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Pier-Gabriel Lajoie at Elite Paris/Folio Montreal

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Video by Folio Montreal: http://vimeo.com/foliomtl
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Rob McKay (3 months ago)
I saw the film gerontophilia about 5 years back. Well acted and fascinating
sebastien malet (4 months ago)
l'homme parfait ...Vraiment!
Gabriel MESÍA-Y-BLAZCO (6 months ago)
Saludos y felicitaciones desde Lima-Perú-América.
InsularesHDxo (8 months ago)
What a beautiful creature
sebastien malet (1 year ago)
Tu es un bel homme et pourquoi un seul film ?tu as beaucoup de talent...
jorge nuñez (2 years ago)
lo mejor del planeta
Sebastian Marchmain (2 years ago)
He is adorable!!
adipara1956 (2 years ago)
What a beautiful human being! I'm speechless first of all because of his courage to act in Gerontophilia and second because of his beauty!
La Otra (1 year ago)
adipara1956 a lot of courage but atleast the scenes weren't too extreme or else I would've thrown up
James Westervelt (3 years ago)
CSunkissed (3 years ago)
so perfect
Fernando Moraga (3 years ago)
Kiyoshi Soles (3 years ago)
Putamadre 😞
TheEzioAuditore (3 years ago)
I need him in my life.
Ken BJC (3 years ago)
I love this song because of this video --- for me this video is like, 1982,83 but Funky, like 1996,97(European), 2002(NYC), and 2011(Casablanca) but nostalgic.  PG is pretty and a good actor. (maybe '87)
Baekhyun (3 years ago)
I just saw gerontophilia he is so beautiful.. I cant
JieQi Ren (2 years ago)
SAME! i wonder why hes not in more movies!
Naoko (3 years ago)
Innocent, sweet, mysterious, devilish, gorgeous, hot, handsome, and a lot more.  His potential is not just the good looks.. but the amazing talent as an actor!!   <3
soyaquel (3 years ago)
Mon Dieu! El es bello por dentro y por fuera. Sus ojos y sus suaves maneras hacen de él un ser angelical!
DOMINIC (4 years ago)
great performance dude in 'GERONTOPHILLA"
diamar10 (4 years ago)
mira lo que uno se encuentra
waveboreale (4 years ago)
So handsome XD
O miquinho Yama (4 years ago)
very cute ,lindinho
Lamia El houdaigui (4 years ago)
One of the best top models I've ever seen, he's a sweet angel. Please can you tell me the name of the song?
menswear (4 years ago)
Pier-Gabriel at Elite Paris/Folio Montreal Video by Folio Montreal: http://vimeo.com/foliomtl

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