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Summertime 2013

364 ratings | 103937 views
Videos by: Miguel Iglesias and Josh Button for 2(X)ist Athletic | Alexandre Cunha for Armani Exchange S/S 2012 | Made in Brazil #6 Teaser by Stewart Shining | Christian Santamaria for Julipet S/S 2012 | David Gandy for Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue by Mario Testino | Diego Fragoso by Eduardo Gama | Blue Man S/S 2013 Campaign | Dutty Wruck at Elite Milano by Alessandro Brivio | Marlon Teixeira for TPM #124 | Calzedonia S/S 2012 Family Portraits | Calzedonia S/S 2013 Rubén Cortada | Calamar S/S 2011 Campaign | Jockey S/S 2013 Campaign | Kaylan Morgan for N2N 2012 | Marlon Teixeira and Miguel Iglesias for Armani Exchange S/S 2013 | Neto Lopes at Ragazzo Model Management | Samuel Trépanier for HOM S/S 2013 | Simon Nessman for Acqua di Gio by Bruce Weber | Simon Nessman for Michael Kors S/S 2013 Campaign | Dopping Verão 2014 | Lucas Arantes & Ryley Lanteigne by James Meade.
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Text Comments (12)
xyn do (3 years ago)
super hot guys usually has small package
J'adore NCT (3 years ago)
Not small but average which is fine lol
CatMienn (2 years ago)
A considerable bunch of brazilians on this video. And I do not complain.
Tatyana S (4 years ago)
Gosh! That guy with luminous blue eyes is just increadible!
Tamad Tamad (4 years ago)
1:56 butt crack
diaperwonder (5 years ago)
handsome video these cutties are so sexy in their speedos
the (5 years ago)
oh my.. this brings back the thoughts of fun.. my friend Skats.. who I call my bouncing bounce shared this with me.. thanks bounce.. :)) ... hugs you I do...
the (5 years ago)
ah.. thanks for the re-share.. :))
NIKOS ARKAS (5 years ago)
menswear (5 years ago)
Alexandre Cunha.
Angie F. (5 years ago)
Whos the boy? 2:23
shana2005 (5 years ago)
Quando la gente e bella e bella...... Nulla da dire. Parlate da soli.... Bellissimi.

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