav fosse (10 months ago)
interesting. There is yet no mathematical proof that 17 is the least amount of clues needed however every single 16 clue combination is tested and no-one of them worked. If you're interested you should read the wikipedia article and my this other article. from my understanding the numbers you had on 4x4 and 5x5 are made up. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mathematics_of_Sudoku https://www.technologyreview.com/s/426554/mathematicians-solve-minimum-sudoku-problem/
Leonardo Costa (1 year ago)
Imagine him as a math tutor
Jesal (1 year ago)
You have to respect people that understand the question, let alone attempt to answer it. It's just unfortunate that his solution wasn't correct.
What a shame this guy isnt speaking Kazakh.
Jo Kah (1 year ago)
is this a disguised kazakh vs kazakh feud
Newll (2 years ago)
It's a+b
Titan Army (2 years ago)
navier stokes equation is solved, i solved it but not showing anyone, fuck all ya'll
Titan Army (1 year ago)
+Alishah Imam if u have to explain it its not funny :P
Aritzi (1 year ago)
that's the joke
pang sam (1 year ago)
that's what a guy who is bad at maths would say.
The AtomicToaster (2 years ago)
I thought the most difficult math problem was the Riemann hypothesis
Ab Bc (4 months ago)
There is no such thing as "the most difficult problem". That's just something the media says. They're all just very hard. Some people might say that one problem is harder than another, but that's just speculation. Maybe in 1993 before Wile's proof they would've said that FLT is harder than Riemann Hypothesis, but Riemann is still unsolved.
Jalal Asif (2 years ago)
I would say either the Yang-Mills and the Mass gap hypothesis or the ABC conjecture.The problem itself is difficult to explain, even to mathematicians, let alone the solution. And as for ABC; mochizuki's paper is understood by maybe less than 20 people worldwide so yeah.
Adolfo Holguin (2 years ago)
The NP/P is the most difficult. Then probably RH or this.
Alistair Bain (2 years ago)
1 2 3 4 5 1 4 9 16 25 1 8 27 64 125 1 16 81 256 625 Keep subtracting consecutive numbers in a row from each other and you get a constant for each row eg for row 1 2 minus 1 3 minus 2 For row 2 4 minus 1 9 minus 4 16 minus 9 gives 3,5 and 7 5 minus 3 and 7 minus 5 give 2 another constant for a row raised to a particular power n you need to subtract n times to get a constant. The constants follow the rule that for the nth power the constant is given by n factorial n! Can you figure out why?
Coldzero (1 year ago)
The fuck?
Colin Smith (2 years ago)
Every time a new sequence is formed by subtraction there is a polynomial that describes that new sequence. Every polynomial is formed from the last one in the form P(a+1) - P(a) = Q(a). Here are the important rules: 1. the constant term in Q is the sum of all the coefficients except the constant in P (this is not the case in the first polynomial where the constant is 1) 2. the leading term in Q is the derivative of the leading term in P 3. the degree of Q is one less than the degree of P Repeated derivatives of a^n are as follows: a^n n*a^(n-1) (n-1)*n*a^(n-2) (n-2)*(n-1)*n*a^(n-3) ... 1*2*3...(n-1)*n*a^0 this last derivative is n! Because of how the degree is decreased and the constant term is the sum of all coefficients except itself the last non-constant polynomial is in the form 2*3...(n-1)*n*a + C or n!*a + C where C is a constant. On the next polynomial the degree will be decreased to zero and the constant will become the leading term. This however is not a problem because the constant is the sum of all other coefficients which in this case is n! and is also the derivative of n!*a which is also n! I hope this makes sense.
Zeim (2 years ago)
Guys....the first 3 numbers in pie backwards....spells pie
Ben Morgan (1 month ago)
Pythagoras wants to: *Know Your Location*
swaggerxxtrikshd (3 months ago)
3.14... 413 = pie? Lol no.
AAron Dinkleberg (1 year ago)
yeh pi*
priyathh (2 years ago)
Zilla (2 years ago)
+RespectfullyDisrespectful HOLY CRAP
Thrust vectoring (2 years ago)
Not the hardest. One of the hardest problems. There is 7 of them, millenium prize problems, 6 unsolved.
VeryEvilPettingZoo (2 years ago)
At least as of Aug 14, 2014, the equations remain unsolved. (I just googled it, so perhaps something more recent applies.) “To my shame, on page 56 the inequality (6.34) is incorrect therefore the proposition 6.3 (p. 54) isn't proved. I am so sorry,” Otelbaev wrote in an e-mail to Montgomery-Smith. “I didn’t use a right formula in one place to calculate the abstract theorem, so the subsequent calculation was wrong,” Otelbaev told Nature. --- www.nature.com/news/fiendish-million-dollar-proof-eludes-mathematicians-1.15659 No shame... long proofs can be incredibly complex and demanding. It wouldn't be a major unsolved problem if it were easy. And I'm gonna guess that Otelbaev's personality is a wee bit different from Borat's.
Dony Christie (1 year ago)
That would totally suck to experience that.
cryptexify (2 years ago)
Still an unsolved problem. He has a mistake.
pang sam (1 year ago)
I didn't even see the answer...
Frano Grubisic (2 years ago)
First G. Pellerman from Russia, then O. Otelbayev from Kazahstan. Cheers to Soviet education.
mechwarreir2 (2 years ago)
has any one read this guy's paper? It's only 12 pages long, and the final solution isn't really anything... Imma have to say that Navier Stokes is still unsolved.
Chraman (2 years ago)
That fucker spoke russian.
UnTaKeN. NiGhT (2 years ago)
I want that 91 seconds of my life back
navier and stokes equetion its still unsolved
derci ferreira (2 years ago)
+θανασης Δημοπουλος Navier Stokes has no solution ,cause it was ill-formulated.
Matthew Dohoney (3 years ago)
Solved worlds hardest math problem Cant manage money......wut?
Hoe Szyslak (1 year ago)
he didn't take it because he thinks that having the proof is enough which is noble and beautiful
Titan Army (2 years ago)
pretty common. Academics are renowned for their lack of real world ability. The russian guy that won the million didnt even take the money.
SquishyBananaBread (3 years ago)
Great success.
Charisma (3 years ago)
0 - (4 + 4) + 2 = ?
vinit chauhan (3 months ago)
Tomas Gallimore why does everyone say it's 10?
Tomas Gallimore (3 months ago)
vinit chauhan correct
vinit chauhan (5 months ago)
0-(4+4)+2 -8+2 -6
KJSh killer (5 months ago)
Haroon Mustafa (6 months ago)
Sassymui8 (3 years ago)
This video was last year. No one has solved the Navier-stokes equation.
rawan hs (2 years ago)
+Sassymui8 It takes more than 4+ years to confirm if the solution was true. Perelman submitted his solution in 2003 or earlier
Mad Cat Sphere! ! (3 years ago)
+Sassymui8 yea if u look online it says he missed something in one of his pages. so he did not and many scientist's think its a no go.. his solution failed.
Ed Miliband (3 years ago)
whats 9 +10
Revoosh Noj (5 days ago)
Darude Sandstorm
70 nigga
t100base (2 months ago)
swaggerxxtrikshd (3 months ago)
Susan He (6 months ago)
1747CT Bruh it’s a joke
Cem Altun (3 years ago)
wow he is so old now i think he started when he is more younger
GroveSt4Life (3 years ago)
I'm asian and this was 91 seconds of hardcore porn
Viccctv (1 month ago)
Hahahhhaaha hay locooo
swaggerxxtrikshd (3 months ago)
90 seconds actually
Steven Spencer (9 months ago)
GroveSt4Life Gay porn i bet
GroveSt4Life (2 years ago)
+Alfredo Moreno lmao, I am joking
Alfredo Moreno (2 years ago)
Lmao, you are trolling
Chaspen (3 years ago)
H=5                    J=20 J x H=100 NAILED IT.
MZ_71 (3 years ago)
soooo.. how old is he?
Jack Shi (3 years ago)
This professor apparently worked on this problem for 30 years. A month after its publication, a flaw was found. He is apparently still trying to revive the solution but the international community have little hope in his approach.
corndog984 (8 months ago)
rip to my mans
Realistic Intellect (11 months ago)
Jack Shi Yikes lul
Branson Davis (3 years ago)
2+2=5 mind blown
curiosity zero (2 years ago)
+Terralite 2+2=5 can also be true!! it only depends on the assumption u make
The Duke (2 years ago)
Lim. 1 X->0. --- =infinity |x| Close enough;)
Khan Ukkasha Farqaleet (3 years ago)
Edgar Wang (3 years ago)
+Khan Ukkasha Farqaleet cannot divide by 0 your argument is invalid
Khan Ukkasha Farqaleet (3 years ago)
4-4=10-10 2^2-2^2=5x2-5x2 (2+2)(2-2)=5(2-2)    2-2 IS Canceled hance 2+2=5
antagonth (3 years ago)
Considering the number of serious (and unsuccessful) attempts at solving NS, and also the amount of effort invested in it, I wouldn't give that one a 1e-9 probability of being a tiniest baby step in generally right direction. Although, there's always a hope.
J Salas (3 years ago)
Makes people wonder if there is even a difference between physics and mathematics
Kafka Schreiber (2 months ago)
Physics is a branch of mathematics. It is same just like chemistry, an applied mathematics subject to the physical world.
ShadowViking47 (4 months ago)
Physics is applied Math. Math is just the simplest science possible. It's where all sciences have their roots.
jason (9 months ago)
there is a huge difference
Blogus Globus (2 years ago)
physics is the application of math to attempt to inderstamd the universe.
Jack Hooper (2 years ago)
+J Salas Physics is an application of mathematics to the physical world.
James Hayess (3 years ago)
Ofcourse..... hes asain 
bounchofbeaners (3 years ago)
 i thought Fermats Last Theorm was the hardest .. this looks simple compired to it..
Mr Eroj (1 year ago)
+Luke Amendolara HAHAHAHA
Luke Amendolara (1 year ago)
+ErojFeeding Youtube isn't ready for your comment.
Mr Eroj (1 year ago)
+Luke Amendolara Collatz is harder.
Luke Amendolara (1 year ago)
This problem is more sophisticated than Fermat's last theorem. In fact, FLT is really not even the hardest number theory problem.
Mr Eroj (2 years ago)
+entoris476 so troll lol
bounchofbeaners (3 years ago)
so whats the answer?? honestly i really want to know..
TheMrStoryTeller (3 years ago)
Asia, where people want to be intelligent. America, where people find intelligence to be an insult. 
Joseph G. Hotto (11 months ago)
Liam Tzinch And many of the smart people in America came from another country
D-RayTheGreat (1 year ago)
+ABCDEFGHIJKLM NOPQRSTUVWXYZ u goeut that rite murtherfurker.
The Sperm That won (1 year ago)
D-RayTheGreat Alabama
schizo phrenia (1 year ago)
The chinese invented compass,gun powder,papermaking and printing...which shape the world today,but dumbass like you wouldn't know anyway...
Juan Rodriguez (2 years ago)
+Aisha Ali bruh your just saying this because your Asian yourself
what a total waste of time
Hazy Memories (4 years ago)
asians :D
Hazy Memories (4 years ago)
ADD me in your circles ;)
Keni Angervo (4 years ago)
+GJay Smosh Just joking, Kazakhstan is a part of Asia. Gotcha!
Hazy Memories (4 years ago)
Didn't know
Keni Angervo (4 years ago)
Kazakhstan is not a part of Asia.
Hazy Memories (4 years ago)
wtf?? y would u say that to me? who the fuck are u say that to me? u better think first before you type it i'm just proud 
behnamasid2 (4 years ago)
It is not solved until it is fully reviewed. 
IThinkWithMy Dick (10 months ago)
MultiPOOMBA (4 years ago)
He's not smart at all, he lets his wife handle his money. DUMB ASS Borat is smarter than him.
ЯRaven (1 year ago)
+MultiPOOMBA "I solved it, so I don't need all the attention you losers." Either Troll or Serious. If you're a troll, then not really bad or sad I guess. But if you're serious...
MultiPOOMBA (2 years ago)
+Imza Izceman Well if she decides to have a divorce, the dumb bitch takes half of that money you loser.
Imza Izceman (3 years ago)
Is there anything wrong with trusting your life partner with your money? Oh yeah, I forgot. Maybe not in America, a land where loyalty doesn't exist.
MultiPOOMBA (4 years ago)
+Mehdi Mirzai Says the little sheep that does what they're told all the time. I solved it, I just don't need all the attetion, you losers.
Max Awesome (4 years ago)
says the guy who didn't solve one of the hardest math problems in the world.
Sean O'Neill (4 years ago)
well done 
Abdel (4 years ago)
nara bodi (9 months ago)
이슬비 hhh
Abdel (3 years ago)
Despite of this prove can be wrong, he's certainly a good mathematician!
유키나 (3 years ago)
Nope. It turned out to be wrong at all...

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