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How to integrate the bitcoin trading api in php

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Bitcoin Trading API from Bitcoin.com ------------------------------------------------------------ Hi, Today I will Show you How to integrate the bitcoin trading api in php to your website for use of the trading. https://index.bitcoin.com/api this is the api endpoint for example if you want the trade the bitcoin in USD we have to set the end point as a currency. This is the API URL : https://index.bitcoin.com/api/v0/price/usd
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Text Comments (5)
Adnan Sami Khokhar (5 months ago)
please share overall source code in description also
Hairy Chinese Kid (7 months ago)
Just an idea, have the welcome message typed out when the video begins
Mark Bell (1 year ago)
Simple but very good
Jackie Hai (1 year ago)
Love it. thanks for sharing.
Pare G (1 year ago)
Look good for calling REST API, but this is the latest price REST API, not trading API. it is different approach. we can use bitcoin.com widget here >>> Just put STEP1 ,STEP 2 explaining on this page before putting the widgets. https://www.bitcoin.com/widgets

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