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Jason Morgan for Acqua Di Giò

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Text Comments (19)
Kendrick Jacocks (2 months ago)
get me a couch so I can watch TV underwater, me and Joe.
Frances Kanode (3 months ago)
He is the sexiest man alive! 😘😘
Alison Sargent (4 months ago)
Like the cologne, very hansome model, only the best from Giorgio Armani♡♡♡ Does he act?
Joseph Sciberras (6 months ago)
0:48 I think this sums up what is almost bewitching about Giorgio Armani’s male models. They are truly masculine without aggression and are soft yet strong at the same time.
Pato S (4 months ago)
You're 100% right!!👉👉👉 He's THE BEST!!
El Latino Stripper (7 months ago)
Simón nessman is the best model
El Latino Stripper (4 months ago)
Venus Doom gracias
Venus Doom (5 months ago)
This model is Jason Morgan
Paola Style (1 year ago)
Jason Morgan...I love you 💞💞💞
Sir Justin Livingston (1 year ago)
Sir Justin Livingston (2 years ago)
Im ahhhh opps
Manú Andrade (2 years ago)
+Male Model Corp what's the song used?
Harish Najwani (2 years ago)
vasso anzaoui (3 years ago)
Gooooooooooooood what a man!!!!!!!!!!
Kol 2012 (3 years ago)
Soundtrack from this Video ?
rosab76 Lourdes (3 years ago)
spectacularrrr video, body!!! divine,sweett,!!!the best model!!!awesomeeeeeeeeeeeee
Pato S (4 months ago)
Sanja VJ (4 years ago)
wow....i´m speechless ...everything and everyone in this commercial is beautiful...
Melquisedec T (4 years ago)
Soundtrack please?

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