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Create a Business with Your Art - Featuring Ann Rea

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A one-hour Q&A session with artist and entrepreneur, Ann Rea about what it takes to create a profitable business with your art.
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beverly caputo (11 months ago)
Is Ann still making a living with her art or more via mentoring?
Maria Beadell (1 year ago)
arghh! the recording blanks out at 43:30 minutes in. Ann says 'people buy...' and I don't get the answer!! can anyone help me? what did she say?
I really enjoyed listening to this interview. Ann Rea was very fun and helpful to listen to :) :) I am trying to find my target market as a painter. Thank you so much for a very real and fun response Ann Rea.
Youssef Alfy (1 year ago)
Fantastic ! I love this video. She is amazingly good. She speaks clearly and to the point. Keep it up.
unique brand (1 year ago)
Anthe CV (2 years ago)
I am an artist through and through that spreads joy through my art!
Cliff DaRiff (2 years ago)
Cliff DaRiff (2 years ago)
purpose and mission is a strong starting point also.
Cliff DaRiff (2 years ago)
every good or even great artist had a handle on their business and sales etc...
Marina Tedesco (2 years ago)
Visit my newly launched Etsy shop "InspirationsByMarina" for handmade paintings and more! https://www.etsy.com/shop/InspirationsByMarina?ref=hdr_shop_menu
A Me (2 years ago)
Artists, can monetize social media images, signup here: https://gospaces.com/s/a_aa We basically Create an automated revenue stream from your Instagram account and sell art on printable products! Please ask, just wanted to help out!
Iva Reis (2 years ago)
Congratulation on the achievements. Indeed art is hard. And btw what's the link for the plan?

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