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"Travel Guide" - Astana city

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http://bit.ly/13u32w0 Kazakhstan -- it's a fascinating nature and history, interesting people and surprising traditions. To go round all of 2 724 900 sq.km of Kazakhstan's territory and to investigate this country is necessary to spend here months and even years. Film-making team of the program "Travel Guide. Discover Kazakhstan" will tell us all the most interesting about the country.
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Text Comments (29)
I love Astana
ThUrT EilNo (7 months ago)
borat, eat your heart out!!! looks like the muslim countries are setting the benchmark for the new hi tech cities and civilisations of the world. so much for backwardness.
wsiolek111 (8 months ago)
How many times can you say "Astana"? On the top of that all the repetitions... Watching that makes me feel like I should avoid the city rather than visit it.
daniel ahmed (8 months ago)
the mosque of astana is so good
Somali Ween Anolako (10 months ago)
Masha Allha
Mindaugas Strazinskas (1 year ago)
S K (1 year ago)
the owner of the restaurant is wrong, Vasily Kubrin's mansion houses Ukraine Embassy now. (His restaurant "Usad'ba" used to be Matvey Kubrin's trading house)
Muhd Dzuhri Rattim (1 year ago)
After I looked pictures that give by my friend I thought they travel somewhere Swiss or Canadian mount side but supprise me they actually travel in Krygstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and also Kazakhstan. What an amazing!!
Benjamin M. (1 year ago)
Is it safe to travel there if you're from Europe?
Nate Reniger (1 year ago)
safer than sochi i wager mate
Rayaan Haider (1 year ago)
yes it is really safe and is an extremely mordern city
Abdullah Ahmadi (1 year ago)
i like 00923005053661
MicAPic (1 year ago)
the word 'Astana' is his meth and he can't live even 10 secs without saying it
Nicole L (2 years ago)
Astana astana astana .......................................
Randian Media (2 years ago)
very impressive
Furious (2 years ago)
Astana I would like to visit Astana and see Astana but is Astana expensive? Is it expensive in Astana? Astana looks very lovely in Astana. Astana I wish you well. Astana
TheGreatSheikh (2 years ago)
You say astana way too often, idiot
Clarkson Fisher III (1 year ago)
TheGreatSheikh Astana
Sai Kiran Sharma (2 years ago)
TwistedNerve (2 years ago)
Alpha Centauri (2 years ago)
+TheGreatSheikh true , i stopped counting after 28
margharitta (2 years ago)
yes, exactly, the sun.....satanic worship. no thanks
margharitta (2 years ago)
this place is the capital city of the New World Order
Fem Chick (2 years ago)
Where's Borat?
007 quad (3 years ago)
i like the look of this place
Ugypt kutan (3 years ago)
I choose Uralsk as my main travel map....:)
Buuraha calmadow (4 years ago)
Bad editing
Yellow Bird (4 years ago)
from 4:00 the narrator repeats him self :) and from 7:31 too!

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