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Bitcoin chart analysis and fundamentals --- what price to buy

More From: ココスタ投資で生き抜く知恵はココからスタート
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Bitcoin (BTC/USD) price analysis ! My published ideas; https://www.tradingview.com/u/Toru/#published-charts
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Text Comments (10)
Ken Farley (3 years ago)
More English clips would be great. thank you.
+Computer Guru Will try. Thanks for your comment!
Nelz Vale (3 years ago)
thank you!!! awesome!!!
+Lenz Vale Appreciate much of your awesome comment!
Matt H (3 years ago)
Good job!
+Matt H Thanks. Will try more.
Josh Olszewicz (3 years ago)
Thanks for your professional insight and doing a second video in English!
+Josh Olszewicz Appreciate your encouragement as always!
evilferris (3 years ago)
Very sensible. Keep it up, man.
+evilferris Oh my, your comment encourage me heavily!

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