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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Analysis Chart 5/3/2018 by ChartGuys.com

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Text Comments (205)
Marklockhart Bill (5 months ago)
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Miles Bradley (5 months ago)
it's just so amazing how good it is. It's not an easy task to find a reliable service but i figured that out when i met this great man Miles Scott
Matthieu Jung (5 months ago)
How are you 2 EMA set up ? EMA12 & EMA.. ?
Joseph Wood (5 months ago)
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Si Mathison (5 months ago)
Trading naked. Only do that on Dead tour.
James B (5 months ago)
Hey dan, just throwing it out there I've been watching a similar fractal from November 1st on the daily. Similar pattern playing out. I don't put much faith in them but it's just another small piece, hope it helps :)
henry X (5 months ago)
I have to say that again that u r such a great tutor, teacher, mentor or whatever educator. All your videos are like u r teaching and share knowledge and experiences. I like more and more but today’s lesson or class r really in the high level, professor Dan. Sounds awesome but I don’t get it so far, and hope get it in the future. 😄
audiovideotweaker (5 months ago)
trades crypto and legacy markets, can't afford hairdresser :))
Erno Muller (5 months ago)
Keep doing good things! You are a great inspiration. I have been stuck in a office job for the last 10 years, luckily i got out alive :) I would love to be chosen for the free course however if not, i will enroll myself after i have built up enough profit anyway, the rand dollar conversion rate just isn't to great at the moment. Happy days Dan. Learning loads here.
Shane Steer (5 months ago)
cheers Dan please pick me for your free coarse.I am in Australia new to trading and absolutely love your content .I've learnt more from your channel then anywhere else.plus i have four children work a full time job and REALLY want to turn this new passion into a lifestyle i can gain more financial stability from live my life my way and give my boys everything they need. So please PICK ME.
James Winsoar (5 months ago)
Bitcoin cash seems to be dragging at the moment not keeping up with the others.
Ella Kathrine (5 months ago)
i really do not agree with you
Chris R (5 months ago)
Thanks for the free content and insight! Congrats to the lucky winners of the course niiiiice!!
Carla V V (5 months ago)
By the way. THANK YOU for putting some clothes on. English is my second language and in fact, I understand better when I can read your lips. Appreciate that effort:)
Carla V V (5 months ago)
No fomo no fomo. Today I learned *wait for the weekly equilibrium pattern *. I got off the train when hit the $8000 and still waiting. When I buy, price always drops and when I sell, price shoots to the moon.
Carla V V (5 months ago)
Thanks Dan! I appreciate all your excellent work and to "do good things ".
TheChartGuys (5 months ago)
The confidence to know when to re-entry is important to develop with knowledge and experience.
Colin Brazendale (5 months ago)
Great video Dan, like always. I watch it every morning. I am shocked to learn that you get up at night every 2 hours to check the price. That is crazy! I have invested in a bot I can trust to do the trading for me when I sleep and it is working great. It also takes a lot of emotion out of the buying and selling decisions. Have a great weekend Dan!
TheChartGuys (5 months ago)
Only when in a trade and there is action.
Jace Paek (5 months ago)
lol....." I do like to trade naked"
Mitch King (5 months ago)
Dan the man! A free course would be awesome. I hope you do another crazy all time high video again in the future :D
Tolga (5 months ago)
Thanks Dan. Even if I was waking up every hour, missed the break while I was driving to work, but had an awesome future reference.
Adam Rosszay (5 months ago)
I can not begin to describe how frustrating it is to be glued to the charts for the past 6 days and watching...waiting for the dip, missing all the small dips in the meantime because they aren't strong enough to satisfy my greed, and then after doing the whole waking up after 1 hour, checking the charts, going to sleep for another hour and checking the charts, rinse and repeat thing...I wake up 10 minutes late and we +$300 on BTC. I then proceed to say to myself, "No worries, you don't need to buy now, you'll just buy when you come home tonight." I'm looking at the charts right now - currently up $800 from when I should have bought in. And now I ask myself, "What they hell was keeping me from placing that buy order when I knew that we were about to explode? Why was I still hoping for this amazing dip to $8k? Why am I such a dumbass?!!!" All that time and energy losing sleep and looking at the charts wasted. Complete waste. And now I'm stuck outside the market. If I buy in, the universe would make sure to curse me by immediately dropping the price down to as low as $6k range to make sure I get extra burnt. How do you cope when you miss a run like this?
yeeluvspizza (5 months ago)
Adam Rosszay We are on the verge of being oversold on the BTC hourly chart. Once we reach that point, it'll bounce. I recommend you sell everything right before the bounce and buy Ether and ride the bounce on ether instead. After pulling back from 829 to what possibly could be into the range of 650- 670... Eth's bounce could be $100, as it likely forms a lower high from 829. That could recoup some of your money.
Adam Rosszay (5 months ago)
Nope. I am just stupid. The intention was to use the BTC to purchase some key alt coins I wanted to pick up TODAY. I am thinking that the alts are gonna run a little bit this week as Bitcoin cools off. I was an idiot by doing errands after buying BTC instead of doing the work to buy the alts immediately after I got the Bitcoin. I got home and I'm like WTF huge red candles. ...the intention was to get the alts when we were at BTC $9600+ Sigh. I'll just have to hold this BTC bag and deal with it. I'll reassess if the alts I wanted to buy are still worth it when we come back up above $9523
yeeluvspizza (5 months ago)
Adam Rosszay Do you have a stop loss in place? We are on the verge of an hourly oversold bounce... You should think about placing sell orders about 5-7% above the bottom of the current dump.
Adam Rosszay (5 months ago)
I ended up getting fucked. I bought in at $9523 thinking I caught a dip on the way up. Now? I'm holding the bag at $9289. Prolly going to hit the $9000-$8800 mark in a few days. I'm so fucking dumb. I hate myself so much.
yeeluvspizza (5 months ago)
Adam Rosszay Wow, I feel your frustration. You need to realize that there will always be plenty of trade opportunities. There will be times where east coast traders miss out on West coast evenings trade opportunities and vice versa when West coast traders miss out on East coast morning trades. Cash is still King and not losing principal is way more important emotionally and psychologically vs missing a trade.
Proton (5 months ago)
You answered my question on how long to expect a break to last thank you. Now i can take into consideration what hourly pattern broke bull and how long it can potentially last. I sold my LCT to early this time. We'll get them next time 💪
Jane O'Halloran (5 months ago)
Thanks Dan
E. Carl Hoagland IV (5 months ago)
Haha, awesome! Love this, you're transparency is incredible.
don k (5 months ago)
Dan, there has been 2 crypto pops after hawkish fomc meetings. Bearish usd, bull crypto correlation?
don k (5 months ago)
Eth at fib .382, btc and ltc below fib .236
pabloco2627 (5 months ago)
Thanks again. I'm learning a lot.
viviann napp (5 months ago)
I always learn from you but have a long long ways to go.
James Doerfler (5 months ago)
Thanks Dan, I watch every day after work
Roy M (5 months ago)
'english not first language'..ok ladies ur not fooling anyone we know u just wanna see Dan
acountddd (5 months ago)
Please do more alerts analysis at the end of the vids, hugely helpful. Thanks
H. Carson (5 months ago)
Great TA! Thank you.
irxproductions (5 months ago)
Learning is never more important than being naked. ;) Thank you for all you do for us! :)
V L (5 months ago)
Bae : Send nudes Dan : I'm busy watching the lower highs and lower lows. Bae : Guess who else can do down real low. Dan : Well, just gonna trade nude.
Crypto Gardener (5 months ago)
Waking up every 2 hours to look at the charts....Lol, Maybe I'm not cut out to be a day(night) trader after all...
Mr Bullish AF (5 months ago)
Put all your fiat savings in Now!
Crypto Newbs (5 months ago)
This is one of the reasons why Dan is the greatest TA analyst on the internet 9:29
stephen m (5 months ago)
Great info
hp (5 months ago)
Da best
Josh O'Brien (5 months ago)
This is more gold than your hair! Thank you!
Patriarch Run (5 months ago)
Hope another mj video is coming out tonight. Would love to have your help making sense of acb today and it’s direction tomorrow.
Proof-of-Truth (5 months ago)
Missed out this morning concerned about the head and shoulders pattern but caught a small piece after it pulled back.Yeah,bots make it a real challenge to limit order sometimes.
Ivan Castano (5 months ago)
Dear Dan, This time you truly let your hair down :) How do you plan to profit from Consensus? I asked the community today if they think the event's news nuggests will be juicy enough to boost crypto cap 20, 30 or 50%. I think the latter is feasible, also with Goldman's trading announcement today? https://twitter.com/CryptoJourno1/status/992172143843643393
TheChartGuys (5 months ago)
A lot of this run is potential bullish news being priced in, in my opinion.
Giacomo Leggio (5 months ago)
Nima Pars (5 months ago)
Great video, and thank you for taking the time to educate us. I look forward to your new uploads on daily basis.
S Y (5 months ago)
What's the point of sell and before the consolidation level
Emma Ciervo (5 months ago)
Dan, please bless us with another video tonight 😭
Naveen bukhari (5 months ago)
Dude! You look so different from how i imagined just from your voice.
Unknown Now (5 months ago)
Good to know I am not the only one who gets up in the night checking the price.
Xiong Thao (5 months ago)
I freaking love listening to you man....
Anne D (5 months ago)
Thank you very much!!
Evan Hayford (5 months ago)
You are a super star! Chart guys going to the moon 🌝
mikeselvaggio1 (5 months ago)
Hmmm...a new tantalizing alert set? The 1st trade by Dan on ' "asset X' in 'Y' days , where 'Y' is user-definable! ;') .
tony fernabdo (5 months ago)
Inside bars 😎
Ennui (5 months ago)
I've been holding a sum of ETH since 40-70 range, unfortunately i'm going to have to sell alot soon to pay for a new transmission in my car :(
Sherif Amer (5 months ago)
I need to try trading while naked, i hope i can make more money that way.
Wishfulthinking Mom (5 months ago)
Thanks Dan for your emotional teachings
TheChartGuys (5 months ago)
OMG 489 - 0 a new record. Trolls come out at night.
Chris Rust (5 months ago)
Great show.
Gabriel Beis (5 months ago)
dan the man
Jahamie Merlot (5 months ago)
Thank you Dan. Great video again!
Ryan James (5 months ago)
Fought the FOMO recently & bought the breakout correctly! Currently at 400% ROE with a guaranteed 300% stop in place :)
PlanetMusk Vlog (5 months ago)
Dan is in the square! Lol nude trading? Is that what they mean by “Naked Short”?
Randy (5 months ago)
Thanks Dan..My favorite channel by far
Dimissimo (5 months ago)
Thank you Dan!
888 !!! (5 months ago)
Keep up the nice work!!
Chase Brock (5 months ago)
Locked in profits from 535 to 725 last night watching the bulls gain momentum. My decision. Next time will wait to see more confirmation on my next trade. Thanks Dan!
TheWarDusT (5 months ago)
"Do like to trade naked.." hahaha
Nocturne (5 months ago)
I really love your videoes bro, learning so much - gonna take your course as soon as I get a minute!
Cameron McEldoon (5 months ago)
"I do like to trade naked, but ... learnings more important."
xJordanMM Productions (5 months ago)
Holy fuck this guy sounded like a short haired glasses skinny ass technical nerd but hes actually a long haired hippy tf?!?
Deborah Haley (5 months ago)
Dan please go to my channel and watch the video I uploaded today. It would mean the world to me. Please comment your thoughts if you have time. It’s my seed for the day.
Ricky Bower (5 months ago)
Cheers for the excellent information and your point of view - I'm 3 months new to crypto and your the most humble
intiferino (5 months ago)
Best Technical analysis on Youtube! I had to laugh about the comment: I like to trade naked but learning is more important :) I will buy the class on June. I am taking a whole month off work to learn more about daily trades and do good things!!! I am also following the do good things... I was missing that part today! Greetings from Germany!
bob miner (5 months ago)
yes man long hair dont care
hlalibe (5 months ago)
Excellent comments Dan at the end about emotional control. Yes, recognising these emotions is the first step towards controlling them ! Wise man. Oh, one thing, i'm in a different time zone, would appreciate if you can state the time you record when you start your video.
yeeluvspizza (5 months ago)
Dan, you ever consider shaving your head bald?
Grady Westmoreland (5 months ago)
Thanks so Much for the video. Learning a lot watching you frequently.
Clemdane (5 months ago)
You think there will be a dip before the whole market goes parabolic?
Facts Land (5 months ago)
Technical analysis straight from Jesus. Thank you, Jesus. Keep up the good work.
HuangXingQing (5 months ago)
I listen/watch several for their individual slants (macro, interviews, background, connections, skills) but you I watch daily because of your analysis, experience and last but not least, worldview. Your statement about dealing with emotions is spot on and that, I think, is critical to success in anything. My time trading has brought an awareness that it is yet one more dhamma gate. Thank you Dan!
robizzlor (5 months ago)
Got in at +5%. Lucky this time.
Mad Mining (5 months ago)
Everyone needs to jump on this website and VOTE for our Chart Guy !!! https://www.cryptoinfluenceaward.com/#/ Scroll down and find The Chart Guys entries and VOTE !!
TJ Park (5 months ago)
When do you begin paying attention to the rsi? It seems so close to overbought as we are trying to break the resistance.
TJ Park (5 months ago)
Could you kind of explain over-extended please?
TheChartGuys (5 months ago)
When BTC gets over-extended. BTC RSI due to correlations means more to me.
Rachel Brown Loves (5 months ago)
This morning Entered ltc at 152, out at 155, immediately entered loom at .54 out at .61, entered ont 10.13 out at 11. Man I was on a roll! binance
R Ruhgster (5 months ago)
Free course - yes. I finished the beginning course already. Q: the RSI is overbought on most all time frames and these top coins. Please comment. Dan, thanks for all the good advice. New trader as of 1/12/2018.
Daniel Main (5 months ago)
I would love to have additional of the telegram-push-notifications (from your Alert System) your movements as well or at least opinions like 70% probabilities to go down or up. Im not an expert that is why I would love to just follow your movements 😅.
TheVeka (5 months ago)
THNX again Dan! Good day to be in crypto!
Jaun-Pierre Reyneke (5 months ago)
Fantastic Dan! Your videos are superb
thebudak kampung (5 months ago)
Audcad buy now tp 0.971 sell when tp buy
Craig Collins (5 months ago)
Leon Gaban (5 months ago)
I'm setting up alerts for your channel now! Btw subscribed to both your guys courses :D
tclapson (5 months ago)
Trading naked is still very important
Kris Bartolomei (5 months ago)
Thank you for coming on earlier in the day while the trade is happening. No one else does that. Much Appreciated!!
josh lewman (5 months ago)
Love watching your videos, I’m thankful that you decided to do the chart guys. You seem like a really cool person and you explain things very well in many different ways. You would be a great teacher no matter what the subject. Thanks for all that you do. Josh -OREGON
sajklan (5 months ago)
Great video!!! Thanks!
anialady (5 months ago)
thanks for showing how the alerts work in real life! I am not sure I would know what direction things were going after an alert, but for now I will try to keep my eyes open and learn before making any big moves.
TheChartGuys (5 months ago)
Check the youtube playlist we have titled" crypto alerts"
pheriannath (5 months ago)
Dan the freakin Legend!
Zaid Q (5 months ago)
Your sense of humor is a tad weird haha, but its nice :)
Koran Bell (5 months ago)
Brilliant stuff, 20 mins after your upload BTC broke bullish... you are nearly always correct! Been learning so much from your vids over the last couple of months. Thanks so much :-)
Robert Miranda (5 months ago)
BITCOIN PAT (5 months ago)
You are the best :) Im new in the crypto world and you just made my month turning my 4 ETH to a fortune today ::)..

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