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Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin Technical Analysis Chart 4/12/2018 by ChartGuys.com

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Text Comments (83)
jjustfforffun (6 months ago)
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Ero Go (6 months ago)
Metal Piece (6 months ago)
Let's Go Ontology!
bleda (6 months ago)
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bigxshowx (6 months ago)
Hello - I am noticing a lag in the alert system, can you pls check, the prices are about 2-5m delayed from Gdax when the alerts come out. Would be best if they came before GDAX ;) j/k, real time again will be fine thanks
TheChartGuys (6 months ago)
Hello thanks yes the issue was thousands of alerts all going out at the same time on the huge volume along with exchanges struggling with the volume as well. We reset the que.
Roti Wokeman (6 months ago)
I'm gonna make a T-shirt with yesterday's chart with the text "size matters" ....TM
John Norton (6 months ago)
Warning: I have been drinking... 1st off I very much enjoy your videos and find them extremely educational much like many of those from a friend of yours on Twitter aka Philakone. Maybe you see this, maybe you don't.....f it! Your alert system subscription aside....Would it kill you or guys like you & Phil to once and a while just tweet a simple buy coin "X" - stock "X" now because I just went ALL IN MYSELF....Blah, blah, Blah...( @ your own risk and that jazz of course). I'm pretty sure like most your subscribers that we would appreciate that far more than a daily video on all the $ you made or the money WE COULD have made etc. Personally I'm F'ing trying OK....I got books....( Real Turtle Traders & Elliot wave by A.J. Frost and Robert Prechter, I watch Chart Guys etc). I trade on GDAX & Binance....I SUCK..... but I'm trying. I'm sure most of your audience like me try and do what we can on our own but you know better than us.
John Norton (6 months ago)
Hopefully the fish start biting soon, I'm almost out of bait. ADA, XRP, ICX, BAT, and XLM all closed above their 50 EMA. Lets see if they can breakout at last. ONT looks to have finished its 5-3-5 correction so hopefully it breaks out in a wave 3 upwards now as well.
TheChartGuys (6 months ago)
Teach a man to fish, dont give him a fish. My goal is to make independent traders who can take their own future into their own hands to change their own life. I always post my buys and sells in our chat room.
Cassius SpaceTrain (6 months ago)
great vid
bang your head (6 months ago)
My method was to buy yesterday, go to sleep, get stopped out on the Wycoff spring, and wake up to giant green middle finger.
Hoa Hoang (6 months ago)
Tolga (6 months ago)
It could be easily another record gains day for me, but since I work full-time, I want to keep my position longer (ofc took some profit) and make it a swing trade. It's all because of your daily videos and your courses!! Thanks Dan!!
David Lincoln (6 months ago)
Nice trade Dan!
Steven King (6 months ago)
Love the entries and exits course and cant wait to finish so I can start the trading crypto course. Thanks to you, today I made more than enough to cover the low price for both courses with this mornings btc move up.
Anand (6 months ago)
When you keep saying that you haven’t been using market orders because the bulk breaks don’t last, what was it this time that changed your approach from the past week(s). All in non-the less when you mentioned smaller positions and patience lately. Just want to learn any differences for future.
TheChartGuys (6 months ago)
See the video with Nugget from yesterday. We laid out the psychological setup for the short squeeze.
Anand Hira (6 months ago)
Thanks, @yeeluvspizza. Makes sense.
yeeluvspizza (6 months ago)
Anand The daily equilibrium breaking bullish is the key first signal to get in on a fully vested position, the huge volume confirmed it was going to be a strong move up. After that it's a matter of managing the position efficiently by scaling out as it moved up. Leaving a partial position and trailing it with a stop loss order is the final part of the trade. How much you scale out with for profits depends on your original plan.
Anand (6 months ago)
yeeluvspizza we had increasing bull volume several times with no follow through. Unless you market ordered as it was already around 7300 on the way up there’s no way to get any more confirmation than previous attempts.
yeeluvspizza (6 months ago)
Anand Increasing bull volume
Mark Kramm (6 months ago)
If you can;t use RSI levels as a reliable way to know when to sell during breakouts, what are the signals you use to know when to exit a position?
TheChartGuys (6 months ago)
I dont try and time the top, I scale out in 5-8 positions
yeeluvspizza (6 months ago)
I would think it would be the decreasing amount of incoming volume coming in...
ancientsculpture (6 months ago)
how are you guys trading this? I have always wanted to take advantage of trading btc and other crypros but i dont know how besides trading blockchain stocks like riot, dpw, etc which are not direct plays on btc and the other currencies
andy patch (6 months ago)
Great video Dan as always. As a rookie student I learn't a lot today, was great to watch the bull break happen. Although I felt a little sad I was not in a trading position to ride the wave. But it cheers me up to know as you said, that other similar opportunities will follow. Many thanks.
Deborah Haley (6 months ago)
It’s so nice to see a revolution in people doing good deeds now. Let’s hope it’s an extremely contagious movement 🙏🏻💜
hp (6 months ago)
Nice work
alphawolf1809 (6 months ago)
I was worried about a false breakout cause we are in a bear market so I put a stop buy at 7170 the night before and alarms on like 3 different crypto apps if 7150 broke so I could watch it and enter a stop loss if it was a false breakout of an eq. Didn't really need the alarms cause my regular alarm went off at 6:30am est
Michael Harris (6 months ago)
thanks, wyckoff chartist's were following the entire move
Phyiuck_Yiu (6 months ago)
Catch it on the dump.
Ivan Castano (6 months ago)
Thanks, Dan. You are Crypto Jesus, not Roger Ver! I made a whole $60 from the move, both by snapping up ETH and BTC when the breakout started. I was pissed bc Coinbase is a fraudster. I bought BTC at 6,950 and they sold it to me at 7,000 after adding a bogus "spread fee". When will these exchanges be sued? Anyway, this was the first time I actually made money from understanding TA so thanks a BTC billion. Cheers
RabbiChutzpah (6 months ago)
It looks to me like an Adam an eve bottom has formed. I think we may be able to target 11.5k?
mjribes (6 months ago)
BTC is going down to 4.2k. You heard it here first.
mjribes (6 months ago)
David Jackowski Ah bugger! And here I thought that I was special :( I'll have to look up this Trader of Futures.
mjribes (6 months ago)
Jim Reed That, my friend, it up to the whales. And if you were a whale what would you do? Build up a bit of bull sentiment and then ride south for some cheap BTC on a wave of stop losses, shorting all the way.
David Jackowski (6 months ago)
mjribes you are not even close to the first guy to say this. Trader of Futures has been saying it for awhile. That said, i agree fully.
Craig Neeve (6 months ago)
bull break looks like the loch ness monster
Wouter Lipsius (6 months ago)
Really appreciate your content! Just got into crypto recently, trying to learn all I can. As for technical analysis, I don't need to look much further. Bought your online course and soaking it in. I also do love the part where you put trading into perspective, by taking a nature hike and how you remind people that the money is just a means to do good for yourself and for others, and not an end. Your mindset is admirable in inspiring. Keep up the good work and give me a heads up if you are ever in Amsterdam. I'd be happy to show you around and do something in return :)
Oliver Torres (6 months ago)
Thank you Dan for the quick update..I missed it but hope to be ready for the next one.
Uch Prez (6 months ago)
Cheers for the pep talk at the end. Missed this breakout, frustrating to say the least. There will be others :)
jonas vandyck (6 months ago)
I entered bearish when the hourly higher lows broke. Went to sleep, woke up 2 hours later seeing that the bears didn't really have much follow-through. I exited my position at break even, went back to sleep and missed my bull entry...
Kieron McKay (6 months ago)
Thank you for the stop buy tip, that's very true. Should have thought about that. Doh.
Daniel Floam (6 months ago)
Thank you for the quality ta, always on point
Tom Ward (6 months ago)
how can i go short on shorts? :)
Stxtch (6 months ago)
ETH in fact did not see as much gains compared to Bitcoin. Check the ETHBTC chart.
Satoshi Nakamoto (6 months ago)
Missed the whole move thats life ill wait for another entry.
Andres Sanchez (6 months ago)
Remember, always do good things
Juli Collum (6 months ago)
I got in just at the right time! Such an exciting morning...
C_Ova (6 months ago)
Learned a lesson
eric bell (6 months ago)
I know you don't use fibs while trading but since we have dumped down from 11800 or so we have never been able to clear the .382 fib line. Our fib now lines up with 8500$ which is also a previous supply zone. Hopefully we get more bullish action headed into the weekend. Cheers Dan
JayBigDadyCy (6 months ago)
I got up about 5 minutes too late lol. Sat down at my pc and opened up gdax to see BTC at 7.6k and shooting towards the moon. Nearly entered a trade yesterday since I've seen many alts make this same move from the same kind of drawn out consolidation recently. A solid lesson though and a fun one to watch unfold!
petetown13 (6 months ago)
Loving your trade analysis. Much more reliable than those pumping individual coins and can't remain neutral on what's actually happening. I personally am invested in litecoin only atm. Glad to see a bull break for everyone, though litecoin is lagging
TheChartGuys (6 months ago)
Picking up steam!
Jeez, I didn't realise I could do a stop buy order on gdax, never clicked till you just said it! Thought to myself I wish I could do that, several times in the past, just didn't realise I could! (I'm a newb as you might guess) so thanks for that! But went all in at 6900 anyway, so very pleased, especially after missing the last two.. Thanks Dan again.....
CryptoJane (6 months ago)
Always such a pleasure to listen to your calm, clear & insightful analysis, thanks!
Dee Canuck (6 months ago)
Thanks, Dan. I could only fomo in near the top. I'll get the next one though. ;)
tskitz (6 months ago)
I am a student who cannot yet trade but I love the educational videos and am trying to learn diligently for when I get a summer job !
David Garcia (6 months ago)
tskitz why cant u trade?
Energy Core (6 months ago)
Weekly inside bar bull break on all big 3, looks like a 3 inside up pattern now especially on ETH
Aider (6 months ago)
It's my lucky day, thanks to Dan 😆
Monkey Tron (6 months ago)
I was ready. At least this time I did a market order but wish I’d gone all in. At least I didn’t just watch it like last time. Only made taco money myself. Better than nothing.
MEO (6 months ago)
ps did a good deed today. I have a property I rent to a wonderful hard working woman, I let her off paying rent this month, she offered to pay half, I said you will pay nothing, but you will treat yourself. Thanks Dan
DJ239 (6 months ago)
dude you are awesome! Why can't the rest of humanity have this level of understanding?
Leonard Bici (6 months ago)
Not only did you make her day, I'm sure you made her whole year. This is great!
Conor Sullivan (6 months ago)
that type of kindness, speads like wildfire
S Y (6 months ago)
Awesome. what an amazing gesture
MEO (6 months ago)
Hey Dan, great vid again. Accurate as per usual. Great Trade today well done you. There is a guy that still predicts BTC will come way down by the end of next week 2k,3k , I will show you his channel, he actually compliments you in one or 2 of his vids. I do like his videos, but really dont want it down there again,,, It would be good to have your thoughts? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vjKapEl5GgE&t=920s
TheChartGuys (6 months ago)
Very unlikely
Stevie B (6 months ago)
Blue sky breakout baby 👶
Paul Fraser (6 months ago)
Thanks . . . wasn't sure whether to stay in . . . think i'll hold on a bit longer now . .
Kevin Lewis (6 months ago)
I have all my money in LTC hopefully it will go back up soon. I’m shorter term but still at a even mark not a loss
Iaindorr (6 months ago)
i'm in Dan !
MONDO GYPSY (6 months ago)
So legit, so correct ... the bullbreak! Keep doing this. I´m promoting your channel with my friends here in Monaco. Cheers!
robizzlor (6 months ago)
I missed the bullbreak... Was watching the whole day than had to work and bam... so fucking unlucky :D But I'm impressed you were right with your predictions.
Rob Igglesden (6 months ago)
Same here, buddy. I even set up the day before but sold out because I thought it might drop :-(
Yes, if the weekly equilibrium plays out, and breaks out to the upside, think of the size of the bull flag on that!
Cali_Life Style3 (6 months ago)
Exactly it’s okay if you missed it don’t fomo in that’s one of the biggest mistakes in trading! There will always be opportunities in crypto down the road!
Energy Core (6 months ago)
It's fine that you missed it because it's not the only opportunity for gains. If the price consolidates in a bull flag, then breaks up for continuation, you can make your entry there and still capture some profit.
collectorjrg (6 months ago)
YES!!! So glad your update is out cuz after the $1k jump I’m kinda lost and been waiting for your video so I could try to get some clarity
Stevie B (6 months ago)
collectorjrg me too mate 😂
SKYNET (6 months ago)
is it an airplane? is it a bird?? nooo its BTC!!

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